Saturday, July 21, 2018

Has Paul Ryan Gone Daft?

Perhaps the stress of being Speaker has affected Ryan's mind.  It had an awful effect on Boehner, so why not?

ZMan notes an interchange with Ryan and Jonah Goldberg.  Ryan is concerned with the "AltRight" which he claims is racist and nationalistic.

...The two conservatives spoke at an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute. Ryan had harsh words for the alt-right, an umbrella term for extreme right-wing individuals who reject mainstream conservatism and often embrace racism and white supremacy.

“That is not conservatism. That is racism. That is nationalism. That is not what we believe in. That is not the founding vision, that is not the founders’ creed,” Ryan said....
Gee, Paul.  Tell me:  what were the FOUNDERS doing if not FOUNDING A NATION?

And by the way, Actual Conservatism doesn't run deficits every year, Paul.

The Orange Embarrassment of Pope Francis

"The Orange" is shorthand for the Northern Ireland Protestants.  Northern Ireland has been a Prot enclave for damn-near-ever, and that is a BIG difference from Southern Ireland (the Republic of Ireland) which is largely Catholic.

So this story should be an embarrassment to Pope Francis and even MORE so to the Catholic Bishops of the Republic of Ireland.

This week saw an unprecedented event taking place in the halls of the Palace of Westminster. It was there that a group of elected representatives from Northern Ireland assembled....This pro-life group travelled from Northern Ireland to lobby Members of Parliament at Westminster. The group included a former Sinn Fein Mayor, a Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) member of Northern Ireland’s devolved Assembly, as well as a Social Democratic and Labour Party local councillor. 

...With one voice, this group stated clearly on behalf of those women that they do not want Northern Ireland’s current abortion law to be changed....

Yup.  The Orangemen (and -women) want abortion to remain illegal in Northern Ireland--whereas the "Catholics" of the Republic voted to make it legal--and murderously un-safe for half its victims.

Trump Takes on the War Party's Golden Calf

As usual, PJBuchanan's narrative is spot-on.  That's not a surprise; Trump won the Presidency using a lot of Buchanan's 1992 primary challenge to "Globaloney George" H W Bush.

The summary sentence is something which also occurred to yours truly yesterday as I was having a spirited discussion about Trump's policies with a co-worker.

Here's the graf:

For if there is no war on, no war imminent, and no war wanted, what does a War Party do?

When Trump bitch-slapped NATO and the No-Exit pussies in England, and had the nerve to spend an hour alone with Putin (without the benefit of a State Department 'minder') discussing their grandchildren, and then dropped a load of red meat in the road to feed the rabid-dog MSM, "mis-speaking" a double negative, understand that he is taking on the Golden Calf of the War Party.

That Golden Calf is the now 50-year-old Two-Minute Hate of the Soviet Union.  

But of course, there IS no "Soviet Union."  There is, however, a nuclear superpower whose interests often conflict with the interests of the US.  That superpower also has significant 'other' military resources and technology, and vast reserves of natural resources, and is willing to use them.  

Is that superpower an enemy, or a competitor?

Trump prefers to treat Russia as a competitor, and in that context, the War-Drum Pounders such as McCain, Kristol, and the rest--including large chunks of State Department, CIA, Pentagon, and even FBI policymakers--will have no useful mission.

That, my friends, means that they might not get any more money.

So they need their Golden Calf and will do anything, including attempting a coup against this President.  

And if you think that Communist China agents aren't involved, you are stupid beyond redemption.    

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Say What You Stand For, Loud and Proud!

Interesting little vignette here from Dick Viguerie's book.

Taft was the leader of the conservative wing of the Republican Party, and in 1950 the labor union bosses were pouring money into Ohio in an attempt to defeat his reelection bid.  His chief sin was that he was the coauthor of the Taft-Hartley Act, which curtailed the power of the union bosses to shut down the nation’s industries if they didn’t get what they wanted.  Unions were the most powerful political force in America at this time, and this was a “do or die” campaign for the bosses.

“Senator Taft was convinced that he should take his stand on the Taft-Hartley Law,” says Weintz, “and, of course, we tried to talk him out of that, because we knew that blue collar workers would be against him on the basis of the Taft-Hartley Act.”  Since the senator was adamant about taking a principled stand, his advisors retreated to the follow-up barricade: “Let’s test it.”  One of the great advantages of direct mail is that it allows you to test what you “know” to be true.  Different letters were mailed to Ohio constituents about why they should support Senator Taft, and asking for contributions.  Each letter had a “key code” to measure responses.  Here is what happened, as Weintz tells us in his informative book:

"We sent out about 20,000 copies of each letter. I was astounded when the letter (written by Senator Taft), which was built around a positive presentation of the Taft-Hartley Act, was far and away the most successful.

"We subsequently mailed hundreds of thousands of Taft-Hartley letters into the blue collar worker sections of the industrial cities of Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, and so on. The blue collar workers responded by voting overwhelmingly for Taft against the urging, advice, and $3 million campaign fund of the union leaders.

"In addition, much to our surprise, we received a substantial number of small contributions, which helped us to finance the direct mail campaign. Indeed, the campaign paid for itself!"

It's certain that Trump understood the lesson here, and just as certain that a whole lot of others, both (D) and (R) do NOT understand it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

THE Indictment of the Sixties

Many of you don't remember the 1960's--the decade of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.  During that decade the Supreme Court (majority of Progressive fanatics) and the Democrat Party, which controlled all the rest of Government, set to work annihilating the American family.

Griswold and Roe were linchpins, removing babies from the sexual equation.  Equal pay--jammed into US businesses through LBJ's executive order, was the coup de grace.  Beginning, then, in that decade, the family has been nearly extinguished.

ZMan comments:

...The fact is, kids vegetating in front of a video screen is just another symptom of the same main cause. When most kids grew up in normal homes, there was more organic structure to their lives, so they were less likely to indulge in whatever strikes the fancy of a child. There was a parent around to provide guidance.

It is the hidden cost of ripping women from their homes and putting them to work. Those mothers and grandmothers, staying home to raise their kids, provided a hidden infrastructure to American life. In stable, healthy societies, women maintain the social organizations and the social life of the community. When women are working ten hours a day at an office, that social work does not get done, so something fills the void. That has been the sewage of popular culture, along with state provided stand-ins for the parents.

Traditional sex roles also work as a bulwark against mischief. Fifty years ago, even public schools in poor areas could expect plenty of mothers volunteering to help with various school projects. They would also be the main labor pool at the church and other voluntary community organizations. It’s hard to corrupt these organization when mothers and grandmothers, people with skin in the game, are there to make sure those organizations serve their interests....

I hear head-scratching.  LBJ's action effectively reduced the wages of MEN against the inflation-curve--which was turning north quickly due to the "guns-and-butter" economics of the Democrats.  Thus, as the living-costs squeeze hit homes, women went into the workforce--just to keep up with inflation!  But of course, that's not what happened; the net-net overall effect is that it now takes two incomes to maintain a middle-class standard of living.

In addition, women were bearing children much later in marriage--if at all--and often were not getting married, either, controlling births one way or another through Roe and Griswold.

...By ripping women out of their homes and putting them to work like field slaves, modernity has destroyed the natural framework of society. The state has tried to fill the void, which is why per capita, inflation adjusted government spending has quadrupled as women moved from the home to the workplace. All that government supervision of children and maintenance of synthetic community organizations comes with a direct cost, which shows up in paychecks and the cost of goods....

So what?

Well, the "what" is this:  the cost of governments has grown so much that paying the bills of government requires more workers than are available--and that worker-shortage gets worse every year going forward through 2050 or so due to the reduction in births owing to mommy-working/standard-of-living matters.  We're barely at 2.3 kids/mommy--which is replacement rate only.

Unless you have massive immigration..........which is another very good way to demolish a culture.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Ace caught this:

...CNN analyst and former CIA/FBI official Philip Mudd called for a self-appointed “shadow government” to step forward and counter the democratically elected one....

Apparently John McCain is all ready to go.  

Will Mueller Subpoena Walker Next?

The evidence is right there in the picture.  Scott Walker is a subversive!!  Smiling, standing next to a Russki operative!!  Hell's Bells---maybe Walker is another Russki operative!!!  He speaks Russian, ya'know!!!!

Away with him!!  To the gallows!!!  Call Robert Mueller!!!!!  Have Francis Schmitz send all those Walker emails directly to D.C.!!!!!!!!

Commie-Muslim Betrayed, Braying, Foetet

You guessed right.  It's Brennan.  And he is now aware that his future is over with.  He's dead meat.

Carrion stinks.

The Cruel and Unusual Thieves of Big Pharma

Mallinckrodt is hardly the Lone Ranger here.

In 2014 Mallinckrodt raised the price of Acthar further to $34,000. The Federal Trade Commission and attorneys general from five states sued Mallinckrodt for anti-competitive behavior with regard to the acquisition of Synacthen Depot and the monopolistic pricing of Acthar, and in January 2017 the company settled, agreeing to pay $100 million and to license Synacthen Depot to a competitor. According to Kaiser Health News, Mallinckrodt responded by increasing its Congressional lobbying to $610,000, and its contributions to Congress members to $44,000, in the first quarter of 2017.
As an off-patent pharmaceutical, a similar drug, differing in formulation, available in Europe, made by a different manufacturer, sells for $8 per vial.
So a medication to treat infants costs $8 per vial in Europe and $38,892 in the U.S. 

Just before his trip to Europe, Trump had made some noises about body-slamming Big Pharma.

Long overdue.  

Is it "cruel and unusual" to put the CEO of Mallinckrodt in stocks for a month or so?  Because what he has done to parents here is CERTAINLY cruel and unusual 

Seems like a fair trade to me.


Paul Ryno Makes Useless Statements

Lyin' Ryan declared that Russia actually DID 'interfere' in US elections.

No shit, Sherlock.  Anybody with an IQ over room temperature knew that, and has known that Russki meddling has been active since Red October, or at least the early 1920's.

So gee, thanks!!  Anything else you want to pontificate about, Paul?  Is rain wet?  Does the sun rise in the East?  Do you live in a home surrounded by walls?

While President Obozo, the SCOAMF, ignored or wimped and whined about, Russia did all sorts of nasties in the Middle East and on Russia's border.  Yup.  So, Captain Obvious, where were you then?

Nevermind.  You were in your wall-surrounded house.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

StrzokSmirk Ignored HRC Email "Anomaly"

As Cong. Louis Gohmert reminds us, there was an "anomaly" in Clinton's emails resulting in 30,000 of them being sent to an email address of a foreign entity (not related to the Ruuuuuuuuuuskis!!)

And StrzokSmirk was given that information by an FBI Inspector General because StrzokSmirk, a Georgetown graduate, was the FEEB in charge of counter-intel for the whole damned country.

And StrzokSmirk ignored that information.  Just filed it in the "fuggedaboutdit" canister.

Think of it:  we'll be paying this jackwad a nice little pension for assisting Hillary (another pensioner) in violations of the Espionage Act.  And as things are going now, they won't be getting those checks at a Leavenworth address, either.

What a country!

Eat a Salad, Get Sick. In Spanish!!

Actually, I thought of this, too--but she does an excellent job.

Americans are encouraged to embrace diversity and be culturally sensitive to those who have flouted our laws and invaded our nation.  Meanwhile, illegal aliens arriving in America have no such requirement.  Instead, trespassing tribes relocate, and when they do, rather than assimilate, they transfer habits and activities indigenous to the countries from whence they migrated.

Thus, Americans suffer from illnesses that are easily traceable to third-world bathroom habits (TWBH) and lack of hygiene in the developing world.

It's not news that illegals work in restaurants as food-handlers.  These restaurant workers migrate from countries where, prior to kneading tortilla dough, post-toilet hand-washing is not required.
Once they're here in America, lack of hygienic practices translate into filthy hands arranging peaches in the produce rack and hombres with God knows what under their fingernails placing the apple slices in the see-through plastic containers stacked neatly in the Starbucks display counter....

So what we have here are hundreds of cases of Multi-Culti Shits.

King Mueller Has No Clothes, Russian-Spy-Wise

Wish I had thunk of this.

...Setting aside the transparent timing of the declaration today; which is entirely based upon the reality of interlopers within our current government remaining focused on undermining President Trump policy and objectives; and accepting the anti-Russia propaganda narrative is a political weapon intended to elevate the interests of deep state officials and undermine any effort that might be adverse to their interests; a basic question about the indictment evidence is being avoided by all who are reviewing the content therein….

While the DOJ document is full of detailed accusations; which has given the narrative engineers a great deal of fuel; there’s a specific aspect missing.  The entire indictment (full pdf below) is based on the premise of the FBI conducting some -unexplained and unsubstantiated- form of forensic data-analysis to formulate their detailed conclusions.

However, can anyone explain how this FBI forensic data-analysis was possible when the FBI was never allowed access to the DCCC, DNC and Clinton Campaign servers?...

Oh, yah!  The FBI was told to go pound sand when they asked for the servers, remember?

Well, there's another possibility, and it's a bit darker:  the FBI actually DID get access to those servers and has buried what they found out--except what they will NEVER NEED for the indictments, which is called "proof."  IOW, Mueller, a Certified Member of the Deep State, knew exactly what Hillary & Co. were doing--and exactly who was spying on her--and they don't give a rotten damn, so they lied about 'not getting the servers.'

Either way, Mueller is clearly Stzrok's father by another mother. 

Now comes American Greatness with another enticing theory!
...A lot of ordinary folks wonder why the DNC wouldn’t let any outside parties examine their server. Instead, the FBI accepted the word of CrowdStrike, a private contractor hired by the DNC, without any independent confirmation. 

And a bunch of not so ordinary folks who know a thing or two about computers thinks there may be a simple explanation for the DNC’s unwillingness to let outsiders have a peek at the evidence: There isn’t any. The Russian hacking that’s caused so much division and turmoil at home and abroad never really happened. It was all a ruse concocted by CrowdStrike.

One such skeptic is an anonymous journalist and computer aficionado who goes by the pseudonym “Adam Carter.” Carter has spent the last couple of years cataloging evidence, unearthed by himself and others, that CrowdStrike engaged in a disinformation campaign, inventing not just a fake Russian hack but also a fake hacker called “Guccifer 2.0.”...

Well, I'm sure of this:  Mueller will secure convictions of all the Russkis he has named.  And I'm also certain that every one of those Russkis will have the StrzokSmirk plastered to their face.

"Rules Are for Little Priests.": Mgr. Kevin O'Malley

Several days ago, a few Catholic priests from Montana were sighted at a Trump rally, in the front row.

A Diocesan official, one Mgr. Kevin O'Malley, wrote an apology letter and reprimanded the priests.  Something about mixing politics and religion blahblah foofoo blahblah.  (Frankly, I'm cool with that.  The Church's mission is to save souls, not to elect secular 'saviors' of whatever stripe.  The priests made an error in judgment, even though they're supporting the right guy.)

Apparently Mgr. O'Malley has experience sitting in the front row of political events.  Smiling approval of abortion-mongering politicians will not win you any points at the Pearly Gates, Monsignor.

And yes, "The Rules" apply to you, too.

Pocan Is a Joke

All hat, no cattle.

In interviews with Vox, Reps. Mark Pocan (D-WI), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), and Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) vowed to oppose their own bill – that they wrote less than a month ago to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency — thus ending all interior enforcement of immigration....

What we have here is Democrats imitating the Republicans who said they'd get rid of ObozoCare.

All hat, no cattle, no guts.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The NAFTA Cabal

This article, detailing the assassination and death of a textile town in Virginia, contains a picture memorializing the signing of NAFTA into law.

The Globaloney Caucus proudly stands behind Bill Clinton as he signs the death warrant of manufacturing in Danville, not to mention Greenville, MI., Rockford, IL., Galesburg, IL., and many, many other cities and towns in the USA.

Here's the list:

Behind [Clinton]... is President Gerald Ford, House Speaker Thomas Foley of Washington, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine, former President Jimmy Carter, Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole of Kansas, former President George [H.W.] Bush, House Minority Leader Bob Michel of Illinois, and Vice President Al Gore....

But McDonald's was gifted tens of thousands of new workers!!!

Remember: Strzok Is Mueller's Boy

Just in case you have a short memory, the majority of Peter Strzok's promotions in the FBI came during the period when "St." Robert Mueller was running that outfit.

Comey may have given Strzok his final position--but it was still Mueller's FBI.

And going forward:   pay attention to which Congress-slime calls for what actions on the FBI going forward.  You will learn exactly who is a member of the Deep State and who is not.

Gowdy put on another good show, of course.  That's what he does.  As to follow-through?  Not so much.

Pelosi Should Have Known About Paki Spy Ring

A Pakistani spy ring has hijacked the network server used by Democrats in the House.

Nancy Pelosi--as Speaker and as Minority Leader--should have known about this AND should have reported the spying/hijacking to the FBI.

She did not.  Therefore, Pelosi should be ejected from Congress and put on trial, immediately.

Let Mueller find a charge on which to try her.  He's had practice on that, although not much success.

Dear Rep. Pocan: Make Our Day!!

Pocan will get his wish.

GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says the Democrats will get to vote to abolish all interior immigration enforcement before the 2018 midterm elections....

60% of ALL Americans oppose this, Mark.

Go ahead.  Make my day.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Spying on Campaigns: Old Democrat Trick!

Why sure, Democrats spy on Republican campaigns.  Time-honored stuff!

...Rick Perlstein reported in his book, Before the Storm, that “Moyers was instrumental in pioneering an innovation in presidential campaigning: the full-time espionage, sabotage, and mudslinging unit…. The group met in a conference room directly above the Oval Office, because [Lyndon] Johnson wanted to monitor their work closely.  This project was his favorite.”  One of the team members, incidentally, was the CIA liaison to the White House (again, your tax dollars at work).  Perlstein says the team also “retained the CIA’s domestic covert-actions chief, E. Howard Hunt, to place spies in the Republican National Committee (they delivered daily reports to a dummy office in the National Press Building called ‘Continental Press’).”...

Ah, yes.  "St." Bill Moyers, who moved to U.S. Pravda Public Broadcasting after his retirement from Democrat Dirty Tricks.

Well, OK.  He never retired from Democrat Dirty Tricks.  He just changed venues.

Tammy: Predictably Stupid on Kavanaugh

Gee.  This is a shock.


...“After reviewing this nominee’s record, I know why powerful special interests in Washington selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh to work on the Supreme Court for them, not the people of Wisconsin," Baldwin said in her statement....

Actually, Tammy, SCOTUS judges do not "work for" the people of Wisconsin.  They "work for" the Constitution.  Your stupid-face is showing, Tammy.

But let's get down to your REAL reason.

...“The President vowed to appoint judges to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and I cannot support a nominee for a lifetime appointment who would turn back the clock on a woman’s constitutional right and freedom to make her own health care choices, including access to birth control," she said....

There is no "right" in the Constitution to deprive a human being of life (or liberty, or property) without due process, Tammy.

You probably don't know that.  But Dershowitz does.... good luck with your line of crap, Tammy.

The Busiest Devil's Advocate in History

It is said that the process for canonization of Pedro Arrupe (SJ) has begun.

The Devil's Advocate in that proceeding will likely die of exhaustion.  At the very least, he will be the busiest Devil's Advocate in history.

Just ask St. John Paul II--or Paul VI.

Paul Ryan Doesn't Like China Tariffs. Whoop-de-Doo!

Paul Ryan doesn't like China tariffs--although he admits China steals IP from the US all the time.

He thinks the solution is that Trump should "sit down with" the ChiCom dictator.

That has not worked since about 1949, of course. 

Perhaps Paul Ryan has another idea?  One that WILL work??

John Perdue: Act Blue Contributor

Yesterday it was reported that John Perdue opposes the tariffs.

He also claimed to be a Republican.

According to the Fed Elections Commission, however, John Perdue is a contributor to ActBlue and listed himself as "Unemployed" during parts of 2016 and 2017.

What's ActBlue?

ActBlue (AB) is an Internet-based political action committee (PAC) that bundles and transmits contributions which individual donors earmark for various progressive candidates, political parties, PACs, and outside spending groups

It's not impossible that a "Republican" makes contributions to ActBlue.  It's also not impossible that John Perdue owns the company he says he owns.  But it is interesting that he lists himself as "unemployed" now and then.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Green Outside, Red Inside" The Vatican??

Since the publication of "Laudato Si," a quasi-Greenie document of Pp. Francis, the Vatican has been increasing its emphasis on Ecological Issues.  The Pope has bought into the global-warming myth; population-controllers have been lecturing at the Vatican, and now we have "anniversary" events.

Last week, from July 5-6, a large international conference was held at the Vatican which wanted to make a big deal about the third anniversary of the publication of the encyclical letter Laudato Si. ...presided over by Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, together with Caritas Internationalis and the Global Catholic Climate Movement. It was attended by politicians, scientists, economists, and representatives of non-government organizations, all of whom are obviously convinced or in some way promoters of ecologism and the battle against climate change....

Oh, great.  "Saving souls" has morphed into "Saving the whales."

If only this were as ludicrous as it seems to be, eh?  If only this were just some teen-ager "phase" which is silly, and recognized as such.....nope.

...One has the impression that at certain levels, more than a “plastic-free” Church what is really desired is a “Christ-free” Church, in which Jesus is seen as an embarrassing hindrance to encountering people. Speaking from his own point of view – and therefore in a positive way – one of the officials of the World Wildlife Fund in his comments at the conference emphasized how in the title of “Laudato Si” – and thus also in the title of the conference – the choice was made to speak of “our common home” and not of “Creation,” which is a religious term: “The choice to not use religious terminology in the title is the first sign of a great opening to dialogue with all persons of good will.” Or, in other words: let’s avoid speaking of Creation, which has a hierarchical order; let’s avoid speaking of a Creator God who is the source of our responsibility towards Creation – this would be a divisive theme. Let’s speak instead about biodiversity, about saving animals and plants, and about banning plastics. This is how we will all understand each other.... Paleo-Cons have long understood that the "Green" movement was really very, very, Red--as in Communist.  At least AlGore has an excuse for his buying into this thing; he has the IQ of a doughnut.

Not the same with Pp. Francis.

Does "Establishment" = "Evil" All the Time? Nope.

As with Kavanaugh--a member of 'the Establishment'--so with Leah Vukmir:  not all Members of 'the Establishment' are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil traitorous's.

First things first:  there's a difference between the Mercantilist (moneyed-interest) 'conservatives' and Actual Conservatives.  Best way to put it:  Actual Conservatives are principally concerned with Russell Kirk's (and Edmund Burke's) 'community'....

....When Kirk refers to community he is meaning the social institutions of which community is composed – starting with the family, church, local government, and other institutions. When working together, these institutions breed a healthy community and as Kirk said, “it is the performance of our duties in community that teaches us prudence and efficiency and charity”.....

Those 'other institutions' could be Lions Club, American Legion, United Way, etc.

Mercantilist/Moneyed-Interest "conservatives" don't really give much of a flying rip about 'family, church, local government'; they are concerned far more narrowly and usually about themselves.  Their allegiance is often not even to the Nation in which they live and prosper; they would rather import their prosperity and erase such bothers as 'borders' and 'citizenship'.  Look no further than the post below in which one Mercantilist asserts that he will happily revoke health-care assistance to his employees--members of this community--if Trump doesn't stop protecting the USA.  Revealing, no?

Well, that's one way to do it.

But it is NOT what Vukmir represents, despite the fact that Vukmir is without doubt a 'member of the Establishment' in Wisconsin politics. 

We've heard the same "Establishment" criticism of Kavanaugh.  Is that valid?

....My view is that we should be just short of jubilant. His judicial record on the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit makes it clear that he will be rock solid on religious liberty for Catholics and Second Amendment liberty for gun owners. As for Roe v. Wade, his statement during his prior confirmation hearing to the effect that he would be bound by it as a Circuit judge—he could hardly overrule it from that bench—is no indication that, as an Associate Justice of SCOTUS, he would not vote to cut back the infamous decision in ways that would amount to an abrogation if not an outright overruling.

In short, I am confident that this former law clerk for Justice Kennedy will not be another Kennedy but rather more in the model of Justice Scalia, whose judicial philosophy he has praised....

That from an ultra-conservative Catholic attorney/editorialist.

(Please don't tell any anti-Catholics, such as Feinstein, Baldwin, or Schumer!!!)

The End of the World for John Perdue?

A couple of posts down, I mentioned that the anti-Trump games of the Mercantilists are exactly the same ones used by the Leftists.  You know:  women and children will die, there will be famines and disease, minorities hardest hit, the End of the World, ............yadayadayada.

And yes, the hysterical Trump-Deranged Press will be pleased to headline all this stuff!!!

...John Perdue, who said that for the past 21 years he has owned a manufacturing company [Macromatic Industrial Controls] in Menomonee Falls that makes electronic items such as circuit boards and other materials, cautioned that the tariffs might result in higher prices or business cutbacks. 

"I will have to cut salaries and looking at eliminating my 75 percent that I pay for health care," Perdue said. ...

I have GOOD NEWS for you, John.  You won't be burdened by all those costly employees when you cut the salaries and eliminate your health-care contribution--so you'll be just fine.

Are we to understand that imported Chinese aluminum and steel will cost you $500K, John?  Or should we assume that you are importing all the parts--including the electronics--from China and you can't build them yourself?


Tosa Police Advice....Really??

There are a lot of coyotes hanging around the County Grounds, and some of them are a bit aggressive, particularly to humans and their doggies.

So the Tosa cop-shop has a suggestion!!

...If you come in contact with a coyote, use aggressive hazing techniques such as loud noises, large movements, or throwing sticks, police suggested. 

If hazing is not effective and a coyote is showing aggressive behavior such as growling or snapping, remove yourself and your pet from the area and contact Milwaukee County Parks, police said. ...

Or you could pull out your 9mm and shoot the damn thing.   Observe all of the four rules of gun safety, of course.

Coyotes are, like raccoons, eaters.  They do not eradicate pests.  They raise hell with your garbage cans unless you store them inside your garage.  They have no particular useful purpose.

But somewhere, somehow, a "Save the Coyotes!!!" movement will arise.

The Idiots Running Seattle

Seattle is governed by idiots.

A few months ago, The Idiots decided to levy a special tax on new-construction commercial buildings.  The Idiots retracted that idea after two major-major-major projects were suddenly re-considered by the developers.

Now The Idiots have passed a new gun law!!

Seattle passed a law Monday requiring gun owners to store firearms unloaded and in a secured container.

CB119266 was passed unanimously by the Seattle City Council and makes it a civil infraction to keep firearms unlocked or loaded while not under control of the owner, imposing a fine of up to $500....

"Unloaded.....secured...." means that when the break-in occurs, you'll spend 30-60 seconds jacking around to bring out your weapon. 

Apparently none of The Idiots have wives or children to protect--which, given that it's Seattle--wouldn't surprise me at all.

Trump Tariffs, the Monster Under Your Beds

In a variant of the typical Lefty news-shaping, we now have typical Mercantilist news-shaping when discussing Trump's Tariffs.  (This link leads to an example of such propaganda.)

Every time you see a "news" discussion about the tariffs from the Mercantile Class, Trump's Tariffs will HURT CONSUMERS.  Blood will flow.  Women and children will die a slow, ugly, lingering death.  Bankruptcies!  Repossessions!!  Liens!!  Collections!!     

Also, puppies and kittehs will be drowned.

This is due, of course, to the Enormous Price Increase Monster, which is hiding under every single bed in America, and only loosed when Trump Tariffs are applied.

That steel and aluminum tariff?  You'll never afford another new car.  Ever.  You'll be driving a 30-year-old heap of rust and your family will be endangered.  (In fact, that particular tariff will add about $40.00 to the cost of a new car--the average price of which is $35,000.00 today.)

In the linked article, we are told that "Middle America" will be paying ENORMOUS, HUGE, TERRIFYING delivery prices unless Trump kills the Bezos-Post Office monster hiding under the bed.  (Wanna speculate with me that the ENORMOUS delivery price will go up about $2 or $3, tops??)

Face facts:  the Mercantilist Class is interested in profit, not "the Consumer" or "the Middle Class" or "Flyover Country."

Read essays accordingly, friends.

Added:  The Left's "business paper" headlines of today tell the same story.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Non-Entity Gets All Pissy-Faced

Some guy who lost a Senate race--twice--is all pissy-faced about Kavanaugh.

“What we really have is the United States Supreme Court is becoming a kangaroo court. The definition of a kangaroo court is a court where the outcome is predetermined.”

Thus spake the King of Baby-Killers, the California resident, Russ Feingold.

Monday, July 09, 2018

*WHAM*!! Trump Hammers Drug Companies

The President opens a new front in his war for the common man.

Pfizer & others should be ashamed that they have raised drug prices for no reason. They are merely taking advantage of the poor & others unable to defend themselves, while at the same time giving bargain basement prices to other countries in Europe & elsewhere. We will respond!  --PDT

Pharmaceuticals have been using a two-tier price system for decades.  HIGH prices in the USA, LOW prices in Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.  The almost-10% annual price hike caught the attention of the President this time--unlike Obozo the Communist, Bush the......Kleenex, Clinton the Corrupt.......

This will be a very big victory if he can pull it off.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

"Thumbprint" Gun Lock? Nope.

Some (D) from Floriduh....

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) said the development of smart guns should be part of the gun-control conversation, arguing that a gun owner should not be able to fire a gun without some sort of verification like a thumbprint that’s needed to unlock a smartphone....

Why, sure!!  Because when you pull a gun in self-defense, you carefully wipe the gun-lock and your thumb to make sure that the thumbprint 'takes' on the first go, right?

Because you have all sorts of time available and your thoughts are completely collected, calm, cool.  And the system ALWAYS works, without fail, (unlike on my phone, where I have to swipe the damn thing 5 times before I can answer a call.)

One more thing.  It's possible--or maybe even probable--that my wife, or one of my children, will require armed self-defense.  Do I have to purchase one gun for each of them?  Or just get the system to recognize 2, 3, 5 different thumbs?

Is it possible for a Congressman to become smarter?


Saturday, July 07, 2018

Mueller and His Gulag Stunts

Apparently "St. Rod" Rosenshhhhhtein is just fine with this Gulag-style Mueller prosecutor stunt.

...Paul Manafort has been behind bars ever since a federal judge in Washington, D.C. revoked his pre-trial release for violating his bail conditions as he faces money laundering charges. According to a new court filing that his attorney submitted to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the former Trump campaign manager isn’t just behind bars, he’s in solitary confinement.

“He is locked in his cell for at least 23 hours per day (excluding visits from his attorneys), at a facility approximately two hours from his legal team,”...

There's a guy in Milwaukee who was accused of conspiracy to bomb a cop-shop--and with making the Molotov cocktails--who is free on bail.   Just sayin'....

And that happens to be the point. 

Manafort is accused of trying to contact a witness in his fraud case, which is a violation of his bail conditions.  Fine.  But he's not accused of plotting to bomb a police station, nor of any other heinous or terroristic crime.

Mueller and his boss, the Smirking D.A.G., are putting the serious squeeze on a 71-year-old guy.  That's what this really is.  And that's just fine with the Smirker, (may he rot in Hell.)

"Syrian Gas Attack": FALSE

The Donald needs to learn a bit more about false flags.

"No organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties"

That from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

As you recall, the alleged attack nearly brought on WWIII, as the Usual Suspects in our national 'intelligence' agencies were agitating for a strike on Russia AND on Syria.

Trump pounded the hell out of Syria instead.  They made a damn fool out of him.

Not Really Funny

Sykes Appears, Ace Body-Slams Him

Po' ol' Charlie Sykes.  After he converted from Lefty crank to Righty crank, he retroverted to Lefty crank.

Ace of Spades has something to say about him.

...If you want to see what's gotten me pissy, watch the Very Principled Charlie Sykes' disgraceful performance at an Aspen Ideas conference, casually slurring all Republicans as the party of "white supremacy" and claiming that our only principle now is "owning the libs." A very popular little catchphrase with the weak-sister, Panicky Horse, Democrats posing as Republicans for career purposes set.

I bet the Very Principled Charlie Sykes used to trot out the "we can't pursue that conservative priority because that would mean we'd lose this congressional race and that would mean less owning of the libs" once or twice before.

He was a radio show host. I have to imagine he relied, more than once, on the old "Well I'd love to do that, but we can't Because Political Concerns" argument in selling his listeners on whatever shit sandwich the Republican Establishment was selling us that week.

But now, "owning the libs" is for racist monsters, and now, winning elections is meaningless. Only perfect fidelity to his liberalish ideas of "Conservative Principles" matter now....

Indeed.   Ace is a Libertarian, so some of his opinions are not part of the actual-Conservative orthodoxy.  Nonetheless, the argument that Being a Principled Loser is better than body-slamming the increasingly anti-civilization Left is becoming a non-starter.  War is not civilized, ya'know.

It's an argument advanced--feebly--by another Right-ish pundit, whose only excuse is that he lives in Madistan, where being a Neo-Con is regarded as being Goebbels. 

Watch that clip (first link above).  Charlie makes the impassioned speech about how the Tea Party was about the national debt (partially true) and how Paul Ryan (Charlie's god-hero) has talked about the national debt for years (absolutely true)--and then promptly forgets that Ryan's House ALWAYS added to the national debt--when Ryan was Chair/Ways&Means and when he was Speaker.

C'mon, Charlie.  You can do better.  And stop calling us RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS.

Paul Ryan, Lame Duck Useless

We note that Paul Ryan is SERIOUS about the SERIOUS allegations made by a grifter-Ohio State grad against Jim Jordan.

....there was this comment by Speaker Ryan’s office: "These are serious allegations and issues," Ryan’s spokesman Doug Andres said. "The university has rightfully initiated a full investigation into the matter. The speaker will await the findings of that inquiry."

If that’s the standard one might properly ask what Paul Ryan knew about former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s history of sexual misconduct when he voted to elect him Speaker, or what he knew about Republican Whip Steve Scalise’s associations with David Duke and other white supremacists when he shepherded him into his House leadership team.....

Nah.  Not from Ryan, whose "nice little boy from Janesville" image is beginning to look more like the picture of Dorian Gray.

Ryan didn't have a damn thing to say about a bunch of Pakistanis who were sending House of Representatives data, wholesale, to unknown destinations--and who flat-out stole the (D) caucus server to keep investigators at bay.

...The greatest political scandal of the 21st Century isn’t that the Democrats allowed, or perhaps even facilitated the penetration of the House IT network by a ring of operatives with known ties to hostile Islamist interests, it is that once the penetration became known, Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team have done nothing to expose it and to pursue the facts to their conclusion....

The 1st District has an ugly choice coming up:  either a nitwit with Hollywood money or a non-entity who was a chauffer for Ryan.  Sheesh.

Coyotes? Solution!!

Apparently the growing coyote population is becoming a bother.

...The Milwaukee County Parks Department has received more reports of altercations between coyotes and pets off-leash across the county as the number of attacks continues to rise in the county.  ...

At least one of those encounters was at the old County Grounds bordering Watertown Plank Road.

...You can protect your pets by keeping them on a leash.  It is a law in Milwaukee County to keep your dogs on a leash unless you're in a designated dog park. 

The Parks Department said if you do come in contact with a coyote make loud noises and use large movements. ...

Or you can pull out your 9mm carry-gun and shoot the sucker.

Russian Influence in US Immigration

It appears that the Russians want to influence US immigration law.

Some Russian immigrant harpy doesn't like US anti-fraud policies and regs as applied to immigration, so she's screeching and yowling every inch of the way. 

Offhand, I'd say that deportation is a remedy for her.

Tariffs: Mother's Milk for USA

Yesterday some Wisconsin Cheese Baron told a teevee news reporter that he 'could not find an example of a country which prospered due to tariffs.'

Maybe that Cheese Baron should get his head out of his curds and into US history.

The tariff history of the United States spans from colonial times to present. The first tariff law passed by the U.S. Congress, acting under the then recently ratified Constitution, was the Tariff of 1789. Its purpose was to generate revenue for the federal government (to run the government and to pay the interest on its debt), and also to act as a protective barrier around domestic industries.[1] An Import tax was collected by treasury agents before goods could be landed at U.S. ports. 

Tariffs have historically served a key role in the nation's foreign trade policy. They were the greatest (approaching 95% at times) source of federal revenue until the Federal income tax began after 1913. For well over a century the federal government was largely financed by tariffs averaging about 20% on foreign imports....

That same Cheese Baron was not certain that President Trump actually had a plan vis-a-vis the whole "tariff" thing.

So far, that's two strikes, Mr. Schwager.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Trump 1, Merkel 0. So Far.

...........and there's plenty more innings to go.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday she would back lowering European Union tariffs on U.S. car imports, responding to an offer from Washington to abandon threatened levies on European cars in return for concessions....

VW group and Benz probably asked Merkel if she'd like another few months in office, or if she'd like to keep the EU tariffs.  Those automakers can NOT afford to lose the US market.

Waiting for the Free Traders to declare that Trump LOST this round, because .....something.

Yes. The Left IS Insane

It is said that venereal disease eventually makes you insane.

That might be the only excuse for the notion--pushed by both Shaun King AND a city council of Seattle member--to the effect that cleaning poop off the sidewalks is RAAAAAAAAAAACISSSSSSS.

I can not make that up, nor do I.  See this link.

What the Hell Is Going On at UW??

That headline is exactly what Vince Lombardi would have said.

...The Joint Audit Committee remains concerned with the UW’s lack of compliance in “correcting recurring problems and a lack of full access to records to complete” a wide-ranging audit, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma), ranking minority member on the committee and Democratic candidate for governor, wrote recently in Urban Milwaukee. “As a consequence, auditors could not fully answer lawmakers’ questions.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle publically explored what to do to force compliance with audit recommendations,” she wrote....

Let me underline this:  Vinehout is a DEMOCRAT, and she clearly thinks that the UW administration is a bunch of weasels.  In general, the UW aristocracy has done its best to copy and mimic the Establishment in Washington, D.C.  And they've done a good job.  So now it's time to take them down.

As to "what to do to force compliance"......well, let me help you, Kathleen.

Grab a random high-ranking administrator and put them in the stocks which you will have placed in Capitol Square.  Leave them there for about a month, rain or shine, hot or cold.  No potty breaks, no change of underwear.  Feed 'em peanut butter sandwiches and water.

(That's pretty close to the conditions the "health" folks have forced onto a lot of children in Milwaukee's Inner City, anyway by stealing the money and giving it to their pals

While Administrator #1 is temporarily unavailable, send a memo to UW administration and let them know that in a month,  someone else will be on Capitol Square while #1 is recovering (after being fired.)  Rinse and repeat as necessary.  You could set up Stocks #2 in Oshkosh if you like, and you already know who the guests of honor will be up there!!

Pour encourager les autres and all that.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Blue Wave Receding

It appears that the (D) mainstays of black and hispanic votes are eroding.

Only reason Trump is having trouble is white upper-middle and upper-class women.

Millenial men are swinging to Trump.


Gotta Love the Poles!

After Jan Sobieski, who destroyed the Muslims at Vienna, Poland has had its ups and downs.

Recently, it's been ups.  They shook off the Communists and elected a Government which seems to have "Make Poland Great Again" as its motto.

...Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczyński has stuck to his guns following a frank interview on the migrant crisis with Cathy Newman, insisting his government will not take a single illegal migrant because that is what his party promised before the elections.

The Channel 4 presenter, who became infamous online following her viral interview with Canadian scholar Jordan Peterson, had demanded to know how many “refugees” Poland had taken, to which the Law and Justice Party (PiS) politician replied: “Zero.”

“And you’re proud of that?” Newman demanded.

“If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigrants, none, not even one, will come to Poland,” Tarczyński repeated.

“We took over two million Ukrainians — who are working, who are peaceful — in Poland. We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised… this is why our government was elected; this is why Poland is so safe, this is why we have not had even one terror attack,” he said. “We can be called ‘populists’, ‘nationalists’, ‘racists’, I don’t care — I care about my family, and about my country”

By the way, Sobieski knew what's up.  After his success,....

 “We came, we saw, and God conquered,” wrote Sobieski...

This next battle--which IS coming, no matter the silly fartation of the "Can't we all just Get Along?" idiots, will require guns, ammo, and God.

Ricardo, Seriously??

Was brought up short by a video of Peter Navarro 'splainin' the Chinese Communist problem.

He mentioned that all the Very Smart People (often spelled "Koch-Financed") yap about Ricardo's trade-advantage example--where the Brits are good at sweaters and the Frogs are good at wine, so just trade!!   And isn't that SO much more efficient?

Well, then.  Where does Ricardo mention "Tariffs"?  Where does he mention "Currency manipulation"?  How about "Government Subsidies"?


Well, he doesn't.  And Ricardo's perfect world does not exist--as evidenced by the $800++ BILLION annual goods-trade deficits the US suffers, while Our Betters feed those dollars to PRChina, Germany, and Mexico.

Somebody owes us something.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Stalin, the Great Failure

Reading 20th Century Russian history which was NOT written by the Communists (or their American fellow-travelers at Harvard, Yale, etc.) is a real eye-opener, particularly about the reality of Tsar Nicky (Nicholas II), who was offed by the Trotskyites.

If you still think Stalin "industrialized" Russia, or that his "industry" produced stuff, or that Stalin "won" the war against Germany, or that the Tsar's reign was nothing but farms and a few horses, you should read this.

...With each day of new research, it becomes more obvious that all technical, geopolitical, economic, or cultural achievements claimed by the Soviets to justify the the overthrow of monarchy and the Revolution would have been achieved to at least the same if not greater extent if the course of Russian history hadn’t been interrupted by a revolutionary catastrophe....

Quick hit:  Stalin gave the US a very nice gift:  Sikorsky.  OK--get the hint?   READ THIS.

Coolidge's Remarks on the Declaration

There are some who would contest the assertions made here by Coolidge, and they would call themselves Americans.  They would construct their "America" as a nation which only tolerates the "un-equals" (as they would describe them.)

Only a few decades before Coolidge's remarks, we heard from Lincoln's opponent Douglas.  Perhaps these remarks of Douglas are what inspired Silent Cal:

...“I am free to say to you,” Douglas said, “that in my opinion this government of ours is founded on the white basis. It was made by the white man, for the benefit of the white man, to be administered by white men, in such manner as they should determine....

Hmmmm.  Yes, you've heard that recently, and you have seen suchlike in pixels, too.

Here's Coolidge:

...About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers....

And of course, Lincoln also had something to say, responding to the claim that America belongs only to those who are descended from those who occupied the Colonies at the time of the Revolution--the claim of Douglas AND of some moderns.

...We have besides these men—descended by blood from our ancestors—among us perhaps half our people who are not descendants at all of these men, they are men who have come from Europe—German, Irish, French and Scandinavian—men that have come from Europe themselves, or whose ancestors have come hither and settled here, finding themselves our equals in all things. If they look back through this history to trace their connection with those days by blood, they find they have none, they cannot carry themselves back into that glorious epoch and make themselves feel that they are part of us, but when they look through that old Declaration of Independence they find that those old men say that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” and then they feel that that moral sentiment taught in that day evidences their relation to those men, that it is the father of all moral principle in them, and that they have a right to claim it as though they were blood of the blood, and flesh of the flesh of the men who wrote that Declaration [loud and long continued applause], and so they are. That is the electric cord in that Declaration that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty-loving men together, that will link those patriotic hearts as long as the love of freedom exists in the minds of men throughout the world....

Lincoln went on to make the point that the arguments of Douglas are the arguments made by Kings to justify their tyranny.  But we know that, right?

Read the whole link.  It's good for you.

HT:  PowerLIne

Elegant Lying: Senate Intel Committee Report

As one might expect, the Senate's Foreign Intel committee has dribbled out a "report" which says that Teh Russians!!! did it.

There's only one problem:  the report is a pack of elegantly-worded lies, just like the same Committee's "report" on Benghazi was. 

...Senators Burr and Warner, both gang-of-eight members, are attempting to bolster manufactured lies from the Obama administration about Russian election interference in an almost identical way that Rogers and Ruppersberger, also former gang-of-eight members, were bolstering manufactured lies from the Obama administration about the precipitating events in Benghazi.   The parallels and similarities around both sets of reports are spooky....

The Deep State consists of State, FBI, DOJ, CIA, and includes some important components of DoD, IRS, and EPA.  (One could argue that IRS is integral rather than auxiliary, but no matter.....)

The Deep State also consists of a large number of Senators and Representatives who gain membership through longevity in office AND through explicit or implicit cooperation.  That's why RoJo will never be a Member of Deep State, but Paul Ryan is and always will be.

God Bless America

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

This Is TAXPAYER Equipment, Debbie Doodoo!

Strange little case here.

Wasserman-Schultz hired some Pakis to play IT guru for House Dems.

Capitol cops and the I.G. found all sorts of missing IT equipment and 'structured' invoices.  It was stolen, of course.

But since the Democrats refuse to press charges, .........oh, well.

These bastards seem to think that taxpayer money grows on trees.....

$817 Billion Per Year.....

$817 Billion every year.  That's what the US is giving away to countries like Communist China, Germany, Mexico........and dozens of others.

That's about $2,500.00 for every single US citizen.

Think your kids could use $2,500.00?  Every year?  How about you?

Well, the US Chamber of Commerce, which headquarters on US soil, protected by US soldiers, wants to force you to CONTINUE your and your family's "generosity" to all those people.  The ChiComs, who want to become the world's super-power; the Germans, who are getting revenge for their loss in WWII, and the Mexicans, who return the favor by sending their people here to collect welfare OR to take slave-labor jobs and collect welfare, too!!

Why doesn't the US Chamber of Commerce move to Red China--and take their purchased Congress-slime with them, eh?  OK, how about Juarez?  Dusseldorf?  At least they'd be where they are surrounded by beneficiaries!

Woopsie!! Back to Genesis

Awww, gee.

...A study published in the journal Human Evolution is causing quite the stir. In the words of, "The study's most startling result, perhaps, is that nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago."...

So there was no "evolution" from mud-worm to human.  (Except for lawyers, of course.)

Next thing you know, they'll be publishing a study telling us that there is a God.

Marquette U Now Pushing Abortion?

It seems that Marquette University has fallen off the edge.

We are told that MU "recognizes" Marquette Empowerment, which recognition carries certain advantages on the campus.

"Empowerment" is, frankly, evil.

...Marquette Empowerment hosted an event on campus titled "Learn about abortion access in Wisconsin" on April 16.  The guest speaker was Lucy Marshall who works for Women's Medical Fund, which boasts of having paid 2,504 mothers to "follow through on their decision to have an abortion."...

Can't say that I've been a supporter of MU, or now perhaps "The VERY Expensive UW-Milwaukee"--a name it deserves.

Sen. Collins' Goddess? Death's Handmaid

Collins (and Schumer, and Baldwin, and Feingold, Feinstein, and.......etc., etc., etc....) worships a goddess.

....And we do not talk about the roots of this ruling: an organization now called Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman many consider the “patron saint of feminism” and who advocated the forced sterilization of African-Americans, Irish and Italian-American Catholics, as well as coerced abortions to limit their population. It was Margaret Sanger’s views on coercive eugenics that informed Adolf Hitler’s own eugenics programs: an ugly truth, but truth nonetheless. Yet this organization receives hundreds of millions of federal and state tax dollars to perpetuate its goals with the imprimatur of our nation’s highest court....

No small irony that:  a woman with an Irish surname and a couple of Jews falling to their knees at the feet of Sanger, whom Hitler admired.

As to Baldwin, who knows?  Maybe her Objective Disorder is the problem.

"Last Man" Without Mandy? Say It Ain't So!!

Yes, we were very late to the "Last Man Standing" party; in fact, we never saw the first-runs of the show.  But we made up for it, DVRing the reruns and laughing with that wry old Daddy-laugh....

So I'm an expert.

It will take a LOT to replace Molly Ephraim, the Mandy character.  Once she figured out her role as the Most Over-the-Top Self-Absorbed Narcissist Valley Girl EVAH (but really sweet on the inside) she was the All-Time Undefeated Champion of that role.

We will miss you, Molly!!

The "Cult" Slam

Being anti-Catholic is THE acceptable prejudice.  Just ask Gordy Giampietro, a Trump nominee for a Fed judiciary spot.  He was attacked by Little Tammy Baldwin because he's Catholic.

Or how about Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is a member of "a cult" (Catholicism) according to a dumpster-fire GWBush pal named Painter.

Needless to say, Schumer dances on the edge of anti-Catholicism, too.

Schumer, Baldwin, and Collins are High Priests of the Order of Moloch (whose real name is Legion); the Baby-Killer Cult. That's a cult which specializes in separating parents from children, permanently

Frankly, if there's one cult which needs eradication.....

Monday, July 02, 2018

Half the News. Guess Who's Favored??

Insurers are having problems.  They actually believed the bullplop handed to them by Obama, and relying on the word of the Community Organizer-and-Fundamental Transformer, they spent a bunch of money.

Then the Community Organizer failed to come through.  So they got to the "news"paper.  Here's how the renege is reported:

To lessen the uncertainty and encourage insurers to participate in the new market, the Affordable Care Act set up three programs to help get insurers through the rocky first years until they knew more about the market and how to price their health plans.

One of the programs — known as the risk corridor program — required the federal government to partially offset insurers' losses by health insurers if the people who bought health plans required more care than projected.

The program would run from 2014 through 2016, and the payments would come from two funds for the Medicare program.

Health insurers also would be required to pay the federal government a percentage of any profits if their medical claims were less than projected.

The first payments were due in 2015.

But in December 2014, almost a full year after health insurers had been selling health plans on the marketplaces, Congress passed an appropriations rider that prohibited the federal government from paying out more in the risk corridor program than it collected.

The rider also prohibited the federal government from using money from other programs for the payments, Katie Keith, an expert on the Affordable Care Act, wrote in a blog post on the website of Health Affairs, a policy journalIdentical riders were included in appropriations legislation and continuing resolutions for 2016 and 2017.

OK.  So what's missing from the above description of events?

Easy.  What's missing is that Obama, the Community Organizer, SIGNED those budgets and CR's.  OBAMA was just as much at fault as "Congress" was for this little problem.  So you got the half of the "news" that blames ANYBODY but Obama, the Fundamental Transformer.

Well.  He Fundamentally Transformed a lot of insurance companies, no?

And by the way:  the insurance industry was all in favor of ObamaCare, and the little company mentioned in the linked article started up just FOR ObamaCare.  As of July '16, the Company owed the FedGov $100+ million for its start-up loan.

They got what they wanted--but they woke up with a lot worse than fleas.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Who CARES What Meagan McCain Thinks?

Hot Air runs this as a headline item.

Her face, like Acosta's, is on TV.  Is that what makes her important?  Knowledgeable?  A leader?


Communists Destroying Nicaragua...

Destroying a country is just another day at the office for the Communists.

With hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, workshops and even tortilla sellers driven out of business or struggling to survive, and with thousands of people left jobless, the turbulent political crisis sundering Nicaragua has taken a broader toll, plunging its economy into a tailspin.

The wave of violence unleashed during harshly repressed anti-government protests has left some 220 people dead.

What had been a vibrant tourism industry has been devastated, with ripple effects on the broader economy in a country that was already one of the poorest in the Americas.

Business closings have left 200,000 people jobless, and unless the crisis ends soon, some 1.3 million of Nicaragua's 6.2 million people "risk falling into poverty," according to a study by the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides)....

Yup!!  It's Daniel Ortega again!!   He'll be giving the high-five to his komrade Maduro of Venezuela any day now, and probably sending a Castro Brothers cigar to their mutual pal Obama.

Need a Laugh? Check This Demonstrator

Daily Caller's news team found one of the George Soros/La Raza/Michael Moore demonstrators.

Apparently starved for affection, she makes an offer that anyone could refuse at the end of the video. 

Economy "Threatened" by Teamster Wages? A Solution!!

Huh.  Didn't ever imagine that the US economy could be tanked by paying truck drivers "too much."

But that's what the WashPost tells us.

...“The challenges facing the industry, including trucking companies rapidly raising prices as they raise wages, have special power to affect the entire economy,” writes Heather Long.

Her article, [is] headlined, “America’s severe trucker shortage could undermine the prosperous economy,”.....

Worried about that?  I have a solution!!

Stop buying stuff from Amazon.