Friday, October 19, 2018

Ford Dealer: "EEEEEK!! Yukky!! Guns!!!"

It's kinda sad when you think about it.

Despite their own concerns and those voiced by a neighbor, Baraboo planners granted preliminary approval Tuesday for construction of a gun store, manufacturing operation and indoor shooting range off South Boulevard....

Sounds like a destination to me!!!

...Commissioners expressed frustration over a change to state law that limits municipalities’ authority to deny land use requests. Without an ordinance on the books outlawing weapons manufacturing and sales along one of its key arteries, the city couldn’t deny DEZ Tactical’s request without proving the business would threaten public safety....

By the way, Baraboo was the location of the Badger Ordnance Works, which manufactured BOMBS and ARTILLERY SHELLS during WWII.  "Public safety," eh??

...Rebecca Hoppe told the commission a gun shop doesn’t belong next to her family’s business, Glacier Valley Ford, or along a street city leaders have extolled as a gateway to Baraboo.
“We want this to all be a beautiful corridor,” Hoppe said....

Because a Ford dealership is "beautiful," Rebecca? 

Here's a thought:  how many people will drive 150 miles or so to buy a Ford from YOU, Rebecca?  A lot of people will drive that far to purchase from DEZ.  Just sayin', Rebecca. 

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