Wednesday, October 31, 2018

GM's Preparing for Something

The other day, we noted that GM's CEO (and ex-HR manager) Mary Barra wrote a letter to Congress demanding a mandate for electric cars (IIRC, she wants 20% of the fleet to be all-electric or hybrid.)

At the time, we suspected that GM was looking for a bailout.  They are, if for no other reason that mandated electric-car sales also means mandated electric-car production, and not every producer on Earth is capable of that.

Now comes more interesting GM news:  they have issued "buyout" notices to 18,000 employees.

...The company, after inquiries about the offer, confirmed the plans as "proactive" measures to address future headwinds that GM expects as it invests in autonomous and electrified vehicles and as auto sales in North America and China -- its largest markets -- slow....

Imagine that!!

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