Monday, October 29, 2018

Mary Barra's Desperate Cry for Gummint Bailout

Why, yes, GM needs another bailout.

Why else would Mary Barra (a competent HR person) ask for a Fed mandate for electric trains cars?

As IBD notes, GM's record for quality this year is not so hot.  And GM's ability to sell the Bolt (all-electric) and Volt (hybrid) is very, very, very lousy.  They don't really sell any except to dilettantes and people who work for other Gummint-Subsidy companies, like G.E.

Golf carts are nice, in their place.  Actual Americans prefer mobility with their $37 grand, not 240 miles chargers Uber........

Not to worry.  Barra was talked into this by the Ford people.  Trust me, they're next.

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