Sunday, July 05, 2020

The Revolt of the Normies

American Thinker runs a piece describing the (illegal) fireworks displays in Southern California which--apparently--are a reaction to the Governor's prohibition of civic fireworks celebrations.

Social distancing and all that mythology, ya'know.

The piece includes a video clip which is reminiscent of a clip run by Channel 6 here in Milwaukee last night, apparently from their downtown "tower cam".  There were fireworks all over the place, just like in SoCal.

And there were a bunch of them out here in Exurbia, too--some obviously run by municipalities, others not so, generating complaints from Karens whose 'doggies were disturbed'.  (Not making that up.)

Meantime, the anarcho-Marxists were doing their thing in D.C. and Portland, were a riot was in progress last night complete with an assault on the Federal courthouse downtown.

At some point in time, the anarcho-Marxists are going to meet up with the Normies.  Let's hope it's over a very friendly beer or three at a (finally re-opened) tavern.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Cultural Revolution Redux

History, they say, repeats itself.

In the 10 years from 1966 to 1976, the Communist dictator of China, Mao-Tse Tung, killed off about 3 million of his own people in his "cultural revolution."

...[Mao inspired] excited mobs of youths as agents of government repression. Monuments of ancient culture were destroyed. These included nearly 7,000 priceless works of art in the Temple of Confucius alone as part of the frenzied attack on the Four Olds: Old Customs, Old Habits, Old Culture, and Old Ideas....Fr. Rutler

Sound familiar?

This "BLM" stuff is overseen by Marxist feminists who excite mobs of youths as agents.....

Take this crap seriously--as seriously as did the St Louis couple who came out armed and ready.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Ron Johnson: "Whoops!! I Take It Back!!"

RoJo took a helluvalotta incoming on his proposal to ditch Columbus Day, so he un-proposed it.

Now maybe he'll have time to address Black Lives Matter.

In Texan Health Department Math, "One" = "Seventeen" (If Covid Cases)

Gee.  I'm *shocked*.  *Shocked*, I say.


Sonny Jurgensen might be disturbed, but accuracy counts.

...The District of Columbia informed the team that they cannot return to playing within the district until they have a name that is more fitting for a team representing the capital of our country. To that end, the team officially announced today they would be renaming themselves to "The Washington Lizard People."

"This is a much better name, far more reflective of the great city of Washington, D.C.," said Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.'s representative....
However, actual residents of D.C. will be suing.  They do not want to be confused with Members of Congress, lawyers, judges, lobbyists, and congressional staff.  They have a point.......

Ron Johnson on Black Lives Matter

Here are the public statements of Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Black Lives Matter:

There.  Any questions?

You could DuckDuckGo them yourself.

Easy reading, right?  Comprehension level is OK for Democrats, too!!

Lessons for Summertime

Both in St Louis.

That Man in the Girls' Room? Blame Biden

Joe Biden will force schools to allow men into girls' bathrooms and showers.

AND he will force school athletic programs to allow men to compete while pretending to be "women."

If ol'Joe weren't into late-stage dementia, I'd smack him on his noggin for this crap.

Re-Thinking "Integralism"

There is a fair amount of debate about the concept of "Integralism" in conservative-leaning Catholic circles.  Those Catholics who are influenced by Libertarian (or not-really-Libertarian Buckley-ism) thoughts oppose it; others, generally intellectual descendants of Fr. Richard Neuhaus or Edmund Burke,  loosely speaking, are in favor of it.

So when a couple of thinkers write a book on the topic, it gets attention.  Here, we'll quote a few grafs from a review of the book which will give you, gentle reader, a flavor for the nature of the discussion.

Integralism, as the cover of this new volume tells us, “is the application to the temporal, political order of the full implications of the revelation of man’s supernatural end in Christ and of the divinely established means by which it is to be attained.” Isn’t that what our personal moral lives are all about as Catholics?...

...Integralism correctly teaches us that we must not segregate Christ and His Church into hermetically sealed domains, one marked “sacred,” and the other marked “secular.” Civil and canon law “should work in concord, while safeguarding the superior rights of the Church: since heavenly beatitude is a greater good than earthly happiness, the temporal power must cede to the spiritual where the latter judges that its goal would otherwise be impeded” (p. 218).

The separation of church and state is, in the common view, a fundamental constitutional principle. Or is it in the Declaration of Independence? Actually, that “principle” is explicitly in neither document,...

...Pope Benedict XV taught in 1914: “Sad experience proves that human authority fails where religion is set aside” (p. 106n). The religion which the liberal order must “set aside” — that is, extirpate — is the Catholic faith, which teaches that we are made in the image and likeness of God, to whom we turn for meaning and destiny.

By contrast, liberalism’s “break with the past,” says Patrick Deneen in Why Liberalism Failed, “was founded on a false anthropology.” Our secularized society worships the image in the mirror and seeks to divinize our appetites and urges. That is why Crean and Fimister write that “secularisation [sic] is death” (pp. 217, 73). The civil order, once separated from the Church, will become an intransigent, and tyrannical, enemy of the Church (p. 270)....
You should buy the book, of course, along with Deneen's Why Liberalism Failed.

By the way, the surprising and very friendly correspondence between President Trump and Abp. Vigano is even more interesting in light of the "integralism" discussion, no?


Thursday, July 02, 2020

Red Death!! Run!!! Hide!!! (What B.S. This Really Is)

So says the headline (below) at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a reliable old woman and Democrat propaganda outlet.

20% of all coronavirus cases in Wisconsin have been reported in the last two weeks
Are you not frightened??  No?  Here's more!!

...And half of the 29,199 total positive cases in the state have been identified over the last five weeks — a surge that comes after weeks of decline.

The recent spike precedes a holiday weekend known for the kind of gatherings being tied to the increase in cases....And the majority of people who have contracted the virus are now under the age of 40
My, my.  No other "gatherings" of under-40s .......wait...........there were "gatherings" of .....wait......well..............let's not mention any "gatherings" that may have occurred in the last three weeks in Madison, Milwaukee, or marching toward Madison, or stuff like thatNope.  Won't serve The Narrative.

Well, with all those RED DEATH INFECTIONS, the HOSPITALS WILL BE OVER-RUN...........oh......wait........umnnhhhh...........gee..........admissions for SinoSinusRot have..........ahh...........well.........gone down by 11 state-wide in the last 7 days, and have gone from 422/day in late May to only 237/day yesterday.

So we won't talk about that, either.

Are you not FRIGHTENED YET??    Well, then, Tony Evers, reading what Abortion-Barbie Palm wrote for him, lays down the law:

...Gov. Tony Evers in a statement urged Wisconsin residents, especially younger people who are driving the increase, to stay home. ...

The GOVERNOR!!!  DID YOU HEAR THAT?????  STAY HOME!!!  (Wanna bet that Molly Beck 'stays home'?  How much you want to lay down on that?)

NOT-Suicide in 5, 4, 3, 2,..........

Yup.  Jeffrey baby-rapist procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested.

In custody in a Fed facility.

NOT-suicide to follow shortly.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

The CDC Is Lying About Kung Flu

When The Atlantic prints an article putting Big Gummint in a bad light, it's REALLY bad.

...The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus....
Government?  Obfuscate and lie?  My stars!!  So what?

HERE's "So What":

...The CDC’s method of reporting the number of active cases is totally flawed.  It is fraudulent.  The CDC counts individuals who show that they had the China coronavirus in their counts of individuals who are identified currently with the virus.  This data is then used by states to determine whether to open our shut down their economies....
States, cities, and counties, like Milwaukee and Dane.

Oh, well.

Yup. Ron Johnson Is a Girly-Boy

I was there when RoJo gave his 'introduction' speech at the Madison Tea Party rally.  It was a so-so speech, not really conservative, but certainly not Lefty.  As it turns out, that 'not really conservative' speech was a sign.

RoJo went on to defeat an absolute jerk:  Russ Feingold.  Feingold was such a jerk that his own Party members couldn't stand him.  Feingold was like Hillary, except Feingold wasn't a drunk.  Johnson won with 52% of the vote--likely due to the fact that a lot of Democrats sat on their hands.

Then RoJo started showing his colors.

...Johnson said he "did kind of spring out of the Tea Party" and is glad to be associated with it, although he did not join the Senate Tea Party Caucus following his election....
Feingold ran against Johnson again, and Johnson actually LOST a share of the vote....down to 50.2%.  That's probably because after one year in the Senate, Johnson stopped being a meat/potatoes conservative (such as he was) and gave up fighting altogether, except for goodie two-shoes legislation such as the law allowing desperate patients to try experimental drug treatments, which is admirable but not heavy-duty policy.  He is also the muscle (and dollars) behind the "Joseph project" which secures employment for inner-city Milwaukee men.  It's a damn good program and RoJo can and should take bows.

There are more signs of trouble, however.  RoJo has the Bush stance on abortion:  some babies are more equal than others (rape, incest exceptions)--yet he claims to be a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran.  The WI Synod is as theologically conservative as any church group in the US.  RoJo cannot be both a WI Lutheran AND a backer of Bush-abortion.  Sorry.  No can do.


RoJo has finally signaled his complete exit from representing the USA into MIS-representing the USA.

Ron Johnson and James Lankford are seeking to amend Cornyn’s bill making Juneteenth a holiday by replacing Columbus Day with it:
OK, make Juneteenth a holiday.  IRS, State Department, and Postal workers are waaaaaaaaayyyyyy overworked already, right?

But delete Columbus?

RoJo is in full girly-man mode.

RoJo intends to run against Evers, we hear.

Good luck with firing up the base, Ronny-boy.

Levitt Worries "Science" Trashed Itself

The guy won a Nobel, teaches at Stanford, and has a legitimate concern.

...Levitt is frustrated by the lack of inquiry that has taken place within the scientific community regarding COVID-19, and how the fear propaganda was pushed unanimously at the behest of institutional power....

...“It was total panic, and the fact is that all the science we were hearing, for example, from organizations like the World Health Organization, was wrong… This has been a disgraceful situation for science,” Levitt added....

He doesn't name names, but he uses a laser-pointer:

...“You know, the level of stupidity that’s been going on here has been amazing… Even in many places, the politics has infected the scientists, certainly in the USA,” Levitt added....

Not only has "science" trashed itself here, but so have the CDC, Fauci, and Scarf Lady.  They did accomplish one objective:  Trump swallowed the bait and kept up the foolishness LONG after it was clear that the panic was unjustified.

Think Trump learned from that?  Yup.  Now he's letting Governors make damn fools of themselves instead.

Where Are the Bodies??

There must be something wrong here.

The state of Georgia has reached a three-month low in its number of recorded coronavirus deaths, roughly two months after the state began to lift its lockdown restrictions amid sharp criticism that a too-hasty reopening would result in widespread fatalities....
There are NOT enough dead bodies.  Is someone stealing them from hospitals?  Nursing homes?  Playgrounds?

Or is Georgia lying like Hell to keep up its tourism base?

Inquiring minds, and all that......

Evers Won't Tempt Fate

The JS runs a waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy-too-long story on whether Evers will force Wisconsin citizens to wear masks or whether he might order all Wisconsin bars to close.

He won't.

...Evers says his administration no longer has the sole authority to issue statewide mandates aimed at curbing the spread of the virus....

That's what's called "passive-aggressive crapola".

Evers could issue the order(s) and likely prevail if challenged in court.  But he and his puppet-masters, Abortion Barbies Gau and Palm, are not fools.  They like their paychecks, and Evers knows there's a real and serious recall movement out here.

So he blames SCOWI and crawls back under his bed.

Climate Facts You SHOULD Know

The guy who wrote these bullet points was 'cancelled' by Forbes, no matter his expertise--which is considerable on the topic of climate.  You can read the long form here, or just the bullets:

Here are some facts few people know:

  • Humans are not causing a “sixth mass extinction”

  • The Amazon is not “the lungs of the world”

  • Climate change is not making natural disasters worse

  • Fires have declined 25% around the world since 2003

  • The amount of land we use for meat — humankind’s biggest use of land — has declined by an area nearly as large as Alaska

  • The build-up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more, and more dangerous, fires in Australia and California

  • Carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations and have been declining in Britain, Germany, and France since the mid-1970s

  • Adapting to life below sea level made the Netherlands rich not poor

  • We produce 25% more food than we need and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter

  • Habitat loss and the direct killing of wild animals are bigger threats to species than climate change

  • Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels

  • Preventing future pandemics requires more not less “industrial” agriculture

I know that the above facts will sound like “climate denialism” to many people. But that just shows the power of climate alarmism.

In reality, the above facts come from the best-available scientific studies, including those conducted by or accepted by the IPCC, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other leading scientific bodies.

The term to note in the above? "Alarmism."  "Alarmism" makes money, friends.  That's why it exists.

Alchemy, Gorsuch, and Tyranny

How awful was the Harris decision?  The one involving a 'trans-sexual', written by Gorsuch?

It was far more horrible than most people suspect.  Hadley Arkes lays it out for you.

Before we get to that, let's remind you that this decision will NOT be limited to 'employment,' as the deluded non-thinkers in the MSM and many other places of influence would have you believe.  Gorsuch's claim in that regard is almost laughable, like the claims often made by teen-aged children which provoke a bemused smile and shake of the head from parents.

...Gorsuch remarked that his judgment did not reach the matter of bathrooms and locker rooms, for those situations were not contained in the case at hand. But Justice Alito quickly pointed out that the holding had been, after all, that it was wrong to turn away from anyone – to withhold a job or a benefit – because of an aversion to a person’s sexual choice of changing genders.  That judgment would presumptively apply to all instances of that discrimination, and indeed the first case has already been pressed on the side of a transgendered high-school girl, seeking admission to a boys’ bathroom....
That's a terrible, awful, no-good result in and of itself.  But was it the worst one?  Hardly.  We'll get to it with this snippet as prelude:

...Gorsuch had not exactly said that Stephens had changed his biological sex.  My friend Gerard Bradley distilled things in this way:  In the biological sciences, “sex is binary, innate, and immutable.”  And it goes beyond anatomical differences to penetrate to the level of cells.

But “gender identity,” as he says, “denotes a fluid belief system based on cultural constructs, emotion, experiences.”

Gorsuch and the Court can preserve their detachment on the question of whether a man can become a woman only if they simply ignore that inescapable, objective truth of what constitutes “sex.” ...

Now for that which is truly frightening.

Gorsuch did not have to say anything conclusive on that question of whether Stephens had in fact become a woman.   He could simply use his alchemy of “textualism,” working on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and settle on this limited point: that if Stephens came to regard himself as a woman, that is an understanding that the rest of us are obliged to respect when it comes to “discrimination on the basis of sex.

It is "alchemy" indeed, and it's an alchemy which is tyranny, for the power most sought by the tyrant  is to force his subjects to acknowledge a lie as 'truth.'  It is that power which humiliates the subject the most; it is the power of which Solzhenitsyn fervently warned.

Do not dream that only individuals can be tyrants.  States which include 'representatives' in their structure have tyrannical capabilities and often exercise them.  Just ask the Uighurs, or the Kulaks, or the Jews who used to be alive in pre-WWII Germany.

Thanks, "Federalist" Society and Heritage Foundation.  Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Mask Mandate

It is NOT just happenstance that Box-Wine Pelosi and notorious Lefty Aldercritter Dimitrijevic both propose mandatory masks at all times in public.

People in the City of Milwaukee would have to wear face coverings in public spaces to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, under an ordinance that Ald. Marina Dimitrijevic said she plans to introduce next week....
.......nor that the somewhat left-ish "Restaurant Coalition" is demanding same.

For that matter, every restaurant and bar owner in Glendale, Oak Creek, West Allis, Wauwatosa (maybe), Brookfield, Elm Grove, Menomonee Falls, Butler, and New Berlin is also VERY hopeful that this ordinance passes.  Only the fools in Milwaukee think that their meals and cocktails are irreplaceable.  Really?  Is there a special Johnny Walker that only Milwaukee bars serve?  A special "MKE-only" Miller Lite?  Srsly?

As to Pelosi:  let her rant and puke, just like her old-crone pal Hillary.  She can wear a mask while she kisses my ass--which, like my face, will NOT have one.

Bubba & Barky Now Are Also-Rans

That's "Clinton" and "Obozo", of course.

Reported by David Hardy.

Barak Obama and Bill Clinton have just fallen to 2nd and 3rd great gun salesmen in history. Antifa is leaving them in the dust.

"More than 6.5 million gun-sale background checks were conducted from January 1 through April 30, according to the latest NSSF research, which showed a 48% year-over-year rise from the same period in 2019....
Also of interest:

When I started writing on the gun issue in the late 1970's, the US was producing 3 million firearms a year. In the last few years, it was six million per year. Now, its six million in four months.
That's about a 600% increase in production in roughly 40 years.  I don't think it would be prudent for Antifa to sound the trumpets and charge, do you?

Time for Popcorn As Democrats Self-Immolate

Are you entertained??

The Lefties who own the Bucks and operate the Fiserv Forum threatened to sue the Democrat Party after the party failed to make a payment towards the convention--which they cancelled.

The Democrat Party is still $15++ million short of its fund-raising just to not-really have the convention, sorta.

The Bucks owners netted $2.5 million from the Democrats, the party they love.

All that from Bice at the J-S Online.

Oh, yah---Jake Tapper was told to STFU by some dude after Tapper characterized a Muslim mouth as "anti-Semitic."

Watching the Left eat its own children is entertaining!!

It's no wonder that the NYT/WaPo/CNN bunch are writing fiction about Trump.  That distracts from the troubles the (D) bunch is having.

Monday, June 29, 2020

CJ Roberts Is Actually a Murderous Groucho Marx

Ah, yes, the Bush family's gift to 'active measures' racism and genocide of humanity......Chief Justice Roberts.

Three years ago, Roberts was on the OTHER side of a near-identical case.  The decision went against Roberts' position, 6-3.

So this time, Roberts contradicted his previous position 'to preserve stare decisis.'

Roberts becomes Groucho Marx:  "These are my principles and if you don't like them, well, I have others!"

"Independent" Winker for WI-38?

WI-38 is the Assembly district surrounding Oconomowoc.  Currently it is represented by a Republican.

Now we have an "independent" running for the slot, Melissa Winker.  (Where voters typically are 2-1 (R) over (D), one does NOT run as a  "Democrat.")

Moms Demand Action, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund, National Association of Social Workers, and WEAC, not to mention Sierra Club and the Firefighters (who are extreme (D) supporters and who can become ......rowdy).  This last is not a surprise, as Melissa's hubby is a firefighter.  WEAC is no surprise, either, as Melissa is a teacher.

If you didn't get the hint from "Moms Demand Action"--a radical anti-gun outfit, or from WEAC, you haven't been paying attention.

Melissa is NOT "independent."  She's a Democrat/Lefty candidate.

She claims to have a "Master's" degree.  So she's also a RACIST.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Yes, Indeed. That's Dad, Second From the Top

Against Racism? Don't Donate to This Catholic Charity

If you're against racism, some dude in the State of Washington just made your charitable-giving life a whole lot easier!

Rob McCann, President and CEO of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington,...[said]  “My Catholic church and my Catholic Charities organization is racist. How could they not be?”
Q. to the E. to the D.!

Don't donate to Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington!

Dissin' Tony Evers

Good for a laugh.

Up Nort', watching the newscast on some Up Nort' channel.  They run a clip from Madistan wherein Abortion Barbie Palm announces that the State would like to keep the National Guard active for Kung Flu testing beyond July 31 when Fed funding for that purpose dries up.

Palm is on-camera, making the announcement.

At the very end, off-camera, Evers speaks, telling all of us that he's going to ask Trump to extend funding.

The camera NEVER went to Evers.

Who's your Daddy, Tony??

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Christian Hope vs. Kung Flu Panic

Cdl. Sarah mentions "hope" in his book "God or Nothing."  In the passage (P. 201/202) he also shows us what Kung Flu panic is really all about.

...We see how decisively the self-understanding of the early Christians was shaped by their having received the gift of a trustworthy hope, when we compare the Christian life with life prior to faith, or with the situation of the followers of other religions.  Paul reminds the Ephesians that before their encounter with Christ they were 'without hope and without God in the world.' (Eph. 2:12)  Of course he knew that they had had gods, that they had had a religion, but their gods had proved questionable, and no hope emerged from their contradictory myths.  Notwithstanding their gods, they were 'without God' and consequently found themselves in a dark world, facing a dark future.  ......'How quickly we fall back from nothing to nothing':  so says an epitaph of that period.  ......we see in no uncertain terms the point Paul was making.....In the same vein he says ......'You must not grieve as others do who have no hope' (1 Thess 4:13)  Here too we see as a distinguishing mark of the Christians the fact that they have a future.....
Having hope always follows having faith.

There are those 'of little faith' who have gone into panic over Kung Flu.  Do they have faith?  Or have their 'gods proved questionable'?

Jack Del Rio for WI Governor!

Who cares if he lives here or not?  Run the recall and elect Jack Del Rio Gov.

Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is refusing to bow down to a liberal Twitter mob demanding he retract his support of President Donald Trump, responding to an accusation of racism by telling an online assailant to “kiss my a**.”...

One helluva good campaign slogan, no?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Upcoming Epic Movie Hit

View image on Twitter

MKE to Save a Ton of Money

Why is the City of Milwaukee going to save a ton of money?

Organizers upended the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, as they told state delegations not to travel to Milwaukee, moved the convention from Fiserv Forum to the nearby Wisconsin Center and added satellite events around the country.

Delegates will cast votes remotely, even for the presidential nomination in what is shaping up to be an increasingly virtual event.   ...

Can you say "police overtime"?  No Democrat convention, no police overtime.

Oh, yah, well, also no 50,000 delegates occupying hotels, eating at restaurants, drinking at bars, touring the harbor, the Harley museum, the Art museum, the Zoo, ........

But mostly eating, drinking, and sleeping in hotels.

Think the Marcus folks have a bone to pick with Tom Perez & Co.?  No more free drinks for Barrett at the Pfister's bar.

Doh. Obama, the Seditionist

Yah, right, this is really a shock.

Newly released notes confirm President Barack Obama’s key role in surveillance and leak operation against Michael Flynn, the incoming Trump administration national security adviser. The handwritten notes, which were first disclosed in a federal court filing made by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, show President Obama himself personally directed former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to investigate Flynn for having routine phone calls with a Russian counterpart. He also suggests they withhold information from President Trump and his key national security figures.
Nah.  He and Hillary are exempt from prosecution, so don't get all lathered up.

They're Not "Ignorant." They're Insurrectionists

Now and then Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit errs, and this one was a doozy.

The headline?  "Ignorant Leftists Tear Down Statue [...] of Civil War Abolitionist...."

No, Jim.  These animals are NOT "ignorant."  They are insurrectionists, and likely are Communists.

This has nothing to do with race, Floyd, or Brooks.  This has EVERYTHING to do with fomenting and furthering a revolution.

These are the people who should be shot on sight.

Connecting Anarchist Dots in Madison

Wiggy is a valuable source of intel.

...not every public figure opposed the destruction of the statues of the Capitol. Nada Elmikashfi, a Democratic candidate for state Senate in Madison, justified the destruction in a series of Twitter posts Tuesday night.

“Lady forward is the symbolic gatekeeper of an almost all white capitol that legislates in racism,” Elmikashfi posted. “Knocking it down made so many allies uncomfortable tonight, it showed the extent of white fragility. That is effective protest.”

“Fuck your statues,” Elmikashfi added in another Twitter post.

Elmikashfi is running to replace Sen. Fred Risser (D-Madison), the longest-serving member of the Wisconsin Legislature. Elmikashfi, running on the slogan of “a better Madison,” is currently a member of the Sustainable Madison Committee, appointed by Rhodes-Conway. She is a former member of Evers’ staff who served on the “Gubernatorial Appointments team” and a former legislative fellow for former Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse)....

Shilling  moves even higher on the Subversive Wisconsinites list, joining Evers, the girly-man Governor and Madison's Mayor-ette/Dyke Rhodes-Conway.

That's only part of the Anarchist Cabal out there.  Plenty more on the faculty at UW and under rocks at various Lefty organizing groups such as One Wisconsin Now.

How to deal with them??

(D) Tim Carpenter Attacked by Mob in Madistan

Carpenter, a state senator from Milwaukee, was taking a pic of the mob which was rioting near the Capitol in Madistan; the mob attacked him and he collapsed at the scene.  He was hospitalized.

Something else that's interesting:

...Vos also questioned why Gov. Tony Evers hadn't intervened in the destruction of the statues, given it took place on state Capitol property. Protesters also broke windows of a state building near the Capitol which houses the state jobs agency, among other state offices. 

Spokeswomen for Evers and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway did not respond to questions late Tuesday about police force's slow response. ...

Vos should have asked Governor Maggie Gau.  Evers was sleeping and doesn't answer 3AM phone calls.  The Mayor-ette of Madison was reading Jenny Durkan's "Manual on Mayor-ing" (Copyright 2020) and also couldn't be disturbed.