Wednesday, October 03, 2018

A MickeyD Whopper!

The Usual Suspects are getting a few licks in before winter, protesting a MickeyD before noon today.  There were some arrests, no violence.

The newspaper interviewed somebody.

..."We need more pay to be able to live, afford the things we need,” Jennifer Berry, who was among those arrested, said earlier.

Berry, 34, said she has worked at a Milwaukee-area McDonald's for nearly a year and a half. Now a crew trainer, she said she started at $9 an hour and now makes $9.65."

Berry said she has bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration from American InterContinental University, a for-profit online school, and has stayed at McDonald's in hopes of entering management.

“I’m just praying and hoping for a change to come so the minimum wage can go up so I can be able to afford the things I need, then live out the dream of being a manager,” Berry said....

A Bachelor's and an MBA, eh?  18 months at MickeyD's.  Hmmm. 

You gotta wonder if this budding Jack Welch ever thought of writing and circulating a resume.  Or if they thought that anyone reading this story would--for ONE second--believe that horsecrap.

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