Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hey, Vicki!! It Ain't All About the Money.....

Ms McKenna is ranting and hit the "extra estrogen!!!" button before launch.

She just can't understand how Evers is in a virtual tie with Walker.

Listing the unemployment rate, the jobs available, the sorta-reduced taxes and the successful management of the Wisconsin budget, she exclaims--loudly--that she just doesn't get it.

Yah, well, maybe you don't.  Your problem is that you understand only "economics," and that only "economics" counts in an election.

And you are wrong.

Of course I'll vote for Walker.  But I have to get past his dead-to-the-world personality, his cheesy (and near-pukeworthy) advertisements, and his "I like what I did.  Don't you like it too??  I'll do more of that." campaign promise.  Pardon me for asking, Scott, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???

IOW, Vicki, the guy is a bore with zero message.

His opponent is, truly, a nob.  He has horrible ideas even before you get to his spend-lots-and-tax-lots campaign promises.  He won't actually govern; his puppetmasters will, while he shows up at the office for a solid 3-4 hours of .......ahhh......showing up.  He's a bump on the log.  A mushroom.  An idiot.

But he makes promises!!  He has goals which he articulates (more or less.)  And he's just as likeable as Walker, at least on TeeVee.

By the way Vicki, your claim that a ban on hollow-points would completely stop deer hunting in Wisconsin is ridiculous.  An "expanding" bullet does NOT have to be a hollow-point.  Look it up instead of sounding like a twerp.

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