Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More Whine From MMAC? Just Shut Up, Please.

We note that the MMAC has been whining a lot over the last few years.  They prefer to use cheap (illegal) labor, or cheap (legal) labor, and now are whining that they need more Big Road Projects in the City of Milwaukee.

For some reason, MMAC thinks that Milwaukee is really an important piece of Wisconsin.

Pro-Tip:  not since you lost A O Smith, Allis-Chalmers, Briggs & Stratton, Grede Foundries, and a few others, boyzzzz.  Now you're important (maybe) for a few restaurants, hotels, and sports teams, plus a very large insurance company--which has major facilities OUTSIDE of the city of Milwaukee.  Your "sports leaders" had the foresight to shove the Green Bay Packers out of Milwaukee, too.  Genius!!

Oh--yes--you're also important for drug-crimes, murder statistics, and carjackings.

Since anyone commuting through the Milwaukee area in the past 10 years has put up with hundreds of hours of delays and hundreds of miles of detours to get into or around your rapidly-declining metropolis, you can put your $Billion-dollar request where the sun never shines.

And stop your whining.

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Anonymous said...

It is an unbelievably untold story about how the road builders association has simply raped the State of Wisconsin over the last couple of decades. Drive up to the Fox Cities and Green Bay. At this point there are hundreds of perfectly functioning intersections that have been turned into roundabouts. The road builders also have so many projects going on at one time that many languish, for YEARS. There is a stretch of a main road in Appleton that has been under construction for something like 2-3 years. That stretch is now a ghost town. They're adding interchanges all over the state. Totally unnecessary, massive, overly complicated.

The story of the road builders is not how they are building up infrastructure in order to facilitate commerce. The story of the road builders is how they have been allowed to abuse the hell out of local residents and taxpayers for YEARS, with nary a response from any elected officials. If you want to know who controls the state, it isn't D's or R's, it's the casinos and road builders.