Sunday, October 07, 2018

Dear Leah Vukmir

Dear Leah,

Here's the commercial I'd love to see.

(30-something husband and wife, in living room, baby playpen in sight, newborn resting on Mom's lap, dad looking at the pile of doctor/hospital bills.)

Dad:   " remember, they told us that we could keep our healthcare plan, right?

Mom:  "Yes, that's what I remember.  But didn't we have to get a different one?"

Dad:  "Yes.  They lied." 

(Dad shuffles the papers a bit more, looks at checkbook.) 

Dad:  "And you remember that they told us we could keep our doctor, too.  Right?

Mom:  "Yes, that's what I remember.  But I had to find a new one with the new plan.  What a mess."

Dad:  "Yes.  They lied." 

(Dad begins writing a check.)

Dad:  "And they told us that premiums would go down by $2,000.00 per year, right?"

Mom, (picking up the yummering baby):  "Yes, that's what Tammy's party said."

Dad:  "They didn't go down.  They went UP.  That's another lie."

(Dad gets up to assist Mom with the baby, carrying the checkbook.) 

Announcer:  "Tammy told us that her staff fouled up on the Tomah VA.  She lied about that, too.  This year, Tammy tells us that 'Medicare for all' is the solution to all our healthcare needs.  Oh?  With her Party's track record on health care, you may believe that. "

(Mom and Dad, clearly disbelieving, look into camera.  Baby continues to fuss.)

Announcer:  "Or not."

Two fists, Leah.  Two fists.

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