Tuesday, February 21, 2017

John (Bomb-Bomb) McCain, Secretary of State

What we didn't know about John McCain:  he can pose as Sec/State.  Explains why he doesn't want any interference from Administration people--like the REAL Sec/State, or National Security types.

Of course, Bomb-Bomb does need better phone-screening skills.

US Senators Will Be Jealous

The guy has done very well.  Better than US Senators!

...The Daily Mail reported Monday that estimates for the net worth of Russian leader Vladimir Putin range from $40 billion all the way up to $200 billion which would make him by far the wealthiest man in the world....

Money is not everything, of course.

...Putin owns a yacht worth a reported $35 million named Olympia...

He also has (reportedly) a brace of helicopters and airplanes and 20 estates.

Holy State Health Plan, Batman!!

Owen relays a very disturbing stat from Torinus.

...The state spends $1.5 billion per year to provide a fat, under-managed health plan for 65,000 state employees. That comes to $23,000 per head. That bloated number is about $10,000 per employee higher than what best practice private companies and school districts are paying for very full benefit plans....

Here's something else to think about:  NOT ONE of our "conservative" Leggies, nor the Governor, noticed that.

Think that DC is the only other-world place in the US?  Nope.  Madistan, folks.  Madistan. 

Worser and Worser Yet: (D) Intel Staffing

Daily Caller has a very big story here and it's going to get more interesting as it develops.

Short version:  (D) Congress-members on the Intel Committee(!!!!) hire a bunch of ....ahhh.....integrity-challenged Pakis to run the (D) intel, foreign affairs, and military affairs computers.

Things go south.  We don't know--yet--what parts of US intel were compromised.  We do know that Iraqi money was involved.

What we DO know:  Democrat politicians will hire almost anyone, over-pay them, and pay ZERO attention to what their hirelings are doing, even with extremely sensitive information.

Monday, February 20, 2017

McMaster Seems To Be A-1

When both HotAir and Grim concur, the other votes don't matter.

McMaster's THE MAN.

Cdl. Burke: 'vonRumerstein Lied'

Control of the Knights of Malta (and its very, very, large pile of assets) has been given over to Pp. Francis' own man.  It was done outside the law--at least, as the law has been applied for 300+ years.

For whatever reason, the Pope's boyzzz deem it necessary to lie about the events leading up to their coup d'etat, too.


HT:  212

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Something for the US Bishops To See

There's been some yappaflappa from the U S Catholic Conference (of Bishops) about 'making nice-nice to immigrants' from Muslim-dominant countries.

To my knowledge, only the Cardinal in New York City has a degree in Church History.  He prolly knows most of what you'll see on the embedded video here.

The rest of the USCC/Bishops (and priests and laity), however, could profit from viewing it.



"Blue Dye" Works On One Trump Staffer (?)

From the not-too-reliable Gateway, we get this:

GotNews reported Sunday that one of the primary sources of the series of leaks that were designed to undermine the Trump Administration and his presidency have been coming from none other than #NeverTrumper Kate Walsh....

The Blue Dye trick:

“The president and his allies have been deliberately feeding her fake information in order to find her network,” says a source close to the president’s family. “It’s been going well.”...

By the way, Priebus has been implicated, too--but perhaps he was the one injecting the "blue dye."

About That Border Wall....and Drugs...

See, that "wall" thing has TWO purposes.  One is the illegals problem, which is significant.

But even MORE significant is the drug trafficking which--by and large--uses the same porous border.  (Not that the Left-O-Wackies in the City of Milwaukee will talk about that when they ululate over the opioid-deaths stats.  Nah.  Can't talk about Mexican Drug Gangs.  That's RAAAACISSSS')

Another perspective on all that comes from this essay, wherein the author notes the de facto "no guns for Mexican citizens" regulation and speculates on the reason therefor.  Along the way, he also tells us why Trump made that offhand comment to the Pres/Mexico that 'we can help take out those bad hombres you have there.'

...The astounding power of the drug cartels over virtually every facet of life in Mexico exists, because there is little motivation to actually shut down the cartels. And what would be in the best interest of the drug lords? 
That’s simple – a total lack of firearms available to Juan Q. Publico, because at some point the good citizens of Mexico are going to have their fill of being slaughtered in their own streets. At some point they’re going to want to take matters into their own hands to do what the government can’t or won’t do – and that’s not good for business. So Mexico has become the self-appointed moral arbiter of U.S. gun laws not because stopping gun trafficking is good for Juan Q. No, he wants nothing more than to be able to own a firearm to protect his family. Stopping gun trafficking is good for the cartels who want absolute control of the country, because that’s just good for business....

You don't have to be too bright to read between the lines there.  The Mexican Gummint bears a large share of the responsibility for drug-gang activity.  That swamp has a helluvalot more 'gators than even D.C.

Where's "Black Jack" Sherman when you need him??

DumbAss "Media"--Like Up-Chuck Todd--v. ObozoLies

The Federalist does a great job of showing why UpChuck Todd (et.al.) deserve no quarter from US citizens.

Remember Benghazi??

...While Trump press secretary Sean Spicer fielded 55 questions on February 14 related to the Flynn debacle, Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney received only 13 questions from reporters on September 12, 2012, three of which were set-ups to blast Mitt Romney’s criticism of the administration after the attack. 55 to 13....

...On September 14, hours before the remains of the Benghazi victims would arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, Carney was still blaming the video....

...Rice repeats the line that Benghazi attack was not premeditated and was connected to the demonstrations in Cairo over the video...on Air Force One the next day, guess how many times Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about Rice’s comments? Ten? Five? One? Not once. Let me repeat that. The day after Obama’s national security advisor was on five news programs to blame a terrorist attack on a YouTube video, not one reporter asked the White House about it....

Not UpChuck Todd.  Nosiree, Bob!!  He got no questions for the massa in the Big House.  Nope.

...Here’s what they did discuss: Debate prep, Occupy Wall Street, and the Chicago’s teachers strike. An actual human reporter asked this: “It was a beautiful weekend for golf and he wasn’t out on the course. Is it safe to assume maybe he was doing some preparation at the White House?” WHAT? Then they joked about football and “Saturday Night Live....

Yup.  We should take these turds seriously.  They went to How To Be a Member of the Press School for this, ya'know.

Want more?  No problem!!  RenMan absolutely fillets SeeBS' "report" on the draining of the State Swamp.

Teh Stoooopids, It Hurts

Some sort of media critter issues forth a stupidity SO large that only the media could have issued it.

Snark On the Civil War in the Catholic Church

You can look up my previous posts on the 'civil war' topic.  The controversy is over a papal document entitled "Amoris Laetitia", which is Latin for 'The Joy of Love'.

The first snark on the document was "The Joy of Sex" because there is this YUUUUUGE ambiguity in the document concerning post-(civil) divorce re-marriage-with-benefits, which is (was??) considered mortally sinful until only....ohhhh.......12 months ago or so.

The better snark emerged today:

"Amoralis Lamentia"

You don't have to be a Latinist to get the drift there.


Bobbsey Twins McCain & Graham, Go to War

The Bobbsey Twin US Senators--McCain and Graham--stand ready, like their corpulescent mentor Billy Kristol, to send YOUR children to war, any time, any place.

There must be one helluvalotta campaign money in that War Lobby.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Usual BS: "Power Struggle"

You'd think that the Fifth Column MSM could come up with something original.  But then, you'd be granting them way too much credit.

Today I googled "Johnny Carson jokes" for a small project.  One of the pages that came up had about two dozen of his one-liners (and a dozen Karnak jokes, too!!)

And sure enough, Carson had a one-liner about a 'power struggle' in the REAGAN White House.

Just bring it 36 years forward and we have Priebus v. Bannon v. what's-his-son-in-law, yadayada.

Same shit, different day, folks.  That's the domestic enemy for ya.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gander Mountain Goes BK

Well isn't this a fine kettle of fish.

St. Paul, Minnesota-based Gander Mountain Co. is currently in the process of filing for bankruptcy. The company is working with a financial advisory firm, Lighthouse Management Group, to file bankruptcy as early as this month.

The financial decision comes after Gander Mountain attempted an aggressive expansion of its stores but failed to attract new customers. To date, the sporting goods chain has roughly 160 stores, 60 of which have opened since 2012....

May be headquartered in St Paul now, but it started in SE Wisconsin.  It is privately held by its chairman and a company also involved with Holiday gas stations (!!)

Free College, For Some

At the ever-zany UW-Madistan, officials are now 'studying' a demand that Black Students get free tuition.

Offhand, I'd say that's racism.

Mary Shelley's Prediction Comes True

It took a while, but Mary Shelley's prediction-novel has just about come true.

...An influential science advisory group formed by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine on Tuesday lent its support to a once-unthinkable proposition: clinical efforts to engineer humans with inheritable genetic traits.

In a report laden with caveats and notes of caution, the group endorsed the alteration of human eggs, sperm and embryos...quoted at Z-Man's place

Just because it can be done....right??

Some Pubbies Get It. Others....

A telling short news item:

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a two-page bill Tuesday to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the darling of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders....

Abolish it.  Schmeiss it.  Nuke it.  Not one stone left atop another.  Lamentations of the women, and all that.

Speaking of Lamenting Women:

...Other Republicans have ideas for reforming President Barack Obama’s signature financial protection agency, Reuters reports. Georgia Sen. David Perdue intends to change the CFPB to make it more accountable to Congress....

Lookie there!!  A wannabee-acolyte of McConnell!

Egg McMuffin, Bridesmaid

The last-minute substitute candidate, who was 7th on a 5-man depth chart, now states that Trump "presents a threat to the country."

This was Charlie Sykes' choice, folks.

Who Is Doing What To Whom in D.C.?

The fight is just getting underway! 

See the link below for more--but here's the very brief briefing:

Back in the 1950's, the Russkis were the Epitome of Evil, probably because the US press didn't have a clue as to what was going on in Red China, or (more likely) because the US press didn't give a rotten fart about Chinese people anyway.

Regardless, the Russkis maintained their "principal evil" status until John Paul II, Lech Walensa, and Ron Reagan took them out.   The Russkis were then reduced to a regional hegemon; they still had lotsa nasty weapons and well-trained troops, but their slave-states had been emancipated.

Now, all of a sudden, the Russkis are the Epitome of Evil again!  Or so it would seem, if one reads the CIA/NSA/FBI leaker files now being airdropped like propaganda leaflets all over D.C.

(By the way, in the '50's Russia was evil because it was run by the Godless Communists.  One never sees that term today, because the (D) Party, the Deep State, and the servant MSM are also..........you guessed it!!)

Fast forward to Trump's entrance, stage right.

Trump prevailed because the vast middle of the US had had enough of the horsecrap oozing out of the DC Augean stables, whether statutory, regulatory, or shaming-rhetorical.  He offered an alternative:  the US and its citizens will be first in line and the Ruling Class will be forced to settle for much, much less.  Not only less influence and less ability to interfere with normal people pursuing normal lives in normal ways--but also the Ruling Class will get less Gummint Titty.

This the Ruling Class will not abide.  They enjoyed sacrificing YOUR children to their endless wars and monumental debts (their children were, by and large, aborted.)  They enjoyed a standard of living un-matched in the world, and--by the way--un-matched in 95% of the US, too.  And they expect to draw a retirement package which would be the envy of most third-world dictators, paid for by your grandchildren.

When that, and the Delusion-Dream of One World (run by, you guessed it) were threatened by anyone, especially a somewhat heathen and flawed man, the Ruling Class took action.

THAT is what you are seeing in DC.  Obozo and Soros in background, rioters in foreground, and the Vast Deep State--most of Congress, 2 million++ Federal employees, (not to mention their grantees in colleges) and their camp-follower Press--counter-attacking Trump.

They think they will not be vanquished.

We'll see about that.

FINALLY, ObozoCare Replacement!

While RoJo and Speaker Ryan were sputtering and fiddling, actual Conservatives were working.

...In 2010, Republicans won the House of Representatives; and in 2014, Republicans won the Senate; and in 2016, Republicans won the White House–all based on that promise to unwind President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform legislation, he said. “We owe this to the conservatives across the country to repeal–to completely repeal Obamacare.”...

Remember that, Senator Johnson???

...Capitol Hill conservatives rallied behind the bill sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) to replace the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, with a patient-centered federal policy at a Wednesday press conference at the Capitol....

There's a picture at the top of the story.  No RoJo present.

...For [Rand] Paul the three top improvements in the bill are that it legalizes the sale of inexpensive insurance, expands the Health Savings Accounts which allow individuals to set aside money in tax-protected accounts for medical expenses, and allows Americans to band together in health insurance associations to create large pools of buyers for the purposes of driving down costs, he said....

Ball's in your court, Ron and Ryan.  Get off your asses.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Silliness From Hot Air

This whole 'buy Ivanka' thing is absurd, and getting more absurder every day.

KellyAnne Conway flippantly recommends Ivanka Trump clothing while in the White House and gotterdammerung ensues.  Absolutely nobody in Flyover Country gives a flying fart about the remark, (nor about 'fashion' in general.)

Enter Hot Air to throw its 'cred' around--which demonstrates two things:  1)  Allahpundit is just another Establo-Ruling Class pouty-faced twit, and 2) Allahpundit really, really, really, wants to be in the White House making policy.

A little Fainting Couch time may repair the damage to the soul of Allah and the complete idiot at "Gummint Ethics."  Shall we make it mandatory time?

The IRS' New 'We Don't Care' ObozoCare Stance

The HotAir essay comes to the wrong conclusion.

...for the time being I’m willing to chalk this one up in the win column....

Someone made the decision that it is no longer a Big Deal not to have health coverage; IRS is not going to force taxpayers to answer the 'do you/don't you' question.

We would like to know exactly who made that decision and who they think they are....

This is not a "win."  It is another loss for the "rule of law."  The fact that the "rule of law" is ignored by the courts, the IRS, and EPA (to name only a few) does not make it any better at all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Boots and Sabers Has It.

We've said this before:  IT'S THE SPENDING, STUPID!!

Owen not only shows that Walker likes to spend a lot of money--but in addition, he's taking that money from Wisconsinites with less resources than they had in 2007.

(And no, Robin Vos, the answer is NOT "mo' taxes")

Monday, February 13, 2017

Meanwhile, In Rome...

We have mentioned the civil war ongoing in the Catholic Church.

This short essay provides information about a new chapter in that war--a book which affirms the worst fears of orthodox Catholics (particularly those who paid attention to yesterday's Gospel).

Along with a brief review of the book's contents, the link also provides a short list of the Troublesome Ones in the Vatican today:

...Note well the names of the players intervening here. [Cdl.] Coccopalmerio [an apprentice to Rembert Weakland's BFF, Cdl. Montini], whose new book on Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia is being given the red-carpet treatment by the Vatican even though it is an open door to the complete degradation of sacramental discipline and the observance of the 6th Commandment, and Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, the prelate who attacked the Four Cardinals and their dubia at the alleged request of Pope Francis, and whose name appears on one of the oldest lists of suspected Freemasons in the Vatican. The same collaborators of the papal cabal seem to come up again and again in news stories as intriguants, if only in different contexts. The same pattern can be observed with other names, including but not limited to Cardinals Baldisseri and Maradiaga, the ever-present Archbishop Victor “Tucho” Fernández, who is alleged to have ghostwritten portions of virtually every papal document since Francis was elected, and media figures and pundits like La Civiltà Cattolica editor Fr. Antonio Spadaro, Crux contributing editor Austen Ivereigh, and Vatican Insider journalist Andrea Tornielli....

Pray for them.

Got Your Crying Towel Handy?? Feds Are Worried!!

There are somewhere north of 2 million Fedgov employees (not counting military.)

Many of them are worried sick about incurring unemployment. 

Shall we all ululate on the count of three?

Many of these people are also thinking of f*&^ing up the works if they actually remain on the payroll.

Some of those should be thinking about self-defense.

Just in case.

Embarrassing Errors

A local fellow who is trying to maintain visibility shows us that some memes are illogical on their face.

...There was a reason why President George W Bush made a distinction between Islam and radical Islam. He worked very, very hard to draw this line...

Bush was wrong and it should be obvious to any casual reader, but let me help you if 1) you can't read for meaning or 2) you are deliberately obtuse.  Either way it is embarrassing.

There is no difference between "Islam" and "radical Islam."  In fact, there is no such thing as "radical Islam."  It is all "Islam."

There are, however, a bunch of Muslims who are willing to take the Koran seriously, just as there are Orthodox Jews who take the Old Testament seriously, just as there are Catholics who take Catholicism seriously. 

But Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism do not enjoin their serious adherents to kill all the non-Catholics/Jews (or whatevers.)

See the difference?  Don't be embarrassed, folks. 

Goodell Rides the Crazy Train

Nah, it's not surprising.  It's just the latest chapter in "NFL Self-Destruction."  (There are consequences to practicing the capital sin of Greed.  It makes you cray-cray.)

The NFL sharpened its warning to Texas on Friday about a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people, suggesting for the first time that the football-crazed state could miss out on hosting another Super Bowl if the proposal is enacted.  --quoted at MoonBattery

What would Vince Lombardi do if he found a boy in the girls' room?

Another question:  Is Roger Goodell a man?

Disrupt, Screech, Yell: Lefties Looking for Trouble

We have our disagreements with Jim Sensenbrenner.

But we don't do two-year-old temper tantrum crap as does the Left.

..."This is democracy in action – I really believe that," said Chuck Koenings, one of the people who waited in the hallway. "The last three, four months – I think our country is in crisis. I really do."...

Chuck belongs to a notoriously non-Catholic "catholic" church in Menomonee Falls. 

He's right about one thing:  there IS a problem in the US.  It's the revolution against Right Order which Obama wrought and people like Chuck want to continue. They have used the tantrums and some violence.

We prefer to settle it peacefully, Chuck.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Did House IT Guys Blow Seals' Cover?

Last week we were told that three IT guys were canned.  They had access to House Intel documents.

This post at ZeroHedge connects those guys to the intel-leak leading to a very rough landing for our Seals in Yemen.


Sore....Loser: RedState

RedState has been finding nits to pick at ever since Trump won.  Most of them are silly, so we ignore them.

'Vote fraud' claims, on the other hand, are not silly and ya'know, we shouldn't really ignore them.

Here RedState makes a fool of itself, yammering about New Hampshire.

Project Veritas found otherwise. They also found otherwise here.

Was it enough to turn the primary?  General?  I don't know.

If RedState wasn't so fixated on nits, which beclouds their reason, they'd ponder the meaning of "fraud" for long enough to understand that by its nature, "fraud" is MEANT to be un-detectable.

RIP Milwaukee Guy Al Jarreau

News via PowerLine.  Great talent.

The Democrats and Drugs

Nah, this isn't about Democrats who seem to be abusing hallucinogenic drugs in their press releases.

This is about people who are related to or who hang around with (D) pols and who also provide prescription drugs.

Prices for those drugs are really, really, really, really high.

Co-incidence, I'm sure.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Conspiracy!! Burke/Bannon/Mussolini!!

Apparently the latest Leftard Derangement symptom is connecting Cdl. Burke, Steve Bannon, and Mussolini.

Amalgamating good old-fashioned anti-Catholicism with anti-populist/Americanism AND Fascism is ....umnnnhhh.....a symptom, alright.  Does this author have a driver's license??