Friday, April 19, 2019

Whitewater Grabass Case Gets Worse

At least 7, maybe 12 women were attacked by "Pete" Hill, husband of the disgraceful ex-Chancellor of UW-Whitewater. 

The Chancellor-ette did not discuss the allegations with her husband/grabass when they arose because she 'was wearing her Chancellor hat.'

Oh.  Well, then!!

She's still knocking down $240K/year, by the way.  And she'll need it for the damages suits.

UW Economists on Welfare: "MORE!! PLEASE!!"

Here, "welfare" means going after Federal Medicaid dollars, a position rejected by the entire governing structure of Wisconsin over the last several years.

But UW-Madistan economists won't stop trying, no matter how much they have to fabricate to mke the Tokin'Tony case.

Read the whole thing here; I'll excerpt the hammer part.

...While one could argue about which enrollment to use, the second flaw in their logic makes the new paper almost laughable. They assume that only the fraction of new enrollees who previously had private insurance will generate costs at all.  The paper does not offer much justification for this choice, but it appears the underlying assumption is that those who lacked insurance previous to expansion are not forgoing any care due to their lack of insurance, meaning that insuring them is a pure benefit to the state budget.  

This is, to put it mildly, absurd....
It's a clear indication that somebody might have been into the "medical" marijuana before it's legal. 

But "studies" like this are the hallmark of the Socialist/Communist hegemon.  Apparently they don't know that their day is over.

Lefties Held to Their Standards. Laughter Ensues

The idea of moving illegals into "sanctuary cities" is not distant from the New Theory of Homeless Rehab.


Tenants are fleeing a D.C. high rise as the city's progressive housing policy has led to panhandling, marijuana smoking, and at least one overdose death in the past year.

Sedgewick Gardens is an historic landmark in a high-priced neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C....

D.C. gummint is very, very, enlightened, you see.

....The pushing of formerly homeless people into housing prior to access to drug treatment or psychological care is part of the "housing first" approach to homelessness assistance, which argues that housing is itself a kind of care, and so people should always be provided with housing as soon as possible.

Motivated by this philosophy, in late 2016 the D.C. Housing Authority substantially increased the payout level of the housing vouchers it makes available to low-income residents. Under the vouchers, residents pay 30 percent of their income towards rent, while the city pays the rent. In 2016, the maximum rent subsidy was raised to 175 percent of fair market rent, raising the subsidy for a one-bedroom apartment to $2,648 per month.....
Not cheap, either!

Next:  homeless, illegal-alien,  "refugees"!  Give the lefties exactly what they want, good and hard.

*Shocked* Face: Fake Families

The family that fakes together....

More than 3,000 fraudulent family cases have been identified by U.S. Border Patrol in the past six months, demonstrating the lengths to which illegal migrants will go to abuse U.S. laws....

...“The same child is brought across the border with an adult multiple times to try and gain that release that family units are required under court order,” he said....

If these people paid taxes they'd prolly claim the kids as exemptions, too.   But not to worry; they are NOT taxpayers.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

UW-Whitewater's Corruption Problem

Not only did the (ex-) Chancellorette of UW-Whitewater marry "Mr. Grabass."

The University has just opened Investigation #4!!  This one focuses on abuse of the University police department and mistreatment of staffers.

The current Provost resigned, not wanting to be identified with the prior corruption.

Fr. James Schall, SJ

Arguably the very best American political scientist because he was a Roman Catholic in full (defying the direction of his Jesuit order since 1950), Fr. James Schall has died.

A brief memorial post is here.

Reading Schall is always accompanied by the sotto voce "Aha!" of sudden illumination--about 1 or 2 of those for every chapter, and often far more frequently.

Fortunately, his written works will be available for years to come.  Unfortunately, not enough people (and not enough Catholics) will read them.

But you should.

In paradisum deducant eum angeli; in eo adventu suscipiat cum martyres.  Et perducant eum in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem.

GKC's Liturgical Prophesy

At the time Chesterton said this, the liturgical revolution of Vatican II was a few dozen years off, although there were forerunners emerging in Germany.  GKC refers to "art," but simply substitute "liturgy" ....

...These are the three stages of art that Chesterton saw when he looked at the fallen gargoyle staring up at him from the ground: the classical, the romantic, and the realist. The classical is pagan, with an emphasis on form; the romantic is Christian and keeps the form but emphasizes content; and realism, which is the degeneration into secularism, is a reaction against both form and content that ultimately rejects both....

Just a few days ago, B-16 released a letter in which he stated that many, many members of the Church had forsaken God--the 'ultimate rejection' of both form and content.

HT:  Grim

Going To the Ballgame? Take a LOT of Cash

Anecdotal reports from both Miller Park and from the Brewers' Arizona training camp are unanimous:  food and drink are insanely over-priced.

Sportsball is out of control.  Yes, that's not a news-flash....

The Center Ring: Administrative Law and WILL

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has filed suit for clarification of the authority of agency-regulators vs. the authority of the Legislature.

That places this Wisconsin case smack in the midst of the next great Constitutional battle nationwide:  defining the limits of the Administrative State.   Chevron was, perhaps, the high-water (cough) mark for un-elected, un-accountable bureaucrats who have the power to fine and/or imprison citizens who resist; but Chevron will be tested soon.

It's about time.

The Gospel of "Mayor Pete"

Here we have Mayor Pete's theology lesson for the day:

...“Christianity to me is about humility, it’s about love. If we want to put those values into political practice at least by my lights, they lead us in a very progressive direction.”...
Ummmmnnhhh....yah, the "humility and love" of killing babies in the womb.  It's right there in Christianity, eh, Pete?  Or the Christian teaching about same-sex "marriage" right there in Genesis, eh?

No, Pete.  That's the gospel of Cain, Sodom, and Onan.

Try again, Pete.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Norman Podhoretz, the Anti-Anti-Trump (!!)

What is surprising is that he's frank and clear about his position, despite being one of the original NeoCons.

...for a while I was supporting Marco Rubio and I was enthusiastic about him. As time went on, and I looked around me, however, I began to be bothered by the hatred that was building up against Trump ...You could think that he was unfit for office--I could understand that--but my ex-friends' revulsion was always accompanied by attacks on the people who supported him. 

They called them dishonorable, or opportunists, or cowards--and this was done by people like Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, and various others. And I took offense at that. So that inclined me to what I then became: anti-anti-Trump. By the time he finally won the nomination, I was sliding into a pro-Trump position, which has grown stronger and more passionate as time has gone on....

Norm Podhoretz is an old man and usually old men are somewhat passive; they are inclined to find reconciliation in 'family squabbles', or at least not throw bombs.  (See, e.g., the letter of B-16 on the current crisis in the Church.)

But that's not what Podhoretz does.  That's because he thinks this is existential.

...I think we're all in a state of confusion as to what's going on. Tom Klingenstein has made a brilliant effort to explain it, in terms that haven’t really been used before. He says that our domestic politics has erupted into a kind of war between patriotism and multiculturalism, and he draws out the implications of that war very well. I might put it in different terms--love of America versus hatred of America. But it's the same idea. We find ourselves in a domestic, or civil, war almost...
By the way, this has a corollary:  in the post below, we see the same deranged hatred in action, threatening a very, very significant economic development because it was assembled by Republicans:  Walker and Trump.

Maybe civil war is what the Democrats actually want.  Fine.  They didn't do very well in the last Civil War in this country, did they?  Maybe they want their slaves back.

Evers Stamps His Widdle Feets

The governor of Wisconsin has gone from a resentful little twit to a full-blown destructive idiot.

Gov. Tony Evers said Wednesday he wants to renegotiate the state's contract with Foxconn Technology Group because the Taiwanese company won't be creating 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin as originally envisioned.  

"Clearly the deal that was struck is no longer in play and so we will be working with individuals at Foxconn and of course with (the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.) to figure out how a new set of parameters should be negotiated," Evers told reporters in his Capitol office. ...

The State agreement is a sliding scale deal.  If Foxconn fails to employ X people, the State does NOT grant tax incentives.  

Here's why:  Evers is an  resentful, pasty-faced little twit with a powerful office and he wants to demolish any success in which Republicans had a hand.  

This will not end well.  Business leaders read the newspapers and will not deal with Governors who break covenants for no good reason. 

Better Perspective on Nixon History

One of those "A-HAH!!" quotes here.

...When the House Judiciary Committee drew up articles of impeachment against Nixon, one of the first items they considered was his impoundment of funds, which is withholding congressionally appropriated monies from the bureaucracy. This fact lends evidence to the suggestion that the real reason Nixon was targeted was that he dared to challenge the administrative state’s authority. Nixon’s desire to reassert executive authority over the administrative state as its rightful and legal constitutional head explained why he was so hated in Washington. Since the committee determined this was not an impeachable offense, the committee generalized his “crimes” to matters that had nothing really to do with the Watergate break in. These amounted to not doing what the Congress demanded when they demanded it....

One wonders how Jim "Muh Principles!!" Sense-less-brenner thought about all that.

Nah. I don't wonder.

Yes, Nixon was a crook.  His biggest offense was trying to take command of a bunch of BIGGER crooks:  Congress.


News item from Ace of Spades:

...A pair of identical twin sisters have been spotted apparently fighting with each other while they were still in their mother's womb.

In the trending video from China, the two foetuses were seemingly kicking and hitting each other as their mother underwent an ultrasound scan at four months pregnant....

This is my *shocked* face.

Morricone Makes My Day!!

This fellow Morricone wrote the scores for many of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns, including The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Fistful of Dollars.....

....But among Catholics, he is perhaps most famous for his soundtrack to the 1986 movie The Mission about Spanish Jesuit missionaries. The score became at one time the world’s bestselling movie soundtrack, selling over 3 million copies. 

In December, Morricone’s “Fourth Concert for organ, trumpets and orchestra” was performed, which is said to have “a strong spirituality.” ...

OK, then.  But it gets a lot better!

....On liturgical music, Morricone said he was strongly opposed to having “guitars and popular songs.”

“I don’t like it at all,” he said. “Gregorian Chant is a vital and important tradition of the Church and to waste this by having guys mix religious words with profane, Western songs is hugely grave, hugely grave.”...
The music chosen to honor Morricone at his award ceremony is the St John Passion of JSBach.  The piece is an extraordinary realization of the narrative of chapters 18 and 19 of the Gospel of St John.  We made our children listen to it every Good Friday, and it worked on most of them.

Cops Arrest Wrong Guy

It appears that some West Milwaukee cop made a big mistake.

Seems that a break-and-enter crook made off with a computer and some clothing.  The owner of the computer saw that it was listed on Craigslist.  She had called the Milwaukee cops, but they ignored her TWICE.

So she sets up a buy on the computer.  The crook shows up wearing the clothes he stole from the room-mate....

A fight broke out and both men were arrested. Schneider's roommate was cited for battery and disorderly conduct..

It's best for the cops to ignore certain blanket-parties, IYKWIMAITYD.  When it was clear that the crook was losing the fight, the cop should have gone on a doughnut break, eh?

Fair Warning for Farmers, Women, Children

News item:

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and other top party officials will be in Milwaukee next week for planning meetings for the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
The meetings are set for Tuesday and Wednesday...

This was a public-service announcement.  Stay tuned for further warnings.  It is wise to seek shelter.


RoJo Boring Into FBI/DOJ/Obama Treachery

We're not always happy with RoJo, but here he gets a big 'attaboy!!!!'

The Republican chairmen of three Senate committees are pressing Attorney General William Barr for details about “highly classified information” that the FBI declined to investigate as part of the Hillary Clinton email probe.

One of the chairmen is Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

According to the Republicans, the FBI drafted a memo in May 2016 saying that the information was “necessary” to complete the investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information on her private email server....

But Lynch/Comey/Obama/Jarrett DID NOT investigate the materials in the memo.  Then they used the fakery-and-cockamamie Mueller "investigation" as an excuse to stiff-arm the Senate.

Well, that's over, we hope.

Martin-ized Jesuit School Chooses Badly

Tell me you're *shocked*

...Students at John Carroll University (JCU) took offense to an op-ed published in The Carroll News by editor Declan Leary, who criticized a new magazine, entitled, Loud & Proud Zine, after it had first criticized him for expressing his views about a JCU-funded drag show last semester. Leary argued that a Catholic university is not an appropriate location for hosting such events.

“For about 30 pages — various contributors — including students, faculty members and three drag performers —– rant about how some scary conservative establishment (whose face is, of course, yours truly) is trying to repress them,” wrote Leary, “the issue isn’t that they’re being repressed; it’s just that nobody really wants to listen to them.”...

"Nobody really wants to listen to them"  That, my friends, is dead-on. 

At any rate....

The university went on to affirm its commitment to the “LGBTQIA+ community” and assured students that JCU would “work diligently to heal the wounds plaguing our campus community” and “create a space going forward.”

What a load of Martin-ized crap. 

At this point, the Jebbies--worldwide--are riding on the fumes of a legacy of 'intellectual rigor', which 'rigor' is actually in 'mortis' and has been so since about 1955. 

As we all know, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.   The Jesuits chose the world, and their worldly glory is fading fast.

Barr Vetoes Some "Catch/Release"

This is big news.

Immigration judges cannot release migrants who are caught sneaking into the United States, even if the migrants ask for asylum, says a binding legal decision by Attorney General William Barr....

“The [text of the relevant] Act provides that, if an alien in expedited proceedings establishes a credible fear, he “shall be detained for further consideration of the application for asylum,” says Barr’s April 16 decision, titled. Matter of M-S-. Because of the law, “I order that, unless DHS paroles the respondent under section 212(d)(5)(A) of the Act, he must be detained until his removal proceedings conclude.”...
This was immediately followed by caterwauling and bullsh&& from professional  liars lawyers.

INS will be setting up tent-cities for the next 90 days or so.  That's exactly what Bernie thought should happen, by the way.

...Barr’s new ruling does not apply to the many “UAC” migrant minors who are being smuggled northwards by parents living illegally in the United States. It also does not apply to migrants who walk up to the nation’s official ports of entry to ask for asylum.

But the ruling will apply to the huge number of migrants who cross the borderline away from the ports of entry....

So you can expect more "families" with "children" to show up.  Next step:  DNA testing to verify actual "parenthood."

You can expect the liar's club lawyer's association to come up with new texts for the  Soros-funded illegals to recite, just as they do now. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Touring Downtown Chicago? Don't.

Second City Cop has posted news of "wilding" going on at the Mag Mile of Chicago about every quarter (more often during the summer.)

It's that time again!!

Not Only Notre Dame of Paris

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris suddenly burst into flame today.  In all likelihood, it is completely destroyed.  Some people did something, I guess.

But that's not the only Catholic church in France which has been .........ahhh.........*mysteriously*.......damaged lately.

...Roman Catholic churches have increasingly come under attack in France, a country so long identified with Christianity that it used to be called “the eldest daughter of the church.”

A recent fire at St. Sulpice, the second-largest church in Paris, has shed light on a trend that has become commonplace in many smaller towns.

“Who has heard of the sacking of the monastery of Saint Jean des Balmes in Aveyron? Of those teenagers who urinated into the holy water font of the church at Villeneuve de Berg in Ard├Ęche?” the Paris daily Le Figaro asked last week in an article highlighting some of the lesser-known profanations around the country this month....
St Sulpice has a historic pipe organ--and organists.  For 100 years between 1870 and 1970, the organ was played by Charles Widor and Marcel Dupre, both noted organists AND composers.

Just some people doing something, as the Democrat-Muslim Party would note.

We suspect otherwise.....

A fire at St. Sulpice, considered the second biggest church within Paris city limits, has brought to attention other instances of church vandalism which have rocked the French faithful. A prominent newspaper carried an article on this subject, mentioning several other churches which were vandalized, like Aveyron’s Saint Jean des Balmes, and the instance of teenagers urinating into holy water at the Villeneuve de Berg church in Ardeche. French media do not prioritize reports about churches getting vandalized.

Read more at World Religion News: "‘Da Vinci Code’ Church Fire Latest in String of Catholic Church Attacks in France"

Hey, Swalwell: Eat This for Lunch

A nobody-Congresscritter from California has threatened to "nuke" US citizens who resist turning in their semiauto rifles when he makes them illegal.

OK, then....

Meantime, in New Zealand:

...Police Deputy Police Commissioner Michael Clement told a news conference on Thursday that they are not sure how many guns they would receive as New Zealand has no law requiring people to register firearms....

“So It could be in the tens of thousands, it could be more,” he added. There are about 1.2-1.5 million firearms in New Zealand,...
From what registrations DO exist, NZ authorities know that there are about 12,500 AR or AK styled weapons in that country.

But they have no idea how many are actually out there.  

Non- compliance with State laws affecting magazines and weapons in Connecticut, California, and New York is the rule, not the exception.....


Sense-Less-Brenner Gets Chippy

Good ol' Jim Sensenbrenner has "principles."  And after ...what?....165 years in Congress, Sensenbrenner has utterly failed to keep his "principles" enshrined in law.  Gee.  Can you say "loser"?

Under Jimbo's "principles," there will be no southern border.  Jim's "principles" would prevent the Commander-in-Chief from defeating an invasion of inimical forces.

So we could say that Jimbo's "principles" are "perverse," no?


And he's going to show those young whippersnappers a thing or two.  He won't let them speak at his campaign events, where 60 people show up at 2:00 but leave so they can get the early-bird dinner special at Old Country Buffet at 4:00.

OK, Jim. 

"Principled" subjects of the King don't engage in revolutions, either,  Jimbo.  

Cdl. Sarah on the 'Notorious Mystery' of Justice Kennedy

Although it is now considered a legal and philosophical laugher, Anthony Kennedy's flapjaw in the Casey opinion pretty much epitomized Western positive law regarding the nature of sexuality.   But now comes Cdl. Sarah, who re-asserts the laws of Nature and Nature's God as primary.

..."From Him [God] we receive our nature as man and woman," he said.  "This is intolerable to modern minds. Gender ideology is a Luciferian refusal to receive a sexual nature from God. Thus some rebel against God and pointlessly mutilate themselves in order to change their sex. But in reality they do not fundamentally change anything of their structure as man or woman."

"The West refuses to receive, and will accept only what it constructs for itself," said Cardinal Sarah.  "Transhumanism is the ultimate avatar of this movement. Because it is a gift from God, human nature itself becomes unbearable for western man....
The Cardinal has another silly Western construct in his sights, too.

..."The 'fundamental values' promoted by the U.N. are based on a rejection of God that I compare with the rich young man in the Gospel," said Cardinal Sarah. "God has looked upon the West and has loved it because it has done wonderful things. He invited it to go further, but the West turned back. It preferred the kind of riches that it owed only to itself."...
Nietzsche's "transvaluation of all values" is exactly what's going on here.  It began with the Pill, which chemically (not naturally) eliminated half of the ontological nature of sexual relations.  A directly comparable act cost Onan his life, as some recall.

With conception out of play, recreational sex became 'normative,' and thus the slope through homosex and now "trans"-sex.  Remember that ALL those activities were against the civil law--at one time.

Suddenly--in only 50+ years--all this is licensed by Western positive law which is encapsulated in Kennedy's "Notorious Mystery Passage":

 "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life."   
Gee.  Almost looks as though Cdl. Sarah was looking directly at this disgraceful chump Kennedy, eh?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Little More Humor

PowerLine is our benefactor here.

From their lips to God's ear, as we say.....

Changes in Times and Meanings

AOSHQ found this old (1964) advertisement for WD-40.  Things have changed since then--but WD-40's qualities have NOT diminished!!


Friday, April 12, 2019

Hey, Mr. President!! MILWAUKEE's a Sanctuary City!!

The catch-and-release illegals need homes, ya'know.

...White House officials have tried to pressure U.S. immigration authorities to release detainees onto the streets of "sanctuary cities"...--WaPo quoted at AOSHQ

Ace goes on to observe the following salient set of facts  (We know they are facts because The Noooz often prints or recites them based on "studies" handed to them by illegal-alien booster clubs):

...illegal aliens boost the economy, do not drain the welfare system, and commit crime at a lower rate than American citizens (whether natural-born or naturalized)...

 Well!!  The City of Milwaukee can use a whole lot of economic boosting and crime-rate reduction.  And there's one other thing:  the Democrat Convention will be held there in the summer of 2020, so if Trump can arrange for all those extra helping hands.......well, he'd be doing all those Democrats a big favor, too!!

Who knew that Trump could be such a positive force??

Sefton's Analysis of The Situation

Every morning, JJSefton compiles a long list of links to read.  He prefaces them with an essay on The Situation.

Here's part of today's essay with which I mostly agree:

...the fact of the matter is the damage has been done, both to this President in terms of his ability to move his agenda forward and more broadly and much more critically to what was already a red nether hair-thin trust in our leaders and institutions. That has been irreparably damaged. I think this is one of the reasons why even a long time resident of DC like William Barr did what he did in stating the truth about Trump, out of perhaps a sense of wanting to restore the shattered credibility of the DoJ. It's a noble pursuit but all things considered on that is in vain. Things cannot and most certainly will not go on as before. We really are in uncharted territory politically and culturally. Maybe that's a good thing....
I'm quite a bit more cynical; recall that Barr has been a vocal and forceful defender of The Establishment--including defending the FBI killer/sniper at Ruby Ridge. 

My guess is that he said something to make the 'right' happy and that's the end of it.  Oh, there may be a sacrificial goat like Greg Craig (1 year suspended--watch!) or Ben Rhodes (6 months' confinement--watch!!).

But Hillary the Espionage Act, Obama the traitor/Communist, Susan Rice, Lynch the Fixer, Valerie Jarrett the Iranian--they'll get the same thing given Lois Lerner:  fat pension, fatter lifetime benefits, and a comfy book-revenue deal.  

Tokin'Tony's Taxing

It appears that Tokin'Tony's gas-tax hike is less popular than it was last month.


Here's what one Democrat had to say about it:

..."You're essentially gouging your most vulnerable ...., the ones that are living paycheck to paycheck,"...

Yup.  Getting from home to job, or home to grocery store, takes gasoline.  So the most vulnerable ones.......what will they do?  Buy gasoline, or buy groceries for their kids?? 

Oh..........wait!  That was Carolyn Maloney referring to overdraft fees.  

So sorry.  

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lesson for Republicans Here

Not that they are smart enough to absorb the lesson and use it, but.....

Here's the NY Post's response to the Muslim woman's 'some people did some thing' description of 9/11:

243 House Democrats want men to compete in women's sports (and share their locker rooms and showers.

Ya' think ONE Republican stepped up to the plat on this?

No.  They are more girly than the wannabee/trannies.  You can hear them sniveling, can't you??

Channel 4's Vitrano Posts (D) Propaganda. Sad.

It's kinda sad--but not surprising--to note that The Nooz is merely a branch of the Democrat Party.

Another example pops up today.  While Channel 4's Vince Vitrano is 'splaining 'what to expect from the gas-tax hike' he is only half-honest (at best) about the past.  Here he discusses terminating the automatic gas-tax increases which happened in 2005:

The change saved drivers $1.7 billion over the years, but it also contributed to delays in major construction projects.

Vitrano "forgets" Jim Doyle's outright theft of FOUR HUNDRED NINETY MILLION DOLLARS from the transportation trust fund--which would have gone a long ways towards road projects, no?

By the way, Vitrano never tells us "what to expect from the gas-tax hike".  He was too busy covering Doyle's rancid ass, I guess.

McConnell Still Weasel-Wording. Surprise!!

We see that the eminent climatologist Mitch McConnell is backing AlGore.

...“Yeah, I believe that climate change is certainly happening,” McConnell answered. “I think it ought to be addressed by technology, and not by having the government shut down our economy and cause us to lose an incredible number of jobs.”...

Yes, that remark deserves a LOT of interpretation.  Let me offer one strong possibility:

"I'm sure that my donors will benefit from MY solutions to "climate change."  Further, if you are NOT one of my donors, you will be hammered by MY solutions to "climate change."  And as long as there's money to be had, I will insist that there IS such a thing as "climate change" and I will NEVER define the term any further.  Nice business (or life) you have there.  It would be a shame if suddenly it disappears, eh?"

That's exactly how all those jerks work, friends.

Barr Finds the Elephant

The elephant in the room has been discovered and named.  We do not know if he had to use both hands.

Attorney General William Barr told senators during a hearing Wednesday that he thinks that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did spy on the Trump campaign.

No kidding.  Next he'll tell us that water is wet and the sun rises in the east.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

This Priest Gets PAID for This?

Notice the charity, kindness, and understanding used by this "Fr. Larry Richards" person during his paid speech.

Hating on large Catholic that part of the "pastoral" approach?  Did that particular family have ZERO redeeming qualities?  (Another question:  did those children leave the State to get away from Fr. Larry Richards?  .........Jus' sayin'..........)

What is this Michigan bunch who got suckered into paying this wacko-bird?

Q: Why Is Buttigieg Running? A: See Below!!

To the question "Why is South Bend Mayor Buttigieg running for President?" we have an answer!

"To get out of South Bend before he's shot!!"

...While Chicago is notorious for its murder rate, in 2015, Buttigieg’s South Bend actually topped Chicago’s 16.4 homicides per 100,000 people with a homicide rate of 16.79 per 100,000 people. Those numbers put Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s city on the list of the top 30 murder capitals in the country for the year....

...The media keeps touting Buttigieg’s Ivy League credentials, his identity as a gay politician, and his charm. When it mentions South Bend, it’s only to claim that he “turned it around” and that he won his last election by 80%. South Bend hasn’t been turned around. Downtown has gotten a hipster revamp, while the rest of South Bend chokes on crime, violence and misery. But Buttigieg knows that the national media will never bother doing more than reporting on new bike paths and an organic grocery....
But he's good at spin and word-salad in seven languages, ya'know.

Socialist Muslim Talks Like Nazi Apologist

Not too surprising.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referred to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, as a day in which “some people did something” during her keynote address at a private fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Greater Los Angeles last March....

Yah, well, "some people did something" at Auschwitz, too.  Surprise!!  The Palestinian Arabs were allies of those "people". 

And "some people" continue to attack and kill Catholics and burn their churches all over the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

But she wasn't done!

In her remarks, Omar urged attendees to “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable” in an effort to reverse the fortunes of Muslim Americans, who the freshman Congresswoman suggested were demoted to second-class citizens following 9/11.
Bring it on.  

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Billy Kristol: the Anti-American "American"

It would seem that Bill Kristol serves as the common link in two American disasters:  the Iraq invasion and the "Russia!!  Russia!!" hoax.

So riddle me this, Batman:  when one guy (plus accomplices such as Boot, McCain, Frum, and Cohen) creates that much trouble for America, what makes him a "patriot"? 


Charlie Sykes, are you paying attention?

Pp. Francis in Bonkers Mode, Again

Sometimes you wonder what's in this guy's breakfast cereal.

...Speaking in the Vatican to students and faculty from Milan’s San Carlo Institute, the pope exclaimed with voice rising in anger that the reason wars have occurred in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan, is because “rich Europe and America sell weapons to kill children and kill people.”

Curiously, the pope’s explicit mention of Europe and the United States does not appear in the official Vatican transcript of Saturday’s address, but it can be heard in the video recording of the event.

“I’m sure you all want peace. And why are there so many wars? For example, in Yemen, in Syria, in Afghanistan. Why? If they didn’t have the weapons, they wouldn’t wage war. So why do they wage war? Because we… rich Europe, America, sells weapons to kill children, to kill people. We’re the ones who make the difference!”...
And traffic deaths happen because rich Europeans, Koreans, Japanese, and Americans manufacture and sell cars.

This is a fellow who needs a long vacation.

Monday, April 08, 2019

Socialism's Anti-Charity Creed

Found in a column addressing the Socialist deficiency.

...One might ask what kind of heartless person could be against helping the poor. How could such people exert enough power in America to extinguish the light of charity?

The answer comes from an anecdote of a popular political figure who spoke at a United Way charity benefit dinner many years ago.

“I don’t believe in charities,” he said gruffly, adding that he did not “believe in the fundamental concepts on which charities are based and contend that government, rather than charity organizations, should take over responsibility for charity programs.”

The outspoken figure was the then-Mayor Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist. The comment was quoted in a 1981 New York Times article that recently surfaced....
The fact that it was Sanders is irrelevant; the point which you SHOULD have gotten is that socialism cannot co-exist with charity and given the chance, a socialist government will eliminate it.

Don't yammer and yummer about 'nice people' in the ranks of socialists.  That's irrelevant, too.

 ...socialists hate charity because their egalitarian ideology demands economic equality above all things....

 ...socialists believe charity humiliates the poor who are forced to ask for what is rightfully theirs. Private charity perpetuates the structures of poverty. The poor must demand the fruits of another’s successes as a right not as a gift....

 ...socialists hate the idea of charity because it undermines their concept of history as class struggle. The socialists do not want the harmony of the social classes but want to pit one class against another...
(Which "pitting" also works well with race, "orientation" and now even imagined orientation!!)

 ...From their limited materialist perspective, socialists cannot understand true charity. They cannot grasp the enormous scope and efficacy of Christian charity. They only believe in power and self-interest; they cannot admit an order in which people might freely help one another for a higher cause....
A country of Bernies?  A country where charity is on the road to being illegal?


What Was Bp. D'Arcy THINKING??

Interesting item in a Dreher column about P. Buttigieg, presidential candidate:

Pete was valedictorian (and class president) of the Catholic high school I attended, right on the outskirts of Notre Dame, where both his parents taught.

Buttgieg was born in 1982, meaning that he graduated from a "Catholic" high school around 2000.  Coulda been 1999, 2001....OK.

Buttigieg's father was a Communist.  That's the way Buttigieg refers to him.  

So who was the Bishop of Ft. Wayne, IN at that time?

+John Michael D'Arcy.

I'm old enough to remember that D'Arcy was sent to Ft. Wayne with the idea that he would wrestle the Diocese back toward Catholicism from wherever it was under the "rule" of Bp. McManus.  D'Arcy arrived in 1985.  Yes, Notre Dame was the most obvious problem--and it still is.


In TEN YEARS ('85 to '95) D'Arcy couldn't get a COMMUNIST bounced from teaching at a "Catholic" high school?


Hillary's Ukrainian Campaign Funds

You read that right.  Obozo arranged for campaign funds from Ukraine to help the drunken old bag.

Somehow, the State Department is unwilling to issue visas to Ukrainian authorities who can tell the story.

All just co-incidence, right?

Kirjsten Nielsen's REAL Failure

Yah, she's a nice lady and her Department's lawyers lost a bunch of cases, so what could she do, anyhow, especially when working for Orange Man Bad?

Well....actually.....she was a spectacular failure.

...What if I told you that our government is unintentionally completing a criminal conspiracy to deliver Central American teens from cartels and smugglers to other illegal aliens, resettling them on our dime, and sending them to our schools, all the while enriching some of the most evil organizations and nourishing the growth of MS-13 and drug traffickers?...
Because Democrat Immigration Law is convoluted, opaque, and (surprise!!) designed to enrich Democrat Party lawyers while costing the US about $50Bn/year and importing lots of criminals-to-be, the activities of MS-13 are "hiding" in plain sight.  That's what Nielsen failed to stop, although it was legal, and easily preventable.  See the link.

(And yes, I repeat myself when mentioning 'Democrat Party lawyers' and 'criminals' in the same sentence.  Not sorry.)

Just What WERE Paul Ryan's "Principles"?

We all know that 'Paul-Who-Lives-Behind-the-Wall' Ryan claims to have "principles."  We know that mostly-open borders, Globaloney-One-World Rule, and funding Planned Parenthood were among them.

A new book reveals another one:  Run Against Trump!!

...GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert told The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter last December that Ryan had told GOP House members they should actually run against the president in order to win their own elections. (RELATED: Paul Ryan: ‘Sometimes’ Trump Can Be A Unifier)
“Just a few weeks before the election, we were told by Paul, by our elected leaders that, gee, the only way we can keep the House majority is just all of us start running against the president,” Gohmert told Hunter, who was guest-hosting on WMAL. “Fortunately, we had enough people one after another on the call that pushed back so hard they backed off of that.”...
Let's see how "Run Against Trump" works for the Democrats, Paul.  You could always join them, ya'know; your "principles" won't prevent that.