Sunday, October 14, 2018

Influencing US Elections: the Chinese Commies

Why yes, they are!!

And how are they doing this?

Well, pilgrim, they finance "news" outlets like Vox.

When it first opened for business in 2014, the website Vox was hailed as the first website that would “explain” the news in an unbiased manner. Now it has been discovered that the site is heavily funded by the communist Chinese government.

The site was started by former Washington Post writer Ezra Klein....

Hmmmmm.   So here's the question:

 Does the funding explain some of its recent posts all bashing Trump’s trade policies with China:
Global markets just tanked — and Trump may be partially to blame
Trump’s trade war is hurting the global economyChina’s record trade surplus with the US shows Trump’s strategy is “failing”Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing

The ChiComs' experience with Bill and Hillary convinced them that the Government here is for sale--which it was, until Trump showed up.

So here's another question:  where in Hell is RoJo??

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