Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tucker Gets It re Khashoggi: Not Our Business

As we remarked earlier, when you're a spy and have nasty friends, it's possible that you'll die young.  This guy also had nasty enemies:  the Saudis.

...Of course, they did it. We knew they did it. Their only concern was getting caught. Now they have been caught, and they probably regret the whole thing. All of that makes sense. None of it is surprising.

What is confusing is the wave of false posturing on display from our own mindless ruling class. 

Khashoggi’s death, they’re telling us, is now somehow the most important story in the world, far more important than the many political murders China commits each year far more than Saudi Arabia, or the countless children the Saudis have bombed and starved to death in Yemen.

More than that, they’re telling us it’s a moral litmus test, the latest in a long series of moral litmus tests that are delivered to us by Fiat (ph) on cable news. Support this, don’t support that. Otherwise, you’re a bad person. That’s the message of almost every show. Share my beliefs or you are damned.
Now, in this case, it’s a little confusing because keep in mind these are the same people, the ones commanding you to hate the Saudis, who just months ago were uncritically repeating Saudi talking points right from the embassy.

Remember when we bombed Syria last spring and bombed it before, the year before, well the Saudis pushed that. Everyone knew that. It might have been nice to hear that on television. We could have used some media skepticism at the time, but no.

Only this show pretty much brought that up. The rest of the press loved it....
 Why in Hell anyone thought seriously about this for 10 seconds escapes me--which proves that the MSM is non-serious; they are really the blow-dried airheads that they've become over the last 50 years.

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