Friday, October 12, 2018

Is Cdl. Dolan a Has-Been Already?

Ann Barnhardt is ....ahhh.........opinionated in the strongest degree.  And she has an opinion about the Wuerl-a-Swirl which just occurred in Rome, which opinion includes an obituary for the career of Cdl. Dolan.

Guys, we’ve REALLY gotta wise up here.  Donald Wuerl wasn’t just defeated, with his “resignation” being “accepted” by Antipope Bergoglio. Donna Guerl was just given a huge promotion, and is now one of the top five, maybe now as high as top three most powerful chutney ferrets in the Antichurch, and Wuerl is now 100% in control of the Antichurch in the U.S., and his challenger, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York is now totally out and shot down.....

Read the rest.  It compares to the Trump v. Establishment skullduggery, but with fewer visible players so far.

And you can bet that the game has hardly begun.

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