Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Planet HollyWierd

Owen noticed this, too--this Planet HollyWierd thing. 

If you concede that Shakespeare was The Playwright of Western society, a passing familiarity with his plays will give you a very broad look at the human condition.  Intrigue, humor, love, hate, life, and death, with a bit of sex tossed in here and there, (but only by inference.)

Things have changed, eh?  Now HollyWierd scripts concentrate on the perversions, the death-wish-with-sex fantasies, the ".....my Daddy was a rapist...." (when he really wasn't the Daddy at all) story lines....or the "reality" shows which have no connection to any "reality" we're aware of.

These are the personal and psychotic problems of the writers and producers.  They are not on the same Planet (see what I did there??) as the audiences they purport to entertain; in fact, what they produce is another form of pornography. 

And when it's not that, it's Feminist and Homosex Whining, or even worse, Morality Lectures On The EEEEEEEvil of TRUMP.  See, e.g. recent Law & Order or NCIS crapola.  (By the way, the "long stare" from Olivia is becoming oppressive.  She ain't what she used to be, folks.  Ice-T does a better stare and he's better-preserved, too.) 

Pretty much makes the cooking channels and the game shows the few remaining actual reality shows.

With ONE exception:  Last Man Standing.

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Billiam said...

I pretty much stopped Watching NCIS last year. Never did like SVU. In fact, I find myself using my Prime membership to watch a lot of old stuff. MUCH better than the leftist trash out there now. Most movies are even unwatchable. Leftism poisons and ruins everything it touches.