Sunday, October 21, 2018

Where ARE All the FBI "Good Guys"?

Treehouse asks a very good question:  

...By now we  understand many of the big picture details behind DOJ and FBI efforts to weaponize the institutions of government to target their political opposition, namely Donald Trump.

With the removal of so many officials within the institutions, the question becomes less rhetorical.  If the corruption is removed, where are the ‘rank and file’ whistle-blowers surfacing from underneath the now replaced leadership?  Why haven’t we seen anyone from within the system come forth to tell their story?

Where are the voices of the officials within the FBI data forensic units who were given restrictive analytical instructions on Clinton laptops and hard-drives?  Where are the voices of the investigative field agents charged with finding leakers?  Where are the voices of the non-corrupt employees inside the DOJ-NSD or FBI who watched for two years as the small group within upper level offices controlled/scripted the activity?  etc. etc.

The larger question is not asked to state emphatically no such honorable “rank and file” exist; but rather to highlight: if they do exist, then why are they invisible?...
Yes, well, umnnnhhhh......


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