Friday, October 19, 2018

Walker's Worst Fail: Hiring

On occasion, a few conservative bloggers meet and chat.  We've all agreed that Scott Walker has the worst-ever record of high-level hires we've ever seen.

Jadin--a loser who nearly demolished WDEC with his incompetence--joins Ed Wall, who oversaw horrific prisoner-abuse as Sec/Corrections, in writing letters decrying Walker.

One theme:  that Walker did or did not do some things because of 'political advantage.'  That's their "shiny object" game, of course.  The question voters should consider is this:  was the action or inaction to the advantage of the State of Wisconsin's residents and taxpayers?

Jadin, the Green Bay loser, and Wall, the supervisor of torture, don't want THAT question in front of the voters and taxpayers.

Let's hope that Walker gets better advice on "how to hire" in his next term.

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