Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Between the LInes on GE's Bennie-Cut

Here's a bit of information:

GE booked $3.3 billion in savings last quarter by widening retiree-benefit cuts from salaried positions to hourly production jobs, prompting a backlash from former employees...

The savings on retiree benefits is the largest for the Fairfield, Conn.-based company since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. Starting Jan. 1, hourly production retirees who turn 65 by the start of 2018 will be cut off from GE's traditional retiree health plan and, instead, reimbursed about $1,000 a year on the cost of Medicare coverage supplements purchased...

You can read the rest on your own.

Unstated directly, but coloring the news-item with a big red crayon:  OBOZOCARE.

The cost of GE's retiree-health plan would have skyrocketed with ObozoCare's rules and regs.  To avoid that, GE simply dumped the plan--and the beneficiaries--into Medicare.  For that matter, the cost of GE's active-employee plan will skyrocket, too--either through the "Cadillac tax" or because of the regs.

Knowing the cozy relationship between Immelt and Obozo, we also know why ObozoCare did not get a direct mention, eh?

Too bad, retirees.  Next time, vote for someone who gives a damn about you.

Cruz, Again

The more one sees of Ted, the more one thinks "Gee.  That could've been RoJo!"

...Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100%, on the other hand, has shown time and time again a willingness to put himself at risk of personal and professional alienation for the sake of his principles. Whatever you think about Cruz’s repeated efforts to repeal Obamacare, his actions with respect to the Planned Parenthood defunding fight have demonstrated, even for those who have been inclined to defend leadership over the years, how well and truly rotten the Senate leadership is. The fact that he put Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) 53% on record stating that adherence to the Senate calendar was more important than defunding Planned Parenthood was a public service to the whole world....

Here's why RoJo became a lily-livered plastic banana:

...for doing this, he has been the victim of an unrelenting campaign of smears and cold shoulders from the GOP establishment. No one in the GOP field – including Trump – has been the recipient of more invective and unsourced backstabbing than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% over the years....

(The same goes for Paul Ryan, a very slick chameleon, indeed.)

Support Andre Jacque!!

The Feds slam $3.5 million/year into the Wisconsin branch of the chop-shop through Title X.

Doesn't have to be that way.

...Kansas and Texas have both successfully redirected Title X funds to family planning services that are not affiliated with an abortion provider like Planned Parenthood. Both states used a tiered approach...

State Rep. Andre Jacque (R) is circulating legislation that would establish a similarly tiered system in Wisconsin and, ultimately, allow Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans to deny Planned Parenthood Title X funds regardless of what happens at the federal level....

This should be a no-brainer.

Wisconsin to Sue Over Ridiculous EPA Plan

Channel 6 managed to bury the lede in this pResidential-propaganda-heavy story.

Walker will sue over the asinine EPA utility regs, and McConnell (!!) sent a letter to all State Governors urging them to ignore the EPA.

Walker, to his eternal credit, has made a point of saying that he would castrate EPA, making it an 'umbrella organization' chartered only to assist States in inter-state disputes over various forms of pollution.

(That position should be part of the (R) platform and should be implemented no matter which (R) is elected, of course; but crony capitalism will raise its hydra-heads in that process.  Count on it. )

Meantime, if you see an EPA employee walking down the street,  shun 'em.


Seems that EPA has powerful (R) pals.

...During his contested primary and general election campaign, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) produced ad after ad promising to fight back against the war on coal.  But aside from some pro forma maneuvers and general bluster, McConnell has done nothing.  He has called for states to fight back against the EPA; he has called for a judicial battle in the courts.  However, he will never use the one recourse he has to redress this grievance – the power of the purse over the EPA.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the top EPA appropriator in the Senate, has already made it clear she will oppose any effort to defund Obama’s energy regulations.  Oh, and McConnell sits on that same appropriations subcommittee. ...

Murkowski is another joke and should be dumped from any committee of the Senate.  Or just dumped, period.

Barrett Loved "The Chop Shop" in 1993, Too

We mentioned that Tom Barrett, the "Catholic" Mayor of Milwaukee, has a smiley-face pose with local Planned Parenthood Chop-Shop leadership.

They should like Tom:  he voted to authorize their 'expense-collection' revenues from their baby-parts-selling business back in 1993.

So did Scott Klug, Steve Gunderson, Jerry Kleczka, and Dave Obey.

So did Feingold, Kohl, McConnell, McCain, Cochran, Hatch, and Grassley.

And--of course--Bill Clinton signed it.

The Criminal Obozo: Cruz Counts the Ways

So you think that Obozo shouldn't be impeached?

Ted Cruz provides about 80 illegal acts committed by the lowlife and his cabal.

In most cases, of course, there are un-indicted co-conspirators who carry the (R) label.  We don't have to tell you the names, again, do we?

Monday, August 03, 2015

Damn Funny Story

So Sipsey went to his reunion.

He tells a story about a couple of his old pals....

Charlie Teets (my best friend in high school, now decades long deceased himself) and I persuaded Bob Frazier to eat a bunch of beans over a period of two days to test the scientific theory that if, (a.) methane was a flammable gas, and (b.) that farts contained significant amounts of methane, that, ergo, (c.) farts were flammable and could be ignited by a lit match. Bob was skeptical but properly encouraged he consumed five cans of pork and beans over a two day period and was properly gassy when the day of the experiment came -- the laboratory being the ground floor boy's restroom of Caledonia Elementary School.  Bob insisted upon being paid his two dollars up front -- a sensible precaution. So, paid in advance, Bob bared his cheeks to the wind, gripped the vertical stand pipe of the toilet, bent over at the proper grunting angle, and I readied the matches -- and the wait began. I went through four matches and two burned fingers before Bob produced the raw material in sync with a lit match, and then . . .

You'll have to read the rest yourselves.  It is hilarious.

McConnell's Failure Theatre on Chop-Shop

McConnell nixed de-funding Planned Parenthood (a/k/a The Chop-Shop) by amendment to the "must-pass" pork-o-rama Highway Bill.

Then he allowed Lee to bring a separate bill--which McConnell knew would fail.

And it did.

This is the (R) Party which is asking for your money, folks.  Because they only control the Senate AND the House.  See, when/if a (R) becomes President, well, then, no problem, right?

Just like with GWB.  Happy days.

Chrysler Hack-Fix: Quick, Dirty, and Dangerous

You've read about the hacking of a Chrysler product.  A couple of white-hat hackers were able to play with the wipers and brakes of a car from several hundred miles away.  They reported the vulnerability to Chrysler.

And then Chrysler went cheap-o to fix it.

...Rather than simply treating the software patch as a traditional recall (i.e. requiring them to visit a service center and have an expert make the fix), Fiat Chrysler is mailing a USB thumb drive to owners of the affected cars. From there, the cars' owners can plug the USB drive into the cars' USB port to patch the software vulnerability. This seems like a convenient way to issue a recall for something that car owners can fix themselves. 

However, as anybody with cybersecurity experience would well know, this opens a huge procedural window for hackers who may be inclined to exploit the vulnerability to take control of the car. Carl Leonard, principal security analyst at Raytheon Websense, says this creates an easy social engineering opportunity and uses a notoriously vulnerable distribution method in the USB drive....

The friggin' US MAIL!!?!!???

Uh-huh.  No wonder Chrysler is begging for a merger with another automotive which actually has a pocketbook.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Unicorns, Rainbows, and The Blackout of ObozoLand

Oh, sure.  No problem, you idiot community organizer.

The Obama administration will unveil a major climate change plan Monday aimed at a large reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the nation's coal-burning power plants...The plan will call for a reduction power-sector carbon pollution of 32% from 2005 levels in 2030 -- a 9% increase over the 2014 draft proposal, the official said. It will also call for a more aggressive transition to renewable energy....

The lawsuits should prevent this reg from taking hold until at least 2016.

Let's see what happens then.  The alternative to a fruitful election (CRUZ, CRUZ, CRUZ!!) will not be very pretty at all.

Tom Barrett, "Catholic" and Planned Parenthood

It's not hard to find a picture of Tom Barrett, "Catholic" on the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood page.

He's in the same group as is Chris Abele.

Next big Milwaukee fundraiser will be in October at the Harley-Davidson museum!!!  (Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term "chopper".)

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Anniversary of Import

Thanks to Sipsey Street, we know that an important American anniversary is celebrated today.

For you twit-fart civil servants-with-attitude, this is a very good reminder of exactly where you stand.

He's a "Judge," Eh?

Wiggy very gently points out that a reserve "judge" who sits as Chair of the rogue agency called G.A.B. doesn't seem to know about Buckley v. Valeo.

It's not as though Buckley was written by some dotty old district judge in Dane County, ya'know.

Another Bunch of Cops Gone Wrong

You've all seen the story.  Voyeurs-with-drone are bothering a young lass who is sunbathing in her own (privacy-fenced) yard.

She asks her dad to take a look.  He does.  Voyeurs-with-drone keep the drone over the daughter.

Father takes out his 12-ga. and ends the drone's life.

Kentucky cops arrest the father.


The next time a drone shows up surveying the young lass, would a next-door neighbor do the right thing and blast the damn thing out of the air, again?  And if a third drone, then a third neighbor/shotgun,....etc.?

Maybe the cop-shop will get the hint.  If not (they can be dense, ya'know) the ELECTED county prosecutor certainly will get a hint.

We hope so.  Things could get even rougher, I suppose.

US Navy Nutbag Is SecNav

Now that I think of it, a young friend of mine quit the Seals a few years ago.  He saw the handwriting on the wall.

A Navy officer and Marine reportedly returned fire at the shooter who killed five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn., even though current policy does not permit military members to carry firearms on facilities such as those where the attack occurred.
The cold-blooded assault killed four Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist. The center’s commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, used his personal firearm to engage the shooter during the attack,...

 ...resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property....Col. Allen West, USA (ret.)

The old saw that "the law, sir, is an ass" comes to mind.  Beyond that it will be difficult to comment while maintaining "family" standards here.

Next Stop for HomoFascist: Smash Religious Exemptions

It's likely that Wisconsin will be a target of the next HomoFascist campaign.

Revelations that a half dozen well-heeled liberal foundations are pouring millions of dollars into a concerted campaign to force religious organizations to accept same sex “marriage” have defenders of religious rights warning of a new “wave” of litigation. 

“Attacking religious exemptions is the next big wave,” Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, told LifeSiteNews....

... The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Gill Foundation, the Proteus Fund, the David Bohnett Foundation, the Arcus Foundation, and the Ford Foundation have contributed $4.8 million to the cause of suppressing religious rights...

Surprised to see that the Rockefeller Foundation isn't there....yet.

The strategy is simple.

...Sweeney [a homosex activist] warned the Out & Equal Executive Forum that victory was not complete with the Supreme Court decision overthrowing state laws defending traditional, heterosexual marriage. The homosexual and trans communities “face a new set of threats around religious exemptions to laws that protect us and our families,” he said....

...Peter Breen of the Chicago-based Thomas More Law Center told LifeSiteNews that states which have not pass laws legalizing same-sex marriage are particularly vulnerable to legal action restricting religious exemptions. Ironically, wherever states passed same- sex marriage laws, they included protection for religious freedom.

But states which never legalized same-sex marriage also never provided exemptions from anti-discrimination laws for Christians—whether bakers, or universities or churches with Scout troops. So States with old  laws on the books intending to protect heterosexual married couples from discrimination will now cover same-sex marriages too....

That was the entire point of crushing the Indiana RFRA law--on which the (R) Governor of Indiana caved like a paper suit.

You've been warned.

Another Good Point From The Donald

The Donald makes a good point here.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Crimea is “Europe’s problem, much more so than ours” in an interview with CNN broadcast on Friday.   ..."And when Europe comes to us and says ‘we want your help, we want your help.’ But, they’re not doing that. They’re dealing with Russia, they’re taking in the gas, they’re taking in the oil. They’re not doing that. We’re making a big deal out of it, but why isn’t Germany leading this one? You know, Germany is a very rich, very powerful nation. Why aren’t they dealing on it[?]"...

Yes.  No one has shown that the Crimea/Ukraine matter contains a compelling US interest.  Only the Bush family and the Perpetual-War Crowd (see McCain, John and other neo-cons) want US guns, ammo, and troops in every corner of the world.

Trump might prefer to keep our guns, ammo, and troops at the border--which would be a very good place to start.

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Obozo Recovery, Part 34,576

Yup.  Wage "growth" is in the dumper.

The quarterly increase in US wages was just 0.2% - a third of the 0.6% rise expected - and a meager 2% increase Y/Y in line with all the other depressed BLS data, which dashes the "wage growth is looming" meme and crushed the 0.7% rise in Q1 that had so many hopeful of escape velocity any day now.
Because the ECI tracks the same job over time, it removes shifts in the mix of workers across industries, which is a shortcoming of the hourly earnings figures, which makes this number even more of a diaster. This is the weakest US wage growth since records begain in 1982 and half as slow as the weakest of 57 economist estimates....

Yah, hey.  You can keep your debt, whether you like it or not, because your earnings will NOT grow.

The (R) Congress in a Nutshell

This sums up the (R) Congress:

...The group responsible for releasing these [PP] videos, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), has done more for the Pro-Life cause and human life in just two weeks than the entire GOP-led Congress has even come close to since January 2011, when Republicans took the House...

Any minute now, Paul Ryan will emerge from his silence (note that he's been VERY silent about this) and tell us that, 'Well, the voters only gave us 2/3rds of the Gummint, and we need ALL of it to actually DO something...'  (That happens to be the line that Rubio tried to use on Hannity the other night.  What brass balls that twit Rubio has, eh?)

Or some such bullshit.  "Mr. Catholic" Ryan--like Cdl. Dolan, and the recently-Catholic Sensenbrenner--have yet to utter a peep on the PP videos.

And these turkeys wonder why Conservatives have no use for them.

Jeb Bush's Murderous Associations

We all know that Barbara Bush is enamored with Planned Parenthood.

Now it appears that Jeb Bush has the same problem.

Until the eve of his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush was [a] director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and financed its advocacy of "unrestricted access to abortion" around the world. The charity also approved money to global abortion providers while he sat on its board. 

In 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation...

... While a Bush spokesman has responded to concerns by saying that Bush would not have voted on every initiative of the foundation, a pro-life leader told LifeSiteNews it "stretches credibility" that Bush was unaware of the foundation's pro-abortion work, given the centrality of such work to the foundation's mission, and its scope....

Yes, it does "stretch credibility," especially given the Bush family's anti-life track record.

In fairness, it's not likely that Jeb Bush (nor Barbara) was aware of the utterly depraved practices of PP's chop-shops.  On the other hand, they DID know that PP is and always was an abortion business.  Did they think that "merely killing babies" was some sort of 'clean' objective?


Cdl. Dolan's Priority Problem

Sometimes someone does the right thing, but does NOT do the REALLY right thing.

That's Cardinal Dolan of NYC.  Again.  The fellow has a priority problem.

This week, he compared The Donald's immigration stance to the Know-Nothings and the KKK--both of which were anti-Catholic, and "nativist."  

But Cardinal Dolan of NYC did not have the time to say one (internet searchable) word about Planned Parenthood's Holocaust-and-Mengele practice.

In fact, the Cardinal has a few more things upside-down, or inverted, or whatever, on those two issues.

He sorta concedes that 'regulating immigration' is licit while failing to mention that the problem here--today--is totally UN-regulated immigration.  He justifiably condemns the attitude that immigrants are (mostly) dirty, unwashed, criminals while failing to mention that the State of Texas's crime problem with illegals is very serious, indeed. 

On the other hand......

The Cardinal served as the Grand Marshal of this year's St Paddy's Day parade--and that parade refused to allow a pro-life group to march.  Why?  Because (apparently) the pro-life group would 'bother' the pro-homosexual bunch who were in the same parade.

Oh, really?  So the Cardinal thinks that the homosexuals are Special Snowflakes Deserving Protection from--what?--vicious, bomb-throwing, bullying pro-lifers? 

Are the pro-lifers also "dirty, unwashed, criminals", Cardinal?

Perhaps the Cardinal should spend a little more time reflecting on priorities, the first of which is "life."  Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are nice, but the Framers had their priorities straight, even though they were (largely) Protestants.

Just sayin'

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kleefisch, the Socialist Honda-Rider

You may have seen Joel Kleefisch riding around on his Honda mini-bike, disguising himself with a rather rough beard.

There's a reason for that disguise.  He yaps about being "the most conservative Legislator in the Assembly." 


...Dale Kooyenga, Mike Kuglitsch, Rob Hutton, Joe Sanfelippo, Janel Brandtjen and Joel Kleefisch voted yes for publicly funding the arena....

No mention from Joel about ending the Selig Tax, which has now been robbing SE Wisconsin residents for twenty long years.

Gen. Honore: Still Stuck on Stupid

Apparently the General has reading comprehension problems when it comes to the Second Amendment.

Beyond that, The Captain has some very interesting questions about the hurricane-recovery protocols at the end of his post.

Very interesting, indeed!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fourth-Gen Warfare, Congressional Style

Here's how Congressional Republicans can counter-attack Obozo and really get into his OODA-loop but good:  begin impeachment proceedings against not only IRS's Koskinen, but also the Secretaries of EPA, HHS, and the current big cheese at ATF.

Throw in "Justice" Kennedy for good measure.

I realize that this is impossible.  Not because such proceedings are unwarranted; in fact, they are richly deserved.  No; the reason it is impossible is because, amidst all the Congressional "leadership" there are not two testicles to be found.

Call a Lying Liar a Liar? Get Punished!

The simpering snivelers of the US Senate:

....Friday, Cruz accused McConnell of telling a “flat-out lie” by shifting his plans to move the bank measure.
Republicans were taken aback, noting that the Senate has rules barring members from impugning the integrity of another senator — much less a party leader.

“I think it was a violation of the rules,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.). “It’s not how you treat a colleague regardless of how you feel.”

Tillis and several other GOP senators said Cruz’s rhetoric backfired. “Generally speaking,” Tillis said, senators declined to give him a roll-call vote because they disapproved of his name-calling and the risky precedent his tactics would set if he were successful in forcing a vote. A senior Republican senator said refusing to give Cruz a vote was not a coordinated strategy by the leadership: It came about after GOP senators discussed the matter quietly on the floor....

Snivel....wail....stamp feets...

This is hysteria without the ovaries, Tillis, you Twit.

It is a FACT that McConnell is a lying liar.  This is not the first time McConnell has done it, nor will it be the last.

The Liar's Club (which includes prominent Members of the House, hint, hint) is at this very time wondering how in Hell The Donald can be so damn popular.   SPADE, SHOVEL, morons!

Points for Walker: Emasculate EPA

About time that somebody took on this bunch of wackos.

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said Monday he would shift most of the responsibilities of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to state-based regulators, leaving the EPA to serve as an "umbrella organization" that would resolve disputes between them....

After IRS, the EPA is easily the most visible and dangerous agency in Washington.  Walker's idea is good, but it has some problems.

...The EPA, Walker said, should become "an umbrella organization that really is limited to mediating interstate conflicts over, say, where a body of water or a piece of land goes through multiple states."...

That allows EPA far too much wiggle room.  EPA will claim, for example, that wind creates interstate "air pollution" problems, thus EPA should have plenipotentiary power wherever there is wind.

And John Roberts will agree.

Oh. It's Not a "Treaty"

Have to admit that I wasn't keeping up with the parsing since the Clinton(s) left office.  I should have.

The White House did not pursue the nuclear agreement with Iran as an international treaty, because getting U.S. Senate advice and consent for a treaty has “become physically impossible,” Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Kerry, of course, is lying.  The only treaties which are "impossible" to get through the Senate are the ones which put the US in a secondary position internationally, such as "Law of the Sea" or "Comprehensive Test Ban."

Others which vitiate the Constitution cannot pass, either.  But not to worry!!  We have SCOTUS for that purpose.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ron Johnson's Priorities

The Highway Robbery Bill, a porker, which the Senate passed (RoJo voted "YEA!!" of course) was a "must pass" bill; without its passage, Federal funding of the usual suspects will come to an end.

So RoJo, good little crony-ist that he is, voted for it.

Mike Lee attempted to add an amendment which would de-fund Planned Parenthood.  He couldn't find 9 other "pro-life" Senators to vote for that addition.

RoJo apparently was not interested.

We all have priorities, eh?

ObozoCare Failing Big-Time

No one with common sense would be surprised at that headline.

But the (R) Party, given TWO YEARS during which to shut it down, rolled over and played dead anyway.

Thanks, RoJo!!  Thanks, Boehner, you sot.

RoJo! Ryan!! Grothman!!! Pay Attention!

Not to worry.  They don't really give a rotten damn about this poll.

But in case YOU are interested, one poll says that FIFTY THREE PERCENT OF (R)-LEANING VOTERS think they are NOT well-represented in D.C.

One wonders if 47% are the corporate cronies or just clueless.

It Ain't Only the Ladies

Here's a short essay which should be made into sermon material.  Has to do with boob-shots at Mass.

But it's not only "the ladies."  The number of men who show up for Mass wearing shorts is mind-boggling.  Why bother with the nicely-pressed dress short-sleeved shirt?  Why not just yesterday's t-shirt?

Some of you are stuffed shirts during the work-week.  So do you show up at your law office wearing those shorts?  Think your clientele will take you seriously if you do?

What about God?  Will He?

Kudos to RoJo!

Kinda nice to find one positive nugget about our senior Senator.

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director R. James Woolsey warned lawmakers that natural and manmade electromagnetic pulses present an “existential threat to the American people” and accused congressional and White House officials of ignoring a potential catastrophe.

Testifying before the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, Woolsey, who served two years under President Bill Clinton, warned that EMP is “a clear and present danger and that something must be done to protect the electric grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures — immediately.”...

...Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the committee chairman, intends to address the potential catastrophe by proposing an immediate $100 million congressional allotment to address the vulnerabilities extent in the nation’s power grid.

The U.S., Johnson said, needs to “pull our heads out of the sand.”

“This is a threat that is real and we need to acknowledge it,” Johnson said.

Woolsey told Johnson – the lone lawmaker sitting through the hearing for the first hour and a half – that EMP “is not science fiction.

 It would be very easy to find FAR MORE than $100 million if RoJo would have ....oh, I dunno.....found the courage to eliminate ObozoCare.  But it's a start.

The Authority Writes on The Doe(s)

Esenberg holds forth.

In the wake of the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision on the John Doe investigation, SpeciaL Prosecutor Fran Schmitz issued a strident statement criticizing the Court's decision. Losing an important case is always disappointing and a lawyer is certainly free to publicly differ with the outcome. But Schmitz' statement is revealing.

He says the Court's ruling "defies common sense" because now someone who contributes $ 25 to a candidate will have his or her name disclosed while someone who gives $ 100,000 to a group who closely coordinates with a candidate will not. That may be so and it may not be desirable, but it is a function of Wisconsin's outdated campaign finance law and not some distortion of that law by the court

Yes.  Legislatures, at all levels, write unclear or half-finished laws so that regulators can fill in the blanks damn near any way they want.  To a legislator, that's a feature, not a bug, by the way.

And--whether Schmitz was the brains behind this, or whether he was led down a garden-path by the clearly malevolent D.A. Chisholm (also featured in the below post),-- he was dead wrong on his interpretation of the law.

But that's not the part which inspires revulsion over the matter.

This is:

...Schmitz objects to the Court's characterization of the details of the raids. It doesn't matter. Let's step back and consider what happened here. At the instigation of the Democratic prosecutor of Milwaukee County, a five year long investigation into one side of the political spectrum was conducted. In it's initial iteration, it found almost nothing that it set out to find. That Democratic District Attorney doubled down and launched a new probe. In aid of this latter investigation, prosecutors blanketed Wisconsin's conservative infrastructure with astonishingly broad subpoenas and launched pre-dawn raids on the homes of certain activists. They told the targets that they could tell no one what was being done to them.

There is no dispute about any of that and, quite frankly, other details about the raids don't matter. If true, they merely aggravate the offense
. Treating political activists like drug traffickers is highly unusual and sends a clear message to others. Get involved in politics and you may be treated like a criminal.

Let's take this a step further.  "Justice" Kennedy has invited the Obozo Administration to prosecute those who object to queer "marriage" as "Haters."  "Hate speech" is a prosecutable offense in this country, you know.  While AG Lynch may not have the time or the resources to pursue "haters," the gate is wide open for similar raids on conscientious objectors.

Don't believe that?  Then watch the DOJ and California's AG prosecute the makers of the "Chop Shop" tapes.

This is the stuff about which Codevilla wrote, as mentioned below.

Codevilla on Trump, McCain, and the Brahmin (R)/(D) Caste

Prof. Angelo Codevilla has a few damning words for McCain and a lot more damning words for the (R) "Upper Class" surrounding that Senator.  (Codevilla was a staffer on the Senate Intel Committee.  He knows whereof he speaks.)

...Trump remarked, off the cuff, that “Mexico does not send us its best.” The public had long since decided that our ruling class’s handling of immigration (not just from Mexico) has done us harm. The ruling class – officials, corporations, etc.- booed with generalities but did not try to argue that they had improved America by their handling of immigration. The more they would argue that, the more they would lose....

Yah, well, we knew all about Mexico.  So what about McCain?  Turns out that Rove had his number a long time ago.

...Because Americans are sick of celebrating victims of defeats, and naturally eager to enjoy the kind of peace that only victories can bring, Trump’s expressed preference for heroes who “don’t get captured” resonated. Trump may or may not know any of the unsavory details about McCain’s actions as a POW and, as a public official, in regard to POWs and MIAs. But it does not take much research to find out why nobody will defend him other than by trying to prevent discussion those details. Surely Republican “architect” Karl Rove, who organized South Carolina’s military vote against McCain in the 2000 primary, knows them. The families of Vietnam POWs-MIAs pour onto anyone who will listen to their bitterness at McCain’s role in denying the existence of abandoned POWs and sealing information about them....

Oh.  Well, that makes all that High Dudgeon about McCain considerably less honorable, ain'a?

...The point here is simple: our ruling class has succeeded in ruling not by reason or persuasion, never mind integrity, but by occupying society’s commanding heights, by imposing itself and its ever-changing appetites on the rest of us. It has co-opted or intimidated potential opponents by denying the legitimacy of opposition. Donald Trump, haplessness and clownishness notwithstanding, has shown how easily this regime may be threatened just by refusing to be intimidated....

"Refusing to be intimidated" plays no small part in the massive arming-up of the US citizenry over the last several years, by the way.  This is not just about "criminals," although that plays the largest part.  It's also about the natural American resistance to Statist ambitions.  Yes, the IRS (and dozens of other agencies, Fed, State, and local), can obliterate one's cash and savings with the flip of a switch, and yes (as proven locally by D.A. Chisholm) they can rip through one's personal effects with impunity.  So far, anyway....but even local turds like Chisholm have to be thinking "what if?" one of their actions leads to real conflict.  The term '4th-generation warfare' exists for a reason.

And there are topics about which even Trump will not speak, but which are more important than illegals and

...Justice Kennedy’s majority opinions in Windsor and Obergefell preemptively accused anyone who opposed redefining marriage to include homosexuals of being “offensive,” “hateful.” Refusal to honor homosexual unions, he wrote, is not “explicable by anything except animus.” What if a statesman, speaking for the American people, were to ask what, precisely, is so honorable about anal intercourse that those who refuse to honor it should be so stigmatized? Before 1961, all 50 states criminalized anal intercourse, heterosexual as well as homosexual. Why precisely were they wrong in doing so? By what right does anyone place such questions “out of bounds”?...

Were Trump interested in this, he might declare Kennedy to be both full of s&^% and a slanderous slut.  (That would be accurate, but not PC, of course.)

...After a video showing officials of federally-funded Planned Parenthood taking orders for body parts of babies to be custom-slaughtered for that purpose, House Speaker John Boehner deflected demands for legislation to stop this by saying he needed more information....

...oh, yah.  Boehner's hung-over feckless spine-deprived crap is Biblical-proportioned.  This "need for information" comes from a "Catholic" who regularly campaigns on his anti-abortion creds???

...Republicans and Democrats profit personally and through their corporate cronies by a welter of legislation and regulation by which they command what we must eat, how to shower, what medical care is proper and what is not: mandating that a third of the U.S. corn crop be turned into ethanol, restricting the use of coal, how we may use our land, etc.  They justify these predatory intrusions into our lives by claiming that peculiar knowledge of science unavailable to others. They refuse to justify their scientific conclusions with the likes of us....

Oh, yes,  Our Leaders are Smart, Informed, and Better.  And even when they are criminals (viz. Hillary and Lerner, inter alia) they are well-fed and pensioned courtesy of the taxpayer.

Trump is not the answer.  But he has a lot of the right questions.

McConnell Continues Baby-killer Funding

The oleaginous huckster McConnell slithers on.

The Highway (Robbery) Bill passed the Senate last night.  We all knew that would happen. 

And Mike Lee tried to add an amendment which would de-fund the Planned Parenthood chop-shop.

That amendment was said to be "not relevant" to the highway bill.

However, a Ron Johnson favorite "failure theater" amendment WAS added, to defund ObozoCare.

Evidently that amendment IS "germane."

Nearest I can figure out, McConnell wants his highway to Hell to be nicely paved.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Remember This

HT:  MoonBattery

Ranting on the P*ssy-Wimp (R) Consultants

Yes, the little p*ssy-wimp geeks (Republican Consultants) are all a-twitter, panty-wadded, and a-fuffle over Trump.

Actual Conservatives fire back. 

A couple of choice bits here, with P*ssy-wimp accusations in bold:

...You’re angry as Hell, and by God, you’re going to teach the GOP a lesson. See? You do get it. Dimly, because you then go on: Even if it means (and it well may) that Hillary Clinton sits in the White House, names 3 or 4 Supreme Court justices and lets Bill run around the East Wing molesting the help, you’re going to teach the hated Establishment a lesson. Ahh yes, the old SCOTUS boogeyman. If we keep our little temper tantrum going, why, we'll miss out on stalwart Republican Justices like Anthony “Watch as I repeatedly cite my own opinions to invent case law” Kennedy and John “Tax 'em if you got 'em” Roberts....


...You’ve decided to become one-issue voters, and immigration is the be-all, end-all issue. Immigration is not the issue, Rick. Illegal immigration that threatens to change the national character and culture while at the same time impoverishing the working class is. There is a big difference. This is an important issue, but you're missing the big picture. The important this here is that the Republican Party has repeatedly rolled over on amnesty after running promising to oppose it. Again, and again and again. You've been lying to us Rick, pissing in our faces and telling us it's raining outside. We elected you to oppose amnesty. Specifically. You haven't. You've supported it. The long hair we just pulled off your collar, this time we're supposed to believe that “she's just a friend”? Yeah right...

Yes, there's more!!

...You don’t know and don’t care why the professionals want Trump in the rear-view mirror Why, by all means. We should stand back and let the “professionals” handle it. Professionals like who Rick? Like you? Like Steve Schmidt? Like the Barbour boys down in Mississippi, appealing to Democrats to get establishment butt boy Thad Cochran elected by hook or by crook?....

Actually, that one was ALL crook.  Come to think of it, Crooks and Liars.

The rest is just as good.

McCain: "Don't Arm the Troops"

Interesting little side-note here.

...Senator Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) said that in June he “submitted an amendment” to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) “to give military base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms.”

That was weeks before the heinous attack on Chattanooga, but he says the amendment went nowhere because Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “didn’t want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn’t accept it....

You must remember that McCain was an officer, not an EM.  That makes a difference, I guess.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Senate Slimeballs Meet.....

...and merge into a Super-Slimeball.

McConnell wants to save Ex-Im because his Chamber masters told him to.

Reid wants to save the National Chop-Shop.

So McConnell arranged it all in one fell swoop on the Highway funding monster.

Talk about a Cantina Scene.