Saturday, December 03, 2016

Trump Targeting Rexnord Next

RedState provides some crappy information, but y'all know who this player really is--and where they are really based.

President-elect Donald apparently targeting another Indiana company for its decision to move jobs out of the country....Rexnord is an Indianapolis based machine parts manufacturing company. Reports suggest that they are planning to move approximately 300 union jobs and 80 managerial jobs to Mexico....

The Indy division is the old Rex-PT, acquired in 1988.  The history here is ironic:

...Interestingly, PT Components had a history longer than and somewhat parallel to that of Rexnord. It was originally founded in the 1870s as Ewart Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, by W.D. Ewart, a co-worker of Rexnord's founder, C.W. LeValley. Ewart had beaten inventor LeValley in the race to patent detachable link belts, but LeValley discovered a way to develop a link belt product that did not infringe on Ewart's patent and established his own company. The two companies were competitors in this field. Ewart Manufacturing later became the Link Belt Company and eventually PT Components....

Well, anyway, we'll see what happens with the TrumpTweet.  To all the pure, 'wind-driven snow' libertarian capital-firsters out there like Levin, this will be another bloody rape scene.  To the 400 or so Rex/Indy employees, not so much.

By the way, those capital-firsters are not doing their Libertarian homework very well:

...Decades ago, economists like Mises and Rothbard were already arguing that tax breaks are not economically or ethically equivalent to receiving subsidies. Simply put, being permitted to keep your income is not the same as taking it from competitors. Exemptions and loopholes do not forcibly redistribute wealth; taxes and subsidies do, thereby benefiting some producers at the expense of others....

IOW, it really isn't the Gummint's money to give in the first damn place.

Elector Threats in PA: The (D) Governor Helped

Now that Pennsylvania has an ex-Peace Corps guy as Governor, its (R) electors are finding out what "peace" really means.  (Hint:  think Chisholm/Schmitz without the armored-cops-midnight-raids.)

...Previously, the Pennsylvania Department of State redacted everything except for names for these types of requests,” said state GOP spokeswoman Megan Sweeney…

“These electors were never on the ballot, nor were they ever candidates,” Sweeney said.

“Nevertheless, Governor Tom Wolf’s Department of State chose to break with precedent and release the phone numbers and home addresses of Pennsylvania’s twenty electors.”...PennLive quoted at HotAir

Who knows?  Maybe those armored midnight raids are yet to come.  

Surprise!! Dirtball Harry Reid's State Had Vote Fraud

Given what we know about Dirtball Harry, this is not likely "fake news."

...Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan [  ] had actual proof of the massive voter fraud in his Clark County district.  A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in the District for both Republican and Democrat candidates. However, when confirmation letters were sent to the voters in the District, the US postal service returned mail from 9,200 of these voters.

Vaughn found that many of the people who are listed as deceased are still on the active voter rolls. Many of the returned mail came back with 5 people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.  Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote in District 15 according to Mr. Vaughan....

Now, then.  Trump lost Nevada by about 27,000 votes.  We can safely speculate that 1/3rd of that total came from just one small Assembly district.  Wouldn't be hard to find another 18,000 grave-registrations in the whole State, would it?

Friday, December 02, 2016

Same-Sex Parenting: Emo Incubation Hothouses

Just one chart:

You won't see that in the pages of the Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel, will you??


Are "Economists" Idiots?

You can read the below post to get a bit more perspective, but here's a headline which speaks to the Brilliance of Free-Market Economists:

since 2014, the US had added 571,000 waiters and bartenders, and has lost 34,000 manufacturing workers.

Yah, that's real progress.

For the Naive: Politics Trumps Economics

We got another lecture this morning from a RadioMouth who quoted an Economist (you should be impressed) to the effect that the Trump/Carrier deal was 'government picking winners and losers' through tax incentives.

No shit, Sherlock.

This revelation was followed by Dark and Thinly-Disguised Warnings about Obozo's Solyndra failure (your money down the crapper)--which, of course, is completely unrelated because Carrier actually has a going business whereas Solyndra was a pipe-dream of the Warmists.  Big difference.

Then followed more Dark Warnings about Nixon's  EPA.  I suppose that the RadioMouth thinks that US citizens favor dumping lead waste into rivers and lakes, or prefer the atmospheric conditions of Gary, IN., around 1965, or maybe a Continuous Fire on Lake Erie because... Profits.


Let's look at another small example.  US citizens who pay attention to car-stuff know that the V-8 engine produced today gets about twice the fuel economy as those produced in the '60's--and also gets more horsepower and torque.  They also notice that the little bitty 4-cylinder engines get well into the 30's-MPG and--by the way--get the same or better HP and torque as did many of the V-8's produced in the '60's, too.

Is the EPA a rogue agency?  Yes, it is.  I have called for it to be eliminated in the past.  (Rhetoric, mostly.)  WHY is the EPA a rogue agency?  Because "conservatives" in Congress have continued to fund it despite its ridiculous assertions about its powers--reified by Federal Courts despite the fact that "conservatives" in Congress can remove EPA from FedCourt jurisdiction any time that want to.

So in fact, politics trump economics.

Now we have a man who was elected because he happens to think that the interests of 1,000 US citizens are a bit more important than $7million.  Let's run the math:  at an average of $25.00/hour, those 1,000 workers will haul in about $52million/year and pay SS, Fed, State taxes of around 25% of that--for a Gummint-revenue haul of $6.0 million NET, first-year.

Looks astute to me.  But then, RadioMouths and Economists--they don't do math very well.  And I won't even bring up the Miller Park thing, hey.....

Sometimes they don't get "US Interests" very well, either.  That's why Trump won.  Can you hear him now??

UPDATE:  A lot more on the topic here, with the VERY useful observation that sending manufacturing out of the country (for any reason or no reason) will have horrific effects on defense.  But YOU know that, unlike Economists, right?

Oh, Yah, It's All "RAAAAAAACIST!!!!"

This "racism" getting tiresome.

Especially from the intellectualoids who are Massive Fails in critical analysis.

Jim Webb's Analysis

Most of you know who Jim Webb is--but the quick/dirty political comparison is "Pat Caddell."  However, Webb is a decorated (Silver Star) USMC veteran who served as SecNav in the Reagan Administration, later becoming a (D) Senator from Virginia.  Webb spoke at The American Conservative's foreign-policy event a week after the election.

...The basic unavoidable conclusion is that for a very long time both parties abandoned the hardworking people out in fly-over land, who have done so much to make this country great. It took an outsider, whatever his wealth and lack of government experience or credentials, to speak the truth unencumbered by the boundaries of political correctness, and the need to grovel before millionaires in order to finance an election.

I attempted to do this as a Democrat, I quickly learned the power of pay-to-play political machines in an era where it takes either a billion dollars or a lot of luck on social media. With few exceptions, we know in this country that a hardwired elite now controls or dramatically influences our media, major media, our financial institutions, and in many ways our political system itself...

Yup.  And with specific reference to war, a topic Webb knows about:

...Look for a moment at the most glaring foreign policy failures of the past 15 years. Ask yourselves how could one Republican presidential administration have made such an incredible strategic blunder as the invasion and occupation of Iraq, only to see the next Democratic administration make an equally grave strategic blunder, at least as bad and possibly worse, by initiating what was called the Arab Spring? Unilaterally intervening in Libya and instilling an inflammatory foreign policy concept known as humanitarian intervention, giving a president, any president, the power to unilaterally intervene anywhere, under the euphemistic rubric of responsibility to protect.

Responsibility of whom to protect whom? At whose risk and whose benefit?

Good questions!  Anyone get Krauthammer or Kristol to answer them lately?

HT:  Grim

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Red Flags on Auto Loans

This little item is an alarm bell.

...According to, about 32% of all vehicles traded in on a new vehicle through September this year were “upside down.”...That negative equity averaged $4,832. In short, add $5K to the price of that next vehicle being purchased....

There's more, and here's where it gets interesting:

...The result? The monthly payment on a new vehicle loan is $505 — the highest level ever, Edmunds notes. That higher-than-ever payment is because the average new auto loan was $29,880 in the second quarter of this year,...The average new car loan is for 68 months, but subprime borrowers are getting loans averaging 72 months, or six years. And longer terms are becoming more and more popular. According to Experian, extended loans, ranging from 73 to 84 months, accounted for more than a quarter of all new vehicle loans in 2015.....

IOW, buyers are making the assumption that their "coverage" (income/debt) will be just fine for up to seven years--and lenders are perfectly happy to agree.

But those "lenders" are not Banks.  They are investors who have purchased 'bundles' of car loans. 

Just like the 'investors' who bought bundles of mortgages back in the early-to-mid 2000's.  Remember??

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Still Waiting, Wiggy

Several days back Wiggy published an item in which he VERY carefully stated that Bannon gave 'racists' a platform at Breitbart--but did not say directly that Bannon is a racist.

Of course.

I called Wiggy on it.

He has yet to come up with names of racists who write for Breitbart.  I don't know what else 'giving a platform' could possibly mean, although the NYTimes-circumlocution game he played in his original post might provide a clue.

Why do we bring this up?

 ...Breitbart has been condemned for featuring racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content....AP, quoted at PowerLine.

What does PowerLine have to say about that AP slander?

...Really? Condemned by whom? For what? The AP ritually recites these allegations against the site without citing any evidence whatsoever. The claims are false, if not ridiculous. But readers who rely on America’s daily newspapers won’t know this....

Nor readers of Wiggy's blog, we should add.

Monday, November 28, 2016

U-Verse Mourns the Loss of Castro

U-verse, the ATT cable outlet, is apparently in mourning for the loss of Castro, who designed their network TO FAIL DURING THE PACKERS GAME.


The Green Tactic: Void Wisconsin's Vote

To the great surprise of many, both (R) and (D), Wisconsin's popular vote went to the Republican candidate this year.

That didn't sit well with the Progressives of the Green hue nor Blue.  (Whether Stein is a stalking horse for Hildebeeste or not is irrelevant, although the Party of Moore, Baldwin, Doyle and Chisholm announced that it will be 'involved.')


At first, the scheme seemed to have the aim of tossing foo-foo dust in the air, thus making it seem that the vote was .......illicit....... or something.  But now it's clear:  that's not the only game here. 

They want a HAND recount, which will take a long, long, time.  Maybe even enough time to prevent certification of Wisconsin's electors--which should happen by December 13th.  The Left is hoping that Wisconsin (and Michigan, and Pennsylvania) cannot make that happen.

If the certifications are not timely, neither candidate will win 270; thus the election is tossed into Congress.  Trump will emerge as the victor, of course, with a solid (R) majority in the House.  (Pence will be nominated by the Senate in a separate vote.)

THEN the Left will claim that "It's Political" and continue their campaign against Trump.

If you thought listening to that howling bitch during the campaign was torture, having another four years of it is probably not what you want for Christmas.  But you may get it!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rorate Coeli

We begin Advent.

This is a wonderful little Chant Advent hymn:

It helps to know Latin, of course.  But the music itself will put the message across; it's a plea!  Here's the translation of the chorus:

Drop down, ye heavens from above
and let the skies pour down righteousness.

Note how the verses have a 'minor' tonality; they describe the earthly condition--desolate, ruined, but with hopeful anticipation of salvation.  Fitting for the season, and for the human condition as a whole.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Oppose Big Gummint or Hillary?? You're a Russian Dupe!

When I said that the Empire will strike back, I wasn't kidding.

The WaPo, which views itself as the all-seeing/all-knowing/all-wise teller of tales of Mordor on the Potomac, and which is a key part of the Empire's MSM division, lets us know that the Russians made Trump the President-Elect.

Because, you know, the Russians planted in your dim little minds the proposition that there's something rotten in D.C.

It wasn't Washington's continuous funding of Baby Murder, Inc.  Nope.  It wasn't Washington's two-faced bend-over to the Chamber of Commerce's illegal immigrant scheming.  Nope.  It wasn't the most ridiculous SCOTUS decisions--that a "fee" is a "tax"--or that Johnny can marry Albert.  Nope.  It wasn't bailing out GM and Chrysler, not to mention thousands of fat and pasty-faced bankers.  Nope.

It was the Russians.

Further, it was the Russians that made up the story about Hillary's health (not those silly pictures of her collapsing into her van).  It was the Russians that hacked Podesta's emails.  It was the Russians that made up stories which 'embarrassed' Hillary.


Buried deep in the story is the real reason the WaPo ran this piece:

...Putin, a former KGB officer, announced his desire to “break the Anglo-Saxon monopoly on the global information streams” during a 2013 visit to the broadcast center for RT, formerly known as Russia Today....

That is to say, the Russkis intend to take away the WaPo/NYSlimes/SeeBSNBCCNNABC monopoly on propaganda.

So the MSM Empire is striking back.

Too bad that they have no remaining cred, eh?

(UPDATE):  The list of "Putin News" sources is found here.)

Robin Vos Unchained!

So Robin Vos granted an interview.

...I have a few priorities. I would like to continue to increase our investment in education, especially public schools and universities. I would like to find a long-term solution for funding road repairs and maintenance. And I would like to make sure that we continue to make our state a place where families can find good-paying jobs that provide benefits....

Vos doesn't mention that the public-school "investment" means giving away laptop computers to every HS student in the State.  For good reason:  that would be a revolting development, in the best sense of the term 'revolt.'

...many of our schools are in steady or declining enrollment, we have to continue to look at our education system, which really has been based on funding pupils. If we are in declining enrollment, that’s going to cause problems in the long run...

Interesting observation.  Should Wisconsin fund 'education' based on buildings?  Teachers?  School buses?  Square mileage? 

"Declining enrollment" is--by the way--localized.  Oconomowoc has exactly the opposite problem and passed a large referendum based on increased enrollment.  Business solves the problem of "declining enrollment" (read:  less consumers-of-the-product) by layoffs and sale of assets such as buildings and grounds.  Is that impossible for school districts?

Get the popcorn.  This should be interesting.

Think There's More to This Story?

We've come to expect this sort of 'journalism'.

One suspects that there is more to this story.  We'll see after the investigation is complete, instead of NOT complete.

The Moonbat Contradiction

For the record, according to THIS moonbat, it's perfectly licit and morally correct to refuse business from those who are politically different.

As HotAir points out, that's not the experience of the cake-bakers or pizza-makers.

So 'patriotism' is invested solely in the Left.

Just so you know.....

Cui Bono? NOT Jill Stein!

It appears that Jill Stein, who captured a stunning 1.1% of the Wisconsin vote, has raised $2 million to force a recount in this State.

ZeroHedge and I are thinking on the same track.

...Jill Stein's effort to raise money for recounts in WI, PA and MI is obviously being done on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It's a very clever approach (we would expect nothing less) as it allows Hillary to maintain the high road as the gracious loser while allowing someone else to play the bad guy...typical Clinton politics really....

Maybe Jill will find another 3 or 4 Stein votes.  But she won't find 28,000 more Clinton votes.  So we have another $2 million to add to Walker's surplus!!

"Workplace Accident" for North Dakota Terrorist

You've seen the pix before; usually, the victim of a "workplace accident" is a Muhammedan Jihadi whose bomb-in-process detonated a bit too early, leaving the Jihadist at room temperature in several hundred pieces.

Happens in the US, too.  Right in North Dakota, where the usual bunch of Communists and hangers-on (useful idiots) are protesting a petroleum pipeline.

...It was after the female was pulled away from the site of the explosion that Wilansky was brought back to protest medics, with her allies claiming that a police “concussion grenade” injured her....Logic suggests that Sophia Wilansky may have been the female authorities saw wounded in the explosion of a propane canister-based improvised explosive device (IED).

That canister was supposed to roll over to the police line and blow up a couple of cops.

Well.  She will be the first jihadi named "Wilansky".

Half the Truth (or Less) From Ed Flynn

The police chief of Milwaukee got kudos from us for identifying the progenitors of the Sherman Park riots as "Communists from Chicago."

But not everything Flynn says is worthy of respect.  Take, for example, his half-truth about the Wisconsin Concealed Carry law.

....Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn sees a connection between the law’s 2011 enactment and his city’s spike in gun violence. And he notes the reason there’s no evidence is that police are prohibited from looking at their own data on the subject or revealing it to the public.

“What we’re seeing are more guns on the streets,” the chief told USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. “I can tell you anecdotally we’re seeing a number of shootings involving concealed carry permit holders — many of whom have extensive criminal records — but I’m not allowed to tell you how many or whom, because the law has been carefully written to prevent analysis of that information.”...

What Flynn does NOT say is this:  people can lie on their CC applications.  We know that the WI DOJ can revoke a permit based on a conviction, and we know that they can deny it if there is an 'extensive criminal record' on file in Wisconsin.  But DOJ cannot deny a license if the applicant LIES (and gets away with it.)

By the way, the entire "news" story was created so that the extreme anti-self-defense outfit deceptively titled "Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort" could gain access to CC permit files.  Note the mention of Jeri Bonavia. 

Good luck, Jeri and Ed.  Nothing's going to change.  Here's why:

“The story kind of is that there is no story,” Attorney General Brad Schimel said. “I’m not aware of evidence of statistical significance that there are people who gain a permit who are committing crime with guns … and there’s not a lot of evidence of people using guns to protect themselves or others.”


Democrats Looking for "Conflict of Interest"?

Yah, that's really a laugh-line.  The party which ran the most corrupt candidate since Harding is trying to find "conflict of interest" in a guy who doesn't even have a Gummint position--yet.

The (D) folks should ask Hillary for her Handbook of Corrupt Practices.  It will be easier to find corruption if you follow the instructions of a master.  Get a signed copy while they're available!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

So, Wiggy, Is Bannon a Racist?

There's a bunch of "R" word being tossed about, mostly because of this "Alt-Right" thing.

Clearly, there are racists on the Right.  (And the Left, but....)

So.  Read through this offering from Wigderson and tell me:  is he calling Bannon a racist?  Or is he using the NYTimes' stylebook, cleverly inserting the term proximate to Bannon's name...?


NY Gov. Cuomo Going Down?

This item has a lot--repeat, a LOT--of implications, nicely drawn out at HotAir.

...Bharara has made his case to a grand jury and been given the green light to take eight top aides and associates of Governor Andrew Cuomo to trial on charges of corruption. (New York Observer)...  Cuomo's Gummint is corrupt?  And the sun rises in the East, right?

The point is that Bharara is a-political.  He prosecutes Bad Guys (and Bad Babes) on both sides of the aisle.  New York State is full of them.  In fact, one of the Bad Babes lives in that State.

...Bharara is the guy who is currently going after Anthony Weiner… an investigation which produced all sorts of interesting information. And in August he announced that he was investigating corruption at the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation

As I said at the time, this isn’t the sort of investigation which was going to be wrapped up in a matter of weeks. These things take time. The FBI may have thrown in the towel on going after Hillary Clinton. Even Donald Trump may be making noises about not needing to “lock her up.” But out there in New York City Preet Bharara is still grinding away at his job. And if he has the Clintons in his sights, don’t expect him to simply go away because the election is over. Preet Bharara is the honey badger of corruption investigations and he is not afraid to do his job....

This may well explain The Donald's decision not to put Hillary in the Graybar Hotel through Sessions.  He won't have to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Establishment: Donald Trump (!!)

Awwww.  Isn't he a nice fellow??

...Donald Trump is supposedly not going to pursue any prosecution of Secretary Hillary Clinton over her email transgressions or even the pay to play activities of the Clinton Global Initiative....

(That story is not confirmed by The Donald--yet.)

So.  Which Espionage Act sections may WE blatantly and knowingly violate?  How much of the US' patrimony may WE sell for our own 401(k)'s??

Curious minds want to know, Donald.

If that bint is not prosecuted, Donald, then another MAGA movement should start today.

Owen: Zing, Zam, Zoom!

Owen is on top of his game today.

That "budget shortfall" advertised by the MSM?  It's Tony Evers, whole and entire.

While you're there, note that the "conservative" Governor and Legislature cannot bring themselves to reduce State spending.  Boehner-Cantorism lives!

Finally, Nebraska stops the looting of its citizens with a simple law:  the cops can't steal your stuff unless you're actually proven guilty of a crime.  Blue tears flowing.

Voces de la Frontera, Again

It seems that whenever one finds troublesome "marching" and "protesting," one finds Voces de la Frontera someplace near the scene.

Sure enough, good ol' Voces is connected to SorosMoney through another outfit which is an anti-Trump noisemaker.  Something about 'sanctuary' for 'students.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sloppy, Lazy, "Journalism": Trump/Racist Claims

Some facts of note:

...[Compared to Romney] Trump made gains among blacks. He made gains among Latinos. He made gains among Asians. The only major racial group where he didn’t get a gain of greater than 5% was white people. I want to repeat that: the group where Trump’s message resonated least over what we would predict from a generic Republican was the white population.

Nor was there some surge in white turnout. I don’t think we have official numbers yet, but by eyeballing what data we have it looks very much like whites turned out in equal or lesser numbers this year than in 2012, 2008, and so on....

Aside from wearing their diaper pins, what is the MSM schlump to do??

Truth Hurts


And by the way:  theaters are not good for those who free slaves.  You can ask Mike Pence.

HT: PowerLine

Death by Tariff? No.

Tonelson has been studying economics for longer than many "economists" have been alive.  Here he dismantles the "China will kill the US" fabrications pumped by the Establishment/Chamber-of-Commerce twits.

He begins with the fabulism propagated by state-run media (ChiCom in this instance):

“A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus. U.S. auto and iPhone sales in China will suffer a setback, and U.S. soybean and maize imports will be halted. China can also limit the number of Chinese students studying in the U.S.”


....if the Chinese newspaper writers really are reflecting their political leaders’ views, then their grip on reality is totally gone. For example, will the United States really be the only country that suffers if iPhone sales in the PRC are limited? Last I checked, nearly all these devices were assembled in China, where Apple and especially subcontractors are mass employers. Further, the Chinese content of manufactured goods across-the-board keeps rising, so Chinese workers across long domestic supply chains would be hit as well....

He mentions the "Chinese students" threat, too.  Since a large number of Chinese 'students' are actually spies, perhaps that's a feature, not a bug.


...More important, let’s not forget the broader economic context. Although it’s down some since 2015, China is still on course to run a nearly $350 billion trade surplus with the United States this year. And not only is trade more crucial to China’s growth than it is to America’s (and more important than official figures indicate), but that growth in turn is vital to China’s stability – and to the personal fortunes of its dictators and oligarchs. So could we please stop with the claims that these same Chinese leaders are going to launch a commercial attack on its top customer on net by far?...

Not if you are the WSJ, NYT, or any of the other state-run media (US versions.)

How About "Screw the ADL!!", Governor?

Over the last few decades, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has morphed from a civil rights organization into a fetid leftist swampthing.

So when NPR, another fetid leftist swampthing, asks Gov. Walker and Senator RoJo a question, basing that question on something ADL said, the proper answer is "Screw the ADL!"

There.  That's easy, no?