Monday, October 29, 2018

Cass Sunstein: Fabulist Producing Violence

Several years ago, a local attorney of the Libertarian bent opined that Sunstein was 'a reasonable guy, not a hard-core Lefty.'

Well, that Libertarian lawyer was wrong then and he's even wrong-er now.

...Is President Donald Trump responsible, in some sense, for the mailing of bombs to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic leaders? Is he responsible, in some sense, for the slaughter at the Pittsburgh synagogue?

If we are speaking in terms of causation, the most reasonable answer to both questions, and the safest, is: We don’t really know. More specifically, we don’t know whether these particular crimes would have occurred in the absence of Trump’s hateful and vicious rhetoric (including his enthusiasm for the despicable cry, “Lock her up!”).

But it’s also safe, and plenty reasonable, to insist that across the American population, hateful and vicious rhetoric from the president of the United States is bound to increase risks of violence. Because of that rhetoric, the likelihood of this kind of violence is greater than it would otherwise be. The president is responsible for elevating the risk that people will try to kill Democrats and others seen by some of his followers as “enemies of the people” (including journalists and Jews)....

Oh, I see.  

Except I don't.  This President has never said "the Jews" are "enemies of the people."  That remark cannot be found with a simple Google search.   Period.

Instead, what we have is this:  Cass Sunstein is fomenting violence against the President of the US, and against that President's supporters.  


Simple.  Cass Sunstein--among many, many others--is lying like Hell about Trump and about his supporters.  This is not new; lying about political opponents has been going on since forever.   When the President calls out the press for lying, Sunstein and his coterie say the President is 'fomenting violence.'  When George Soros, a Nazi apparatchik who is actively opposed to Western civilization (that "God" stuff really annoys him), Sunstein and his coterie say that opposing Soros is 'fomenting violence against the Jews.'

And by the way, Cass:  Hillary Clinton is a flagrant repeat criminal and her crimes include multiple violations of the Espionage Act, profiteering as a Government employee, and reckless disregard for the lives of US citizens at Benghazi.  And those are just the recent crimes.

So yah, Cass:  LOCK HER UP!!

Go ahead, asshole.  Say that's "violent."

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