Friday, October 02, 2015

"National Right to Life"? Not Really

Some of us (and you) are old enough to remember why Judie Brown's American Life League is far, far, better than NRTL.

It's this:  NRTL was the favorite of GHWBush and his pro-abortion wife, Barbara.  That fact, which has been around for about 30 years or more, is why ALL is where it is.

ALL is far from the only "pure" anti-abortion gang, these days.  But NRTL?  Don't trust them now, or ever.

In fact--as the linked article points out--even NRTL's state affiliates don't trust them.

Chamber of Commerce vs. US

The Chamber of Commerce (in Wisconsin read:  WMC) will spend $100 million to assure importing of umpty-lotsa cheap laborers and cheap STEM folks, and to renew Ex-Im which puts taxpayers on the hook for debts of all sorts of foreign entities.

That's OK.  It's in their interest to do so.

It's also in most citizens' interest to vote for people who think that Americans should come first.  The Chamber has not voided the right to vote.


Thursday, October 01, 2015

RoJo, Tammy. No Difference

We note that Ron Johnson is not even pretending to be conservative any more.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This IS the Question

HT:  Peter

And a reminder:  free men are most often armed.  

Paul Ryan: "What Baby Murders???"

Boehner's semi-final gift to Planned Parenthood and Obozo, the CR, was supported by Paul Ryan, "Catholic" boy, 50-ish% Conservative rating, and ambitious fellow.

What do you think his Mom would say about continuing the Butcher Shop funding, eh?

Rand Paul Done. Attacks Cruz!

Yah, Rand Paul's pretty much out of the race, but before he goes, he'll attack Ted Cruz.

One doesn't have to be a genius to figure that out.  Ol' Rand wants a cozy seat in the Senate granted by McConnell.  Paul assumes that McConnell will survive the purge.  Maybe he's right.

More to the point, Cruz is getting support from Rand's camp of donors.  THAT hurts.

Too bad.  Give up your principles, lose the game.

GE Brings Good Lies to Life!

Apparently Jeff Immelt and the GE p.r. machine have.........ahhhh........lied like rugs about expatriating all sorts of GE operations.

Well, Immelt's a close pal of Obozo, so lying ain't no surprise.

...State Rep. Scott Allen (R) claimed in a press statement first reported by Waukesha blogger James Wigderson and later covered by RightWisconsin that he was contacted by a GE official and asked if he would help the company use the announcement for political purposes....

That is to say:  GE wants Ex-Im welfare checks, so this cock-and-bull story about not funding Ex-Im causing the plant closure is exactly that:  bullshit.

And it ain't the first time for GE.

....The Washington Examiner reports that a September 15 GE announcement that it will create 400 jobs in France, something it began work on in May 2014 when GE CEO Jeffery Immelt announced plans to expand corporate operations in Europe, was said by the company to be the result of the Ex-Im Bank’s expiration. If the Ex-Im Bank expired in June 2015, then a plan that was devised in May 2014 couldn’t be the result of anything that happened more than a year later.

The Washington Free Beacon on Monday reported that GE had similarly said that 1,000 new UK jobs were the result of Ex-Im expiration even though another GE official told Reuters that, “it was unlikely that GE would have made the investments in the United States even if Ex-Im had been operating.”...

In short:  GE is moving out of the US, bit by bit, ExIm or no ExIm.  Of course, they'll still be happy to take US consumer dollars, thankyouverymuch!

Obama's Cloward-Piven Immigration Tactic

The original Cloward-Piven (Alinsky-ite) scheme involved flooding welfare agencies to effectively drain government (read:  taxpayer) resources. 

Obozo--and his bed-partners in the Chamber of Commerce--are developing a twist on the Cloward-Piven gambit:  flooding the job market with imported and VERY cheap college grads.

President Barack Obama’s deputies are quietly hacking a gap through immigration regulations to allow them to import hundreds of thousands of university-trained foreign workers for jobs sought by American college grads....

So happens that the number of US-native STEM graduates is just about the same as the number (800+K) of cheap imported graduates Obozo wants to admit.

So.  Instead of draining existing resources, Obozo and his friends at the Chamber will simply prevent US-born professionals from having any resources in the first place.


Will The Donald Have a Spending Plan?

Seems like every time the Establishment Boyzzz think they have The Donald on the ropes, he comes up with a plan which out-flanks them.  (See both illegal immigration and taxation.)  And for good measure throw in a pinch of patriotic nationalism, which the Chamber of Commerce thought they'd killed a dozen years ago. That's why the Teamsters are sniffing around The Donald's camp.  (You remember the Teamsters, of course--it was their endorsement which boosted Ronald Reagan into the Presidency.  The Chamber of Commerce would like you to dis-remember that, too.)


There is this matter of Drunken Sailor Spending which is endemic to both parties.

...Despite U.S. tax receipts only rising by 28 percent from $1.4 trillion to $1.8 trillion from 2008 to 2014, record US deficit spending was financed by a 93 percent expansion of the US national debt from $10 trillion to $19.3 trillion since 2008....

Mercatus published a short essay on the topic.  The graphs in that essay show that we have a serious problem.  But just as problematic will be the upcoming "debt limit" votes.  That will be a fine time for The Donald to toss another bomb into the Establishment camp--and make the case that what cannot continue WILL not continue.

Francis Met Kim Davis, Too

It is very interesting that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis and encouraged her, especially since a lot of supposedly "conservative" people have distanced themselves from the matter of queer "marriage."

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Putin to Fix Obozo's Mess. So What?

We note that Putin's Russia will clean up the mess (ISIL) in the Middle East which was caused by US actions over the last 15+ years.

Lots of US warhawks seem to think that this is a dreadful thing.  Even ignoring Obozo--who clearly has neither a strategy nor the resources to purchase one at Walgreens--we're inclined to ask "So what?"

If Putin wants to take out ISIL, which is killing everyone in sight, more power to him.

Rollover RoJo, Again

As you by now expected, Ron Johnson (R-WI) rolled over for McConnell and the Baby Butcher Business.

Such a good boy he is.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Francis: Conscientious Objection Is a Right

Pace some of the "conservatives" who have told Kim Davis to lay back and enjoy it, we find that Pope Francis disagrees.

Pope Francis said on Monday government officials have a "human right" to refuse to discharge a duty, such as issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals, if they feel it violates their conscience.  (Reuters via Thinker)

He also slapped up the abortionists and their Gummint pals, and spoke out against attacks on the family (meaning queer marriage.)

He may not like Peronist/Crony Capitalists (they are despicable, indeed)--but he hasn't gone off the deep end.  Not by a long shot.

GE: We Are Not Patriots, Chumps!

We're told that GE, in a hissyfit over Ex-Im, will close Waukesha Engines.

GE wants its taxpayer subsidies, dammit, or else!!

This is the measure of the patriotism of GE's board and executive staff.  (That would be zero, if you must know.)

So.  Do we really need MSNBC, NBC, or USA channels?



Apparently The Donald will release his tax plan shortly.  It is reported that--under his plan-- 'middle America' tax rates will go down, 'poor folks' will pay no taxes, and that a very small group of wealthy individuals will see an increase in taxes. 

We have yet to learn what "unfair" tax rules The Donald will change.

The small group of wealthy individuals is screaming mad about this.  Are you surprised?

More important:  do you care?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Few Words About the Modern Mass

These are so much fun that I had to steal them from Fr. Hunwicke's post.

You will enjoy (or have enjoyed) Mr Henry Sire's book Phoenix from the Ashes (see earlier posts) because of its dry and cutting wit. "Modernists shrink from beauty like a vampire from holy water". "If words were sufficient to bring men to him, God would not have needed to become a man and die for us; he could have founded a newspaper." " ... in the new rite, the Mass has become a lecture delivered to the people by the priest, with the altar as his lecture table." This last observation, of course, is along the lines of the criticisms levelled against modern liturgy on the grounds of its 'Enlightenment' ancestry; its didactic nature, its intellectualism, its linear avoidance of repetition. I have in mind particularly the writings of Dr Aidan Nichols OP and of the Anglican Catherine Pickstock, who has very acutely written about the 'oral' nature of traditional liturgy, its repeated beginnings and its "liturgical stammering". But you get a particular bite in Sire's book which, I think, comes from the facts that he writes from outside the 'professional liturgist' 'community'; and writes as a layman. "In an ordinary Mass today, the sense one has is not the offering of an eternal sacrifice but a lecture conducted by the priest and two or three women of the public-librarian class, to whom the readings and other duties of the church are allocated. The verbosity and preachiness of the liturgy is itself a middle-class characteristic with which many ordinary parishioners feel little rapport; and the alienation of working-class worshippers, in a way that was never true of the old Mass in poor parishes, has become a peculiar feature of the liturgical reform."...

Which is followed, naturally, by Fr. Bouyer's account of the creation of Canon 2.

Wiggy Nods

In his post-mortem on the Walker run, Wiggy nodded:

...Then Walker got bogged down in the whole “birthright citizenship” debate, an issue settled in the 19th century....

He forgot to insert the word "incorrectly" before "decided."

Oh, well. 

Wiggy also didn't mention Walker's pandering to Iowa corn-growers (ethanol 'gradualism') nor his tepid, almost nonchalant response to SCOTUS' demolition of States' rights (marriage regulation.)

In other words, Walker was wrong on at least three counts.  

And 'federal unions'?  Really??

Carson Is Right on Islam

Andy McCarthy makes the case totally and completely.  Here's the clincher-graph:

...Throughout this column, I have used the term “belief system,” rather than “religion,” advisedly. Islam, in its classical interpretation, is a comprehensive sociopolitical system with its own legal code. Yes, it has some strictly theological tenets (e.g., the oneness of Allah, the conceit that Mohammed is the final prophet). These, however, comprise but a small percentage of Islamic belief, which covers the full extent of political, economic, and social life — from warfare to hygiene, in exacting rules resistant to change. That is why in virtually every Islamic society — i.e., wherever sharia is incorporated into law — the separation of spiritual and political life is rejected; it is why we find misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, ruthless discrimination against religious minorities, hostility to freedom, suspicion of reason, and backwardness in economics and education....

Some of you see in the phrase "comprehensive sociopolitical system" the similarity with the Mosaic Law system--which was replaced by Christianity.  There's a reason that Christ did what He did.

Forget about political correctness, please.  This is a Cultural War, in the fullest sense of each word.  Get used to it as you watch it play out in Germany, England, and Sweden.

A Few Thoughts on Obama and Religion

Nah, not here, although I have strong suspicions.

Here.  At Day-by-Day.

Most revealing?  The very bottom panel, which if nothing else, should tell you ALL you ever needed to know about the MFM and the Obama Regime.

As to "suspicions," there is a strong case (made here, briefly) that Obama's real agenda is not religious; rather, that he is an agent of the Anti-Religion.  Whatever their faults, at least the Mohammedans believe in a God.  Their problem is that their God is not a Trinity and therefore is not the Judaeo-Christian God-In-Full.

Obama?  Draw any conclusion you like, but he's not a patriot, nor religious.

Splendid Digs for EPA, No Electricity for YOU!

Recently, EPA imposed regulations on utilities which will increase the cost of electricity by a (national) average of 16%.  That means that your $75.00 electric bill will soon be $86.00 or so--and even more in coal-dependent States such as the entire Upper Midwest.


Meantime, EPA has decked out its new offices, spending NINETY TWO MILLION DOLLARS on  high-end furniture from Herman Miller and Knoll.  (Where's KI??  Steelcase??)

How to get to such a number?  Well, begin with an $813.00 pencil-box. 

Yup.  I said $813.00 for a friggin' PENCIL BOX.  About the same as the Pentagon's toilet.

Then there's the $4,200.00 chair, and the $5,500.00 hexagonal table and the $6400.00 hickory chairs....

It is good to be King, eh?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Chant

Happened to be at a local church celebration of the EF Mass last night, and of course, Gregorian Chant was used.

Here's Thomas Merton on the Chant:

“But the cold stones of the Abbey church ring with a chant that glows with living flame, with a clean, profound desire. It is an austere warmth, the warmth of Gregorian chant. It is deep beyond ordinary emotion, and that is one reason why you never get tired of it. It never wears you out by making a lot of cheap demands on your sensibilities. Instead of drawing you out into the open field of feelings where your enemies, the devil and your own imagination and the inherent vulgarity of your own corrupted nature can get at you with their blades and cut you to pieces, it draws you within, where you are lulled in peace and recollection and where you find God.”  Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain, Part 3, ch. 4, page 379

Yup.  And if you want to know Chant as it should be, then venture to the Cistercian monastery at U of Dallas and find the choir run by Fr. Ralph March.  Or--if you can find it--catch Paul Salamunovich's "Christmas" album, which has a nice chunk of Chant within.

HT:  Chant Cafe

Friday, September 25, 2015

Vos v. Babies

It's becoming clear that The Chop-Shop (Planned Butcherhood) has a friend in Robin Vos.

Vos' history as Speaker in the Legislature is beginning to resemble that of Boehner in the House:  has the position, but despises the people who brought him to the dance.

Vos is making it difficult for AB305 to pass.  AB305 would make it a criminal offense to utilize baby parts for "research" (except already-existing cell lines.)  This despite the testimony of several Ph.D./MD's from the Medical College of Wisconsin stating that such "research" is completely unnecessary.

(We note that Joel Kleefisch is working to override the Vos/babykiller scheme.  Thanks, Joel!!)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

US Jobs, US Workers? Nope

Remember all that fuss about H1-B's replacing IT workers at SoCalEdison and Disney?

Congress doesn't--or doesn't give a flying damn about those US workers.

Congress is set to drop a $2,000 H-1B visa fee mostly paid by India-based IT services providers.

And (surprise!!!)  NO ONE in Congress will talk about it.

...Russ Harrison, director of government relations of the engineering association IEEE-USA, said eliminating the fee makes no sense, particularly after lawmakers in both parties have expressed outrage over the use of H-1B workers in recent layoffs.

"We had half of Congress tripping over itself trying to get in front of the camera to tell the American public how upset they were about SCE (Southern California Edison), Walt Disney and all the other companies that have used this visa to eliminate American jobs," said Harrison. 

Now, "the only thing Congress is going to manage to do is to make (the H-1B visa) cheaper."

"A middle-class American job is worth a lot more than $2,000 and companies are making tens of thousands of dollars, per visa, per year, off this thing," said Harrison, who would like to see the fee raised....

A Congress which will take your money to pay baby-butchers doesn't even notice the speed-bump of unemployed Americans, of course.

The Fighter Who Is Not Donald? Cruz

Don't like The Donald, but you're certain that D.C. Republicans are as corrupt and fetid as D.C. Democrats?

Unlike RoJo, who went dark, hiding like a bunny in its hole after only one year, Ted Cruz doesn't quit.

...President Obama demands of Congress: fund all of Obamacare, with no changes to help the millions being hurt by that failed law, or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down. President Obama demands: fund his unconstitutional executive amnesty—or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down. President Obama demands: give $500 million in taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, a private organization under criminal investigation—or he will veto funding for the entire federal government. And Republican leadership backs down.

The core of this capitulation comes from Republican leadership’s promise that “There will be no government shutdown.” On its face, the promise sounds reasonable. Except, in practice, it means that Republicans never stand for anything....

...If leadership is correct that we can never win against the president, why did it matter to win a Republican House? A Republican Senate? If Republican majorities in Congress will acquiesce to and affirmatively fund the identical Big Government priorities that Obama supports, then what difference does it make who is in charge of Congress?...

Why, sure!!!  It can (and will) get worse!!

...the next step—likely coming in December—is that Republican leadership intends to give in to Obama and bust the budget caps, exploding the deficit even further because if Republicans do not Obama will threaten another shutdown....

Nobody cuts off Ted Cruz' balls.  They're solid iron and very, very big.

Vote for someone who gets it.  Vote Cruz.

McConnell Loves His Planned Butcherhood Pals

The real reason that Planned Butcherhood Parenthood gets taxpayer dollars?

Mitch McConnell.

In fact, McConnell fought against George Bush the First to win taxpayer money for The Chop-Shop.

Around FIFTY votes specifically to get taxpayer money into The Murder Machine since 1992, all while parading around as a 'conservative.'

Ted Cruz is right:  McConnell is a liar and a fraud.  And an accessory to mass murder.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

If History Counts, Things Are Bad

Interesting notes on history here.

" civilization has ever survived the glorification of homosexuality.

"I am not speaking of the practice of homosexuality. I am speaking of the glorification of homosexuality. For various ancient peoples, homosexuality was a sacred act. The word used in Leviticus to condemn this glorification of homosexuality clothed with a sacred character in the temples and pagan rites was “abominable”.

"The only two civilizations which have resisted homosexuality for thousands of years are the same that have opposed homosexuality: the Jews and Christians. Where are today’s Assyrians? Where are today’s Babylonians? And yet the Jews were merely a tribe, a “nobody” in comparison to the other political-religious societies. But the laws concerning sexual acts as we find within the book of Leviticus became the highest form of civilization [Christianity]....

To "Assyrians and Babylonians" we could add Greeks and Romans, of course.


One more wonderful little item:

"...Tacitus said: “Corruptissima re publica, plurimae leges.” When the State is corrupt, the laws are multiplied...."

Not that far from Chesterton's saying to the effect that when the Big Laws are broken, all you have is the Little Laws.

HT:  PertPapist

Taqiyya In Action

The mohammedan doctrine of "taqiyya"--lying at the drop of a hat 'for mohammed'--was on display in living color last week with ClockBoy. 

Once again, Obozo acted before gathering any pertinent facts, just as he did with the Massachusetts cop.


Carson is right, the City of Irving is right, and the pResident, as usual, is wrong.

(Double HT to ColdFury)

Senate Dems OK Torture of US Citizens

That's what it is, and that's what they did.

Senate Democrats refused to allow a vote on a 20 week abortion ban Tuesday, with the help of Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Mark Kirk.

The bid for a vote (54-42) on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act failed, when 38 Democrats, both Independent senators and Republicans Collins and Kirk opposed the measure...

Fits right in with Obozo's Pentagon allowing child-rapes in the 'stan, ya'know.

Courts Are Losing the People

We've been saying it for a long time:  the "rule of law" ain't what it used to be.

The latest Gallup poll shows that Americans' trust in the judiciary has fallen to an all-time low.

Trust in the judicial branch of government dropped eight points just in the last year, which saw major decisions including the constitutionalizing of homosexual "marriages."

It is a "significant" loss of trust, according to Gallup, with only 53 percent of Americans responding that they have "a great deal" or even just "a fair amount" of trust in the third branch of government....


...In 2013, five justices said that states have the right to define marriage,” Staver [of Liberty Counsel] explained.  “They said that three times.  The same five lawyers, two years later in 2015, said no, states do not have the right to define marriage.  Which is it?” Staver rhetorically asked.

That full-reverse can be nothing other than political.

We already have politicians, so who needs "courts"?