Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Would You Buy an "Open Spiritual Dynamism" From Pp. Francis?

In a devastating critique of the "Instrumentum Laboris" (working paper) for the Youth Synod, we find this:

...In a word, the problem with the IL, as with AL, is epistemological and metaphysical. The document conveys the false view that we cannot attain to truth—and even less, to absolute truth—merely by hearing and intellectually assimilating the Word of God; rather, we discover truth once we experience it from God, whom alone we can trust (IL, 55). Sure, we can refer to the Bible to help us interpret our experience. But in the Church there “coexist different ways of interpreting many aspects of doctrine and Christian life”; hence, we must “acquire an open spiritual dynamism” (IL, 3)....

The IL follows the now-familiar pattern of FrancisDocuments:  vague, obtuse, and easily read as contradicting prior Church documents, teachings, or doctrine. 

It's fair to say that Francis' M.O. is like that of a squid:  fill the area with opaque liquid and let the faithful figure out what's up (or not).  'Shepherd' he is not, folks.

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