Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chuck Toady Todd

Time to put on your Shocked Face.

...Further evidence of the DNC's extensive "content control" over mass media was revealed when Wasserman Schultz sent an email to NBC anchor Chuck Todd with the subject line "Chuck, this must stop," and set up a time for the two to talk about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski calling on Wasserman Schultz to step down.....

Wouldn't be surprised to find similar stuff surfacing between Trump and Ailes, either.

'Put Not Your Faith in Princes....': (Nor Demagogues)

Nice catch at PowerLine!  A UMissouri prof discusses C.S.Lewis' observations on the polis.

Just one (there are six more at the link):

1. Our political institutions are vulnerable to tyranny partly because we no longer believe in a natural moral law. The “juristic key-conceptions” at the foundation of the Western tradition, Lewis noted, are “natural law, the value of the individual, [and] the rights of man.” But these ideas depend on belief in the reality of a universal moral law. “The very idea of freedom,” he reminded us, “presupposes some objective moral law which overarches rulers and ruled alike. Subjectivism about values is eternally incompatible with democracy.”...

We know that, of course.  But few of us want to recognize the natural consequence of ignoring objective moral law:  tyranny.

On the other hand, this year we are faced with two demagogues, neither of which gives evidence of believing in universal objective moral law.

This is a massive pile of Not Good.

And--by the way--it casts a very dark shadow on the Party Men like Walker (see below post.)

Scott Walker: Just Another Party Man?

It's possible that Scott Walker still doesn't get it.

Or it's possible that in his mind the Conservative movement is dead and the Party Man stance is correct.

Either way, it says a lot about Scott Walker, ain'a?

The Mindset of Hillary

This graf pretty well sums it up:

Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who used a secret unsecured private email server to conduct government business during her entire tenure as secretary of State–and deleted of those 30,000 emails before government investigators could review them, demanded the passwords to every social media account of every family member of her potential vice presidential candidates, according to a report in Politico published Saturday evening....

As to YOUR email/social media accounts---well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Spending More, Enjoying It Less? Yup!!

Here's an interesting web page.

...The Chapwood Index reflects the true cost-of-living increase in America. Updated and released twice a year, it reports the unadjusted actual cost and price fluctuation of the top 500 items on which Americans spend their after-tax dollars in the 50 largest cities in the nation....

500 items?  Such as what?

...Starbucks coffee, Advil, insurance, gasoline, sales and income taxes, tolls, fast food restaurants, toothpaste, oil changes, car washes, pizza, cable TV and Internet service, cellphone service, dry cleaning, movie tickets, cosmetics, gym memberships, home repairs, piano lessons, laundry detergent, light bulbs, school supplies, parking meters, pet food, underwear and People magazine....

Looks like a fairly normal shopping list.   So why did this emerge?

...The inaccuracy of the CPI began in 1983, during a time of rampant inflation, when the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began to cook the books on its calculation in order to curb the increase in Social Security and federal pension payments.

But the change affected more than entitlements. Because increases in corporate salaries and retirement benefits have traditionally been tied to the CPI, the change affected everything....

We note that was during the Reagan Administration, and was probably linked to Alan Greenspan's fabulism about "hedonic" prices, which, in short, postulated that Americans would simply adjust their spending by purchasing hamburger instead of steak, and would get more powerful chips in their computers for the same price as last year's less-powerful chips (etc.)

All well and good, but what if that American started with hamburger instead of steak?  Would they substitute fresh-cut lawn clippings for green beans?  Only someone like Greenspan could come up with such mumbo-jumbo.

The politicians loved CPI adjustments:  Clinton pulled the same trick during his regime.

Let's take Milwaukee.  The chart indicates that REAL cost-of-living increases in that town average 11.4% since 2011.  Compare to the FedGov's utterly ridiculous 2014 "0.8%" increase......well,  that's quite a swing, indeed.

The bad news:  no matter who gets elected, Gummint/Establishment figure-fixing will not change.

You lose.

HT:  RenMan

ObozoCare Slapped Down Again

A Fed court uses Hobby Lobby decision to slap down ObozoCare terms as applied to individuals.

Yesterday, a federal district judge in the Eastern District of Missouri granted a summary judgment in favor of Missouri State Senator Paul Wieland and his wife Theresa against the Obamacare abortifacient/contraceptive mandate, ruling that the federal government could not constitutionally compel them to pay for group health insurance for their family, including young daughters, that includes required coverage for medical services that they deem religiously objectionable....

No doubt that Obozo & Co. will appeal. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Moonbat Kerry v. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

So, John, when will you turn off the air conditioning at the State Department?

Will Gina McCarthy turn it off at EPA offices?

Will they unplug their brie-and-wine filled refrigerators?


But YOU, you miserable scumbag killers, YOU will.

Why Pence as VP?

Most pundits opine that The Donald picked Pence as a sop to conservatives--which Pence might well be.

But that's not what I think.  I think Trump picked Pence because Pence is a vanilla guy (albeit fairly conservative.)

Think of the other rumored possibles such as Gingrich and Christie.  Why didn't they make the cut?

Because THEY draw attention, which would distract attention from The Donald.  Pence will not draw attention after last night's speech.  None at all; and that's the way The Donald wants it.  UPDATE:  Wiggy calls this exactly the way I do!!)

Need more?  Watch the CBS interview of The Donald and Pence just after the announcement.  (IIRC, it was Ms. Stahl doing the questioning.)  Pence wasn't allowed to answer questions without The Donald opening his trap and stepping all over Pence.

Or look at this item from Leon Wolf.  The Donald's unquenchable desire for attention shows up here, although it's between the lines: response to the news that Cruz was going to make a speech that did not explicitly endorse him, Trump intentionally chose to escalate the situation by leaking the news to friendly delegations and instructing them to boo Cruz to make this a bigger deal that it otherwise would have been. If Trump's delegates had not booed and caused a ruckus, but instead had remained silent or applauded at Cruz's exhortation to vote for down ticket races, everyone today would be talking about Pence and his speech, and the discussion would be about positive things associated with Trump and Pence and how they are going to move forward after the convention to  at least possible victory....

Wolf almost got it.  Wolf's smart; eventually, he'll come to the same conclusion:  there is no ego on Earth--even Obozo's--which surpasses that of The Donald.

Pray for the country.

Wage History Contradicts "Free Trade" Yappers

The Free Trade yappers insist that US policy in the early 1900's was badbadbadbad and screwed US workers.

That's not the reality of the situation.

...As detailed in the U.S. government’s authoritative Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970, from 1900 to 1929 – when the Great Depression struck – the annual earnings of U.S. employees adjusted for inflation increased by a total of 68 percent....

 It's also interesting to note that during the same period, there were lots of immigrants--more, as a percentage of the workforce than today--but wages still increased.

It's possible that "free trade" is a good thing.  For some people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Should Hillary Be "Shot for Treason"?

Baldasaro is right.  She should be shot for treason.

But there should be a trial first, of course.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obozo Screwed the Health Co-ops, Too

Obozo the Community Organizer did what most Community Organizers do:  made sure that he got his, and then screwed the community.

From an item describing the perilous situation of the Milwaukee (ObozoCare) health co-op, Common Ground Healthcare:

...The situation for Common Ground and the other cooperatives only got worse as the rules changed several times and as fewer people, particularly healthy people, signed up for their health insurance plans than projected.

"These guys had little margin for error," said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University....

...The biggest rule change was when Congress limited the payouts from one of the programs designed to help stabilize the market in its first years.

Common Ground expected to receive $44 million through the program. In October, it was told it would receive $5.7 million....

(That "cutback" was not really a cutback.  It was following the law that Obozo signed. This is called sloppy-ass/propaganda journalism.)

...almost from the beginning, the program was cut back: The $6 billion initially allocated for the co-ops eventually was reduced to $2.4 billion. And Corlette, the Georgetown professor, said the Obama administration was never particularly invested in the cooperatives' success.

"These guys were left to twist in the wind," Corlette said. "They were orphans from the beginning."...

Yes, indeed.

Note the pattern:  Obozo "organized" in Chicago, which will set an annual record for the number of dead black people in its streets.  There are also a large number of dead black babies following Obozo's "organizing" on behalf of Planned Butcherhood.

Meantime, Obozo has spent about $10 million/year (taxpayer money) on his family vacations, golf, and 'campaign' trips. If he had sent that money to Common Ground Healthcare, they would be solidly in the black.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Robert P. George and Magic Dirt

Robert P. George is an exceptionally solid pro-life lawyer and lawprof.

But he doesn't like Gingrich's observation that 'if a Muslim thinks Sharia law should be implemented in America, that Muslim should be deported.'

This leads one to believe that Robby George believes in "Magic Dirt theory" which boils down to 'if someone is here in America, they are good citizens until proven otherwise.'

Well, innocent-till-proven-guilty is a Constitutional thing, granted.

But Sharia law is absolutely, positively, antithetical to the Constitution, and for that matter, to any Western governmental scheme.

Now, then.  Can someone be "a citizen" of a country when that someone does not and will not accept its Constitution and the laws flowing therefrom?  (I'm not talking about the inanities which occasionally flow from SCOTUS, of course.)

Seems to me that Prof. George thinks that just by being here one is automatically a 'good citizen.'  That's Magic Dirt theory.  But that's like saying that one is a 'good' spouse while committing serial adulteries.  Legally, a spouse, yes.  But 'good'?  Entitled to all the usual spousal privileges?


The Prophet Huntington

Most of you are aware of Prof. Huntington's work as a social scientist.  He was dead-on.  But his last book, published in 2004, was not very popular with The Elites of both parties because he nailed it again.

In fact, the angst of Flyover Country which resulted in Trump was described very well--which is why The Elites didn't like the book at all.

Trump is not the solution, of course.  At the same time, one wonders if the (R) Party poohbahs will pay attention for a change.  (We know that the (D) poohbahs don't give a rat's ass.)

More Illinois Madness

For the time being, Wisconsin is (mostly) a safe harbor from Nuts In Gummint.

Not Illinois.

...the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has decided that gun owners are unfit to adopt children....

No word on whether terrorists are similarly barred.

Yup. You're Losing Ground

Kinda think, back-of-the-envelope, that you're losing ground in the "buying-stuff" department?

That's because you are.

...According to the Labor Department, core inflation (i.e., prices with food and energy costs omitted, since they’re exceptionally volatile) rose 2.26 percent between June, 2015 and last month. How did inflation-adjusted wages do for the private sector? They rose only by 1.52 percent....

So for every price increase of $9.00, you saw a wage increase of $6.00.

...Workers did a little better between the previous Junes. Core inflation increased by 1.76 percent, and their price-adjusted wages improved by 1.84 percent....

Did that cheer you up a bit?  Well, then, read this part:

But between June, 2013 and June, 2014, the story was substantially different. While core prices were increasing by 1.96 percent, real wages weren’t increasing at all. That is, they were completely flat....;

OK, then.  The ObozoConomy!!

(Here's the most intriguing--and sadly, un-explored--factoid in the piece:

...(The Labor Department doesn’t include government workers’ wages in these statistics, since they’re determined by politicians’ decisions, not by the fundamental state of the economy.)...

Wouldn't it be interesting to know THOSE numbers??)

Paul Ryan will read the above Labor Department numbers and come to the conclusion that we need a helluvalot more un-skilled immigrants.  Obozo will lie like Hell about the stats.  Silicon Valley and Microsoft will tell you that 'now you can get cheaper computers!!'

But in flyover country, the rebellion is only beginning--because Trump or Hildebeeste are NOT the answers. 

#NeverTrump NOT Dead

Many people, myself included, agree wholeheartedly with this manifesto.  Here's a part:

...Donald Trump is no lover of liberty. Donald Trump is no respecter of the law. And Donald Trump is certainly no man of character.
 We do not believe he is emotionally stable; we do not believe he is personally decent; he appears to be neither principled nor even particularly competent. And we believe the record shows, and his unreleased tax returns would further demonstrate, that he is not even a big business success – aside, that is, from having proven abilities at product branding, and at being a successful reality-TV showman. Apart from those two skills, Trump has a serial record – to use one of his favorite words – of being a loser....
And please, don't puke the Common Core Math that 'not voting for Trump is actually voting for Hillary' (who is an equivalent dumpster fire.)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ford's Financing of the Communists

The Ford Foundation has put many millions into Communist-front organizations, which in turn have created and managed "Black Lives Matter."

On this posting, Ford absolutely puts Soros to shame.

Think of that next time you buy an F-150. 

By the way, that "Marguerite Casey" umpty-$$ donor is UPS money.  Let's take a second look at FedEx, eh?

Gingrich Is Right. Obozo Is Wrong, Again

Gingrich finally stated the obvious.

...In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, Gingrich said, “We should, frankly, test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported. Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization.”...

That is true.  Sharia IS incompatible with Western civilization.  Sharia adherents should be deported.

Obozo, from behind his armed guards and walled compound, squeaked in rage.

Obama called Newt Gingrich’s plan to deport sharia-adhering Muslims in America “repugnant and an affront to everything that we stand for as Americans.”

Actually, Obama is repugnant and an affront to everything we stand for.  While we have the airplanes spooled up, let's deport him, too.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Abp. Cupich: BS Done Badly

It's very difficult to BS your way through an answer to a pointed question.  Here's the transcript of a Q&A featuring Abp. Cupich (Chicago):

If someone is in a gay relationship, should they be able to have any leadership positions within a local parish? 

I think that if a person is in a, uh, in a, in any kind of relationship that does not, um, uh, that, that is not, uh, a relationship that, uh, is uh, is open to, uh, the three promises of marriage, any kind of relationship outside of marriage, that is a cause of concern that the, the individual, uh, should take serious what the teachings of the Church are with regard to living that kind of life. Uh, we do have people who, uh, are, uh, in so-called irregular situation, in a situations that are working with their pastors in trying to, um, ah, look at their situations individually, in an individual cases. But, uh, to make a blanket statement would be, uh, I think ignoring the fact that you have to, uh, make sure that you see where people are, and then you go from there

So the answer to the question is..........????

The Archbishop is a favorite of Pp. Francis.  Pray for Chicago, and pray for the Church.

HT:  Mahound

Yoo-Hoo!! RoJo!! Where Are You???

It is reported that Sen. RoJo is the "Chairman, Homeland Security Committee."  One might think that the knowledge he gains from this position would show itself in his voting record.

One would be wrong.

RoJo was AWOL on a Senate vote instructing a conference committee to ......ahhhh......encourage a (potentially) unlimited immigration of Afghans into the US.  Yes, Afghans.  You know them:  they're the folks that brought you the Taliban Muzzies.

Twelve (R) Senators voted against this, among them:  Grassley, Vitter, Inhofe, and Cruz.

Not RoJo.  Nope. 

All that "Homeland Security" stuff does not include prudence, I guess.

So, Ron:  how's Nice this time of year??

Thursday, July 14, 2016

US Bishops' Gun-Control Drivel

As one would expect, the US' Catholic Bishops' Conference has been into the gun-control thing for years.  A recent example of their thinking on the matter came from Abp. Cupich of Chicago.  His editorial is a *cough* target-rich compilation of mis-statements and historical gibberish--so much so that I won't bother to fisk it.

More interesting is the research of The Bear, who tells us who sits on the US Bishop's social policy committee which, directly or indirectly, has shaped the Bishops' statements on gun control.

...The list of those serving on the USCCB's committee on domestic policy that produced the USCCB gun-grab policy paper is quite fascinating. Billionaire George Schmidt, Google ex-boss and massive supporter of President Obama, etc. etc;  John Sweeney, head of Democrat Socialists of America, former SEIU, AFL-CIO boss and recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom; Sister Janet Mock, LCWR; Sister Miriam Mitchell, LCWR; Sister Carol Keehan, President of Catholic Health Association and vocal supporter of Obamacare while drawing a $962,467 salary from CHA; Ray Boshara, former Senior Fellow at New America Foundation, which has George Soro's son Jonathan on the board, is anti-gun, pro-Obamacare, and funded by left-wing heavyweights such as George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation. Anthony Williams, vociferously anti-gun ex-mayor of Washington D.C....

That's a solid list of The Usual Suspects which tells you all you really need to know.  One wonders what Cdl. John Carroll would have to say, eh?

The US' Horrible Race Relations

No surprise here.

A new poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News finds the American public is more sour on race relations than it has been at any time in Barack Obama’s presidency.

Not only that, but the public is just as pessimistic on race as it was after the deadly Los Angeles riots in 1992.

Some might blame this on Obama.  Well, maybe. 

We'd suggest that menacing activities are more at fault.  "Organizing communities" to raise Hell will draw a reaction.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tesla Moving Into Deep Doo-Doo

At one time, people who bought a Tesla were guaranteed a buy-back price after 3 years--by Tesla.

No more.

...the real sign that Tesla is concerned about flailing demand for its cars came later in the day, when Tesla said it had discontinued its resale value guarantee program that assured buyers that cars would retain value over time.

As Reuters adds, the discontinuation of the buyback program, as of July 1, shows the company stepping back on a pledge begun in 2013 that Tesla would buy back its cars financed through specified loan partners for a predetermined resale value after three years. The program was intended to help Tesla control its secondary market and assure buyers that cars would retain value.

This means that used Tesla values are dropping faster than the company had expected in its worst case scenario, and as a result it can no longer afford to fill the gap. With this program ending, demand for new vehicles is set to slump even more as concerns about resale prices emerge.

Well, then.  Maybe the market for self-immolating cars, or autopilot-unto-death cars, IS limited.  Who knew??

Wrong Question on Highways

Here's an essay which asks the wrong question on the Wisconsin highway-funding controversy.

Bet you didn’t know this:  a typical motorist in Wisconsin’s four neighboring states pays an average of 61 percent more in gas taxes and registration fees than a Wisconsin driver....

We don't doubt that assertion, so we won't argue about it.  But it's an answer to the wrong question.

At the very end of the essay, the right question appears (although veiled):

...Either increase the comparatively low costs that motorists now face or begin a program of disinvestment in adequate state roads.


I guess that depends on the meaning of the word "adequate," eh?  Shall we examine the "adequacy" of Hy. 16 from Oconomowoc to Watertown--which should be "adequate" until the year 2080?

Like Governor Walker, we'd like to see a DOT proposal which meets needs, not wants, and which meets those needs without artificially-enhanced wages. Let's also remember that there is no Constitutional right to a 20-minute commute from anywhere to anyplace.