Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Pakistani Spy Coverup

You, the taxpayer, spent about $1.5 million/month to hire Mueller to chase ghosts.  There's nothing there, of course--except the crimes of Hillary, Obama, Rice, Comey, the lovebird Feebs, (et. al.)

Meantime, you, the taxpayer, have been screwed blue by the Department of Justice and the Pakistani spies who lived on YOUR tit while, frankly, stealing every document they could find from Wasserman Schultz and you, the taxpayer.  ONE and only ONE of the spies copped a plea and left the country.  No prison, no fines.

Clearly, some Congress-slime with a lot of muscle wanted this thing buried. 

Think YOU could have gotten away with that?

Well, now.

Glenn Grothman, who supports Planned Parenthood, sits on the House Oversight Committee.  If he gets re-elected, maybe he could actually do some good, not just follow Paul Ryan's orders and fetch his pizza.  Since Ryan won't return, Grothman won't have to worry about that pizza any more. 

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