Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How Government Liars Measure

It's not news that politicians lie.  It's not news that crooks lie, or that the press lies (BIRM).

It's also not news that the Fed Gov lies, especially when creating its "poverty" report.  And I DO mean "creating."

The measured poverty rate has remained virtually unchanged only because the Census Bureau doesn’t count most of the transfer payments created since the declaration of the War on Poverty. The bureau measures poverty using what it calls “money income,” which includes earned income and some transfer payments such as Social Security and unemployment insurance. But it excludes food stamps, Medicaid, the portion of Medicare going to low-income families, Children’s Health Insurance, the refundable portion of the earned-income tax credit, at least 87 other means-tested federal payments to individuals, and most means-tested state payments. If government counted these missing $1.5 trillion in annual transfer payments, the poverty rate would be less than 3%.

That's a lot of excludin' goin' on out there, ain'a?

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