Thursday, November 15, 2018

"Gummint Tommy".....Again

Tommy Thompson, the man who gave Bud Selig us a new stadium (and a tax STILL being collected to pay for it) is a champion of Mo' Gummint.

Tommy likes Gummint.  Tommy likes Gummint taxes, Tommy likes Gummint buildings, Tommy likes Gummint spending, Tommy likes Gummint roads, Tommy likes adding Gummint employees, and Tommy likes Gummint bonding-for-even more-spending.

Tommy will 'cut deals' with anybody to get Mo' Gummint, which is why the Usual Suspects in the press (and the RoadBuilders) love Tommy.

Tommy didn't talk about Gummint Choo-Choos--which would be an embarrassment.

Big Talk From US Bishops

The US Bishops are sticking their collective noses into the business of running a country.  That's because their collective noses are not addressing a certain larger problem.

...“On November 9, 2018, President Trump issued a proclamation barring people arriving to the U.S./Mexico border from receiving U.S. asylum unless they request it at a U.S. port of entry, a direct contradiction of existing U.S. asylum law (see here),” reads the statement on the Bishops’ website, signed by Bishop Joe Vásquez, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration, along with officials from Catholic Charities USA, Catholic Legal Immigration Network, and Catholic Relief Services.

The bishops express their “deep concern” over the proclamation, arguing that the migrant caravan is composed of children and adults “fleeing violence” in their home countries....
The Bishops know NOTHING about each invader's 'reason for fleeing.'  It could be that they are fleeing sexual violence from syndicates of homosexual predators, ya'know.

...“While our teaching acknowledges the right of each nation to regulate its borders, we find this action deeply concerning,”...

Do you REALLY want to talk about "deeply concerning," guys??  Really??

One other bit of advice, boys:  don't assume that you'll have a bottomless pit of money to spend, unless you're going to get it from Tom Steyer, George Soros, and Bloomie of New York.  Better check your chickens in this month's Catholic Charities remittances.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Touring Chicago? Go Armed.

Well, actually, carrying in Illinois is against the law.  So don't "go armed" with a gun.

Go armed with knowledge.

crime reports are at five-year highs in Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Near North neighborhoods which includes River North, Streeterville, the Magnificent Mile, and Gold Coast.
Overall reported crime in the Loop is up 47% over the past five years and 3% compared to last year. The Loop includes Chicago's central business district, Theater District, and Millenium Park, among other popular attractions.
 So shop wisely, on THIS side of the state line.

"Right-Wing, Conservative" Agenda? What's That?

Fr. Longenecker can't help himself.  He has to throw nasties, even if they're meaningless.

...Some of the pope’s critics not only dislike and misunderstand Pope Francis, but they also don’t want to like him or understand him. This is because they are driven by their own right wing, conservative agenda. They’ve cast him as the bad guy and everything he does will be seen through their paranoid spectacles....
First of all, who cares if someone "likes" or "dislikes" the Pope?  When did the Church become poll-driven, Father?

Second--and far more important--what is a "right wing, conservative agenda" in terms of the Catholic Church?  (We can ask the same question about a "left wing, liberal agenda," by the way.)  Those are meaningless terms vis-a-vis the Church.  In Catholic-land, one is orthodox or not.  So are you trying to say that orthodoxy is "right wing conservative", or what, exactly?

Those terms don't cross over, do they?  But like polling, they are meaningful for politicians.

Perhaps you should take off your "Politics Is Church" hat before you knock out another quickie column.  This ain't politics and it ain't beanbag.  The Church, and her members, are supposed to play for keeps.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Israel Gets Froggy With Christians. Again.

The State of Israel is not the cleanest little place on Earth.

...The Council of Jerusalem Churches has achieved a new victory against the Israeli government, with an “unprecedented number of US churches condemn[ing] Israeli attempts to confiscate church lands,” a Council statement – a copy of which was sent to MEMO – said on Friday.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, who heads the Council of Jerusalem Churches has toured the USA and EU countries to lobby against an Israeli law – known as the “Properties Bill” – which was recently advanced in the Knesset to target church property.
Following the tour, a group of US churches sent a letter to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemning the Israeli move, the statement said. The US churches wrote in their letter: “The extent to which the Jerusalem Patriarchs and Heads of Churches consider this legislation to be an existential threat cannot be overstated”....
 This is not new; Israel has been yanking the chains of Catholic and Orthodox faithful for years.  It's no small irony that Israel talks up its alleged 'freedom' for all in its borders while bullying Christians regularly.

Vatican-Approved Fag Fake News!!

What a laugher we have here.

...the Vatican, building on its phony youth synod last month, is now beginning to quietly circulate an unofficial list of approved Catholic media.

That job has been given to gay cheerleader Fr. Thomas Rosica, who, recently appearing at a Boston event for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, handed out a list of "approved" Catholic media.

Here it is, and to absolutely no one's surprise, his renegade heretical outfit Salt and Light was the second one on the list. But so too was Jesuit rag America magazine, the Vatican-condemned National Catholic Reporter and the United Kingdom's liberal The Tablet....
Yup.  Those are the 'Catholic' equivalents of CNN, MSNBC, Vice, and SeeBeeEsss.

Waiting for Dan Rather to emerge as "news" chief for any of them.  Since he's really, really, old, he'll have to hire a successor immediately.  Acosta?  Liasson?  Matt Lauer?

PBR Sues Miller-Coors

Pabst says Miller-Coors is plotting to put Pabst out of business.

Valentin Blatz could not be reached for comment.  But he would have plenty to say.

Juan Granados, Complete Jerk

This bozo is the one who called Tucker's daughter a whore.

Juan Manuel Granados was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has a background in Advertising in Argentina and in New York City, working first with the Vidal Partnership as Creative Director and then with Reynardus & Moya; both agencies specializing in Spanish language advertising and marketing in the United States. Juan handled and was responsible for many accounts, including Heineken, Cingular Wireless, Wendy’s, McDonalds and Time Warner Cable. For the past several years, Juan has been developing his own label of Argentine wines called "Dogo". Juan has also been involved in the LGBT civil rights movement in the US, including serving on the committee and co-hosting, for many years, the Empire State Pride Agenda’s premier summer event. He currently also serves on the board of Lighthouse here in Charlottesville.

Nice summary, eh?

That's the bio provided by The Women's Initiative--for which he holds a Board seat.

He prolly lives in New York or Northern Virginia someplace. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Rich Man's Party!!

Peter finds these wonderful little gems.

Here are the 10 richest congressional districts in the U.S. by median household income:

Congressional District 10, Virginia: $116,069 | Democrat
Congressional District 18, California: $112,702 | Democrat
Congressional District 17, California: $107,946 | Democrat
Congressional District 11, Virginia: $105,024 | Democrat
Congressional District 7, New Jersey: $104,987 | Democrat
Congressional District 3, New York: $104,805 | Democrat
Congressional District 11, New Jersey: $103,419 | Democrat
Congressional District 8, Virginia: $100,649 | Democrat
Congressional District 33, California: $99,902 | Democrat
Congressional District 8, Maryland: $97,663 | Democrat . . .

Among the top 10 richest congressional districts, Democrats now represent all 10. Out of the 50 richest districts, Democrats have 41 to Republicans’ nine.
Those Districts have an enormous amount of butter on their bread, and a helluva lotta bread on which to spread it.  They are--by and large--totally Government-dependent, either by occupation (in Government) OR by virtue of the Government's largesse through business dealings and contracts.

They are the REAL Establishment's Districts.  And yes, they eat a lot of cake.

Pp. Peronista Needs Time To Bury the Bodies

What's interesting is how ham-handed this move is.  Peronista-handed, actually....

...In the opening minutes of their meeting, the bishops heard a surprising report: Pope Francis had asked them not to vote on any of their proposals.

The pope does not want U.S. bishops to act to address bishops’ accountability on sexual abuse until he leads a worldwide meeting in February of church leaders, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, told the gathered bishops as the meeting opened Monday morning.

“At the insistence of the Holy See, we will not be voting on the two action items,” DiNardo said....
It's time-consuming to shred or burn all the documentary evidence in the Vatican's archives and its diplomatic outpost cabinets and safes.

And it's tone-deaf, a mark of a dictatorial temperament.  Pp. Franny could have allowed the US Bishops to pass all the "reform" resolutions they want, and then just sat on them in Rome until after the February meeting of the Central Committee.

Instead, he telegraphs culpability.  And all these years we thought Jesuits were smart cookies.  Ha!

The "Suburban Women Hate Trump" Myth

Establishment Republicans are now lying about Trump by spreading the falsehood that Trump turns off "suburban women," thus they vote Democrat.

Would you like to know the truth about that?

...The economically libertarian Republican Party of yesteryear also did not do so well with women. As  the Pew Research Center has shown, the Democratic presidential candidate outpolled the Republican candidate among women in every election since 1980. No Republican presidential candidate has obtained a majority of the women’s vote since 1996. The gender gap is just part of the political terrain, a consequence of the divergence of men and women’s lives, accelerated by declining marriage rates and various anti-family policies that ongoing Republican weakness only exacerbates....
Yes, the important part above is italicized and underlined.

Thomas Aquinas teaches that it is important to distinguish (distinguo).  Here's why.

...Trump won 52 percent of white women in 2016. And while he underperformed Clinton with college educated white women (51 percent vs. 44 percent), he got 61 percent of the share with the more numerous cohort of non-college educated white women. In Florida’s midterm races of 2018, things went similarly, with Ron DeSantis getting 57 percent of non-college educated white women....
So what's the cause of this?  Why does Trump poll so well with men--no matter the race--and non-college-educated white women?

...he has softened the economic libertarianism and counseled the need to take care of the middle class, including through his embrace of tariffs and immigration restrictions. His appeals to the “economically moderate, socially conservative” group worked. In the process, some of the more socially liberal economic conservatives—men and women alike—have left. But they have been replaced by a much larger group of nationalist-oriented voters in the middle. 

Thus, the Republicans are now a party of the middle class and the middle of the country, and the Democrats are a party of the extremes, the rich and the poor, whose bases are chiefly on the East and West Coasts....
Indeed.  This results from the 'death of fusionism' to which we referred a while back.  There we had this to say:

...There is very little cohesion between social/religious conservatives and free-market economic types; in many ways, their philosophies are at loggerheads.  There is some limited overlap, of course, foremost being "property rights" about which there is almost no dissent.  That said, almost any other topic will produce friction, then smoke, then live fire. ...
Trump understood that, whether through the tutelage of Bannon or on his own....but he's winning with that formula, as are other Republicans who use it.  Paul Ryan understood that too, which is why he pulled the ripcord.

Don't believe that Establishment Pubbies, who are now in the wilderness with the NeverTrump idiots.  Don't believe the lying Press.  Believe the facts, and make distinctions!!

Remember PJ Buchanan's Victory in FLA?


Many moons ago, PJ Buchanan emerged victorious from a Florida electoral battle (despite the smears and lies spread around by the Bush family that PJ is "anti-Semitic.")

Here's the reason for that--which you NEVER read in the MSM.

...Both Palm Beach and Broward have a very high percentage of retired and partially-disabled residents.  Many of them cannot see well enough to drive and/or are incapable of safely driving due to other conditions.  In 2000 the Democrat Party, which controls the SOE* in those counties, printed up "palm cards" with the number to punch to vote for Al Gore and handed them out by the thousands to Seniors they drove to the polls in buses.  But they were so incompetent that they printed the wrong number on said card -- it was actually for Buchanan instead of Al Gore, and the result was that a county with the heaviest representation of Jewish people in the state cast a higher percentage of votes for someone who has repeatedly raged against Israel than any other county!  Despite the screams of "hanging chads" and such the truth is that the Democrats attempted to cheat and it blew up in their face, costing them the Presidency....
*SOE=Elections Secretary

They've always cheated and they always will--until somebody puts the Broward Bitch in Federal prison for 20-to-life.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fun Fact

Recently released by Babylon Bee:

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control released on Thursday, people with inside, compromising knowledge of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial and political dealings are 843% more likely to commit suicide.

“We’ve never seen a single risk factor cause a spike of this magnitude,” a CDC spokesperson told reporters. “Interestingly, in spite of their increased suicide risk, people with dirt on the Clintons rarely show any warning signs of suicide, and they never leave a suicide note.”...

Although CDC has not applied a formal designator for this condition, others have referred to it as "Clintoncide."

US Bishops: Cowards and Liars

We already know what a coward H.E. Listecki (Army officer??  Feh!) is.  He can't bring himself to discipline a heretic and homosexualist priest of his own Archdiocese.  

Gutless wonder, he.

Well, he has a lot of company. 

In the linked video, Voris reports that the Bishops called the Baltimore cop-shop and lied about the poor little things being 'in danger' from a bunch of Catholics who will be praying about a block away from the Bishops.

Then they spent a crap-ton of Catholic money to hire extra security.  That in addition to their barricades and extra police protection.

There's a name for them:  girly-men.  And that holds in more ways than one, doesn't it?

How's the Fabulous Shopping in Baltimore, boys????

Walker for AG? No, Thanks

Last Refuge notes that Scott Walker is being pushed to replace Sessions.  Since Walker does not have a degree in law, I think this is highly unlikely. 

(On the other hand, notorious Communist Eric Holder has a degree in law, and he broke as many as possible.  So what's the difference?)

Anyhow, Last Refuge has a comment about Walker which is telling.

...Given the history of Scott Walker and his relationship to big GOPe he would be a Never Trump pick.  Predictably, in his off hours, Walker would fly down to the border wall with his staff and personally use pick-axes to tear it down.  Walker, might not be Brutus, but he would polish the spear, drive Brutus to the White House and keep watch while the deed is done.  His ability to look in both directions simultaneously does have benefits....
I would categorize that as "unfriendly."

Seventh Grade Forever!! "Singers" in Madistan

If you've observed publik-screwels teachers at any length, you have observed their general conformance to junior-high school behavioral tendencies.  No, not all of them; some have matured.

So we're not surprised to see this (courtesy Althouse)

Don Johnson made a brand new sign for Wednesday’s meeting of the Solidarity Sing Along. Inspired by Democrat Tony Evers’ victory over Gov. Scott Walker, the message was simple and to the point: “There is a God.”

“I can’t sing worth a damn, so I make signs,” says Johnson, a retired teacher and regular participant in the noontime political demonstration group that has been protesting Walker’s policies via song since March 2011. “I come down here every day — it’s like home.”

Wednesday’s meeting was the group’s 1,999th, and the mood in the Capitol Rotunda was joyful. Nearly 100 singers accompanied by drums — and those infamous vuvuzelas — belted out old favorites like “We Shall Overcome” and debuted some new songs written specially to celebrate Tuesday’s historic shift in Wisconsin politics....
They intend to be a carbuncle for a long, long, time.  This is what Public Sector Unions teach their members.

That's something to brag about, eh?

What "Tariff Slump"?

The Chamber of Commerce will keep screeching, hysterically, about The End Of The World For Steel And Aluminum manufacturing, for example.

Well, if it's The End Of The World, those manufacturers are going out with a bang.

...As has been the case with so much other data, the durable goods super-sector of manufacturing – the portion of industry containing the biggest metals-using industries – outperformed the rest of manufacturing and the entire economy in the number of employment opportunities it claimed were available....

So the plan must be to hire everyone in sight, then go BK to make the Chamber of Commerce's predictions come true.

Or something.

Bishops to Create New "Code of Conduct" Really??

The US Bishops are gathering in Baltimore (let's hope they can get out alive) and will assemble a "Code of Conduct" in response to the continually-growing homosexual sex-abuse scandal.

Gee.  There's a pretty good Code of Conduct already written.

2 I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. [R] [+]
3 Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. [R] [+]
4 Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. [R] [+]
5 Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me: [R] [+]
6 And shewing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments. [R] [+]
7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain. [R] [+]
8 Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day. [R] [+]
9 Six days shalt thou labour, and shalt do all thy works. [R] [+]
10 But on the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work on it, thou nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy beast, nor the stranger that is within thy gates. [R] [+]
11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all things that are in them, and rested on the seventh day: therefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. [R] [+]
12 Honour thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest be longlived upon the land which the Lord thy God will give thee. [R] [+]
13 Thou shalt not kill. [R] [+]
14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. [R] [+]
15 Thou shalt not steal. [R] [+]
16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. [R] [+]
17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house: neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his servant, nor his handmaid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is his. 

Need more?  OK, here's another:  Keep your stinking hands off the boys, men, girls, and women.

Is that clear?

There, Excellencies.  You can copy/paste, just like I did, except for that last one.  This will save you a lot of time (which should be spent on your knees) and money (which is ours, anyway.)

Veterans' Armistice Day

Eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour.  The Armistice.

Wilfred Owen died three hours before 11 on that day.  He left this:

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells;
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of good-byes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

There's Law for You, and Different Law for Feebs

The more we learn, the less there is to like.

...In the New York Post Marisa Schultz takes a look at the first tranche of work-related emails from forner FBI Director James Comey’s personal gmail account released to Cause of Action under the Freedom of Information Act.

What do we have here? Cause of Action has posted its own account here. It has uploaded the Department of Justice’s FOIA response here. Cause of Action states: “The FBI reviewed 526 pages, released only 156 pages, and withheld 370 pages in full. Notably, the FBI withheld seven emails under the FOIA’s law enforcement exemption...

Yup.  They withheld disclosures from his PERSONAL Gmail account.

...Schultz quotes Lisa Rosenberg, executive director of Open the Government, to this effect: “It’s just so transparently hypocritical to have one standard for a person you are investigating and an entirely different standard for yourself when you are the one who’s enforcing the law.”...
 No, it's NOT "hypocritical."  It's SOP for the FBI and the rest of the Deep State, Ms. Rosenberg.  When are you going to grok that?

Light Dawns on Mgr Pope, T Marshall, R Arroyo!

Mgr. Charles Pope, Ray Arroyo, and Taylor Marshall have, over a period of years, castigated or mocked 'traditional' Catholics for speaking out about the various corruptions present in the Church.

All three of them have apologized. The light finally came through their windows, Deo gratias!!

The Usual: "Catholic" Campaign Supports Bad Guys

It's not news that the staffs of the US Council of Catholic Bishops and its Catholic Campaign for Human Development are filled with termites who think that "social justice" means supporting abortion, gay marriage, chemical birth controls and Marxist Medicine (ObozoCare).  Bishop Malloy, when he was Exec Secretary of that Bernardin-founded hot mess, fired or "retired" a lot of the anti-Catholics infesting the place.

But Malloy has been gone for quite some time, and the disease he fought was never cured.

...The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) encourages Catholics to support its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which it says helps those on the margins. Yet in the last several years, roughly half a million dollars, much of which comes from Catholics in the pews, has gone to two organizations involved in promoting abortion and homosexuality and other actions that conflict with Catholic teaching.

LifeSiteNews inquired with CCHD leadership about the contents of the two Lepanto Institute reports and how grants to the two groups associated with promoting abortion and homosexuality reconcile with its mission and that of the Church, and did not hear back....
Altogether, the US Bishops have covered themselves in shame during 2018.  They should disband USCC and all its pomps and works, sell the DC building, and return to governing the Church the way Canon Law mandates:  each Bishop responsible for his own Diocese.

(In Milwaukee, that should include formally silencing the homosexualist Bryan Massingale.)

But all those solutions would require courage.  Since the Bishops as a whole try their best to imitate Congress in political maneuvers and ass-covering, we have a problem, no? 

NOTA BENE:  I had not read Jayd Henricks' piece before I wrote the last graf above.  He's more erudite, but has the same message.  Imagine that!!

Danny Kohl Harming Jews

Danny Kohl, Herb Kohl's nephew and decided loser of a 2018 Congressional race, does no favors for American Jews.  Kohl is a co-founder of "J Street," a Leftist hate-group.

...J Street, for instance has been a leading voice accusing Trump of responsibility for the massacre in Pittsburgh. Two days after the attack, J Street, which bills itself as “pro-Israel and pro-peace,” sent out an email about the event to its supporters. J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami opened the letter with a nice call to “come together in support of the victims, their loved ones, the congregation and the entire city of Pittsburgh,” and “to grieve and comfort one another, standing together in solidarity.”
But then he turned to the real business at hand. Ben-Ami insisted that the gunman, Robert Bowers, was “motivated in part” by “by anti-immigrant, antisemitic thought that has been spread not only by far-right groups, but by President Trump and some of his allies in the Republican party.”

Ben-Ami provided no evidence for his incendiary claim. And he ignored the fact that Bowers had expressed hatred for Trump specifically due to the President’s friendship and support for the Jewish people and Israel....

So long as hate groups like J Street defame, insult, and agitate against supporters of Trump and Trump himself, those supporters will be less and less tolerant of US Jews.  We're getting very close to 'seventy times seven.'

So Danny:  tell your pals to shut up, please.

Friday, November 09, 2018

The Solution to FLA and AZ

Raconteur proposes THE solution to FLA and AZ frauds.

...There is a simple solution: Bitch McConjob and the GOP caucus in the Senate votes to not accept the results of either election, as inherently tainted and suspect, refuse to seat either nominal electee, and force both states to do the whole thing all over again, with the original cast, and a cast of tens of thousands of lawyers from both sides watching the entire process, top to bottom, including purple thumbprints if necessary....

I would add that the county clerks from Palm Beach and Broward Counties should be arrested by US Marshals, tossed into prison, and given a trial JUST AS FAIR as the "elections" they ran.  Helicopters should be ready after sentencing.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Good Riddance to Acosta

Nothing more need be said, unless Acosta wants a ride in a helicopter.

PBS' Racist Reporter-ette

Pretty clear that this PBS woman thinks only in terms of race, and makes up crap to support her racism.

...Yamiche Alcindor of PBS was one of the many reporters called on by Trump. She asked about Trump consistently calling himself a “nationalist” and the relation of the word to white nationalism.

“Mr. President, on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist, some heard that as emboldening white nationalists,” Alcindor said. “There are some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric. What do you make of that?”...
 The old "....some heard...." bullshit.

Well.  Some heard that PBS was run by enemies of America and should be de-funded right now

The Communist Sez "Constitutional Crisis"

We have reached the limit of irony when a Communist says that the US is 'near a Constitutional crisis.' 

This is the same Communist who conspired to subvert the rule of law (yah, that silly Constitution) to spy on US citizens who were political opponents.

Well, then.  If he fears a "crisis," perhaps he should depart the country for his own safety.  I hear that Red China has very nice places available.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Evers, Meet The Resistance

Tony Evers mentioned that he thinks gun rights should be restricted here in Wisconsin.

Come and get 'em, Tony.  Just be aware that "resistance" goes both ways.

How About Some Ebola for Lunch??

Raconteur keeps track of this stuff.  It ain't pretty.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield said Monday that the Ebola outbreak in conflict-ridden Congo has become so serious that international public health experts need to consider the possibility that it cannot be brought under control and instead will become entrenched....

...If Ebola becomes endemic in substantial areas of North Kivu province, in northeastern Congo, “this will mean that we’ve lost the ability to trace contacts, stop transmission chains and contain the outbreak,” said Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which hosted the briefing on Capitol Hill that featured the Ebola discussion with Redfield. 
In that scenario, there would be a sustained and unpredictable spread of the deadly virus, with major implications for travel and trade,...
You might want to schedule your exotic vacations in Rhinelander....

Tucker Carlson: More Than Just a Bow-Tie

We've caught Carlson's evening show on Fox a few times.  It's enjoyable to watch him dismantle the Usual Suspect Left-o-Wackies; he does it so regularly and so easily that one wonders how he gets them to show up more than once.

Maybe it's his charm or something.

Anyhow, Carlson groks a lot more than stylish neckwear.  He's written a book entitled Ship of Fools; here's a pull-quote from a review of same:

...We must celebrate the fact that a nation that was overwhelmingly European, Christian, and English-speaking fifty years ago has become a place with no ethnic majority, immense religious pluralism, and no universally shared culture or language. It’s called diversity. It’s our highest value.

In fact diversity is not a value. It’s a neutral fact, inherently neither good nor bad. Lost in the mindless celebration of change is an obvious question: why should a country with no shared language, ethnicity, religion, culture or history remain a country? Countries don’t hang together simply because....

Yes.  In fact, countries hang together because of a shared culture, and Carlson understands that "culture" is derived from "cult."  "Cult" as in "religion."

Here the reviewer:

...One side is animated by a vision of man as a limitless, self-creating individual entitled to go anywhere, and become anything: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life,” as the Supreme Court [actually, that fatuous babbling wacko Kennedy] famously put it. What motivates the other side is a conception of man as a being both finite and fallen, a being obliged to be grateful to the particular culture and traditions which nurtured him, and called to seek his place in a cosmic order ordained by God. Put another way, the Catholic who voted for Clinton does not disagree with the Catholic who voted for Trump simply about finer points of policy, or about political principles, or even about particular points of the Catechism. Rather, the disagreement stems from mutually exclusive ideas about what it means to be Christian. And these mutually exclusive ideas about what it means to be Christian are bound up with mutually exclusive ideas about what it means to be human....
There's a lot of 'net chatter about the ever-widening split in this country.  It's not very hard to see the real core issue:  either you believe in God--as Christians understand Him--or you don't.  Moslems don't.  Atheists don't.  Secular Jews don't.  And a lot of "believers" are--in fact--practical atheists, saying one thing and acting differently.

This may end badly, indeed.

Pope Peronista Is Freezing Out Cdl Burke & Bp. Schneider

We all had thoughts regarding the current Pope, and knowing that he's a Peronista gives one a leg up on understanding him.  Peron was disliked by conservatives AND liberals; he admired the governments of Mussolini and Hitler (!) and claimed to be a 'populist.'

One element of Peron's governing technique is very familiar today:

...The populist leader was intolerant of both left-wing and conservative opposition. Though he used violence, Perón preferred to deprive the opposition of their access to media....
Well, well, well.

We are told that Bp. Athanasius Schneider of Astana and Cd. Burke of LaCrosse are both under restrictions by our Papal Peronist; Schneider was told to stay home a lot more, and US Bishops have been told not to invite Cd. Burke to their diocese--and if he comes, they should NOT be at Burke's event, whatever it may be.

None of these instructions are written, of course.  That would give rise to canon-law actions by Schneider and Burke.

The commonality?  Both actions are designed to reduce press coverage of these faithful men.

Don't be surprised.  If our little one-lunged Peronist gets his way, a lot worse is coming down the pike.

(ADDED:  Ed Peters has pertinent remarks about this situation.  Can you spell "schism"?  And don't assume Peters refers to Burke and Schneider, folks.... )

Our New AG: A Sockpuppet for a Communist!!

Josh Kaul is another cipher.  When he opens his mouth, Eric Holder is talking.

This should be interesting, eh?

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

"Journalist" FIRED for Bias and Stupidity

Fired for bias and stupidity, but really only for stupidity.

A reporter for a Michigan newspaper was fired Friday night after calling Michigan Senate Republican candidate John James’ campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone before leaving a voicemail saying “fucking John James … that would suck.”

 ...“I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James’ campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior,” Huron Daily Tribune editor Kate Hessling said in a statement. “Brenda Battel’s employment has been immediately terminated.”...

CNN may have a job available.  Can you spell 'f-a-k-e', Brenda?

USA Is Daycare for Illegal Immigrant Chilluns

As it turns out, those 'mommies' just came here to drop off their children in the USA Daycare.

Many Central American parents who were detained separately from their children during the April-to-June zero-tolerance program are leaving up to 500 children and youths in the United States, according to federal data....
 Unlike the traditional daycare, however, in THIS version, the parents don't pay for the service.  The daycare picks up all the costs, and then some.

Who says those illegals aren't smart, eh?

Monday, November 05, 2018

Dead CIA Operatives? Yup. Obama and Brennan.

Obama's two most favorite US enemies, Iran and Red China, defeated the CIA's network security and killed a helluvalot of US assets overseas.

By the way, the Nat Sec Dir during most of this time? 

The Communist Brennan.

Yes, voting makes a difference.

At the UN, Dipwads Still in Charge

The talking points are the usual bedwetter drivel, written by the usual Alinskyites.  The idea is to make racism identical to nationalism and populism.  Yes, that's ridiculous on its face, but hey:  "ridiculous on its face" is the actual motto of the UN and the Trotsky/Alinsky/Sorosites therein.

The United Nations representative in the Human Rights Council tasked with studying contemporary racism said the world body needs to address nationalist populism's incitement and hate groups' reliance on social media....

The writer of the report is a professor of law at UCLA, by the way.

...“Action is required by more states to implement anti-hate speech laws and ensure equality and non-discrimination including online, in accordance with international human rights law,” Achiume added.  “Criminal and civil penalties alone will not put an end to racial and xenophobic intolerance. A state’s first step must be explicit recognition that the proliferation of nationalist populist mobilizations and Neo-Nazi groups threaten racial equality.”...

Racism is an evil.  But 'nationalism' is not 'racism,' and 'populism' is not 'racism.'  Now then.  If you want to have an active discussion about that, meet the 2nd Amendment!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

NFL Refs: Dumpster Fires

Apparently the NFL referees are determined to screw up as many games as possible.

It's all part of the NFL's steadily declining ratings on the teevee....

Oh, well.

You Don't EVER Have Enough

The Conservative Post-Fusionism Quo Vadis?

Here's a very short excerpt from a speech given in Baltimore a short while back by Darren Beattie.

...When I say that movement conservatism is dead I mean that the circumstances that once provided a certain coherence and viability to the three chief components of the movement conservative coalition no longer exist. More specifically, the so-called fusionism that attempted to reconcile socially conservative religious traditionalism of the Kirkean [Burkean] variety with a generally libertarian free market capitalism only made sense within a now defunct or non-existent Cold War context. It is no accident then that this coalition proved most successful during Reagan’s presidency, which oversaw the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Fusionism was so called because it was able to construct a narrative that fused together traditionalist Burkean social conservatives and religious Christians, firstly, Cold-War hawks (Cold Warriors), secondly, and free market economic types (including libertarians like Friedman), finally, together. My central claim with respect to fusionism is that the tripartite coalition to which it refers makes no internal sense by itself, but rather it borrows its coherence artificially not only from the geopolitical threat posed by the USSR, but also from its reactive opposition to communist ideology as such....

His central claim is true.  There is very little cohesion between social/religious conservatives and free-market economic types; in many ways, their philosophies are at loggerheads.  There is some limited overlap, of course, foremost being "property rights" about which there is almost no dissent.  That said, almost any other topic will produce friction, then smoke, then live fire. 

Fusionism was a creation of Frank Meyer and Wm. F. Buckley, and was (is) the mainstay of National Review.  Paul Ryan was a fan, too, which may be the reason that Ryan no longer has a future in the Republican Party.  The Bush Boyzzz (pere et fil) were able to defeat Pat Buchanan, who didn't believe that the Libertarian streak was good for the country, but Donald Trump (a philosophical descendant of PJ Buchanan) stepped all over the Bush/Ryan/Walker/Boehner (etc., ad nauseam) parade, didn't he?

Trump has probably killed Fusionism, although its writhing corpse still holds plenty of reactionary power--see, e.g., the Nattering Nabobs of Never-Trumpism, not to mention that corpse's hold on many (R) politicians who simply do not grok Trump's appeal.  (Not hard to find them, by the way:  in Wisconsin, there's Scott Walker, Glenn Grothman, Ron Johnson, and Brian Steil, for starters.)

Fusionism is dead.  So what emerged as a successor?

[Fukuyama's] characterization obscures the actual situation of the post-Cold War West in which the dominant “global” paradigm seems to be characterized by an unexpected and still not adequately explored connection between a certain masochistic religion of identity politics, global multinational capitalism, and the military industrial complex.

Beattie then makes a somewhat startling assertion.

...My insight into this horrifying development is that it makes sense structurally in terms of a certain confluence of Nietzschean and Marxist factors. The Marxist side of what’s going on—that is, the side that accounts for certain social and class developments on account of underlying economic or material developments, has to do with the increasingly questionable role of the middle and working class under contemporary conditions governed by the underlying radical logic of economies of scale that characterizes the development of our integrated techno-corporate-global system. For example, with technological automation, integration, and economies of scale, the threshold for becoming a truly productive and valuable contributor to the economy is increasing dramatically—a process by which we little people become mere trivial zeros in the grand scheme of a rotten globo-corporate elite’s proprietary zeta function. What results is an ever increasing number of middle class Westerners who are shut out of the elite and economic relevance of the productive economy generally, and an increasing jealousy on the part of those in the elite to guard and protect their status....

What he just said seems to be this:  the Koch Brothers and their class, including Zuckerberg, Google, Apple, and  some other industrialists, merchants (think Amazon) and bankers, are now actuating a certain counter-action found in Marxism.

Hmmmmm.  So then Trump arose from the ashes of Buchanan, Burke, and Kirk....

....the increasing number of working-class, middle-class, upper-middle class, and even wealthy but not ultra-wealthy and connected pose a distinct problem, because unlike the imported masses from the developing world, they have a proven capacity to organize politically, and certain historical expectations regarding liberty and self-government. Whereas the Cultural Marxists may have resented the bourgeois on account of the bourgeois hindering the progression to a Marxist utopia, and resented the working class for not previously universally mobilizing against the bourgeois as was expected and predicted by Classical Marxists, the Corporate Marxists resent the bourgeois for preventing the natural progression toward a system like Brazil, in which a vanishingly small wealthy, gated, insulated elite lords it over hordes of easily controlled helots....

And there you are!!  This analysis certainly explains the confusion and fears of the "Establishment" Republicans who know where the money comes from (the 'corporate marxists') but also have to get actual, countable, votes, those from the helots.  Hmmmmmm!!

In the end, the Professor knows not what will happen.  Maybe he's being prudent--nobody really knows 'what will happen.'  But he has a few words about the future anyway:

...What does this have to do with the emergence of an oppositional intelligentsia? Well, much is said about the importance of the working class in the politics of anti-globalization, precisely because the economic model of globalization has the effect of casting more and more people out of the middle class. This is true, though I would also argue that very similar forces are leading to an increasing group of extremely intelligent young people who will be either unemployed or underemployed. The easy middle class existence that helped keep the Boomers so pleasantly docile in the face of the nation’s transformation doesn’t exist as a possibility for many my age and younger. So the opportunity cost of defection is diminishing. As defection accelerates, parallel institutions are formed that in turn diminish the marginal cost of future defections. There is a logic of a cascade effect at work.

Problems exist on the side of the elite as well. One of the paradoxes of our time is Mittleschicht verschwindet mittelmaessigkeit herrscht. That is, middle class disappears and mediocrity reigns. Competition is so intense in the academic world and the winners are less impressive than ever. My explanation for this is precisely that the reigning paradigm is a bubble, and this means that just as available jobs diminish so do the desired qualifications for the jobs change. More important is that the job be used to sustain the lie behind the bubble, which requires intellectual mediocrity or timidity, usually both. So in conjunction with the increasing incentives for defection is the possibility that young, ambitious smart people have less and less of an obvious place in the ever shrinking number of jobs sanctioned by the dominant system....

OK, then.  Clear?

It would be worth a $10.00 ticket to watch this guy and Patrick Deneen discuss 'The Political Shape of America in 2025,' don'cha think?

Saturday, November 03, 2018

GM: Confused and Bloodied

General Motors, under the presidency of a very competent HR manager, will be manufacturing electric bicycles for sale in 2019.  They will fold up and become smaller.  They will not have turn signals, nor a seat belt.

I am not kidding.  This may be a line extension of the Bolt.  One wonders if Ms. Barra will write to Donald Trump and demand that 20% of bicycle sales must be electrified bikes.  Bizarre?  No kidding!

Meantime, GM's Caddy Division has discovered that it can lose money renting ("subscribing") cars for $1800/month all-in:  insurance, maintenance, 2000 miles/month limit.

So the plan was cancelled. 

Here's a thought:  rent the bikes for $1800/month.  You may be able to make money on that.

Meantime, it will be very, very, difficult to purchase a diesel-powered pickup truck from GM in the 2019 model year.  Will a bicycle do, instead, sir?  Would you like fries with that, sir?

P J Buchanan Hits 80, Still Right!

The piece linked here recalls some elements of the Pat Buchanan story, but more important, reminds us that Donald Trump is successor to Pat Buchanan:  they are Nationalists, and conservatives of the heart.

Buchanan is currently the less-famous First in Class Georgetown Prep graduate, but it's likely that history will remember Buchanan better than Kavanaugh.  Buchanan gave life to a movement of which Kavanaugh is a beneficiary, after all.

Yes, I still have some campaign materials--autographed!!  And yes, my kids have heard the couple of stories I can tell about those campaigns.

It's nice to see Trump doing exactly what Buchanan would have; but it would be even nicer if it were Pat.

Handwringing And Wrong: Goldberg and Ross

Jonah Goldberg is disappointed in President Trump.  So he wrings his hands while kvetching.  And Kimberly Ross--whoever she is--leans on Goldberg for support because she's just as kvetchy.

Amid the mail-bomb scare last week Trump tweeted about how unfair it is that CNN can criticize him “yet when I criticize them they go wild and scream, ‘It’s just not Presidential!’” The false equivalence is lost on him and on his biggest defenders. CNN isn’t the president. It’s in a different lane. And while some of its coverage is worthy of criticism, it isn’t — or shouldn’t be — a warrant for Trump to leave his lane.I don’t think Trump deliberately encouraged the slaughter in Pittsburgh. But every day he fuels a sense of chaos, a feeling that none of the norms or rules apply anymore. And that is bad enough. It certainly isn’t helping. The president is supposed to at least try.

Here in the real world, we know that lying and slandering are acts of enemies, not of 'friends of a different persuasion.'

You do understand "lying" and "slandering" do you not, Jonah and Kimberly?  You do know that those acts are evil, don't you, Jonah and Kimberly? 

So when CNN and its little-Gollum-brothers-and-sisters lie (see their obscuring of the 14th Amendment, e.g.) or slander (see "white supremacist" substituting for "nationalist") they are EVIL.  And they are--ipso facto--enemies of the public

Or maybe you think that liars and slanderers are just fuzzywuzzy pals?  Good luck with that.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Snickerfreude Grandpa, Part One's not really "schadenfreude," because I don't necessarily take "delight" at the mis-ambulations of grandchildren.  "Snickerfreude" would be a better term.  We remember those days WE had, and snicker.

A certain grandchild dumped out a box of toy cars onto the floor.  His Mom saw that and figured that he was going to play with the cars, so she marched into the basement to begin a pile of laundry.

When she came back up the stairs, she found that the grandchild had far more elaborate plans.....

He had flipped the box over so he could stand on the bottom and then reach the candy-corn-filled jar on a low shelf.  Yes, he was stuffing his face with it.  But HE WAS SHARING, being a very nice young fellow.  Unfortunately, he was sharing with the family dog--who is not very bright--and who wound up puking three times.  Lovely orange-yellow sort of stuff.  Didn't match the carpet well at all. 

Grandchild suffered no ill effects other than the humiliation of reprimand accompanied by a slightly reddish butt area.

That was yesterday.

Today, that grandchild's older brother was home from school and the two were playing on the couch.  Apparently the older one wanted the younger one to be just like a "Slinky" toy, so he planted the younger one on the couch in a sitting position, then ran to the back of the couch, grasped the younger's arms, and pulled him over the couch backwards.

The Slinky toy dislocated a shoulder.

Hospital, followed by a big bowl of Culver's, which made it all better.

Heh.  We commenced not-very-muted snickerfreude on seeing the frozen-custard video.....

Actually, Fr. James Martin SJ Lies. Surprised??

It is not surprising that a liar like Fr. Martin is so smooth, so ...ahhh.....convincing.  That's why he's good at it.

But, in fact, he lies.

The Register interviewed Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., a retired Professor of Sociology--by definition, a fellow conversant with 'studies' and 'demographics' and suchlike.  And that retired Professor found that the correlation between homosexuals in the priesthood and homosexual attacks/abuse is .98.

Dot nine eight.  When 1.00 is perfect.

I use data from a survey that was done in 2002 that measured the sexual orientation of Catholic priests and used a modified Kinsey scale, which in this case was a five-point scale, measuring from a completely homosexual orientation to completely heterosexual orientation and then categories in between; and also ask about year of ordination and the year of birth. And so from that, I’m able to compute what percentage of priests reported a homosexual orientation in any given year, going back to the 1950s. And when I overlay that trend with the trend and abuse, it’s almost a perfect correlation. The correlation is 0.98. A perfect correlation is 1.0. So it’s as close an association as you can get.
In the 1950s, about 3% of priests were of a homosexual orientation, by their own reports. By the 1980s, that had risen to over 16%. So we have sort of a fivefold increase in the percentage of priests who are homosexual, in a pretty straight line from the 1950s through the 1980s. And we have a very similar increase in abuse incidents over that same period, and we don’t know the sexual orientation of any particular abuser. So we’re inferring from the association of those two correlations that there’s some influence of one on the other. So my conclusion has to be the opposite of that of the John Jay Report.
 Yah.  We're not surprised, either.

But there is something else here that is VERY important.

I don’t think that these results in any way imply that homosexual persons are natively inclined or internally inclined to commit abuse at a greater rate than heterosexual persons.
 Then he follows up with a partial truth (probably not deliberately so):

Most child abuse that happens in most settings is perpetrated by heterosexual males. It usually in families
What's "partial" about the above is this:  hetero-male-family-abusers are almost NEVER the natural father of the child.  The abuser is a stray cat, or perhaps the step-father (actually married to the mom.)   It's too bad that Fr. Sullins did not qualify his remark carefully.

Read it and continue lying, Fr. Martin.  We expect no more of you!!


Thursday, November 01, 2018

No More "Release" After the Catch!

Trump has given all 10,000 of those marchers a VERY good reason to go back home.

...The president said “massive cities of tents” have been ordered to hold migrants illegally entering the U.S., as he announced proposed changes to asylum policy. Trump said migrants would have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry into the U.S., and that the U.S. would no longer release apprehended migrants before their immigration or asylum hearings. “They’ll wait for long periods of time,” he said....

Now, then.  Paul Ryan will not be doing much after January 1st; he could move down to the border and personally assist these folks with their problems, eh?  To show how much he really cares, he could live in one of those tents with the "refugees," too!!

MU Fires Provost

Read between the lines.

Marquette University provost Dan Myers has stepped down effective immediately, according to a news release from the university Wednesday.

MU President Michael Lovell appointed Kimo Ah Yun, dean of the Diederich College of Communication, as acting provost, the release said.

“All of us at Marquette are grateful to Dan for his leadership and the impact he made on the university over the past three years,” Lovell said in the release. “The chemistry and alignment of a president and provost are incredibly important for success, especially in a strong provost model of shared governance....
 Right-o, Mike!  You told the guy to get the Hell out of Dodge and he chose hara-kiri.

Maybe Myers had some sort of hangup about maintaining some shred of Catholicism at the place?


Dear Sgt. Murphy: You're Wrong

This guy Murphy IS a hero.

...Murphy, the first officer on the scene, deterred what could have been a “much bigger massacre of Sikhs who were still trapped inside the gurdwara,” Gadh said....
“For them to take the time out to acknowledge my role in what happened is a very humbling experience,” said Murphy, who now speaks with a raspy reconstructed voice after one of the bullets traveled through his vocal chords and esophagus....

That doesn't mean he's correct when he pipes up about Trump.

..."You know, they have a word -- it’s sort of became old-fashioned -- it's called a 'nationalist.' And I say, really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, OK? I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Nothing wrong. Use that word. Use that word," Trump said at a rally in Houston....

Goaded on by a reporter who undoubtedly had an objective in mind, Murphy opined.

....Retired Oak Creek police Sgt. Brian Murphy, who was the first officer at the scene of the Sikh temple shooting, said divisive rhetoric can empower those on the fringe and said the president labeling himself as a nationalist sends the wrong message.

"I do wish his words were chosen more carefully, knowing the impact they're going to have for everyone, everyone involved, more importantly, for the victims and their families" Murphy said....
Trump's first and principal interest in this world, Sgt Murphy, is the United States of America, which happens to be a "nation."   That stands in blessed contrast to some of the yokels and treasonous twits who had occupied the Oval Office before this.  It's likely that you were suckered by the presstitute who baited you.....but that doesn't make you right on this matter.

May you live a long and happy life in the nation of America!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hey, Vicki!! It Ain't All About the Money.....

Ms McKenna is ranting and hit the "extra estrogen!!!" button before launch.

She just can't understand how Evers is in a virtual tie with Walker.

Listing the unemployment rate, the jobs available, the sorta-reduced taxes and the successful management of the Wisconsin budget, she exclaims--loudly--that she just doesn't get it.

Yah, well, maybe you don't.  Your problem is that you understand only "economics," and that only "economics" counts in an election.

And you are wrong.

Of course I'll vote for Walker.  But I have to get past his dead-to-the-world personality, his cheesy (and near-pukeworthy) advertisements, and his "I like what I did.  Don't you like it too??  I'll do more of that." campaign promise.  Pardon me for asking, Scott, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???

IOW, Vicki, the guy is a bore with zero message.

His opponent is, truly, a nob.  He has horrible ideas even before you get to his spend-lots-and-tax-lots campaign promises.  He won't actually govern; his puppetmasters will, while he shows up at the office for a solid 3-4 hours of .......ahhh......showing up.  He's a bump on the log.  A mushroom.  An idiot.

But he makes promises!!  He has goals which he articulates (more or less.)  And he's just as likeable as Walker, at least on TeeVee.

By the way Vicki, your claim that a ban on hollow-points would completely stop deer hunting in Wisconsin is ridiculous.  An "expanding" bullet does NOT have to be a hollow-point.  Look it up instead of sounding like a twerp.

GM's Preparing for Something

The other day, we noted that GM's CEO (and ex-HR manager) Mary Barra wrote a letter to Congress demanding a mandate for electric cars (IIRC, she wants 20% of the fleet to be all-electric or hybrid.)

At the time, we suspected that GM was looking for a bailout.  They are, if for no other reason that mandated electric-car sales also means mandated electric-car production, and not every producer on Earth is capable of that.

Now comes more interesting GM news:  they have issued "buyout" notices to 18,000 employees.

...The company, after inquiries about the offer, confirmed the plans as "proactive" measures to address future headwinds that GM expects as it invests in autonomous and electrified vehicles and as auto sales in North America and China -- its largest markets -- slow....

Imagine that!!

Hey! What Are You NOT Hearing About??

Maybe you haven't noticed, but you haven't heard a word about "the MAGA bomber" in the last few days, have you?

That's because there are a lot of ......ahhh........inconsistencies and internal contradictions in the "facts" presented by the Lying Media.

Just sayin'.....

Jamaica: One Big Rape-Room

Just in case your wife and/or daughters want to spend some time in Jamaica--don't let them.

They're safer in drug-lord territory:  Mexico.  Well, maybe not there, either.

There's always Canada!!

Paul Ryan's Wrong (Again): Birthright Citizenship

It's unfortunate that Paul Ryan is wrong about so many things.  On the other hand, he'll soon "retire" to a lobbying slot paying high six figures and be able to live in his walled-in compound.  Walls for him, but not for Normies like us.  Thanks, Paul, you twit.

Anyhow, Mark Levin simply destroys Ryan's silly squalling about "amendments" and "congress."

The American people are being told by the political class that there is nothing they can do to prevent future waves of illegal immigrants from coming here, unilaterally declaring political and legal jurisdiction, and securing citizenship for their children. We are told that there is no recourse through our elected representatives to prevent illegal immigrants from gaining a legal foothold in this country, all because of a footnote from the most radical anti-originalist justice of this century, William Brennan Jr.

If you are scratching your head wondering how our own Constitution can be used as a suicide pact against us by foreign countries, you are not missing anything....

There is a LOT to this essay and it's not reducible to 3 grafs, of course.  Levin knows more about the Framers and their thought than anybody, especially dinky little members of Congress who rose up from McDonald's.

Following ratification of the 14th Amendment, there were a few court cases.  The one currently in force is WongThis 1898 decision overturned TWO previous decisions:

...Slaughterhouse Cases and Elk v. Wilkins (1884). In those cases, the Supreme Court made it clear that the original intent of the Fourteenth Amendment was primarily to grant equal rights to freed black slaves and that the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” required that the petitioner for citizenship be “completely subject to their political jurisdiction, and owing them direct and immediate allegiance.” These cases excluded children born to foreign diplomats and American Indians and were quite clear that the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment would not include all children of immigrants – most of whom would have been covered by less political jurisdiction than even those born on Indian reservations, which were partially under U.S. jurisdiction....
(By the way, did you notice that the MSM coverage of this matter ran graphics of the 14th Amendment highlighting its text EXCEPT that phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof"?  Huh.  Wonder how that happened.....)

Anyhow, the Wong decision has a couple of serious negative consequences besides the utterly ludicrous 'born here, citizen here'  favored by the walled-in Paul Ryan.

...By adopting jus soli as a constitutional mandate (not just policy) for automatic citizenship based on soil, and not jus sanguinis – right of blood – all children born to American citizens abroad would not automatically be citizens, as noted by then-Chief Justice Fuller in his dissent in Wong Kim Ark....

...Fuller further noted in his masterful dissent that by mandating automatic citizenship for all children of immigrants – no matter the circumstances – the Fourteenth Amendment would have the power “to cut off the legislative power from dealing with the subject.”  Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution grants Congress plenary power over naturalizations.  Fuller observes that “the right of a nation to expel or deport foreigners who have not been naturalized or taken any steps toward becoming citizens of a country is as absolute and unqualified as the right to prohibit and prevent their entrance into the country.”...
Note again:  the Wong decision removes Congressional oversight in immigration matters.  Ryan doesn't even know that.  But hey.....he's getting out, thank God.

(By the way, the Framers desired "consent-based citizenship" and the Constitution AND the 14th reflect that.  There are some 'conservative' bloggers who don't oppose that.  They too are wrong.)

...there is a huge difference between the legal permanent resident who was the subject of the 1898 court case and the illegal immigrants of today, even if we were to fully accept the concept of birthright citizenship based on nothing more than geographical jurisdiction. The justices in Wong awarded the child citizenship because his Chinese immigrant parents were “domiciled” in America (legally, before the ban on Chinese immigration). As Prof. Eastman notes, “’Domicile’ is a legal term of art; it means ‘a person’s legal home,’ according to Black’s law dictionary, and is often used synonymously with citizenship.” Undoubtedly, those here in contravention to our laws, unlike Wong Kim Ark’s parents, cannot unilaterally declare domicile in our country....

That's a difference that Paul Ryan (and the entire Democrat Party) choose to ignore, meaning that Paul Ryan just put his potato-famine forebears in the same group as ILLEGAL aliens.

Your great-grandpa should spit on you, Paul, you idiot. 

Go read the rest of the essay.  Be prepared to argue with Congress-idiots like Ryan.  It's about time he got slapped up a bit, ain'a?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We Decline. No Regrets At All

It appears that the current Pope and his current flippity-floppity fabulous ta-ta!! advisers want to establish standards by which blogs earn the title "Certified Catholic."

Somehow, I'll manage without that.  I will never be more Catholic than XXXYYXX, of course.  But I'll never be the "Successor of Christ," either.

Whitey Bulger's Death: Not Co-Incidence

Apparently, Whitey Bulger was going to rat out a bunch of FBI jackwads.

So he became dead.

Robert Mueller, the Most Honorable Law Enforcement Officer Since Superman, was very tight with Whitey; in fact, Mueller put someone in prison for YEARS as an accomodation to Bulger.


Not Seeing the Whole Picture, Bearing Arms!

We read this worried vignette from Bearing Arms.

...Yet, for the first time in 20 years, pro-gun groups have been outspent by their anti-gun opponents during an election cycle....

Oh, I dunno.  Have you looked inside our ammunition-storage lockers?  Noticed the new, larger, powder magazines?  High-speed reloading machinery?   Umpty-thousands of bullets and brass?


Look at the Whole Picture, friend!!

What IS It With Nissan Owners?

Having spent a fair amount of time on Interstates around the Great Lakes recently, I have a question:  what in Hell is the matter with people driving Nissan Altima and/or Maxima sedans?

Apparently none of them regard high-speed maneuvers as potentially dangerous--and I am not a Freddy Fart-a-Long driver, by the way....

But ya'know, not everybody's prepared to smash the brake pedal to allow you to drive like a moron....

Arguing With Lefties?

Earlier, we mentioned that Lefties are--actually--NOT on 'the same mental planet' as Righties.

C. S. Lewis knew that, and has a bit of narrative in his Screwtape Letters about that.

“You young devils,” says Satan, the wily old misanthrope, wise in the ways of man, “believe you can damn the human vermin with reasoned arguments. Reason, as you should know, and for your own sake you had better remember, is of the Enemy. When we fight with it, we fight with his own weapons. What we want in that line, as our dear friends the Sophists have shown us,” and here a couple of the youngsters snigger, as one of them waves a kind of spiritual drumstick in the air, once belonging to a fellow named Dewey, “are tangles of argument without reason, and the more abstract they are, and the less dependent upon that stew of mud and muck called Nature, the better.* No,” he says, “man is an irrational animal. Are you taking notes, Asmodeus?”

A demon with a fishy fume about him puts down his piece of charcoal, which he had been using to draw a caricature of his instructor, not entirely flattering.

“Man is an irrational animal. He acts by the promptings of what he is pleased to call his heart. The heart of man is wicked from his youth, as the Enemy himself has said. But we may not depend upon it without action on our part. The Enemy has also said, and in this case our espionage department has determined that the statement expresses some measure of the truth, that he made man in his image. Man is a sub-creator, as that vile peddler of fabulist goodness Tolkien said. As the Enemy makes man, man makes men, in his art, his imagination. Our task is to turn that heart into a factory of idols. It is not a difficult one. Give us the imagination,” he says, with a curl of the lip, “and we will gladly concede everything else.

“Let the Enemy have all the reasons, every catechism, every seminary, and a hundred thousand ministers who believe every last jot and tittle of that vile book whose name I will not deign to utter. Let him enjoy a few political victories now and then. So what if the Soviet Union fell? Let China fall too. Give us the imagination, and we will do our danse macabre on the grave of Christendom, now and evermore.”...
 *It would be unfair (but really, really, gratifying) to posit that Satan was thinking of lawyers when he remarked on 'argument without reason....[not] dependent on ....Nature.'  On the other hand, why not?

Bear that in mind.  One can persuade a Lefty of damn near any proposition, so long as that Lefty feeeeeelzzzzz good about it.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mary Barra's Desperate Cry for Gummint Bailout

Why, yes, GM needs another bailout.

Why else would Mary Barra (a competent HR person) ask for a Fed mandate for electric trains cars?

As IBD notes, GM's record for quality this year is not so hot.  And GM's ability to sell the Bolt (all-electric) and Volt (hybrid) is very, very, very lousy.  They don't really sell any except to dilettantes and people who work for other Gummint-Subsidy companies, like G.E.

Golf carts are nice, in their place.  Actual Americans prefer mobility with their $37 grand, not 240 miles chargers Uber........

Not to worry.  Barra was talked into this by the Ford people.  Trust me, they're next.

Cass Sunstein: Fabulist Producing Violence

Several years ago, a local attorney of the Libertarian bent opined that Sunstein was 'a reasonable guy, not a hard-core Lefty.'

Well, that Libertarian lawyer was wrong then and he's even wrong-er now.

...Is President Donald Trump responsible, in some sense, for the mailing of bombs to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders? Is he responsible, in some sense, for the slaughter at the Pittsburgh synagogue?

If we are speaking in terms of causation, the most reasonable answer to both questions, and the safest, is: We don’t really know. More specifically, we don’t know whether these particular crimes would have occurred in the absence of Trump’s hateful and vicious rhetoric (including his enthusiasm for the despicable cry, “Lock her up!”).

But it’s also safe, and plenty reasonable, to insist that across the American population, hateful and vicious rhetoric from the president of the United States is bound to increase risks of violence. Because of that rhetoric, the likelihood of this kind of violence is greater than it would otherwise be. The president is responsible for elevating the risk that people will try to kill Democrats and others seen by some of his followers as “enemies of the people” (including journalists and Jews)....

Oh, I see.  

Except I don't.  This President has never said "the Jews" are "enemies of the people."  That remark cannot be found with a simple Google search.   Period.

Instead, what we have is this:  Cass Sunstein is fomenting violence against the President of the US, and against that President's supporters.  


Simple.  Cass Sunstein--among many, many others--is lying like Hell about Trump and about his supporters.  This is not new; lying about political opponents has been going on since forever.   When the President calls out the press for lying, Sunstein and his coterie say the President is 'fomenting violence.'  When George Soros, a Nazi apparatchik who is actively opposed to Western civilization (that "God" stuff really annoys him), Sunstein and his coterie say that opposing Soros is 'fomenting violence against the Jews.'

And by the way, Cass:  Hillary Clinton is a flagrant repeat criminal and her crimes include multiple violations of the Espionage Act, profiteering as a Government employee, and reckless disregard for the lives of US citizens at Benghazi.  And those are just the recent crimes.

So yah, Cass:  LOCK HER UP!!

Go ahead, asshole.  Say that's "violent."

Sunday, October 28, 2018

More Mike McCarthy??

The topic has been discussed all over Wisconsin for the last month or so.

It's time for McCarthy to go.  He doesn't win the big games and damn near loses the little ones, this with the best QB in the game and a pretty damn good defense.

Getting stuffed on a ONE-YARD run for a TD?

The Hollywood Bomber

It was really all Hollywood.  Bombs that do not go "boom," clocks which don't have a function, and a mystery substance, which, according to the Big Feeb, can make "heat and light."  Possibly.  Under certain circumstances, none of which were present in the Hollywood bombs.

Then, as we noted below, this is the least "Republican" creature we've ever heard of.

Fifty-fifty he's a (D) plant or he will show signs of a recent lobotomy. 

Or--just as likely,  BOTH.