Friday, October 12, 2018

Sounds We Love: Lefty Lawyer Wailing

You can expect little lefty lawyers to cry to Mommy when they're caught being bad boys.  This little lefty lawyer didn't like the results of a case, so he may have breached the "confidential" wall. 

(We have noticed that when little lefties don't like things (like, for example, election results) they decide they'll do whatever they damn well please.  It's what they do.  See, e.g., John Doe probes, or Kavanaugh hearings.)

...Schimel's office said it was looking into whether the retiree — Thomas Dawson, long the state's top environmental lawyer — provided confidential information to the press. 

Officials said they still considered Dawson a state worker because his unused vacation time was being paid out to him....

In other words, he was still "on the clock," whether he showed his face or not.  But Little Lefty Lawyer thinks that ethics investigations are "retaliation."  Interesting choice of words, no?  "Retaliation"?  For what?  An ethics breach?  Using too much toilet paper?  Being a jerkwad?  For what, little man??

Well, we have a "for what" in official H.R. records!!!

 "Resignation during an investigation into allegations that he provided information that was confidential and protected by the attorney-client priviledge (sic) and the work-product doctrine, to a member of the public media."
Attorney-client privilege is a BIG DEAL--to any attorney with ethics.   But as we know, attorneys on the payroll of the State of Wisconsin are often ethics-challenged.  

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