Monday, June 18, 2018

Broward Coward: "...No Legal Duty...."

Why no, the Broward Coward had NO LEGAL DUTY to take action.

That's pretty much a stupid question. 

And no, your local cops have NO LEGAL DUTY to protect you, either.  Also a stupid question.

Got your 9mm?  Ammo?  Or are those also stupid questions?

The FBI/DOJ Thing? Oh, It Gets Worse!

Sundance, over at the Treehouse, has spent a lot--actually, a TON--of time on the FBI/Russians/Hillary/Trump/Weiner/(etc., etc., etc) scandal.  You can go to the website and look for yourselves.

And he has these neat little nuggets.  Like for example, today's:

...Within the IG report almost all of the key participants’ names are hidden.  Instead the report’s authors chose to use descriptions like: “FBI Agent #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, etc.” Or “Analyst 1, 2, 3”; or “FBI Lawyer-1, FBI Lawyer-2”; or the ridiculously byzantine insider acronyms for all of the positions of the officials.  A conveniently useful bureaucratic mess of acronyms to hide behind.  Flippin’ ridiculous is what it is.  I digress…

The point is – by using descriptions the IG hides the obvious.  Those acronym-hidden officials still work inside the current FBI and DOJ; and that’s another big issue creating the Battered Institutional System that infects both of the Trump appointees.

Case in point: FBI Lawyer #1.  We know who she is because we’ve done a great deal of research on the issues, and many of these titles/acronyms are listed by name in the Page/Strzok messages.  FBI Lawyer #1 is Tashina “Tash” Gauhar, literally from the school and law firm of former Obama “wingman” Attorney General Eric Holder....

Yup.  Holder hired her ass at his previous lawfirm, then hired her ass into the FBI/DOJ.

Ain't that interesting?

Oh, yah--she helped persuade Sessions to recuse himself.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Menses v. the Navy. Navy Lost.

Oh, well, what's a destroyer or two?

...During the early weeks after the USS Fitzgerald was speared by a lumbering Philippine container ship, it was noteworthy that the captain and a couple of admirals were publically named, but not the actual officer in charge, the officer of the deck. (OOD) The other person who should have kept the Fitz out of trouble is the person in charge of the combat information center, the Tactical Action Officer. That individual is supposed to be monitoring the combat radar, which can detect a swimmer at a distance of two miles.

Not until a year later, when the final reports are made public and the guilty parties have been court-martialed, does the truth come out. The OOD was named Sarah, and the Tactical Action Officer was named Natalie, and they weren’t speaking to each other!!! The Tactical Action Officer would normally be in near constant communication with the OOD, but there is no record of any communication between them that entire shift!.
..quoted at The Other McCain

In this area a reporter-ette spent some time aboard a carrier; one of the officers on that carrier was a woman from Wisconsin.  Maybe she'll be replacing one of the two idiots above, eh?

It's Not "Pubbies" They Hate....

It's not "the Republicans" that they hate.

It's the Dirt People.  You know:  rubes, despicables, bitter clingers, h8ters, bible-thumpers, ....the people who stand up for the National Anthem, who do dirty jobs, pay taxes, and who support the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous who are sucking the life out of this country in D.C.--or Mordor on the Potomac, a far more fitting title.

You only have to look at the work history here to understand that.

...Ms. Nuland, a longtime State Department official who served in the George W. Bush administration as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO, served during the Obama administration as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs.

In that capacity, according to the book “Russian Roulette,” she played an instrumental role in the evolution of Christopher Steele’s negative campaign research on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016 by giving permission for an FBI agent in London to meet with the former U.K. intelligence officer....

She, and thousands like her, are PermaState.  They are swamp-creatures, entitled, self-absorbed, highly compensated, and prosecution-proof Ents.  They are Republicans and Democrats, makes no difference.

It's not Trump.  It's everyone who is NOT a swamp-creature that they hate.

For more--and better--on this, see Conrad Black's essay.

Dear Cdl. Dolan: Read the LAW About Immigrants

Cdl. Dolan has been hoodwinked by the Social Justice Warriors known as "USCC Staffers."  He's not the only prelate with this problem, but he's the only one who appeared on CNN and told all twenty-three viewers of that show that he really doesn't know anything about the "children" problem at the border.

Here's the problem, Your Eminence.   First:  anyone can LEGALLY request asylum at any US Port-of-Entry.  No 'separations' will occur under those conditions.

However, if one crosses the border ILLEGALLY, well, then.....

This is a BRIEF excerpt from an article which describes a COMPLEX set of rules, so if you want the whole thing read the linked item.

...The adult should be reunited quickly with his or her child, and the family returned home as a unit. In this scenario, there’s only a very brief separation.

Where it becomes much more of an issue is if the adult files an asylum claim. In that scenario, the adults are almost certainly going to be detained longer than the government is allowed to hold their children.

That’s because of something called the Flores Consent Decree from 1997. It says that unaccompanied children can be held only 20 days. A ruling by the Ninth Circuit extended this 20-day limit to children who come as part of family units. So even if we want to hold a family unit together, we are forbidden from doing so.....

As we all know, the 9th Circus is by far the left-most wackiest Court in the USA, if not the entire universe.  (By the way, this Consent Decree was brought up by Grim's Hall two weeks ago.  It's not news.)

You can take up the legalities with the Court, Eminence.  And when you learn what the truth actually is, you can fire the whole bunch of fellow-travelers at USCC--which was created by Barry Obozo's pal Cdl. Bernardin, who was under the influence of Saul Alinsky's disciples in Chicago.   Draw your own conclusions, Eminence. 

HT:  Althouse

Pp. Francis Dead-On Here

Nice to see that Pp. Francis gets it and says it out loud.

Pope Francis on Saturday said that the use of abortion to terminate pregnancies likely to produce disabled or chronically ill children was the product of a Nazi mentality.

“It is fashionable, or at least usual, that when in the first few months of a pregnancy doctors do studies to see if the child is healthy or has something, the first idea is: ‘Let’s send it away,’” the pope said. “We do the same as the Nazis to maintain the purity of the race, but with white gloves on.”...

Next thing he'll mention that Margaret Sanger was tight with Adolf Hitler.  That's not co-incidence, either. 

Maybe "Riots" Pelosi will think about her unwavering support for Planned ParenthoodMurder Inc.?  


FBI Sent *How Many* Spies?

"There is no such thing as co-incidence."  That's a truism voiced by Jack Ryan, the hero in Tom Clancy's books.  It's also germane in Spygate.

WaPo reports that a Russki who uses a couple of different names approached Roger Stone--a Trump ally--offering 'dirt' on the Hildebeeste for $2 million.  Stone blew the guy off.

Hmmm.  Later in the story we see this:

...Stone and Caputo’s interactions with Greenberg mean that at least 11 Trump associates or campaign officials have acknowledged interactions with a Russian during the election season or presidential transition. Those interactions have become public in the year and a half since a Trump spokeswoman said that no one associated with the campaign had communications with Russians or other foreign entities....

Based on what the FBI and DOJ say (which is often false or misleading) many of these contacts occurred a few months before the FBI officially launched Spygate.  There's no reason to believe the FBI's version, of course. 

So it's not just onesey-twosey here.  It's eleven-sey and counting.

That's not co-incidence.  That's exactly what Trump says it is:  Spygate.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Karma, the Byotch

In Madistan, a teachers' union Big Kahuna gets bitten in the ass by teachers' union political choices.  So she wasn't real careful about what she was wishing for--and she got it, good and hard.

All together now:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww.

HT  Blaska

Tesla Model S Becomes Flamethrower

Yah, I've ripped off that meme from ZeroHedge.

But it is what it is.  Video at this link.

One of the earlier (and more expensive) Teslas roars about in this area.  I think I'll keep my distance.

Woodrow Wilson's Progeny: Hitler

A while back, we mentioned that Woodrow Wilson's hatred of the Catholic emperors Hapsburg and Hohenzollern was the precipitator of Hitler's regime.

Wilson pushed the US into a war against those royal families and succeeded in toppling their regimes.  As you also know, there was no GOOD reason to do that, except for Wilson's animus.

Well, then, we're delighted to note that a rather famous fellow who was intimately aware of European history confirms this....

This war would never have come unless, under American and modernising pressure, we had driven the Habsburgs out of Austria and the Hohenzollerns out of Germany. By making these vacuums we gave the opening for the Hitlerite monster to crawl out of its sewer on to the vacant thrones. No doubt these views are very unfashionable….Winston Churchill, 8th April 1945
Yes, they are "unfashionable," Winston.  Truth is very often "unfashionable."  But that doesn't make it "un-truth," does it?  

Bishops Dump "Stewardship", Embrace Cult of Green

The latest demi-cult of the US Bishops is Green-ism.  And as usual, it's costing Catholics money.

...The U.S. bishops were pressed Wednesday to lend their collective and individual names to an environmentalist petition to reverse President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the controversial Paris Climate Agreement

Des Moines Bishop Richard Pates exhorted the bishops to endorse the Catholic Climate Covenant’s (CCC) U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration....

Blahblabblahblah fabbleyotzie crap.

The Paris agreement has nothing to do with "stewardship" and everything to do with the Green Cult--which worships Gaia, not God.

And by the way, did you know US Catholics are tossing money away on this?

...Pates is the Bishops’ liaison to the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC), a D.C.-area nonprofit created in 2006 by the Bishops’ conference....

Let's look at the web-page.

...With the approval and support of the United States bishops, we help guide the US Church's response to the moral call for action on climate change by sharing authentic Catholic teaching on creation and the poor and by informing and inspiring community leaders to take action (education); by sharing stories of those most affected by climate impacts in the public square (public witness); and by providing concrete tools, techniques, and technical assistance to help Catholic peoples and institutions reduce their carbon footprint and to work for justice (resources)....

That's smarmy enough to make a Marine puke.  And notice how these twits pair "creation" and "the poor", implying that "carbon" creates the poor and destroys creation.   Bet you didn't know that, didja?

And didja know that you put $20,000.00 (or possibly $50,000.00) into that steaming pot stuff?

Well, now you do!  Happy??

Mordor-On-The-Potomac's Armed Guards

Let's not forget that Robert Mueller built the FBI which James Comey briefly managed.  And that very same FBI--the one Mueller built--is now being managed by another "respectable" D.C. insider.  Uh-huh.

Mordor-on-the-Potomac's Armed Guards (also known as the FBI) have done rather well since J Edgar Hoover crapped all over their reputation with his persecutions.  But the Armed Guards didn't learn anything from that.  In fact, they simply became more adroit liars and leakers.  They were better at tipping the scales, partly because they had the rest of Mordor on board with them:  the courts and the legislators--and the press. 

Lying and leaking are not the biggest problem.  The biggest problem is that they see themselves as the Armed Guards of Mordor and they are arrayed against citizens who are NOT part of the Mordor machine.  They guard the Cloud People against the Dirt People.  And the Cloud People--the people of Mordor--enjoy having these Armed Guards, so they take care of them.

Trump thinks he can defeat them. 

Gee, Paul: Are You Now "Lyin' Ryan"? UPDATED!!

Looks like Paul Ryan is in a serious downward cycle.

...Ryan claimed, falsely, to House Republican members recently in a conference meeting that the president did support the Ryan amnesty bill–something the president confirmed on Fox and Friends on Friday morning was not true. The president opposes the bill and Ryan’s continued claims that Trump did back the bill are now proven to be false....

What happened to that "Nice Young Man from Janesville"?

Hint:  he became a Typical Political Crapweasel from Mordor on the Potomac, the home of Robert Mueller's FBI.

Too bad, eh?

UPDATE:  White House clarifies that Trump loves him some Ryan bills.

Uhhhmmmmmm......that's sad, Donald.

Mueller Stinks Up the Constitution

A reminder:  Robert Mueller built the FBI that James Comey ran for a few years.

Yes, the FBI that lies, cheats, and plots against a duly-elected President.  The FBI that thinks anti-Swamp voters are ignorant "pieces of shit."  That's Robert Mueller's FBI.

Now Mueller, desperate for ANY sort of dirt on the President, jails that President's former campaign chairman.

 Not because the guy is a flight risk, or because he's a danger to the public.


Because he wants that campaign chairman to give up the dirt.

This is offensive to the Constitution, of course--but Mueller, who has falsely convicted people and put them in prison for YEARS, doesn't care, because Mueller thinks that he's going to get away with this crap scot-free.

Just like Chisholm and Schmitz in Wisconsin did.  So far.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Teleprompter Blues for Obozo

Besides being a total crapweasel Commie, Obozo had other limitations:  without a prompter he was useless.

*Shock* Obozo Destroyed Files, Illegally

Well, Obama has always been a piece of shit.  Now he has a taxpayer-funded pension and remains a piece of shit.

The archivist in charge of transferring former President Barack Obama’s records into the National Archives has run across a serious problem, according to a report published Sunday: A lot of the records are missing....

... The former president, it must be noted, signed a law that put electronic communications under the 1950 Federal Records Act. However, it doesn’t seem that his practice is quite what he preaches.

Lipscomb wrote that “the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and ‘loss’ of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges....

Nah.  The RUSSIANS found and destroyed all those records.  Better call Mueller, eh?

Robbie George Becomes Jesuitical Lawyer (!?!)

Robbie George, of Princeton, was a reliable orthodox Catholic voice--until about 12 months ago.  I noticed something in one of his writings which didn't make sense--but I brushed it off and don't recall the matter any more.

However, Prof. George has gone off the rails again, this time with a spectacular leap into mind-benderism.  Austin Ruse reports:

...Several months ago, Professor George published a column at the Public Discourse wherein he grappled with the central contradiction in James Martin’s statements about Church teaching on homosexuality. How does one square Martin’s claim that he does not reject Church teaching and his statements that very clearly do?

George said the key to squaring this circle is the use of “mental reservation.” George wrote, “When Fr. Martin says he supports the Church’s teaching, he isn’t saying that he supports what most people mean by ‘the Church’s teaching,’ including what the popes and bishops (or ‘institutional’ Church) have for centuries taught on marriage and sexuality in what they themselves see as exercises of their apostolic authority. He means that he accepts the Church’s truly authoritative teaching, which he thinks does not include the propositions that homosexual conduct is immoral or even, perhaps, that marriage is exclusively the union of man and woman.” Martin takes this view because the official teaching is not authentic on account that it has never been “received” by the LGBT community....

Sure.  Yup.  Anything you say, Robbie.

By the way, Robbie, Jesuitical lawyers are generally wrong.  Not only in facts, but in spirit.  You might want to consider that next time you visit your confessor.  

Actually, It's Mueller's FBI

James Comey is a flaming idiot whose statements in the last few days will allow him an insanity defense at his trial.  But he was only the FBI Director for a few years.

The FBI that makes Gowdy unhappy was managed by Robert Mueller, who had complete control of the outfit from 2001-2013.  That's twelve years' worth of promoting people like Stzrok and McCabe.  Twelve years of filtering OUT management which saw its duty to the nation, not to the FBI.

Nation, not FBI.  Big difference.

And where is Robert Mueller now, folks??  Hmmmmm???

Chris Wray: Don't Assume You're "Respected"

Mr. Wray has a big problem in his lap.

FBI Director Christopher Wray took a subtle swipe at President Trump Thursday in his response to whether or not he believes Trump’s public display of disaffection has affected the FBI’s reputation....

One can ignore Trump and still think that the FBI has a lot of rotten, toady, self-serving, elitist jackwads (not to mention idiot dancer/gun-handlers) on its payroll.

Why can one think that?  Because one reads the news, Mr. Wray.  

Pelosi Calls for Riots

Nancy Pelosi should STFU before someone gets hurt.

During her press briefing on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) commented on families being separated at the border by stating, “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. And maybe there will be, when people realize that this is a policy that they defend.”...

The action is required by the 9th Circuit Court.  There are lots of good reasons to have serious questions about that bunch of wack-jobs, but yapping about "uprisings" ain't real smart, Nancy.

And the same goes for the Catholic Bishops, some of whom seem to be operating with less than a full deck on this question too.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dear Alberta: Illinois is BANKRUPT!

Alberta Darling has been a great Pubbie fighter, but on occasion Alberta's love for the RoadBuilders lobby is too much to take.

..."Now when I go into Illinois using I-94, I'm amazed at how the (stereotype) has changed — that the roads in Illinois are much better than I-94 going in and out of Wisconsin," said Sen. Alberta Darling, co-chairwoman of the Legislature's budget-writing committee....

Yah, well, if Alberta looks REALLY HARD at the finances of Illinois she'll find that Illinois is the Walking Dead financially.  In fact, Alberta should be looking at ways to keep Illinois' debt crisis from landing on the heads of Wisconsin taxpayers.

Roads look and feel good for 10-15 years, then they need repair.  We'll manage.  Tell your RoadBuilder pals that they'll get some money.  Or hey!  Tell them that Illinois is looking for highway contractors who'd like to get paid about.......oh..........5-10 years after the road is done.  That should make them happy!!!

Just not real soon. 

Stanford U., Prison, and Lying Professors

Well, now.  It appears that a Big Shot Psychology Prof at Stanford completely faked a very well-known "study" on authority and abuse.

...Guards were reportedly so cruel to inmates that the experiment had to be cut short after just six days of its planned two-week duration.

The study and its authors have been cited for decades as proof that cruelty is driven by circumstance.

'The Stanford Prison Experiment is often used to teach the lesson that our behaviour is profoundly affected by the social roles and situations in which we find ourselves,' Dr Blum wrote in a report posted to Medium.

'But its deeper, more disturbing implication is that we all have a wellspring of potential sadism lurking within us, waiting to be tapped by circumstance.'...

Yah, well, it's complete and utter bullshit.  You can read the newspaper article about it.  Now you don't have to worry about your 'inner sadism'.  

HT:  Vox

AMA Moves to Beijing, Issues Demands

Although this was not announced in the press, the American Medical Association (AMA) has moved its headquarters to Beijing, Communist China.  In accordance with the wishes of the ChiCom dictatorship, the AMA recently issued demands for changes in US gun laws.

...Proposals include outlawing not only the sale of what the group referred to as "assault-type" weapons but also their possession, outlawing the possession of any firearms by adults under 21 years old, a national gun registry, requiring a license to own any firearms, and gun buyback programs among a number of other proposals. The group also called for a ban on the possession of bump-fire stocks, stated its opposition to teachers being allowed to carry firearms in schools, and stated its opposition to national concealed-carry reciprocity. The group also called for the passage of a law which would bar those convicted of domestic violence offenses from owning guns even though federal law already includes such a provision....

It is not known how many of the US medical doctor comrades signed on to this document.  There may have been 2 or 3, but the number is irrelevant.  It's the agit-prop that counts, in the words of the beloved Mao Tse-Tung, Butcher of the Far East and Hero of the Republic.

Some Bishops Are Wacko.

We laughed when we read this.

...Bishop Edward Weisenburger of Tucson, Ariz., made a bolder suggestion, raising the possibility of implementing canonical penalties for Catholics “who are involved in this,” referring to children being separated from their families at the border. ...

OK, Bish.  Give them the very same "canonical penalties" you've imposed--publicly--on the "Catholic" pro-abortion politicians in your Diocese and in the US.

I hear the crickets, Bish.

And since Fake News is your information feed, let me help you with the facts:  that "separation" thing is a result of a standing order from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Why don't you excommunicate that whole Court, Bish?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Belling reports that the Feds claim to have broken up a major ISIS terror-cell /sleeper-cell op in.....

Cudahy, WI.

Can't be true.  They make bacon there.  Or at least they used to.

Mueller Descends Past Chisholm-Level Prosecution

Not even John Chisholm and Francis Schmitz sank this low in their prosecutorial misconduct.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has taken the concept of the Star Chamber to new levels of dangerous judicial prosecution.  In a motion in Washington DC today Mueller’s team scramble to hide their invisible evidence after the people they indicted demand the right to see it....

Well....after all.....who needs a trial??  Simply declare them GUILTY and put them in prison!!

Meantime:  whatever happened to "collusion," asswipe?

Smooth Move, Robin Vos!

We note that Rep. Jacques lost to a Democrat in the special Senate election.

Cock-Robin Vos should be proud of himself for doing his damndest to defeat Jacques. 

It is time for the (R) Ass caucus to consider leadership which considers Wisconsin citizens before lobbying interests.  Cock-Robin doesn't seem to have that sensibility.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Naming Names: Obama in Strzok Texts

This certainly does not come as a surprise:  Barack Obama was directly involved in Spygate and the coverup thereof.  Read the ScribD letter, HT PowerLine

Happy to note that Ron Johnson is making this clear.

What?  Didn't hear about that in the MSM? 

Insert Shocked Face Here.

Fixing the Social Security Crisis: Kids!!!

There are a few things that can be done immediately to fix the Social Security crisis.  They are remarkably small things, such as pushing 'retirement' age out by a year or so, increasing contributions by 1% (individual) plus 1% (employer), and ending the "cap" on Social Security-taxable earnings.

But there's something which is FAR more important than all of those--and which will last FAR longer to the benefit of the United States of America.

Have children within marriage.  Lots of 'em.

To that end, I link an essay which is remarkable for its veracity and clarity.  A couple of excerpts:

...The measure of successful parenthood, and therefore happy, healthy childhoods, is nearly always reduced to this: how much of your life energy are you devoting to your child?

Not only is this frame of determining a child’s welfare too narrow, it is distorting our view of what makes a happy, healthy family. A family is not a series of unilateral connections that funnel resources and guidance between a parent and each of his or her children, but rather a tightly woven web of relationships among all members of the family....

Measuring by materialism's standards is--after all--Marxist, whether or not 'good Calvinists' agree with that statement.

...The truth is that siblings are a vastly underrated blessing. They teach older siblings to look after and protect those younger and more vulnerable. They provide role models for younger siblings to emulate. That extends beyond learning to walk and talk sooner to learning responsibility and how to interact with others in constructive ways.

Siblingship doesn’t just foster cooperation, compromise, and forgiveness, it requires them. You can’t divorce your sister or kick her out of the house. Learning to get along is a necessity, and the skills and character necessary to do that will help children thrive now and much later in life....

Yah, well, sometimes that doesn't work out perfectly.   So what?

...Big families aren’t inefficient economic units. They’re interesting and loud and dramatic and fun, and they produce more lifelong relationships that will continue to enrich your sons’ and daughters’ lives long after you die. Instead of ridiculing big families or dismissing them as unworkable, critics might consider having one themselves....

And to those old ladies in the grocery who raise their eyebrows at your family, or make insulting remarks--well, just smile sweetly and ask how their cats are doing, and are there any kitty-cat-grandchildren yet?


Monday, June 11, 2018

Lincoln (NE.) Catholics

It should be noted that H.E. Fabian Bruskewitz was the Bishop of Lincoln, NE.  for a number of years.  You could contrast his time in Lincoln with that of his contemporary (H E Weakland) in Milwaukee.

There is a great deal of contrast to be seen, although in fairness to Weakland, the homosexual/ephebophile-priest problem began in the Major Seminary before Weakland ever heard of Milwaukee.

...Much has been written about the successes of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. Never lacking in vocations, it consistently has the #1 or #2 highest ratio of priests-to-laity of any diocese in America. All of its seminarians learn the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter has its own seminary in the diocese, along with the diocese’s own St. Gregory the Great Seminary. Reverent Masses in the Ordinary Form are the norm. Only altar boys are permitted. There are no Permanent Deacons, however laymen are installed as Acolytes and Lectors. And their Catholic schools are healthy and well-attended.

One of the reasons their schools have attracted so many students is that tuition is kept very low, on the order of $1,000 or lower, depending on the school. A “Parish Scholarship” system funded by stewardship at the diocesan and parish level makes up for the shortfall in the actual cost of educating a student. This buy-in from the top down has resulted in the Diocese of Lincoln opening new Catholic elementary schools at the same time that many other dioceses are experiencing net closures of schools. Perhaps the others should look to Lincoln for an example.

Admittedly, it is difficult to shove Archdiocesan dollars around while the Archdiocese is bankrupt.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ignoring Trump's Tariff Suggestion. Surprised?

In a mid-length article political screed appearing in the Milwaukee Litterbox Liner, we find that all of Wisconsin businesses will soon be BK, homelessness will become rampant, all the lights will go out, and the oceans will rise and drown both coasts.  (This last may be a very good thing, however.  Stay tuned.)

A family-company manager named Doug Reigle (Regal Ware) admits that he has been supporting the economy of Canada Communist China by purchasing ChiCom aluminum through a fence called "Canada."

....real families are being crushed by these tariffs right now,” said Doug Reigle of Regal Ware, a company with 200 employees in West Bend that makes cookware and small kitchen appliances.
“We ship our products all over the world — 65 percent of our revenue comes from outside the United States …  and the tariffs are hitting us especially hard,” said Reigle, who said his firm has already spent about $150,000 this year to cover the tariffs....All of Regal Ware’s aluminum comes from Canada.  “We can’t even buy it in the United States,” Reigle said....

He makes Trump's point, of course.  The US aluminum industry is on its can (heh) because the Chinese Communists have driven it out of business.  Yes, that's a national security matter and I'm certain that Doug Reigle is very concerned about national security.  Right?

The authors even managed to find a guy moaning about the "severe" impact on BEER (aluminum cans, ya'know.)  Yah.  About 6/100ths of a penny per can.  Horrible.  Pearls are clutched, fainting-couch is under strain from heavyweight reporters smashing into it from their usual places on barstools...

Moving along.

Trump suggested that there should be NO tariffs among the G-7.  None.  Zip.  Nada.  And--of course--there should be no nation-state subsidizations of industries, either.  Imagine that!! A genuine "free market!!"

Not one word about that in the article political screed.    

What we have here, friends, is people who are perfectly happy with THEIR preferred policies (probably gained through the usual purchase-of-politician games) who are screeching because somebody ELSE'S preferred policies upset their apple cart.

Yah, well, ask anyone who took it on the chops when GM, Chrysler, and Ford shipped their manufacturing out of the US to places like Mexico, Communist China, and Africa.

I'm sure you'll get a very sympathetic response.

The Vikings, Eh?

Before you get any silly ideas, I'll tell you this:  BEING a homosexual is not sinful.  ACTING on it most definitely IS sinful. 

And further, I don't have a problem with people who ARE homosexual so long as they're not trying to force me to love perverted activity like queer "marriage," for example. 

But I DO have a problem with trannies, period.  They are pitiable people.  Worse are those who have the gall to go 'female' and ruin competitive sports for actual real women and girls.  They deserve to be spit upon.  Or exiled.

Anyhow, the Minnesota Vikings are going to save us all!!!

...The Minnesota Vikings organization announced that it will host a special June 21 summit focused on the “critical importance” of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) inclusion in sports.

The first-ever NFL event will bring together athletes, coaches, team executives, “thought-leaders,” and the media “to share ideas and best practices through a series of panel discussions, interviews, and testimonials from LGBTQ athletes,” explained a Vikings press release.

“The Vikings are committed to leading efforts that raise awareness and create positive change for LGBTQ athletes across the country, and we are proud to bring together some of the nation’s thought leaders to create an engaging and impactful discussion,”.....

blahblahblahbullshitblahblah bullshitbullshit.

Just STFU and leave us alone, you jackwads.

RoJo, Are They Still Heading to Canada?

Senator RoJo is of the opinion that lots of US businesses will pick up and move to Canada because of the tariff question.  Scott Walker is kinda-sorta in the same camp.

Let's talk about Canadian leadership, eh?

...In a press conference after Trump departed for Singapore, Trudeau said Canada would move forward with retaliatory tariffs, saying Canada will "not be pushed around." In response, Trump attacked Trudeau on Twitter, calling him “dishonest & weak.”

Kudlow also said Trudeau’s press conference was a “sophomoric, political stunt for domestic consumption.”

"President Trump played that process in good faith. So, I ask you: He gets up in the airplane and leaves, and then Trudeau starts blasting him at a domestic news conference? I am sorry, that’s a betrayal. That’s a double cross.”

The unexpectedly abrupt remarks from Trump's top economic adviser about a longstanding U.S. ally were deeply unusual, and underscored the growing divide between the US and Canada....

"Double-crossers, weak, betrayers...."

Just the kind of place that every business wants to go to!!

Holy Common Man, Batman!!

The Warrior posted a clip of Chris Matthews which is remarkable for its frank (and true) criticism of the (D) Party as it stands today.

Some Republicans will wee-wee themselves over this.  They would be idiots; Matthews could say exactly the same thing about the Pubbie Establishment jackwads.   (I won't mention Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Robin Vos, or John McCain here.)

Another blogger has this to say:

...Democrats proudly stand for gays, blacks, murdering children, and disarming the American people. That's a pretty good platform against which to run.

Yes, well.  We'll see how the Stupid Party constructs its platform.  Vukmir gets it, but the rest?  Hmmm.

Sierra Club No Longer Owns EPA. They're Pissy-Faced About It

Since the Sierra Club and its little cousin the Environmental Working Group--both are far-left Green-outside/Red-inside outfits--hav been tossed to the curb by Trump's man Pruitt, they has been all pissy-faced about it and are perfectly happy to lie by omission about what Pruitt's doing.

Case in point:  Pruitt was offered a ride in a new electric-powered Lexus.  He was NOT offered a free car, nor even a 10-day freebie--just a lunch-hour ride around DC in the car.  EWG characterized that as a flat-out bribe.

That's because Toyota Motors offered to review EPA management practices with the objective of streamlining them.  That's something that Toyota can do very well--the company is world-renowned for its "Toyota System" which produces good cars AND good profits consistently.  (If you've heard of "kan-ban", you know about Toyota's systems--and that's only a small part of it.)

Because the Green/Red lobby hates Pruitt and Trump, who are determined to take away the Free Candy from those babies, Toyota backed out of the management-review gig.

And Pruitt, like Trump, continues to suffer the slanders from Big Green/Red.

Cuba Travel? Are You NUTS??

In Milwaukee, the 'conservative' radio station is WISN 1130.  It carries Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin, and the local hosts are Belling, Weber, and some condescending, irritating, 'all-about-MEEEE' kid (from 9A to 11A--a good time to switch to WLS 890 or WIBA 1320.)

Anyhow, this station is joined at the hip with a travel agency, Cruise and Tour, which has packaged all the usual 'have a cocktail with RadioMouth X, Y, or Z' tours for the station for many years.

So why in Hell is this Cruise and Tour outfit pushing tours to CUBA?  (Yes, they are--but you have to listen to WJR/Detroit to learn that...)

Look, folks.  Cuba is still a Communist dictatorship which persecutes, gulags, and executes its internal political enemies AND openly-practicing Catholic ladies.  (Google "ladies in white").  Carnival Cruises doesn't care about all that stuff--they're making money and don't let a few dead bodies get in the way of that. 

But YOU should give a damn, and so should WISN.

And of course, every single thing in Cuba is stolen.

Cdl Dolan Slams Wacko Jebby Reese

No wishy-washy weasel-words here.  Cdl. Dolan came out swinging against the milquetoast twit Jesuit Fr. Reese.

...In his May 27 article in Religion News Service (RNS), Father Reese contended that defunding Planned Parenthood would be “irresponsible” while suggesting that a vote for pro-choice Democrats would somehow save more babies than electing pro-life Republicans....

...Father Reese’s strategy, Dolan wrote Friday, constitutes “a capitulation to the abortion culture, and a grave weakening of the powerful pro-life witness.”...

...“Catholic tradition and basic human rights teach us that every human being has an inalienable right to life that must be recognized and protected in law,” he wrote. “While the law is not the only means of protecting life, it plays a key and decisive role in affecting both human behavior and thinking. We cannot give up!”..

 At one time, Reese was the editor of America magazine, which is the voice of the US Jesuit order.  His editorial positions there were also controversial, so he was fired from that position under the reign of Benedict XVI.  Obviously, Reese cannot take a hint.

The Cardinal had more to say.

...The cardinal said that one of Reese’s “most troubling assertions” is that contraception should be employed to reduce abortions.

“In addition to rejecting the church’s teaching that contraception is itself morally flawed, and the fact that it can be medically harmful to women, his reasoning is questionable,” he wrote.

The fact is that more than half of women seeking abortions were already using contraception during the month they became pregnant, he added, while studies have shown that broad availability of contraception does not lessen abortion rates.

The cardinal also notes that many contraceptives are themselves abortifacients, meaning that they act by killing a newly conceived infant by preventing her from implanting in the womb....

That last graf is significant; Dolan was the Archbishop of Milwaukee and head of the Wisconsin Bishops' Conference when Gov. Doyle and the Abortion Party pushed through funding of abortifacient "birth control" pills and criminalized pharmacists who refused to provide birth control.

The Cardinal's piece is VERY good to see.  The cult of abortion has metastasized and now includes the growing numbers of suicides, which was entirely predictable.  In fact, both of them are predicated on the birth-control cult which teaches that life is merely a matter of convenience.  Pp. Paul VI told us that artificial birth control would have these consequences, and both John Paul II and Benedict XVI warned us of the growing culture of Death resulting from 'the pill.'

It seems that Fr. Reese has chosen un-wisely.  He is in great need of prayers, and the Jesuits should assign him to a bit of 'hermit time' to help him come back to the Faith.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

"Stormy Daniels" Appears at Madison Democrat Function Bar

We just report the news.

MIDDLETON - Stormy Daniels stepped across a black stage wearing nothing but a red, white and blue-sequined garter on her right thigh, as dollar bills floated around her and Tom Petty belted “she was an American girl raised on promises," taking her place in history for 70-year-old Linda Nelson.

“Look what she has done to America,” the retired teacher said before Daniels’ Friday night performance at Silk Exotic Gentleman’s Club in Middleton. “She has stood up for herself, for her rights, for everything that women are — look at her.”...

Other Democrat Part members and officials were unable or unwilling to comment.

Pope Emits Climate-Science Flapgassery

The Silly Season is in full swing in Rome.

Pope Francis on Saturday issued a dire warning to top oil executives, saying that climate change could “destroy civilization.”

At a two-day conference at the Vatican, the pope called climate change a challenge of “epochal proportions,” according to Reuters.

He also said that the world must move toward using clean energy and a reduction in the use of fossil fuels....

No doubt about it.

Will this be dogma?  Doctrine?  Or just twaddle from some guy in a white uniform playing AlGore without the LearJet and Tennessee mansion? 

It's bad enough that Pp. Franny has played fast and loose with marriage, the Eucharist, and homosexuality.  Now he's running his mouth on areas in which he is completely incompetent--and advised by green-outside/red-inside types.  

Does he think his job is to make a fool of the Roman Catholic Church?  He's doing a damn good job of it.

Maybe Scott Walker Doesn't Know This. But He Should

We've noted that Scott Walker and RoJo have been playing the Chamber of Commerce's Harmonica Concerto on a Wailing-About-Tariffs melody.  Both of them might want to study up a little on Tariff Facts 101.

Here's some help for them--facts which will not be found in the MSM, by the way.

...Macron and Trudeau will sanctimoniously decry the supposed death of free trade at the hand of Trump. In reality, they are defending a managed trade system that holds the U.S. at a disadvantage.

All of the other G-7 countries have higher tariffs on the United States than we have on them.

For example, France and other EU countries levy a 10 percent tariff on imported U.S. cars, but we only charge a 2.5 percent levy on European imports.

Canada has tariffs of about 270 percent on U.S. dairy products, 70 percent on sausage, and 27 percent on beef, to name just a few....

So Wisconsin firms who actually seek tariff protectionism SHOULD HAVE MOVED TO CANADA YEARS AGO, just like General Electric moved Waukesha Engine's operations up there.

Walker is beginning to campaign like a Democrat.  Maybe Scott is part of the Blue Wave? 

Mike Flynn Was Screwed by McCabe

It now appears that Andrew McCabe, the perjurer FBI poohbah and wild-ass (D) partisan, tweaked and fiddled with the interview notes (302's) taken after Strzok and Pientka visited with Mike Flynn.

(By the way, it also appears that Agent Pientka is the stool-pigeon in this caper.)

That explains why Flynn's sentencing is on permanent delay.  It's not likely that McCabe will be sending Flynn a check to re-imburse Flynn's attorney fees, is it, even though McCabe will be collecting a very handsome pension from US taxpayers while he's in the Graybar Hotel.

Irony: DNC Screams "RUSSIANS" for Ancient Chinese Secret

You may have heard that THE RUSSIANS!!!!! stole the election from some old bag-lady with a serious alcohol-and-self-entitlement problem by helping Donald Trump.

That's funny, because it's exactly what was going on in 1996--except then, the Chinese Communists were purchasing the Democrat National Committee.

The 1996 United States campaign finance controversy was an effort by the People's Republic of China to influence domestic American politics prior to and during the Clinton administration and also involved the fund-raising practices of the administration itself.

While questions regarding the U.S. Democratic Party's fund-raising activities first arose over a Los Angeles Times article published on September 21, 1996,[1] China's alleged role in the affair first gained public attention when Bob Woodward and Brian Duffy of The Washington Post published a story stating that a United States Department of Justice investigation into the fund-raising activities had uncovered evidence that agents of China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before the 1996 presidential campaign. The journalists wrote that intelligence information had shown the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C. was used for coordinating contributions to the DNC[2] in violation of United States law forbidding non-American citizens or non-permanent residents from giving monetary donations to United States politicians and political parties. A Republican investigator of the controversy stated the Chinese plan targeted both presidential and congressional United States elections, while Democratic Senators said the evidence showed the Chinese targeted only congressional elections. The government of the People's Republic of China denied all accusations.

Ancient Chinese Secret:  US leadership is for sale to the highest bidder.

So far, it's worked very well for them (see below post for more.)

Clinton's China "Panda" Spies Steal Naval Secrets. Hmmmm

Let's all recall that Bill Clinton, with the approval of Goldman, Sachs and all the "free-trade" jackwads in the Chamber of Commerce, renewed Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade-status with the Communist Chinese in 1994.  Clinton* had been purchased by the Chinese Communists in his primary battles, of course, and was giving the Communists all sorts of military technology (Loral, anyone?  Hughes Aerospace, anyone??) as part of his payback to the ChiComs.

The announced theory behind this granting of MFN was the same one used by Carter, Reagan, and GHWBush:  if we're nice to the Chinese Communists, they will reform and become Judaeo-Christian humanitarian capitalist-loving democrats and adopt the Bill of Rights immediately.  Or some such crapola.  Tell that to the people who died at Tienanmen Square....or the millions of aborted babies...

Anyhow.  We now find that despite all the love and war-fighting technology from Clinton, and despite all the economic assistance from Wal-Mart, GM, Chrysler-Jeep, Briggs & Stratton (etc., etc.), that the ChiComs are acting just like a war-like enemy of the USA.

...Chinese government hackers stole a ton of American submarine warfare secrets from a Navy contractor, U.S. officials revealed, according to a new report on security breaches.

China infiltrated a contractor affiliated with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center earlier in 2018 and stole massive amounts of data on highly-sensitive projects, including a secret supersonic anti-ship missile for U.S. submarines, officials told The Washington Post. The Chinese also made off with the Navy submarine development unit’s electronic warfare library, among other materials....

So here's a question for the Globaloney Profits-First crowd:  if being nice to the Chinese Communists is making them into a bunch of human-rights-first democratic meek Bill of Rights kinda fluffballs, why in Hell are they stealing military secrets from us?

Something tells me that Donald Trump is in a lot more physical danger than anyone may suspect.

*Let's not forget Clinton's Lady MacBeth, the Hildebeeste, who was also on the ChiCom payroll back in the mid-1990's.