Monday, October 01, 2018

The Betrayal of Milwaukee Catholics

Despite a large number of cards, letters, emails, and phone calls, Bryan Massingale (notorious heretic homosexualist) will be leading a retreat for LBGTXZYLK clergy in Racine, WI beginning this Tuesday (10/2/18).  The Archbishop wrinkles his nose and disapproves, but that's about all.  He will not order Massingale NOT to speak. 

So Massingale is doing his little victory dance in (yup, you guessed it!) the National [Not] Catholic Reporter.

...Insisting that the retreat is no different from any other retreat, Massingale said it never would have occurred to him to ask for permission to hold the pro-homosexual event....New Ways Ministry (NWM), a dissident pro-LGBT organization which is sponsoring the retreat as it has in years past, continues to try to present itself as Catholic, yet it has been formally condemned by both the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for opposing Church teaching.
NWM has also been repeatedly banned from speaking in Catholic dioceses.  
But not this year, not in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee....

'Just like any other retreat' except it's sponsored and organized by a notorious dissident outfit.  Sure.  That's the ticket!!!

But Massingale has a history of dissent, and he's been successful with it.  

Massingale rubs it right in the face of +Listecki (and +Dolan.)

...When the 2005 document came out from the Vatican, about the inadmissibility of gay men to the seminary and to, um, the priesthood, there was a group of us in Milwaukee who said we cannot remain, unless we are known for who we are. ....over 30 of us made appointments with the archbishop [Dolan] and basically came out. Because we could not stay with integrity if we did not register that our profound, you know, disagreement, non-acceptance of this document...  Fr B Massingale 

"Over 30".....who had been ordained by +Rembert Weakland or his predecessors +Wm Cousins and +Albert Meyer.

Let's take a closer look at the recent past.  Fr. Vincent Silvestri was a faculty member of  DeSales Preparatory Seminary from 1967-1981 AND the formation director at St Francis Major Seminary from 1973-1981.  Silvestri was suspended from all priestly activities following credible accusations of abusing minor boys.  As to his track record as "formation" director?  You can draw your own conclusions from the list of predators provided here.  A few names?  Bandle, Beck, Benham, Burns, Collova, Doyle, Knighton, Jerome Wagner (Priest Placement Board member!!), Widera.

There are some homosexual priests in this Archdiocese who have been very good priests, indeed.  That's not the point.  The point is that the Church has said, repeatedly, that homosexuals should NOT be ordained.  The database linked above justifies the Church's position.

There are lots of Church documents and teachings that her members 'do not accept.'  At that point, the members become "Dissidents."  People have the right to dissent from Church teachings.  But they do not have the right to spread their dissent around.

That's the reason that the Church gives Bishops the right (and duty) to silence dissenters.

If only those Bishops would use it, eh?    

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