Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dipwit County Clerk Quits. Finally!

Here's the good news.

County Clerk Kathleen Novack has announced her upcoming resignation.

Novack will resign shortly after the Nov. 6 general election this year, according to a news release....

That's the woman who decided--contrary to Wisconsin statutes--to authorize a queer "marriage."  Apparently she was some sort of Fed bureaucrat for 30 years, which explains a lot.

But it doesn't excuse anything.  She was wrong, and remains so.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Khashoggi's Shady Friends

Your Mom always told you to keep the right sort of company.  She was right, ya'know.

Germany's leading right-of-center daily Die Welt this morning reveals that Jamal Khashoggi was not a journalist, but a high-level operative for the Saudi intelligence service, an intimate of Osama bin Laden, and the nephew of the shadiest of all Arab arms dealers, the infamous Adnan Khashoggi. John Bradley reported last week in the Spectator that Khashoggi, who allegedly met a grisly end in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist organization that among other things wants to replace the Saudi monarchy with a modern Islamist totalitarian state.

Gee.  It's reported that the Saudis disposed of this problem.

S**t happens if you're a spy--particularly if you're a known pal of OBL and active in the Muzzie Brotherhood, which (I'm sure you know) is an un-indicted co-conspirator in terrorist activity in the USA.  So basically, screw him.

By the way, Turkey is not a "firm friend" of the USA and hasn't been for the last few years--since it went Muslim-State.  Who is the NYTimes trying to kid?

Hijacked from Grim, who knows a thing or two about the Middle East.

"Science"!! (D) Variety

Stolen directly from Peter.

Heap Big Fake, Ms. Warren

Hiring the world's most expert expert doesn't matter if you have this problem:

...“To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American.” So all the test proved is that Warren might be 1/64 to 1/1024 Mexican, Peruvian, or Colombian...


Maybe Indian Princess should just shut up and make some coffee.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Jesuits: the Order of (Grave) Disorder

The book review at this link is about a book followup to Malachi Martin's The Jesuits, in which Martin described the beginning of the end of the Society of Jesus.  The line of demarcation was 1965, at the 31st General Convention.

The book, Passionate Uncertainty, picks up during the last years of the reign of St John Paul II.  Some snips from the review...

...One early reviewer of Passionate Uncertainty (himself a member of the Jesuit nomenklatura) glanced briefly at the indicators of decline given by McDonough and Bianchi—but concluded cheerfully, “The overall portrait is one of men content in their vocations, who have drawn closer to the person of Jesus while leaving an earlier Almighty God figure behind.”...

That particular phrasing fits hand-in-glove with what we've heard from Pp. Francis, who happens to be a Jesuit.  In the late 19th century, 'scholars' differentiated between the 'historical Jesus' and the 'Jesus of the Gospels.'  That difference has migrated to the above separation of the 'person of Jesus' from 'Almighty God.'  The implications of statements from Pp. Francis are along the same lines.  He would separate the 'God of mercy' from 'Almighty God', too.  (We'll see what Almighty God thinks about that in the near future when we meet Him face-to-face.)

You will not be surprised to know that half of today's US Jesuits are queers; and the other half is not totally "rigorous" about celibacy.  You should keep your wives, daughters, and sons at a safe distance.

...The recently published Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits is a quirky yet convincing depiction of the collapse of the renegade Society of Jesus: papists who hate the pope, evangelists who have lost the faith. Deprived of their reason for existence as Jesuits, they respond either by putting an end to their existence as Jesuits (deserters outnumber active members in the United States) or by indulging a willed imbecility in which the explosively divisive questions are never permitted to surface....

The review is worth reading--there's plenty more information there.  You don't really have to read the book; all you need to know is made manifest by James Martin, SJ, if you can stomach him.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why Ratzinger Resigned (?)

When Benedict XVI resigned the papacy, it was quite a shock to almost every Catholic.  This "resignation" thing had only happened five times in Church history.  Some argue that it was nine times, but that's 9 times in 2,000 years.  Not often.

Ratzinger/Benedict claimed that his health was not sufficient for the struggle he faced to 'clean up' the Church.  He took the decision after receiving a 300-page report laying out the situation--and naming names.  Which names?  Well.....we don't know.....yet.

Fast forward. 

Church Militant reports here that the appointment of McCarrick to a Cardinalature in D.C. was probably engineered by JPII's closest personal assistant:  Mgr. (now Cardinal) Stan Dziwicz, and that Dziwicz was extremely appreciative of monetary gifts, so much so that it was known that if you wanted to visit with the Pope, the price was $3 Large, payable to Dziwicz.  Dziwicz said that the money was going to a hospital he was building in Poland. 

Remember that JPII was in noticeably declining health due to Parkinson's.  As a result, Dziwicz played Eleanor to JPII's Franklin.  Also understand that McCarrick was well-known in Rome for dispensing large amounts of cash to various Vatican figures, going back as far as 1991.  Dziwicz was the one who called the Nuncio to the US and instructed him to appoint McCarrick the Archbishop of D.C.  Hmmmm.  (There's more, but you have to watch the You Tube linked above). 

At the same time, the ultra-powerful Secretary of State, Cdl. Sodano, apparently did not mention to the US Nuncio whether any disciplines were levied on McCarrick.  Also noteworthy:  both Sodano and Dziwicz were very active in protecting Maciel of the Legionnaires.

Further, Church Militant reports that the Vatican's "special report" on the McCarrick promotions will place all the blame on St. John Paul II, who (it's certain) will not deny nor refute the story.

Now, then.  B-16 was an academic, a theologian, and a mystic.  He advised JPII on matters of doctrine and liturgy and--eventually--on the bombs going off in the US having to do with homosexual predator-priests.  That's when B-16 began to see, up close, the rot and filth in the Church.

When he was elected Pope, he thought he could get a handle on it, working with trusted associates--and then he got that 300-page report.

I suspect that he learned only then that he was trusting the wrong guys--and that the network had control of lots of the Church--and that he had been betrayed and hornswoggled by many, many, men, as had JPII.

That's when he resigned--and I suspect that's WHY he resigned, too.  He resigned due to a broken heart and that's what will kill him.

This Woman Gets to Vote, Too!

Below we notef that Leah Vukmir favors writing "carefully worded" laws voiding 2A rights for (allegedly) mentally-disturbed individuals.

She didn't mention writing "carefully worded" laws removing the right to vote from wack jobs like this one.

Playing fetch on all fours might seem like an unusual activity for an adult, but one man who identifies as a dog says it has brought him closer to his husband.

Tony McGinn, known as 'Tony Bark' to his friends, says he has been into animal role-play his entire life, and refers to himself as a 'human pup'.

The 30-year-old, who was born female and is transgender, is supported by his husband and 'handler' Andrew who accompanies him to regular play dates with other role-players in their hometown of Los Angeles....

When this nutbag votes, she won't cancel Tammy Baldwin's vote.  Think about that.

Vukmir Negotiation WIth Herself on Gun Laws

In last night's debate, Leah Vukmir began negotiating with herself over gun laws.  She stated that she's in favor of outlawing "bump stocks" (which are very rarely installed) and in favor of "carefully written" mental-health related gun confiscation.

Why does she do that?

Baldwin--the opponent--doesn't care about either of those matters; Baldwin is in favor of wholesale gun confiscation, no matter what she drools from her badly-memorized talking points. 

Leah, don't bother being "reasonable" with Baldwin.  You will never win that battle and you ought to know better.  You're negotiating with yourself when you do that.

Don't negotiate the Second Amendment with Baldwin or anyone else.  Thanks!!

Influencing US Elections: the Chinese Commies

Why yes, they are!!

And how are they doing this?

Well, pilgrim, they finance "news" outlets like Vox.

When it first opened for business in 2014, the website Vox was hailed as the first website that would “explain” the news in an unbiased manner. Now it has been discovered that the site is heavily funded by the communist Chinese government.

The site was started by former Washington Post writer Ezra Klein....

Hmmmmm.   So here's the question:

 Does the funding explain some of its recent posts all bashing Trump’s trade policies with China:
Global markets just tanked — and Trump may be partially to blame
Trump’s trade war is hurting the global economyChina’s record trade surplus with the US shows Trump’s strategy is “failing”Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing

The ChiComs' experience with Bill and Hillary convinced them that the Government here is for sale--which it was, until Trump showed up.

So here's another question:  where in Hell is RoJo??

Kaul Will Suck the Blood Out of Suffering Citizens

Gotta love those Democrats.  Not only are the happy to fund the mass murder of unborn babies; they're also very happy to take money from people who are in pain.

At least, that's what AG candidate Kaul (Lautenschager) told the teevee audience.

...Kaul said he supports legalizing medical marijuana to help people deal with pain and provide the state with new revenue....
How very kind of him!!  For just a little vig, Kaul will let you have pain relievers!

The Democrat way.

Lefty School Principal FIRED!

Some Lefty high-school principal-ette forced a student to remove his patriotic tee-shirt during a football game, claiming that it was "disruptive."

She got fired for being a jackwad.

This is the proper way to deal with twits who run schools.  Shorewood's school board should take notice.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Talk Radio's New Message: STFU!

Back in the day when Mark Belling was trying to build an audience, he would write letters to anyone whose name appeared in the newspaper's "Letters" pages.

He would also solicit lots of phone calls from his listeners.

R.I.P. that stuff.  From here on in, you're going to get Belling's opinion, and almost no one else's, on his re-formatted show.

Well, yah.  His is the only opinion that matters, ya'know.  Just ask him.

Fox Sports Hates Wisconsin!

Another way to ruin the day:  Joe Buck now stinks up Brewers' baseball.

"Gave Up" the Clearance. Yup.

Last Refuge has the wrap-up paragraphs on Hillary's 'voluntary surrender' of her clearance.

There have been daily revelations showing a considerable collaboration between the White House, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson; his wife Mary Jacoby, DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr and his wife Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr, Russian Dossier author Christopher Steele, FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page; and the highest levels of officials within the FBI, including Chief Legal Counsel James Baker and FBI Asst. Director Andrew McCabe.

All of the evidence points in one transparently obvious direction; toward a 2015 and 2016 collaborative effort structured to use a counterintelligence operation to conduct wiretaps and surveillance on the presidential campaign of candidate Donald Trump.
After the election--when the (R)'s retain the House and gain seats in the Senate--Trump will move to prosecute a number of the above sh*tballs.  When they are sentenced, he should press for incarceration at SuperMax, not Sandstone or Portage--so that these cretins can get the full-spectrum experience of prison life.

Bottoms up, Bitchezzzz! 

Hillary, "at Her Own Request", Pays Taxes

What?  You don't believe my headline?

Well, then.  You're just another racist homophobe white hetero privileged who deserves to be mobbed.

Black Men May NOT Support Kavanaugh, per Jemele Hill


I didn't know that black men took orders from some random sports-announcer about Constitutional rights and 'innocent until proven' and stuff like that.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Is Cdl. Dolan a Has-Been Already?

Ann Barnhardt is ....ahhh.........opinionated in the strongest degree.  And she has an opinion about the Wuerl-a-Swirl which just occurred in Rome, which opinion includes an obituary for the career of Cdl. Dolan.

Guys, we’ve REALLY gotta wise up here.  Donald Wuerl wasn’t just defeated, with his “resignation” being “accepted” by Antipope Bergoglio. Donna Guerl was just given a huge promotion, and is now one of the top five, maybe now as high as top three most powerful chutney ferrets in the Antichurch, and Wuerl is now 100% in control of the Antichurch in the U.S., and his challenger, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is now totally out and shot down.....

Read the rest.  It compares to the Trump v. Establishment skullduggery, but with fewer visible players so far.

And you can bet that the game has hardly begun.

Sounds We Love: Lefty Lawyer Wailing

You can expect little lefty lawyers to cry to Mommy when they're caught being bad boys.  This little lefty lawyer didn't like the results of a case, so he may have breached the "confidential" wall. 

(We have noticed that when little lefties don't like things (like, for example, election results) they decide they'll do whatever they damn well please.  It's what they do.  See, e.g., John Doe probes, or Kavanaugh hearings.)

...Schimel's office said it was looking into whether the retiree — Thomas Dawson, long the state's top environmental lawyer — provided confidential information to the press. 

Officials said they still considered Dawson a state worker because his unused vacation time was being paid out to him....

In other words, he was still "on the clock," whether he showed his face or not.  But Little Lefty Lawyer thinks that ethics investigations are "retaliation."  Interesting choice of words, no?  "Retaliation"?  For what?  An ethics breach?  Using too much toilet paper?  Being a jerkwad?  For what, little man??

Well, we have a "for what" in official H.R. records!!!

 "Resignation during an investigation into allegations that he provided information that was confidential and protected by the attorney-client priviledge (sic) and the work-product doctrine, to a member of the public media."
Attorney-client privilege is a BIG DEAL--to any attorney with ethics.   But as we know, attorneys on the payroll of the State of Wisconsin are often ethics-challenged.  

Mental Health Counselor Needs Mental Health

TeeVee Nooz is--apparently--another advertising vehicle for lawyers. 

There is a risk, however.  It's possible that TeeVee Nooz viewers will notice that the client has flown over the cuckoo's nest.

A mental health counselor filed a lawsuit after he was fired from his former employer, Pathways to a Better Life, LLC....Lammers identifies as genderqueer or gender non-binary, meaning he does not identify with one gender. ...

So he dressed and acted real funny.  Weird.  Strange.  Loopy-loop.

He was in the right place:  a mental health facility.  He was just on the wrong side of the desk.

Kanye West?

It's all very nice that Kanye West likes Trump.

But "Kanye West" and "coherent sentences" are not congruent.   In fact, they are not even distantly related.   (That guy's in SuperMax for a bunch of really good reasons, Kanye.  If the Koch Brothers want him out, fine--so long as he's confined to one of THEIR homes.)

But that's show biz and that's what got him invited to the party.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Venn Time

Stolen from the Raconteur.  He steals them from Sal.

+Cupich, the Moral Cipher

The Cardinal of Chicago, +Blaise Cupich, continues to embarrass the Church and calls to mind the words of Screwtape. 

Cardinal Blase Cupich, who was appointed by Pope Francis (in 2014) to oversee the Archdiocese of Chicago, said that it was not his policy to deny Holy Communion or Catholic funerals to people in same-sex marriages....

(Think back to the ejection of Fr. Frank Phillips from his very successful parish in Chicago in light of the above.  Hmmmmmm???)

The Cardinal flashes his FrancisConfusion card:

...On the issue of same-sex "marriage," Cardinal Cupich told the Chicago Tribune in April 2016, "It's a lot easier to tell people what they are doing in black and white. The important thing in all of this as we move forward is to recognize that people's lives are very complicated. There are mitigating circumstances, psychological, their own personal history, maybe even biological. It's not a matter of detracting from what the ideal is."  ...

Ahhh!!  The old "Ideals cannot be reached" theory.  Screwtape, a Diabolic Master, had something to say about that:

“A moderated religion is as good for us as no religion at all—and more amusing.”

That maniacal laughter you hear?  It's coming from under the Chancery in Chicago.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

What You Expect From Ivereigh: Codswallop

Milwaukee has been afflicted with lots of horrible clerics in the recent past, and this weekend will not be an exception to the afflictions.  We had Cdl. Rabbit-Hole here the other night, followed by Austin Ivereigh.  Yes I know that Ivereigh's not a cleric, but the conjunction was interesting, no?


Ivereigh's task is to spray enough perfumed whitewash into the air so that what is foul smells sweet and what is black is white.  Yes, that's what Nietzsche talked about:  the transvaluation of all values.

Here he describes FrancisGoodness, or something.

As Francis put it just last week to some French priests in Rome: we are in “a context in which the barque of the Church faces violent headwinds as result of the serious failings of some of its members”. But he went on to urge the priests to be pastors in the way of Jesus: wounded, killed and risen, “called to witness to the strength of the Resurrection in the wounds of this world.” Do not fear, he told them, to look on the wounds of our Church, not in order to lament them but to be led to where Christ is. 
This is not easy to accept, because it involves a renunciation of our own power in favor of the power of God’s mercy, precisely at the moment when the fear of turmoil leads us to demand actions -- crusades and investigation – as an outlet for our indignation and shame. Allowing conversion to happen means being willing to suffer as a body, as Pope Francis urged in his remarkable letter to the People of God the week before the Dublin visit. This has been a difficult message to hear, especially for people of wealth and power who are calling for a “cleansing” led by self-proclaimed “faithful Catholics” who speak as if the pope’s path of reform either didn’t exist, or needs replacing with punitive, purgative methods. Theirs is the way of accusation of others. 

Francis’s way, based on ancient spiritual wisdom, is the way of self-accusation. The first blames and divides, and by undermining unity of purpose, slows reform; the second creates the unity of purpose and humility required for authentic reform
Well, then.  Apparently, we are to be 'converted' by blaming ourselves (and suffering, too!!) especially if we are wealthy and powerful, so that the "cleansing" will take place without any primitive purgation-stuff.   (The non-wealthy and non-powerful can sit out this round, I guess.)

One suspects that Ivereigh wants us to recall the 'mote and beam' story of the Gospel. 

Fine.  I'm a sinner.  

Now that that's over with, let's get around to exactly how the 'way of mercy' will keep predatory priests and prelates from satiating their lust with teenaged boys or other homosexuals.  (Remember, please, that these crimes and gross sins are very often 'habitual,' as opposed to 'one-off.')   While you're at it, Austin, please demonstrate exactly how the 'way of mercy' will remedy the abuse of power utilized to promote Light-Loafered Fellows to influential positions--positions so influential that money just seems to be available for multiple houses, servants, "cooks," and better-than-ordinary quarters in Rome.

We're waiting, Austin.


Later in his furious paint-and-perfume spraying, we read this:

...But [Francis] is also willing to fall silent, to allow the truth to emerge, and in the course of it, to expose the spirits involved. This is not passivity, or evasion, but the wisdom of one who has faith in God’s methods of change, not ours. ...

It's been more than two YEARS of silence from Pp. Francis regarding the serious questions raised about Amoris Laetitia.   In Germany and Sicily, the 'involved spirits' now allow sacramental communion for adulterous Catholics.  Somehow, I don't think that's "God's method of change," but then, your mileage may vary, eh wot??

Ivereigh is also good with establishing the False Dichotomy.  Surprised?? is the Holy Spirit asking us to change that we might evangelize in this new context? Instead of seeing the spiritual forces at work in our time, we have blamed secularization for our failure to evangelize. Rather than offer the person of Jesus Christ, we have focussed on ethics and ideas, and so end up offering truth at the expense of charity, or charity at the expense of truth. Rather than a body of joyful believers offering the transforming experience of Jesus’s relationship with the Father of Love and Mercy, we become defensive dogmatists, or peddlers of banalities. Rather than God’s holy faithful people, we become an arrogant, often abusive, institution, or one that looks like a benevolent charity rather than the source of truth.  ...
Back in Philosophy 101 we learned that 'charity' and 'truth' are identical; there is never a division between them; thus, being truthful (that is, relaying dogma) is precisely being charitable

This raises the question:  to which church does Ivereigh belong?

There's plenty more at the link, folks.  All easy pickin's.  Have at it!!

Wacko McBride for Ass'y 13?

Some obnoxious deep-state (D) named McBride is running for Assembly 13, a district roughly bounded by 84th Street (east), Goerke's Corners (west), Center St. (north), and Greenfield Ave. (south).

A little bird told me that McBride showed up at the door and engaged in a loud argument on the topic of abortion.  McBride (loudly) supports the Democrat line:  death to babies!!  No surprise there.  But it's not very smart politicking to get into an argument with a prospective voter, is it?

Dennis likes parks in Wauwatosa, which is nice.  Sad that in his vision, there will be no children to play in them.

Vacation in Hawaii? Why???

Watching this display of jackassery elected by Hawaiians, one understands that a boycott might be in order.

There are plenty of excellent vacation spots both in CONUS and Western Europe which would love to have you around--and you don't have to go armed to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Clint and Rachmaninoff

Clint Eastwood directs a new movie, "The Mule" for release late this year.

And he uses Rachmaninoff for the theme music--the Paganini Rhapsody.  If you know that piece, you know that Rachmaninoff used the opening motif of the Requiem Mass' Gregorian Chant Dies Irae as one of the themes in that Rhapsody.

Knowing Eastwood, that's not co-incidence.

Would You Buy an "Open Spiritual Dynamism" From Pp. Francis?

In a devastating critique of the "Instrumentum Laboris" (working paper) for the Youth Synod, we find this:

...In a word, the problem with the IL, as with AL, is epistemological and metaphysical. The document conveys the false view that we cannot attain to truth—and even less, to absolute truth—merely by hearing and intellectually assimilating the Word of God; rather, we discover truth once we experience it from God, whom alone we can trust (IL, 55). Sure, we can refer to the Bible to help us interpret our experience. But in the Church there “coexist different ways of interpreting many aspects of doctrine and Christian life”; hence, we must “acquire an open spiritual dynamism” (IL, 3)....

The IL follows the now-familiar pattern of FrancisDocuments:  vague, obtuse, and easily read as contradicting prior Church documents, teachings, or doctrine. 

It's fair to say that Francis' M.O. is like that of a squid:  fill the area with opaque liquid and let the faithful figure out what's up (or not).  'Shepherd' he is not, folks.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Thanks, Paul Ryan and Glenn Grothman!!

Ryan and Grothman voted to continue taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood contributions to pro-abortion Democrats:
2014 – $1,959,513
2016 – $4,085,106
2018 – $30,000,000

Now Grothman is begging for money because a PRO-ABORTION DEMOCRAT is out-spending him. 

Smooth move, Glenn!!  Smooth move, Paul!!

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Can This Be Serious?

Politico thread:

After failing to stop Kavanaugh's confirmation, Democrats wonder if it's time to be more ruthless


That would be foolish.  They tried that here; having failed on their Act 10 hissyfit, they went to Lawfare, perverting a John Doe into a Gulag/Kafka experiment.

That failed, too. 

Conservatives watched carefully and purchased a shit-ton of ammunition, which remains ready for use to this day.  Kinda what The Raconteur is chatting about here.

Why Does Crosby Miss FG's??

The answer:  because the Packers did NOT score touchdowns.

So it's either 21 points less or 9 points less. 


Dear Leah Vukmir

Dear Leah,

Here's the commercial I'd love to see.

(30-something husband and wife, in living room, baby playpen in sight, newborn resting on Mom's lap, dad looking at the pile of doctor/hospital bills.)

Dad:   " remember, they told us that we could keep our healthcare plan, right?

Mom:  "Yes, that's what I remember.  But didn't we have to get a different one?"

Dad:  "Yes.  They lied." 

(Dad shuffles the papers a bit more, looks at checkbook.) 

Dad:  "And you remember that they told us we could keep our doctor, too.  Right?

Mom:  "Yes, that's what I remember.  But I had to find a new one with the new plan.  What a mess."

Dad:  "Yes.  They lied." 

(Dad begins writing a check.)

Dad:  "And they told us that premiums would go down by $2,000.00 per year, right?"

Mom, (picking up the yummering baby):  "Yes, that's what Tammy's party said."

Dad:  "They didn't go down.  They went UP.  That's another lie."

(Dad gets up to assist Mom with the baby, carrying the checkbook.) 

Announcer:  "Tammy told us that her staff fouled up on the Tomah VA.  She lied about that, too.  This year, Tammy tells us that 'Medicare for all' is the solution to all our healthcare needs.  Oh?  With her Party's track record on health care, you may believe that. "

(Mom and Dad, clearly disbelieving, look into camera.  Baby continues to fuss.)

Announcer:  "Or not."

Two fists, Leah.  Two fists.

What the Left Thinks

The Left is not happy about Kavanaugh.  Today's Bloomberg opinion page has headlines such as "Kavanaugh's Victory Is a Loss for America",  "Collins's Speech and the Post-Truth Republican Party", and "Confirmation Shows the Right's Brutal Politics."

They're clearly looking to stoking up the faithful for November.  So get your ass to the polls!

Saturday, October 06, 2018

"Have an Assault Weapon!!"

Here's a nice young thing offering you a gift!!  Miss America 1962 and the AR. 

Which is prettier???

HT: AOSHQ, of course.


Friday, October 05, 2018

The Coverup: Raymond Arroyo of EWTN

You'll note that Raymond Arroyo contends that ' children or minors are harmed.....' (by homosexual predators) 'these days....' or words to that effect (go to 40:00 ffd.)

Maybe he mis-spoke.  Or maybe he has no clue.  Or maybe he's just saying what he's TOLD to say, and all those boys under the age of 18 (but older than 15) are imaginary.


UW Law Grad Katz Up for Ethics Charges

The UW Law grad Katz, whose face disgraces a lot of 'net news sites, will be up for ethics violations before the DC Bar Association.

Katz, more a professional SJW pain in the ass than lawyer (by far), "forgot" to tell her client that the Judiciary Committee would be happy to interview her (Blazing Fraud) at home in California.  Because she is afraid to fly, ya'know.

Instead, Katz forced her to fly to DC and undergo several hours' worth of coaching and memorizing lies, evasions, and half-truths.

Plenty more at the link, by the way.....

Blazing-Fraud Was NOT "Random", nor "Victim"

As usual, The Last Refuge connects the dots.

Christine Blazing-Fraud was chosen for her role quite a while back; her story was created for the occasion, and the hands of the Deep State FBI and DOJ was all over it.

This is why Grassley is now demanding the shrink-notes; it appears that Ms. Katz (a UW-Law grad) and the co-counsel were co-conspirators in a plot to defraud the Senate (and the public) in this tightly scripted drama, joining Blazing-Fraud and McLean.

Hit that link.  It's important to know about the reasons there will be referrals and indictments coming soon.

'Ridiculous' Christine Blazing-Fraud

Not the first time that Tapper gets it dead wrong.

...“Just days after President Trump said he found Christine Blasey Ford to be a quote, ‘credible witness with,’ quote, ‘compelling testimony’ that Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her back in the 80’s,’ the president at a campaign rally mocked that very same testimony, turning Professor Christine Blasey Ford into an object of ridicule.”...

Sorry, Jakester.  Blazing-Fraud became an object of ridicule the minute she opened her cake-hole at the Senate hearing.

We're waiting for the perjury indictment!

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Pp. Francis, Pharisee??

You can find the pictures of Pp. Francis carrying a divining-rod (?) in several places, so we'll skip that and get around to the meat of the matter.

The Holy Francis has told priests that they may no longer witness the marriages of women who are pregnant.

You read that right.

The priest has the obligation to block [the celebration of this kind of marriage]. ... In my diocese ... I forbade the celebration of rushed marriages. Continue with the engagement, let the baby come, let time pass. I did it as well with people in my family.
"Rushed" marriage is the Francine equivalent of "shotgun" marriages here in the US.  So has Francis gone to a moral rigorism--a Pharisaical manualist haughtiness--regarding this sacrament?

Let us accompany each other on a walk about in pastoral practice.

It goes without saying that the couple has some moral laxity when she shows up preggers.  Now the question is "Will this marriage succeed, given its inauspicious start?"   Recognize this:  under Francis' novus praxis, the child will be born illegitimate.  And it's possible (nay, likely) that the couple will be cohabiting at great risk of sin, sometime near or just after the birth.  Hmmmm.

This presents a question which the priest should make all efforts to answer, (albeit at the risk of error), and since the Church's position is that marriage is forever, this is important.  The priest must attempt to ascertain the "good faith" level of the couple.  That probably means that the priest will make discreet but thorough inquiries of the couple's families and perhaps friends, in addition to spending a fair amount of time face-to-face with the couple.

It's possible that after due diligence, the priest will NOT witness a marriage.  It's also possible that he WILL witness a marriage.  But this is not a decision which can be made a priori in Rome by some Pharisaical cleric removed by several layers from the smelly sheep.

This Guy Chris Plante---He's Pretty Good

One of the boons granted by the InterTubes is "ListenLive" which allows the Wired Ones to hear almost any radio station almost anywhere in the US.

So between 9A and 11A weekdays, fleeing the locals, I discovered Chris Plante on WLS/Chicago.

He's really very good.  (Forgive him for being a F.I.B.)  He has a razor-sharp wit and applies it to the Usual Suspects liberally.  For those of you who are concerned with a little more than just politics, he pays attention to pro-life matters and tells us that he's a product of Catholic parochial education.

Try him.  You may well get hooked.

Fr Martin's Attack on Nature

The Jesuit Fr. James Martin is as good or better than any patent-medicine hawker, although it can't be said that he was first, or alone in his chosen profession.  He's very good at selling "identity"--as in 'gay' or 'straight' or 'trans'--which sets up the Current Crisis in Western society (and in the Church.)

In the US, the now-(thankfully)-retired Justice Kennedy laid it out in his infamous Lawrence v Texas blather; going forward, the Official Narrative would be that which was first mouthed by Simone de Beauvoir:  “one is not born a woman, one becomes so”

Later on, the Jesuits would adopt the position that "individual experience" is the defining guide to reality (GC 31, 1965), which is de Beauvoir's maxim writ large, and thus Kennedy, and all that follows, including gay "marriage" and "transvestite" rights.

Buried in the rubble of the avalanche triggered by de Beauvoir, Kennedy, and Martin is reality.

...The mere idea of heterosexual “orientation,” as one of two species of the genus sexuality, is already “gay,” since both “species” presuppose that sexual desire and identity are only arbitrarily related to a meaningless biological substrate. This same dualistic understanding is the premise of the revolution in assisted reproductive technologies and the normalization of surrogacy. Transgenderism follows quite logically from this premise, just as surely as the push for transgender rights followed the Obergefell decision in time. Yet if “gender,” like “orientation,” is merely a function of a self-appropriated identity distinct from one’s sexually differentiated body (now relegated to the realm of “mere biology”), then in fact there is no longer any such thing as man or woman as heretofore understood. We are all transgender now, even if gender and sexual identity accidentally coincide in the great majority of instances....

(This is why the term "gender" has replaced "sex."  Language governs thought process; obscuring 'what IS' by pasting it over with 'what might, or could, or wanna be' facilitates the lie.)

Somehow, this twisted-think rose to higher levels in the Church and now appears to have fully engulfed Rome.  That's surprising, given that both John Paul II and Benedict XVI saw it for what it was and wrote extensively against it.  Here's Benedict on the matter:

The Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, has shown in a very detailed and profoundly moving study that the attack we are currently experiencing on the true structure of the family, made up of father, mother, and child, goes much deeper. While up to now we regarded a false understanding of the nature of human freedom as one cause of the crisis of the family, it is now becoming clear that the very notion of being—of what being human really means—is being called into question. He quotes the famous saying of Simone de Beauvoir: “one is not born a woman, one becomes so” (on ne naĆ®t pas femme, on le devient). These words lay the foundation for what is put forward today under the term “gender” as a new philosophy of sexuality. According to this philosophy, sex is no longer a given element of nature, that man has to accept and personally make sense of; it is a social role that we choose for ourselves, while in the past it was chosen for us by society. The profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious. People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves. According to the biblical creation account, being created by God as male and female pertains to the essence of the human creature. This duality is an essential aspect of what being human is all about, as ordained by God. This very duality as something previously given is what is now disputed....
So the 'new Church', guided by Pp. Francis' coterie, has bought the lie of de Beauvoir and issues orders to "accompany" people afflicted with perversion (for that IS the correct term) rather than to voice, persuasively, the Old and Unchanged Truth:  ".......male and female He created them."  It's not fashionable.

Far more, and much better voiced, is available at First Things.  Read it.  Pp. Francis won't.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Chris Plante and Nietzsche

Plante today observed--accurately--that the objective of the Left is twofold:  to make all that is normal un-normal, and to make all that is un-normal normal.

Nietzsche said it a bit differently, calling for the transvaluation of all values.

It's possible that Plante reads Nietzsche.  More likely that he simply observes very well.

Tomorrow's Headline

Fred Reed prophesies about tomorrow's headline.

Kavanaugh Gang-Rapes Collie in Satanic Ritual
College Boys in KKK Robes Chant “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”

A MickeyD Whopper!

The Usual Suspects are getting a few licks in before winter, protesting a MickeyD before noon today.  There were some arrests, no violence.

The newspaper interviewed somebody.

..."We need more pay to be able to live, afford the things we need,” Jennifer Berry, who was among those arrested, said earlier.

Berry, 34, said she has worked at a Milwaukee-area McDonald's for nearly a year and a half. Now a crew trainer, she said she started at $9 an hour and now makes $9.65."

Berry said she has bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration from American InterContinental University, a for-profit online school, and has stayed at McDonald's in hopes of entering management.

“I’m just praying and hoping for a change to come so the minimum wage can go up so I can be able to afford the things I need, then live out the dream of being a manager,” Berry said....

A Bachelor's and an MBA, eh?  18 months at MickeyD's.  Hmmm. 

You gotta wonder if this budding Jack Welch ever thought of writing and circulating a resume.  Or if they thought that anyone reading this story would--for ONE second--believe that horsecrap.

Douglas MacArthur's Perennial Wisdom

Many officers in the US Armed Forces are bright and very good tacticians.

Some are bright tacticians and very good with strategy.

A few are strategic geniuses.  Douglas MacArthur was one of those.  For that reason, John F. Kennedy sought and received advice from him.

Most famous was MacArthur's aphorism that one should 'never fight a land war in Asia.'  He saw the problem first-hand in Korea and indirectly in China, during WWII.  But LBJ--who thought that HE was the smartest guy in the room--ignored MacArthur's advice and lost a land war in Vietnam.

MacArthur also though that the "domino theory" pressed by the usual suspects in the Chamber of Commerce was idiotic.  He was right, of course; ballistic missiles are sufficient deterrents to "dominos." 

But MacArthur saw something else that he impressed upon Kennedy.

...At the heart of the August 16 discussion is MacArthur’s view that America’s greatest asset is its economy. America’s adversaries, on the other hand, had always struggled (and failed) to match its economic output, and particularly its agricultural output. “The Achilles heel of the Russians and Chinese,” he said, “is food.” In this sense, MacArthur is a stand-in for nearly every senior officer of his generation who looked on America’s industrial and agricultural assets as its strength. Nothing else mattered. Put another way, while Russia’s “strategic depth” is its geography and China’s strategic depth is its mass of people, America’s strategic depth is its economy. To destroy America, you must destroy its economy. No one ever had....

Don't ever forget that.

It's not likely that Obama ever read anything about that meeting.  It's also unlikely that Obama ever read anything at all by or about MacArthur other than the usual high-school and college babble.  But his puppetmasters probably did--thus, Obama's determination to kill the US economy.

He didn't succeed, but they will try again.

Perjury for Ms. Ford? Looks Bad.....

Apparently Ms. Ford has a rather useful friend who is ex-FBI (24 years).

And that rather useful friend has a particular set of skills--and other friends who ALSO have certain useful skills.

Except the skill of preventing perjury.

The "two-entry-door" perjury as to date of installation and its cash-flow utility; the lie-detector perjury (the one she'll go to prison for) and the perjury of ID'ng Kavanaugh at some party at some time at some place--none of which was memorable.

OK, right.

Here's a "Foreign Influence" on Votes, RoJo

Ron Johnson (R-WI) is very concerned over Russian 'vote manipulation' or something.

Well, here's "vote manipulation" funded by a foreigner--and that foreigner has a long and dirty history of manipulating US voters and US policy.

...Archila is not just an ordinary concerned citizen. She is a professional activist. She serves as co-executive director at the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and maintains the same position as the group’s activist arm, the Center for Popular Democracy Action....

So go investigate this guy, eh?

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The Persuader

HT:  Raconteur Report

At last report, the money-laundering through GoFundMe approaches $1 million.  Sure would be interesting to see a list of the "donors."

Monday, October 01, 2018

The Betrayal of Milwaukee Catholics

Despite a large number of cards, letters, emails, and phone calls, Bryan Massingale (notorious heretic homosexualist) will be leading a retreat for LBGTXZYLK clergy in Racine, WI beginning this Tuesday (10/2/18).  The Archbishop wrinkles his nose and disapproves, but that's about all.  He will not order Massingale NOT to speak. 

So Massingale is doing his little victory dance in (yup, you guessed it!) the National [Not] Catholic Reporter.

...Insisting that the retreat is no different from any other retreat, Massingale said it never would have occurred to him to ask for permission to hold the pro-homosexual event....New Ways Ministry (NWM), a dissident pro-LGBT organization which is sponsoring the retreat as it has in years past, continues to try to present itself as Catholic, yet it has been formally condemned by both the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for opposing Church teaching.
NWM has also been repeatedly banned from speaking in Catholic dioceses.  
But not this year, not in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee....

'Just like any other retreat' except it's sponsored and organized by a notorious dissident outfit.  Sure.  That's the ticket!!!

But Massingale has a history of dissent, and he's been successful with it.  

Massingale rubs it right in the face of +Listecki (and +Dolan.)

...When the 2005 document came out from the Vatican, about the inadmissibility of gay men to the seminary and to, um, the priesthood, there was a group of us in Milwaukee who said we cannot remain, unless we are known for who we are. ....over 30 of us made appointments with the archbishop [Dolan] and basically came out. Because we could not stay with integrity if we did not register that our profound, you know, disagreement, non-acceptance of this document...  Fr B Massingale 

"Over 30".....who had been ordained by +Rembert Weakland or his predecessors +Wm Cousins and +Albert Meyer.

Let's take a closer look at the recent past.  Fr. Vincent Silvestri was a faculty member of  DeSales Preparatory Seminary from 1967-1981 AND the formation director at St Francis Major Seminary from 1973-1981.  Silvestri was suspended from all priestly activities following credible accusations of abusing minor boys.  As to his track record as "formation" director?  You can draw your own conclusions from the list of predators provided here.  A few names?  Bandle, Beck, Benham, Burns, Collova, Doyle, Knighton, Jerome Wagner (Priest Placement Board member!!), Widera.

There are some homosexual priests in this Archdiocese who have been very good priests, indeed.  That's not the point.  The point is that the Church has said, repeatedly, that homosexuals should NOT be ordained.  The database linked above justifies the Church's position.

There are lots of Church documents and teachings that her members 'do not accept.'  At that point, the members become "Dissidents."  People have the right to dissent from Church teachings.  But they do not have the right to spread their dissent around.

That's the reason that the Church gives Bishops the right (and duty) to silence dissenters.

If only those Bishops would use it, eh?