Sunday, December 10, 2017

Actually, I Did NOT Write This Book

You can check with my family.  I know the principles very well.

HT AOSHQ, which has a long list of .....ahhhh......unusual.....books.

December 12 in USCCB-Speak

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico to a peasant whose Bishop was skeptical, until the Lady's cloak spilled a batch of fresh roses mid-winter.

That got the Bish's attention, and the Lady is now patroness of the Americas and the unborn.

But THIS year, the US Catholic Bishops were doodling their wish-list, and came up with a new reason for the feast-day:  the Lady is now "in solidarity" with the illegal immigrants.  (And the NOT-illegals, of course, but who cares about them, anyway??)

The USCC employs far too many people who have nothing much to do.  In the spirit of St Francis, they ought to sell that building, distribute the proceeds to the poor (such as the illegals), and send all the ex-employees out as missionaries to Bangladesh.  Or Eritrea.

About Jacob Flom, the Communist

Channel 6 found a "young workers' committee" union member who does not like KKK signage on worksites.

We don't like that stuff either.

But that "young worker" may--repeat, MAY--have an interesting background.

...I name names. Jacob Flom is a chapter president, and told me at the IVAW national convention last year that he’s a communist using IVAW to recruit veterans to his radical communist ideology. Oh yeah, he was in the air force for a little while after 9/11 and never left CONUS. He’s not even an Iraq vet...

At one time, the AFL-CIO had expelled all its Commie members.  Originally, they were separate organizations--but the AFL took over the CIO when it was clear that the CIO needed serious sanitizing.  Apparently the Commies are now welcome to return.  You can bet that Old Man Meany is spinning wildly in his grave.

Frankly, no Commie should be virtue-signaling any damn thing at all, and Channel 6---Ted Perry's bunch--should find someone else to interview.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Shaver Was Murdered

.,..and screw the jury who found otherwise.  It's on video at the link.

The cop is a rogue, fired soon after the murder, and his sergeant is also rogue, has retired, and has left the country.  (That sergeant must have a long list of enemies, no?  Leave the COUNTRY??)

There are good cops, and there are these shitballs.

What's Wrong With the World, Fr. Rutler Style

Those of you who don't know from Fr. George Rutler are missing a real treat.  He's a Roman Catholic priest from the English tradition (speaks actual English!!) and very well-studied.  He is a priest in the NYC Archdiocese; a few years ago he was assigned to St. Michael the Archangel parish in Hell's Kitchen.  (Perhaps he was too straightforward with some bureaucratic poobah in NYC.)

Anyhow, to gather support for this parish from people who actually have money (not easily found in Hell's Kitchen) he sends out a sermonette every week.

Here's a taste of the current one:

...Our society has employed cleverness to justify moral madness, rationalizing a radical overhaul of social order as “hope and change.” George Orwell anticipated this in his “doublethink” which means holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously and accepting both of them, so that, for instance, ignorance is strength, war is peace, freedom is slavery. Currently there are those who call censored speech “freedom of speech” and redistribution of wealth “income equality,” and who varnish anarchy as “resistance.” Infanticide is responsible parenthood, infidelity is independence, decadence is progress, common sense is bias, and natural law is hate speech....

...The same people who ask “Who am I to judge?” judge right judgment to be tactlessly judgmental, and they politicize the judiciary to appoint justices who will usurp the function of legislators. Certainly, our Lord forbids any attempt to judge the human heart or the fate of a soul (Matthew 7:2), but blurring the line between right and wrong, which the theologians call antinomianism, turns an entire culture into a raucous asylum


Want more?  Send a contribution here:   St Michael the Archangel Parish, 424 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001

Deep State in Wisconsin, Judiciary Edition

The judge appointed to oversee the fallout from the criminally-conducted "John Doe" seems to have a lot of sympathy for the Nazi-storm-trooper tactics of Schmitz, Chisholm,

At least, that's what he told Wiggy in a series of tweets back in the day.

But not to worry!!!  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel managed to twist the story so that the judge is actually a Rightist-Klan kinda guy.

Trumpet Player Has Guts. Good!

This is unprecedented.  I've seen well over 100 symphony concerts live (and another few dozen on the teevee) and I've NEVER seen this happen.

A classical musician walked off the stage after a pop singer mocked a Christmas carol and criticized Republicans in the U.S. Congress. Manny Laureano, Principal Trumpet for the Minnesota Orchestra, made the silent protest during a Rufus Wainwright concert in Minneapolis’ Orchestra Hall on the evening of December 2. Wainwright,...

Actually, it's "DOOFUS Wainwright," based on the rest of the news story.  Doofus is a professional pain in the ass (in more ways than one) and virulent anti-Christian.

The trumpet player may catch Hell from the symphony, of course.  And he should toss it right back at them.

WI. "Ethics" Chief Doesn't Know from Fifth Amendment

The Deep State is in Madison, WI.  And--as Brad Schimel has shown--it is a criminal enterprise there, just as much as in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

We note that the Wisconsin "Ethics" Board chair seems to have a problem understanding the Fifth Amendment.  The Fifth is what IS INVOKED when demanding right-to-counsel in a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

...Halbrooks provided a timeline that showed the pair told DOJ they would have to talk to the commission before agreeing to the interview because it “previously instructed outside counsel before taking individual interviews.”...

...Halbrooks said DOJ wanted to speak with Bell and Buerger separately, which necessitated outside counsel because Buerger is the staff attorney who would otherwise represent Bell in such an interview.

“We had to have somebody there listening,” Halbrooks said, stressing, “There was no refusal to answer.”...

You want "listening"?  Buy a tape recorder.   

It wasn't "listening" you wanted, Halbrooks.

By the way, this Buerger guy, who played a prominent role in the CRIMINAL JOHN DOE events, is going to get an "attaboy" from the "Ethics" Board.  Surprise!!

It's a f*&^%*g joke out there.

Pence's In-House Lawyer?

Apparently VP Mike Pence has a small menagerie.'s legitimately funny to say that living with 2 cats, a rabbit, and a snake...

Pence is keeping a lawyer in his residence?

Where Is the Wisconsin Bar Association?

Wisconsin's Attorney General has issued a lengthy, documented report on criminal activities of various Wisconsin lawyers in the "John Doe" (v. 1, 2, and 3) schemes.  Owen's blog has the link and several damning excerpts.

Before the Wisconsin Bar Association's reputation becomes like that of the Hollywood Producers' Association, it should move to disbar these louts.  And "louts" includes the various District Attorneys who were involved, as well as their toady-lackey-slimeball assistants.

The Bar is pretty good at whacking lawyers who steal from old ladies and who are rapists.  We'd hate to think that the Bar Association coddles lawyers who flagrantly flout court orders while on clearly political-driven witch hunts.

Or, of course, the Bar could ignore it and hope that this all goes away.  Trust me:  it won't.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Shun These Crooks-Liars-Scumbags

These are the people who should never be tolerated in our society.  By no co-incidence, they are all Democrat Party (or Stalinist/Checkha Party) members.

...Former Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz, Former GAB employee Kevin Kennedy, Former GAB employee Shane Falk, Former GAB employee Molly Nagappala, Former GAB employee Jonathan Becker, Elections Commission Counsel Nathan Judnic, Milwaukee ADA David Robles, Milwaukee Administrator James Krueger, Milwaukee DA Investigator Robert Stelter...

John Chisholm is not named here, but is a co-conspirator. 

Why is Kevin Kennedy drawing a fat pension from the State?

Connect the dots:  Schmitz is a former US attorney.  Think the Deep State stops at the borders of Mordor-on-the-Potomac?  Think again.

The Extremists Sue Ariens

The Muslim extremists in NE Wisconsin are using lawyers instead of bombs.  (It's up to you to figure out which is worse.)

...An Islamic advocacy group is suing a Wisconsin manufacturer, alleging it failed to accommodate 19 Muslim employees who wanted to take prayer breaks during work time.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the Ariens Co. to rehire the former employees and give them back pay and damages. The group’s federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Green Bay, also asks the Brillion lawn mower manufacturer to reinstate a more lenient religious accommodation policy that would allow employees to take short breaks for prayers at different times, such as dawn and sunset....

Interesting, because:

1)   ...the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the allegations several months ago and dismissed the complaint....


2)   ...The company said many Muslim employees who continue to work at the plant comply with the two-break policy and are able to fulfill their religious practices during those times....

There's always some damn lawyer who's looking for revenue.  

Lyft Driver-Shooter Pulls Gun and Does Dumb Stunt

This guy will probably lose his CCW.  And if he's charged with reckless some-damn-thiong, he'll lose the case in court, too.

...His passengers were trying to get out of the car while it was moving, but not until he put the car in park did the doors unlock and all four bailed out.

"I got out the same time they did. I turned around. I had my firearm concealed. I turned around. I already had a round chambered. I fired four shots down range. I could have hit them easily. I didn't shoot to hit anyone. I wanted to scare the s*** out of them because I didn't want to get shot myself." 
When asked why he felt the need to open fire if they were running away, the driver was matter-of-fact.

"When you're in that position and you're outnumbered by four, you want to make sure they get the message to keep running."...

Uhmmnnnn, no.  You use a firearm ONLY when your life--or that of another--is in grave danger.  If Dindoo Nuffin and his bros are running away, your life is NOT in grave danger, stupid.

He should be forced to memorize Ayoob Massad's book "In the Gravest Extreme."

Thursday, December 07, 2017

A Moment of Humor

Sent by a friend:

"Loser", Defined!!

You know you're a loser when you STILL come in second competing against real women.

Weinstein Splatters on Lasry

Mr. Lasry has a lot of Virtue. 

...Following the 2016 U.S. election, Lasry and the Milwaukee Bucks became one of three NBA teams to openly state they would not be staying at Trump branded hotels when on the road...

That's his story, anyway.

There's an entirely different story being told in court.

The suit claims that ... Lasry knew of Weinstein’s “pattern and practice of predatory sexual conduct toward women” but covered it up for years because of their close relationship with the Hollywood producer, ESPN reported.

Lasry made his fortune buying and selling junk-bonds and BK distressed assets.  Maybe that "junk" part got out of hand.  *cough*

Virtue? Or Sheer Smugness?

It looks as though Sasse doesn't get the difference between virtue and smugness.

If he were actually virtuous, he would NEVER blast forth his intentions-to-be-virtuous.

Modernity and Lousy Church Music

Cadged this from a Fr. Schall essay over at Crisis (you should support them!!)  Fr. Schall's essay has to do with the current crisis in the Church--and current politics.  But the genius of Schall is such that the essay applies to church music, too.

...Eric Voegelin once remarked, in his 1968 book, Science, Politics, and Gnosticism, that modernity was largely the result of Christian men losing their faith in the transcendent order. They shifted their allegiance almost exclusively to the enterprises of this world. The separation of faith and works left works with an autonomy of their own, instead of, as in the Catholic tradition, seeing the transcendent end directing the things of this world to their own natural order....

We (properly) understand that the transcendent order includes beauty, goodness, and truth.  The further from any of these qualities, the less the transcendence.  That sentence should remind you of Pius X's statement on the ideal sacred music being Chant and polyphony modeled on Chant; that the further music strayed from the model, the less 'sacred' it will be.

Why "less sacred"?  And what's this "Chant model"?

...The crux of the matter is the real presence and how it is maintained. The Mass presupposed the same Sacrifice that Christ endured. There is only one Mass in the history of the world. It is conceived on an altar. It requires priests authorized to make the Sacrifice present to the congregation. All, priests and people, face the same direction historically. The heart of the Church’s presence in the world is the Eucharist and the other sacraments.

If Christ is not really present in the Eucharist, the Mass soon becomes a meal, not a sacrifice. The altar is changed into a table. The priest is not an alter Christus but a leader of the congregation. The bread and wine are memorials that remind us of the Last Supper. The leader is gradually not a bishop or a priest...

The Real Presence, of course, remains a mystery, as does (e.g.) transubstantiation.  Chant is mysterious, too; it does not "resolve" neatly with chords, nor does the music have a nice, neat, meter; instead, the music depends entirely on the Word--the text which IS the Word (cf. Ratzinger's lecture to church musicians, Vienna, 1985).

I have taught Chant to beginners.  They do NOT understand this "Word/text" thing--and I've encountered active resistance to the concept from "church musicians."  The beginners will grasp it much more quickly than 'the musicians,' because the beginners have no worldly-formed pre-existing (and deficient) concept of "Sacred" music.  In fact, non-musicians--usually pastors--do not "get" the concept that music moves the soul.  They just let "the musician" do whatever.  Ugh. 

The essay itself is about the self-destructive nature of the Protestant revolt, by the way.  Worth reading! 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Stench of Lawyers and Their Deep State

Well, well, well.  Owen placed a link on his blog--a link to Brad Schimel's report on the (mostly illegal) activities of the John Doe/G.A.B./Special Prosecutors who made up a law and then subpoenaed every damn thing they could think of.

They also ran the M-16A1 equipped pre-dawn raids on homes of Republicans.  Not Democrats--just Republicans--some in their pajamas, some not home at the time so their kids could be scared half to death--and NONE allowed to call an attorney or anyone else.

(Those guys open-carrying in Milwaukee?  They were thinking of John Chisholm's typical approach to any conservative.)


Did you know that there was a THIRD John Doe?  And that there was no "authorization" for it?  And that John Doe captured millions of pages of emails from- and to-various Republicans, elected and non?

Oh, yes.  There was.  And the Deep State is right here in Wisconsin.

I'd love to think that John Chisholm will be leaving Milwaukee in tar and feathers (over his pajamas) after a pre-dawn armed raid including flash-bangs, while his wife is held at gunpoint as the mob clears out their possessions; and at the same time, the two slime-dog "assistants" of his are dragged out of town behind speeding cars and their goods are burned on the street.

But that won't happen.

Is Bob Lutz Nuts?

Bob Lutz is, like Lee Iacocca, a legend in the auto biz.  Lutz worked with Iacocca at Chrysler, then moved to GM just before it became Government Motors.  He's written a couple of books on the car biz; both are probably interesting, to say the least.

Recently, Lutz has been making noises about 'self-driving' cars and 'the end of the automotive era.'  Some of those noises are.......uhhhmmmnnn.....nuts.

...Lutz’s article begins with the assertion that the end of the automotive era is upon us. “We’re now getting to the point where the automobile can’t fulfill its primary purpose anymore,” he said, “which is to move people from place to place on the surface of the Earth, easily and efficiently.” He pointed out that human-driven cars lead to a loss productivity, which provides an incentive to shift to autonomous cars. “We have so much traffic congestion that enormous amounts of time is being lost in all the major cities and urban conglomerations around the world in traffic.”...

Ol' Bob's point of view is fine, if you happen to live in a very large city.  Detroit, NYC, LA, SFO,  Chicago, Atlanta--yah, well, OK.  But for the other 70% of the country's inhabitants, Bob Lutz is nuts.  Here's more proof:

...“Is this a huge change? Yes! Is it hard for people to get used to? Yes! We had the same thing when we still had horses,” he said. But in high traffic areas, the autonomous cars, which he predicts won’t be owned by anyone but will be shared among people as a paid service, will help make transportation more efficient. “In a way it restricts some of the freedoms we’ve had up to now,” he said, “but on the other hand it opens up incredible new possibilities and mainly it’s gonna give everybody time back.”...

There is simply no comparison whatsoever between horse-based transportation and car-based transportation.  None.   And Bob, take a hard look at "community-owned" goods.  You might remember the term "maintenance," Bob.  Who's going to do that?  You want to "share" a car last occupied by a vomitous drunk, Bob?  Be my guest!

Ol' Bob has been drinking the socialist-dictator juice too heavily.  Smart guy, but nutso-batso prophet.

Importing Deflation: Wage Edition

Some people--like, for example, the Chamber of Commerce--don't want you to see this stuff.

...the rise in productivity comes at the expense of the wages of the American worker who saw unit labor costs (wages) decline 0.2% (against expectations of a 0.2% gain) - down for 2 straight quarters for the first time since 2014.

Real compensation declined 1.1% YoY - falling for the fourth straight quarter......

Just in time for Christmas!!

Graphs at the link.

Canada Pretty Much Off the Rails

Fleeing the Establishment State here in the USA by going to Canada?

That's crazy.  Canada is several steps further into NutHouseLand than even California.  For the time being.

"No Guns" Milwaukee??

A few folks open-carried on a project in north-central Milwaukee.  I won't defend the guy who was brandishing (idiot!!), and open-carry is NOT concealed-carry;  but there is an interesting followup here.

...City policy prohibits workers from taking dangerous weapons to the workplace, and some aldermen have voiced concerns about subcontractors bringing guns to work -- something that's against city policy....

The City supplies armed guards for its Mayor, of course.

Anyhow.  The "policy" that you see on this news-report appears to encompass ONLY City employees, not contractors, nor sub-contractors.  

For the time being, the City of Milwaukee is solvent; thus, people who really need work will have to bring the Vaseline and bend over to the City's demands, Constitutional or not.  Solvency, however, is only a matter of time.

Milwaukee Juvie-Judge: 'We Can't Lock Them Up'

There are reasons that people carry guns in the City of Milwaukee.

This judge is one of them.

...Judge Joe Donald is the Presiding Judge for Milwaukee County Children's Court. He's in charge of deciding the fates of hundreds of kids every year. 

"It is very difficult to say with certainty whether any particular penalty is going to stop a kid from re-offending," he says. "It's a matter of putting the right kids, in the right situation, for the right length of time." 

Judge Donald says sending juveniles to places like Lincoln Hills remains a final resort. 

"If we do that, as a system, we have failed," he says. "Simply locking them up, in my opinion, is not a solution." ...

He is of the opinion that Lincoln Hills is too far away from the Little Darlings' homies.  Hard for the rest of the crew to visit them, ya'know, without car-jacking some old lady at Bayshore.

Vatican: Global Warming Will Bring On Last Judgment

Apparently some denizens of the Vatican have learned 'the day and the hour.'  It'll be about 10 years from now.

In its newly released “Final Declaration: Our Planet, Our Health, Our Responsibility” from a November workshop on climate change, air pollution and health, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences warns that “there is less than a decade” to put in place a series of sweeping measures to counteract the effects of human-induced climate change. “The time to act is now,” it reads.


Well, you've been warned.

Grassley Has This One Right

Sen. Corn-a-Hole Grassley floated "immigration reform" vis-a-vis the DACA bunch.  There's a lot of good stuff here.

...The GOP plan, dubbed the Security, Enforcement, and Compassion United in Reform Efforts, or SECURE Act, would offer three-year work permits to 690,000 DACA illegal-immigrants in exchange for ending chain migration, requiring mandatory screening to exclude illegals from jobs, closing asylum loopholes used by migrants to get into the United States, and penalizing so-called “sanctuary cities” which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration-enforcement agencies....

AFAIC, we can keep the DACA kiddies and deport their parents, who are illegals.  But that ain't gonna happen, so the next-best thing is keep the DACA kiddies and cut off all their cousins, uncles, crazy aunties, and 4th-cousins-twice-removed from showing up tomorrow.

Some GOP Senators--generally, the ones owned by landscapers, roofers, and meatpackers--disagree.

Screw them.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017


Great quote!!!

Ronald Knox once said, “He who travels in the barque of St. Peter had better not look too closely into the engine room.” 

Found at Crisis Magazine.  Thanks.

The Abomination of Desolation: Church Music

James Macmillan is a first-rate musical artist/composer.  He's also a Catholic, and therefore has some comments which are relevant to the "music in the church" question.

...This has been especially dire in the Catholic Church, where deliberately misapplied readings of “the spirit of Vatican II” has turned much of the musical practice in liturgy into a pitiful laughing stock. Anglicans will know what the problem is too — those aisle-dancing and numbskull jogging for Jesus choruses, maudlin sentimental dirges, faux American folk music and cod-Celticness. The American musicologist Thomas Day described this kind of liturgy as “a diet of romantic marshmallows indigestibly combined with stuff that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shakes you into submission with its social message”.

In the 1970s many well-intentioned types thought that such “folk” music and pop culture derivatives would appeal to teenagers and young people and get them more involved in the Church, when the exact opposite has happened. It is now thought that these trendy experiments in music and liturgy have contributed to the increasing risible irrelevance of liberal Christianity, and that liturgy as social engineering has repulsed many. Like most ideas shaped by 1960s Marxist ideology it has proved an utter failure. Its greatest tragedy is the wilful, disingenuous de-poeticisation of Catholic worship. The Church has simply aped the secular West’s obsession with “accessibility”, “inclusiveness”, “democracy” and anti-elitism, resulting in the triumph of bad taste, banality and a deflation of the sense of the sacred in the life of the church.

The liturgical “progressives” who have created this have been at loggerheads for decades with the musicians of the Church, whom they accuse unfairly of being reactionary and Tridentinist

Yup.  Although there are bright spots--mostly in the Old Rite parishes--the Marxist push of certain US Bishops in the 1960's has been very effective.  Macmillan's descriptions are accurate, and the de-population of the churches is a very good measure.

HT:  PertPapist

Yes, Virginia: Some People Are More Equal

Not only the loser-lump-in-pantsuits, but her lawyer and....ahhh.... "aide."

...The FBI agent who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team for sending anti-Donald Trump text messages conducted the interviews with two Hillary Clinton aides accused of giving false statements about what they knew of the former secretary of state’s private email server.

Neither of the Clinton associates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, faced legal consequences for their misleading statements, which they made in interviews last year with former FBI section chief Peter Strzok...

It's reported that the FBI is (FINALLY!!!!!) under investigation.  At the rate this is going, we can simply convert the Hoover building to a prison to save a lot of time and money.

Monday, December 04, 2017

FusionGPS and the Wall Street Journal

A long, long, long time ago, high-school debate teams could quote from the Wall Street Journal's news pages without fear of criticism from debate judges.  (In contrast, a quote from Time magazine was death.)

Things have changed.  Now the WSJ's "news" operation is complicit in disinformation efforts by Fusion GPS, a Russian propaganda outlet.  It is NOT a co-incidence that the term "disinformation" originated with Stalin's propaganda corps.

And Fusion GPS' butt-buddy relationships with WSJ reporters is also present with CNN (surprise, surprise, surprise!!!)  But it doesn't end there; the Clinton machine and the slimebucket lawyer Elias are also part of the act.

You remember the Bible story wherein Abraham begged God to save Sodom if there were only 10 good people therein?

Well, I don't think God would save Washington, DC.

BangZapBoom! SCOTUS Backs Trump Travel Orders

PowerLine has the story.

...the U.S. Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a major victory, staying the orders of two lower courts that enjoined enforcement of the president’s revised travel ban. This means that the orders can be enforced, and travel from the affected countries can be banned or limited, while the courts continue to process appeals in the two cases....

Seven to two.  The Prune and the Wise (?) One were the two.  Doh.

Going Armed in Milwaukee

Wiggy brings to our attention a picture of some guys doing highway work in Milwaukee--while open-carrying.

OMG!!!  TEOTWAWKI!!!!  Civilization Is ENDED!!!

So say the Usual Leftoid Suspects.

So happens I know someone who works in the City of Milwaukee, near the old Evinrude plant on ~60th St., every day.  And he, too, open-carries, because he has a family that wants him home every night.

That's all the reason anyone needs.  Screw the Leftoids.  And if they don't like it, well, let's hope they don't do anything foolish.  I know for a fact that they can't run faster than 940 feet/second.

Question for Jimmy Kimmel

Mr. Kimmel avers that he is a Catholic.

So Mr. Kimmel:  is voluntary abortion acceptable to you?  If not, why not?

End of quiz.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Two Mediocre Teams. Too Bad.

That Green Bay/Tampa game was kinda sad to watch; it was a question of which team would NOT give it away, but that's about all.

Greg Jennings was a nice fresh voice, who obviously memorized the first half of the Encyclopedia of Bromides.  His partner apparently couldn't tell a 1-yard run from a 5-yard run.  Still and all, they're a lot better than Joe **ck and that other ogre.

Rats.  It'll be a short season for Packer-watching. 

Prediction:  Clay Matthews gets traded in the off-season.

The End of Liberty?

From Old Europe, a professor at the Jagellonian warns us.

...I think freedom has ceased to be a highly valued commodity. What is happening is that some groups demand certain privileges, often called “rights,” and other groups seem favorable to these demands because they see in them a vehicle for constructing a new society compatible with their outrageous ideologies. When we see, for example, privileges granted to homosexuals, including the right to marry and adopt children — rather unusual privileges, to be sure — we mistake it for the growth of freedom in general. But this is an erroneous conclusion....

...Take gender. It is a strange concept, and rather absurd, because not only does it undermine the obvious biological differences on which the existence of the human race has depended from time immemorial, but it makes this strange concept an instrument to reconstruct the entire human culture, including the humanities, art, law, philosophy, even natural sciences and mathematics. Its aim is to restructure society and the human mind — to make a mental, political, social, and cultural revolution — not to enlarge our freedom. One can compare it to Marxism and its theory of class struggle, which some people in the past believed serves the cause of freedom while in fact it is a tool for a revolution...

....[and] soon the revolutionaries tighten their grip on society and impose the new rules that are stricter and more humiliating than before. The world before the gender revolution certainly had more freedom than it has now. Laws were less intrusive, the humanities more open and diversified, philosophy less dogmatic, human relations less legalistic. Likewise, as a result of granting privileges to homosexuals, we have experienced significant encroachments on the freedom of speech and many other liberties, and, consequently, on liberty in general.

No question that that was the direction the Obozo Administration took--and its fetid remnants in Mal-Justice, "Education," HHS and its guns-for-hire IRS will continue to take.  No, I did not forget Congress' GOPe toadies.

Will the Trump revolution persist long enough to largely eradicate the rot?

Only When Hillary's in Leavenworth, Beeyotch!

Feinstein, truly a California representative, wants to impeach Trump on "obstruction of justice" grounds.


We won't demand that Hell freeze over for that, DiFi.

We'll just demand that Hillary goes orange-dress at Leavenworth, for espionage.

Still wanna play?

NFL Attendance Woes....

Gateway has a lot of pix showing a lot of empty seats in NFL stadia today.

The surprising two:  Chicago (it's really a VERY warm day) and Atlanta (a very big game.)

Less-noticed:  it's become extremely easy to get Packer tix.  Don't know if there are empty seats at Lambeau, but it's usually impossible to get tix at prices that college students can afford--and that's what we're hearing today.


Pp. Francis Escalates the Church's Civil War

We live in interesting times.  So interesting that the question "Who's on first?" is germane.

This week, the Vatican's organ for promulgating the Official Acts of the Apostolic See, Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS), has published its October 2016 issue, containing Pope Francis' infamous Letter to the Buenos Aires Bishops. AAS not only published this letter, declaring that there are "no other interpretations" ("No hay otras interpretaciones") of Amoris Laetitia other than those of the Buenos Aires bishops, but it also published the full Buenos Aires guidelines themselves, which permit Holy Communion in some cases for couples in a state of permanent and public adultery who are not committed to living in complete continence. ...

Ehhrrmmm.  Here's the specific passage from the letter:

6) In other, more complex circumstances, and when it is not possible to obtain a declaration of nullity, the aforementioned option [living in continence] may not, in fact, be feasible. Nonetheless, it is equally possible to undertake a journey of discernment. If one arrives at the recognition that, in a particular case, there are limitations that diminish responsibility and culpability (cf. 301-302), particularly when a person judges that he would fall into a subsequent fault by damaging the children of the new union, Amoris Laetitia opens up the possibility of access to the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist (cf. footnotes 336 and 351). These in turn dispose the person to continue maturing and growing with the aid of grace. ...

"Diminishing responsibility and culpability...."--such as, how, exactly?  Alcoholic haze?  Navigation error into the wrong bedroom?  Too many turns at Spin the Bottle or Strip Poker?  If this weren't se damn serious, it could be funny.

And then we get to "damaging the children."  WAT??  It's impossible to imagine how remaining continent will 'damage chilluns.'  Yes, I know, the case has been offered whereby a wife, abandoned by Hubby #1, marries (adulterously) Hubby #2 without whose support wife and children might have to live in the streets, (etc., etc.)  So wife submits herself to #2's demands.  She apparently has no family, no friends, no social-service agencies, NO ONE from whom she can beg or borrow a living, except this Hubby #2My, my.

OK.  Ask yourself how many times you've seen exactly those circumstances......we'll wait.

Back?  OK, then, how many times?

Uh-huh.  Well.

You see (and smell) the camel's nose, my friends.  The times, they are a-....ah....interesting. 

And it gets better!  The "Who's on first?" thing apparently reaches right into the heart of the Vatican.

...Marco Tosatti says that even some who have been ideological supporters of the pope are allegedly losing patience with his brashness:

...And further, if what we have learned from two different sources is true, this annoyance extends to the Vatican. A cardinal of great renown, a former diplomat, who has served an impressive career at the head of Congregations and in high offices in the Secretariat of State, is said to have reproved the Pope for his actions [as Pope], saying to him essentially, “We elected you to make reforms, not to smash everything.” News of this conversation — if it can be called a conversation — has spread through the Vatican, because it took place at a high decibel level, which carried through the fragile barrier of the doors and walls. The cardinal in question was one of those who supported the candidacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the conclave of 2013....--quoted at onepeterfive

Yah, well, you voted for him, turkey.  "Reform" means different things in Peron-speak, I guess. 

Apparently, this is not the first time HH has been batted about by the gang who (apparently) cannot shoot straight, as OnePeterFive makes clear.  Read the link; it's worthwhile.

Anyhoo....we live in interesting times.

Another Detroit FAIL

60 years ago, Detroit was a beautiful, bustling, major US city.

Now it can't even demolish its own stadium.

As Usual, Feebs and Mal-Justice Behaving VERY Badly

The corruption of the FBI, Dep't of Mal-Justice, (and the IRS) goes deep and is very long in the tooth--probably extending all the way back to LBJ or so.  Of course, the rot and stink spread at different rates in the different agencies, and also at different levels of management.  But there's little question that the people working at Mordor-on-the-Potomac offices are, by and large, compromised. 

They should all be demoted back to entry-level slots and relocated to small-town offices.  I'm sure that Fargo ND, or Kalispell MT, or Hudson WI, could use an FBI guy or assistant-to-the-deputy federal prosecutor, or a new IRS phone-answerer.  There are prolly open slots in Alaska, too.

Cong. Nunes has been hot on the trail of these slimebags for quite some time.  He's seen a lot of documents that have not made it into the press--whether MSM or actual "free" press--and knows where a lot of bodies are buried.

And Nunes is PO'd.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes has issued an angry demand to the FBI and Department of Justice to explain why they kept the committee in the dark over the reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller kicked a key supervising FBI agent off the Trump-Russia investigation....

The Feeb in question was ALSO a "key" investigator into the Clinton tarmac-meetup with Lyin' Loretta Lynch and into the Hillary toilet-server espionage case.  The Feeb in question was clearly anti-Trump--and so was a Feeb lawyer whom he was bopping on the side.


...The committee's broadly worded subpoena for information related to the so-called Trump dossier went to the FBI and DOJ on Aug. 24. In follow-up conversations on the scope of the subpoena, committee staff told the FBI and DOJ that it included information on the circumstances of Strzok's reassignment.

On Oct. 11, Nunes met with deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. In that meeting, Nunes specifically discussed the committee's request for information about Strzok.

In an Oct. 31 committee staff meeting with the FBI, bureau officials refused a request for information about Strzok.

On Nov. 20, the committee again requested an interview with Strzok. (Three days earlier, on November 17, Strzok met with the Senate Intelligence Committee.)

On Nov. 29, Nunes again spoke to Rosenstein, and again discussed Strzok.

On Dec. 1, the committee again requested to speak with Strzok.

After each occasion, the FBI and DOJ did nothing.

Yah--until yesterday's NYT and WaPo stories about Strzok's re-assigment came out, as though dropped from the sky by magic unicorns using pixie-dust.

Corrupt slime.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

There's No "There" There

The efforts of CNNNBCSEEBEEESSABC are noticeable--and will echo for a long time, sorry to say.  But in the end, there is no "there" there.

Flynn--on orders from Jared--contacted the Russki ambassador on December 29th.  Trump was the President-Elect, not a "candidate," and Obama had just poked the Bear (probably to screw up relations before Trump's inauguration.) 

Flynn asked the Russkis to cool their jets about Obama.  He also asked the Russkis to lay off Israel.

At the time, Flynn was the National Security Chief-Designate, not just a 'private citizen.' 

Did he lie to the FBI about the contacts?  Yup.  And he allocuted.  He will have that on his record.

So what?

Friday, December 01, 2017

Brian "Stooopid" Ross

Apparently this Brian Ross guy is vying for the Dan Rather Humiliation award or something.

...If Trump told Flynn to talk to Russia before the election, as a candidate, that’s a big deal. Not necessarily criminal but possibly criminal....

Since Ross used the word "candidate", the clear implication was "before the election."


...But if Trump told Flynn to talk to Russia after the election, well, that’s no big deal. He was the president-elect, he’d be sworn in within two months...

And yes, indeed, it was President-Elect Trump who made the request to Flynn.

Ross is the boob who mis-identified the Aurora (CO.) shooter as a Tea Party guy, too.

Owen's Battle at NPR

Had the opportunity to listen to Wisconsin Public Radio/NPR's discussion program this morning.

Owen of Boots/Sabers was one participant; the other was a hard-core (D) lawyer from Wausau.  And when I say "hard-core (D)" I mean it; this woman was a member of the Electoral college, hand-picked by big-time (D) poobahs.  Finally, the woman was at one time a resident of Illinois which, on its face, is a serious......


In contrast to Owen's Mitt Romney approach, the woman was a tiresome, bitchy, attack dog.  She managed to insert attacks on Trump, Walker, and Moore into every single topic on the program.  She would have attacked Trump over the weather forecast had one been aired.

In other words, she really had nothing of substance to contribute, despite her credential of being an attorney--a fact on which she hammered, hammered, hammered.  Came across as a David Gruber with a large, ugly, political axe to grind.

Tiresome.  Frankly, I don't know why Owen bothers, other than the fact that he's a good citizen and hopes that someone out there might think that he's made good points.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Black-Robed Nutbag

This dumbass wearing black robes is another of the 99% who make the 1% of lawyers look bad.

The military must begin accepting transgender recruits Jan. 1 despite a ban ordered by President Trump this year, according to a D.C. district court judge. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly...--quoted at AOSHQ

Trump is the Commander in Chief.  He has plenary authority over the Armed Forces.  There is no "tranny" exception, except in what passes as 'the mind' of this dizzy broad.

Typical (D) Slimebuckets: CFPB

Pocahantas' dream is actually a manure-pit.


It should be dismantled, of course.  But with the current (R) jackwads running Congress, don't bet on it.

The English "Men"?

Some feminazi journal reveals results of a study of British men.

A new study, published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, asked a series of in-depth questions to 30 British undergraduate sport students to try and discover what straight men really get up to with their best friends.

The results were surprising, and suggested that when behind closed doors, heterosexual men don't let masculinity get in the way of forming close bonds.


Even more interestingly, all but one of the men asked said that they regularly engaged in "non-sexual physical intimacy," such as kissing, cuddling, and spooning with their best friend....

I think CBD/AOSHQ has it right:  these are queers, not straights.  But then, it's England.

Communism, Defined. Then the Punch Was Pulled (?!?)

There may be 2 or 3 readers on this site who cannot understand why I hate Communism.  For the 100+ million slaughtered in the name of Communism, there are lots of reasons.  For the 1 billion or so still captive, in Red China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and at least nominally in the old Soviet Union, there are plenty of reasons.  (Let's not forget that Obama is at least a socialist, if not a Communist, by the way.  That explains everything about his Administration.)

But principally, it's what the Roman Catholic Church has to say about Communism. 

...The Church’s scathing condemnation of communism preceded even The Communist Manifesto, the ridiculous piece of work Marx and Engels published in 1848 as the official programmatic statement of the communist movement. In 1846, Pope Pius IX released Qui pluribus, affirming that communism is “absolutely contrary to the natural law itself” and if adopted would “utterly destroy the rights, property, and possessions of all men, and even society itself.” In 1849, one year after the Manifesto was published, Pius IX issued the encyclical, Nostis Et Nobiscum, which referred to both socialism and communism as “wicked theories,” “perverted theories,” and “pernicious fictions....

Note that the condemnations include Socialism.  That's not an accident.  And note that Socialism draws exactly the same terms as Communism.  And that's just a warmup.

...In 1878, Pope Leo XIII followed with Quod Apostolici muneris, defining communism as “the fatal plague which insinuates itself into the very marrow of human society only to bring about its ruin.” More such Church statements followed, in 1924, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, and on and on....

Oh--and as to socialism (again):

...If you’re tired of hearing Sister Social Justice prattle on about the wonders of “democratic socialism,” hand her this document. Few passages in Quadragesimo Anno put it as bluntly as this one (section 120): “Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.”...

That was on the masthead of a nationally circulated Catholic newspaper, by the way.  The Bishops hated that newspaper, at least partially because a lot of their priests subscribed to it instead of their Diocesan rags.

Anyway.  The Second Vatican Council also approved a document on Communism, condemning it and suggesting ways by which the Church could combat it.  Parts of it are available at the link, and lots more at the internal links,.

Didn't know that, eh?  (Well, you WOULD have if you'd read my blog back a few weeks ago.)

You have the right to ask your Bishop, and Sister Social Justice, why those docs were buried.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

USCC: Thinking Ahead Not Required

It would be asking a lot to require that the USCC think ahead when they issue their SJW prattle.

Yesterday, they popped off with a short screed against "net neutrality."  It's all about "justice," you know; people who are downloading feature films should NOT pay more than people who simply read the news on the 'net.  The Bishops try to make the argument that CATHOLIC feature films (etc.), pushed by CATHOLICS, will be cost-penalized by a competitive internet.


Since about 2000 or so, actual religious expression on the 'net has been gradually choked by the  Lord-Lefties of Tech-Land.  This includes quashing of pro-life editorials and memes and fundamentalist memes.  This choking-off is usually excused on the basis that actual religious material is racist/sexist/homophobic.....the usual BS.

What makes the airheads at USCC think--for one second--that the Lord-Lefties of Tech-Land will sit back and allow actual Catholic materials to flow over a "neutral" 'net?

.........Sorry!  I used the word "think" in the same sentence as "USCC." 

Capital "E" Establishment Pubbie Loves Him Some Nicholson

So far, Kevin Nicholson's campaign consists--almost exclusively-- of this:  "I'm a war veteran.  Vote for me!!"

Umnnnhhhh, OK.  We are grateful for Nicholson's service.

Today, a "Capital E" Establishment Pubbie endorsed Nicholson.  Jim Klauser was TThompson's 'closest adviser.'  That would be the TThompson who exhorted out-State Wisconsin residents to "SCREW!!"  Milwaukee-area taxpayers with Bud Selig's playground-and-wealth-enhancing stadium.  That would be the TThompson whose "spend-and-bond-it" style bamboozled voters for quite some time, leading to a James Doyle victory.

Thanks, Tom and Jim!

Now we know who's backing Nicholson, aside from a shipping-supplies family.

Some SIsters Are Disposable Trash, Eh, Cokie?

Ms. Cokie Roberts, a Certified Left-o-Wacky NewsBabe, tells the world that other women weren't worth any time or effort.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, National Public Radio’s Cokie Roberts admitted that “for years” the female press corps has covered up sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.

While speaking about John Conyers and Al Franken, two Democrats facing numerous sexual misconduct allegations, Roberts let this bomb matter-of-factly drop on the left-wing Sunday show, “I mean, we all talked about for years: ‘Don’t get in the elevator with him,’ you know, and the whole every-female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him.”...

They didn't bother to share their knowledge with non-NewsBabe sisters.

Let me call you what you deserve to be called, bitch.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Is Lut'ran the New Catholic? The Church's Civil War, Part CXLVII

It appears that some highly-placed Catholic prelates are leaning toward brotherhood with the Lutherans.  But some of them may well topple into the wrong part of the pond.

In 1903, Pope St. Pius X declared himself “terrified” by humanity’s self-destructive apostasy from God: “For behold they that go far from Thee shall perish” (Ps. 72:27). How much more “daunting,” said Cardinal Burke, is today’s “widespread apostasy.”

... In Pascendi, St. Pius X named the trajectory toward the “annihilation of all religion”: “The first step … was taken by Protestantism; the second … by [the heresy of] Modernism; the next will plunge headlong into atheism.”

So let us, said Cardinal Burke, heed Fatima’s call for prayer, penance, and reparation. Let us be “agents” of the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

A few weeks after that speech, the Vatican announced its shining tribute to the Protestant revolution: a golden stamp with Luther and Melanchthon at the foot of the cross, triumphantly supplanting the Blessed Virgin and St. John.

If that last graf was jarring to you, that's good.  Shows you have the common sense that God gave most squirrels--but that He has withheld from "Vatican officials."

But it's not just nameless bureaucrats.  Some of them have Very Big Names, indeed:

...In Martin Luther: An Ecumenical Perspective, Cardinal Kasper confirms that the excommunicated, apostate monk is now a “common church father,” a new St. Francis of Assisi. This prophet of the “new evangelization” was “forced” into calling the pope the Antichrist after his “call for repentance was not heard.” But Kasper finds ecumenical hope in Luther’s “statement that he would…kiss the feet of a pope who allows and acknowledges his gospel.”

Kasper says Pope Francis’s Evangelii Gaudium, “without mentioning him by name,” makes Luther’s concerns “stand in the center.”

So it’s Luther’s “gospel of grace and mercy” behind, apparently, the high disdain for “self-absorbed promethean neopelagianis[ts]” plagued by a “soundness of doctrine” that’s “narcissistic and authoritarian” (EG 94).

So it’s Luther—the bizarre protagonist of “ecumenical unity”—behind the demand for a “conversion of the papacy” that gives “genuine doctrinal authority” to episcopal conferences (EG 32). ...

Kasper has been a notorious coocoo bird for decades.  And he has often claimed that Pp. Francis' writings (and speechifications) have been ........well......un-orthodox.  Francis has so far been smart enough not to confirm or deny Kasper's ravings, but to Normie RC's in the pews, this is becoming more than a little bothersome.

I have a number of Lut'ran pals, by the way, some with Lut'ran pastor creds.  I've asked whether they would like to take Pp. Francis off our hands, and they smiled like the Chesire cat and walked away.  I think they know something. 

The Usual Suspects, Catholic Edition

Since everybody knows we should have wimminpriests, a bunch of the Usual Suspects are assembling the Plan to get there. 

Most of us in SE Wisconsin remember (Fr.) Dave Cooper because Abp. Dolan told him to SHUT UP; and as we all recall, Abp. Dolan was more than patient with dissenting twits.  (There's a hint.)

But that's not the only familiar name!  There's (Fr.) Eugene Pocernich, who is no longer active in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee where he served as a priest and pastor.  For some reason he's now in Chicago being active as an "immigration" activist, or something.

And then there's (Fr.) Steve Umhoefer, who has thankfully retired from his Madistan-area pastorate, and then there's the (now-) Fordham, but ex-Marquette can look him up.

There will be sound and fury, little else.  Get the popcorn! 

Paul Ryan's (D) BFF to Quit Congress

Whatever will Amnesty Paul do now?  Luis Guiterrez, who never met a natural-born citizen he liked, is going to quit Congress and foment rebellions back in Chicago.

NAFTA: The Pudding Sucks, Folks

We were told that NAFTA would bring rainbows, pixie-dust, and prosperity to ALL North Americans.  Yah, a few people in the USA would lose their jobs, but the Mexicans would become first-class consumers and make up the difference.  Rising (Mexican) tide, and all that.

Nope.  Not only did tens of thousands of US manufacturing workers lose their jobs, and often their houses, cars, and other goods; Mexico's economy ain't about to float any boats, either.

...What’s the opposite of a growth miracle? Whatever the term, it applies in spades to Mexico in the Nafta era.

Poor countries are expected to grow faster than rich ones, and they need to. Trade agreements are supposed to help. Yet by almost any benchmark -- certainly the ones trumpeted by the deal’s architects a quarter-century ago -- the Mexican economy’s performance has been dismal....

Looks as though Clinton handed out more than one Green Weenie from the Oval Office, eh?

I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce has some sort of explanation written in Spanish or Chinese or something.

The Constitution Doesn't Motivate McConnell

We know that Mitch McConnell is as Establishment as one can be, given that McConnell's entire life is dedicated to McConnell and nobody else.

And when I say "nobody else", that includes "nothing" else--like, for example, the Constitution.

Buried in an essay on CFPB--Fauxcahontas' personal plaything and power-base--is this nugget:

...Another adverse court ruling on the constitutionality of the agency’s structure could force the Senate to take up the House-passed bill, if Democrats see this as an avenue for keeping the agency, he said....

We KNOW that the agency's "structure" is unconstitutional.  And the House passed a bill to assert Congressional control of this outfit.

McConnell never bothered to "take up" the House bill.  The Constitution just ain't important enough for Mitch to get off his fat ass.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Ready? Are You, Really??

Just a graf from a longer, but useful, essay:

...In the modern world, we’re supposed to know that thinking about death is morbid. Bellarmine, the heir to both pagan and Christian wisdom, knew differently: “what folly can be imagined greater than to neglect that Art, on which depend our highest and eternal interests; whilst on the other hand we learn with great labor, and practice with no less ardor, other almost innumerable arts, in order either to preserve or to increase perishable things?”...

Bet you didn't know this, either:

...This is not solely a Christian concern, by the way. Classical scholars have come to realize how much several schools of ancient philosophy were really something like spiritual direction. In the Phaedo, Plato reports Socrates as sayingthose who do philosophy right are preparing to die.”...

And all this time we were told that Economics is 'the dismal science.'

Are you really ready?

Dodd-Frank Is NOT "Anti-Bank"

There's lots of punditry floating around which characterizes Dodd-Frank as 'anti-bank' because it spawned the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Not the case, folks.  Chris Dodd--who was the other slice of white bread in the "waitress sandwich" of Ted Kennedy fame--was known as "the Senator from Banking."  That didn't change.

Dodd-Frank protects the banks which are Too Big to Fail.  That is, those banks which were Friends of Dodd and could write really big checks for campaigns and lobbying and suchlike.  Dodd-Frank is against the small-town, local, family-held or privately-held banks.  Those entities cannot keep up with the regulatory and paperwork burdens created by CFPB.

That's fine with the 4 or 5 remaining big banks, which will simply get bigger as they eat the corpses of the small ones.

And if you're familiar with what passes for "customer service" at Chase, you will be angry.

Anyhow, don't mistake Dodd-Frank for "unfriendly to banks."  It's unfriendly, alright--but to flyover country normals.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Asylum in Madistan, "SHUT UP!" They Said

Came across this in an Althouse post.

[Finn Enke — a nonbinary trans male and UW-Madison professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, History and LGBTQ Studies] 

Many of you readers may know what that means, aside from "tax-funded wack-nut."

It's on the inter-tubes so it must be true.  And as (ex-) Prof. Bret Weinstein tells us, it's all part of a successful strategic plan.

Bret Weinstein is the former Evergreen State College biology professor who became the focus of a social justice witch hunt on campus earlier this year....he believes the social justice warriors are winning their battle to control campuses. “I don’t think that we can say that the entire educational apparatus is a failure,” Weinstein said. He continued, “But we can say that the part of the apparatus that is a failure is taking over more and more territory....

...“If there’s one thing that people fail to appreciate about the social justice movement where it interfaces with the academy is that just because what is being said is crazy to the point of absurdity does not mean that the strategic plan is absurd,” Weinstein said. He added, “The strategic plan is far more effective than you would expect based on the sophistication of the ideas that are being promulgated....

IOW, sure, the 'non-binary tranny whatever' is profoundly nuts.  But hey!  He/She/It owns territory at UW-Madison.  And he/she/it and its/their associates have a longer-range plan:

....When SJW’s shut down a conservative speaker (aka no platforming) the talking points are all about students safety and their feelings, etc. But the real goal is dominance, i.e. to claim ownership of the space and with that ownership the right to exclude the unwanted....

This will go on for a while, until it stops.  It will stop for one of two reasons:  1)  either normal human beings stop the funding, or 2)  there will be a much less civilized reaction which puts an end to the foolishness for a very long time.

It will be a smoky and smelly termination.

Nine Little REALLY BIG Lies, ObozoCare Edition

It's convenient that Jim Jordan summarized the Democrat Party/Obama Lie-Factory's gross un-truths about ObozoCare, ain'a??  So why the Hell do Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan want to keep it?

You like your plan, keep your plan,

You like your doctor, keep your doctor,

Your premiums will decline,

Premiums will go down an average of $2,500

Deductibles will go down,

The government website will work,

The website was secure,

Emergency room visits will decline,

The 24 cooperatives will work

JarVanka Wailing: "Tillerson Won't Waste Money on Me!"

By now it's pretty well-known that Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, are nearly-perfect little Leftoids.  The fact that they're still in the Trump White it's for entertainment purposes, rather than anything having to do with serious adult policy.

So Ivanka arranges a trip for herself--to India--and Tillerson effectively tells her to go enjoy herself in the yard, but don't run into the street.  Notice how CNNFake writes this up--and notice where one of the sources works:

...The news of Tillerson’s decision to withhold high-level support for Ivanka arrives in the midst of increased tension between Tillerson and the White House. CNN first reported this news.

“They (Tillerson and his staff) won’t send someone senior because they don’t want to bolster Ivanka,” an unnamed senior State Department official told CNN. “It’s now another rift between the White House and State at a time when Rex Tillerson doesn’t need any more problems with the President.”...

You can safely bet that another "source," whether referenced or not, is JarVanka.

Tillerson is not stupid and he's not picking a fight with The Donald.  He's letting JarVanka twist slowly in the wind.  And that's a good thing.

Georgetown Is a "Catholic" Law School? Nope. Jesuit

What we have here is a Jesuit law school, not a "Catholic" one.

Turns out that Georgetown law school has a serious Climatista department.  Yah....a law school pushing the usual commie crap about global "warming" or "cooling" or "none of the above"---whatever is the crisis of the day that gets money from Tom Steyer, Rockefeller, and Tides.

Not that long ago, law schools taught law.  They didn't pretend to be climate experts, mostly because they aren't.  Now, when you send your monetary gifts to Georgetown, they spend it by funding a rather large group of people dedicated to propaganda creation and support of hard-Left politicians in New York, California, and Massachusetts.

These are the people who would make sure that no coal miner ever again earns a living or supports a family in a coal mine.  These are the people who would make sure that US industry closes down--and US workers become homeless--rather than emitting CO2.

In brief, these people are enemies of the State and deserve to be treated as such.

And that's what "Jesuit law school" is beginning to mean.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Musk-y Odor of....Flim-Flam-Fraud!

Ticker rips "St." Elon another new one--this time for his "truck."

Read the whole thing...but here's an interesting set of stats to chew on.

....There apparently were eight charging ports, and with a 100kw battery behind each that would be 800Kw. To deliver 90% of capacity in 30 minutes you'd have to deliver approximately 1.5 Megawatts plus losses; batteries are 80-85% charge efficient during the bulk phase until they reach about 80% of capacity (at which point their efficiency goes down materially) and the electronics to control the charge have loss too -- probably in the neighborhood of 10%. So we have a 76%, more or less, efficiency on the charge rate which means we must deliver almost exactly 2 Megawatts to the truck for that 30 minutes....

Got that?  Good.  Next stat:

...The average house in the United States consumes about 12 megawatt/hours of energy over the entire year, or about a megawatt-hour per month.  Musk intends to suck twice as much energy from the electrical grid as your house consumes in a month in 30 minutes....

That's quite a bit of suck, Elon.  But it's nothing compared to the suck you'll feel when YOU pay for all that new 'frastruc!

Like I say, read the whole thing.  

Then Buy.  More.  Ammo.!!

The Trump Economy: Show Us the Money, Donald!

If I were The Donald, I'd shut up for a while about the economy.  It's always nice to see the Dow and S&P move up, and unemployment shrink a bit, sure.

But where is the money?

...inflation-adjusted American wages are now performing so badly that just remaining flat month-to-month could justify a passing grade. For in October, real hourly pay in both the private sector overall and in manufacturing floundered below recovery era peaks they’d reached in July (resulting from painfully slow progress over those eight years). In industry, moreover, after-inflation wages fell on a year-on-year basis for the first time since September, 2014....

...since the recovery technically began, in mid-2009, inflation-adjusted private sector wages are up 4.36 percent.

...In manufacturing, price-adjusted pay flat-lined sequentially for the second straight month. Since July, they’re off by 0.82 percent. And since last October, real manufacturing wages have fallen by 0.46 percent – much worse than their 1.87 percent improvement between October, 2015 and October, 2016.

So during the current economic recovery so far, constant dollar manufacturing wages have advanced by only 1.21 percent....

We are not impressed.

By the way, did you know that 8 of the 9 highest-production automotive plants in the USA are foreign-owned?  Ford has one in that group and GM has none, unless you count Silao, Mexico as "in the USA."


The Ugly: Amazon

The Ticker has been on a tear regarding Amazon for quite some time.  After Amazon last reported earnings, Ticker showed that Bozos (friend of Obozo, why not?) is (effectively) losing about 20% on every product he sells. 

So long as the company can draw investment capital, losing money is NOT a big deal, and there's the advantage of putting your brick-and-mortar competitors out of business in the interim!!

But it gets worse!

Mike Molson Hart, who sells toys on Inc.’s marketplace, realized earlier this month something was amiss. His company’s popular disc-shaped plastic building set, called Brain Flakes, had dropped precipitously in the ranks of Amazon’s best-selling toys as the critical gift-giving season approached.

He visited the product page on and suspected he was the victim of "sniping," when one merchant sabotages another by hiring people to leave critical reviews of their goods and then voting those reviews as being helpful, making them the most prominent feedback seen by shoppers

(More at the link.)

Killing the competition, no matter the method, is one of the features of unfettered capitalism, by the way.  A variant of this technique is the "LIKES" scam of Facebook, and the "5-stars" ratings scams of other sites--but that's another story.

ObozoCare: the Silent Killer

We'll remind you that preserving ObamaCare is Mitch McConnell's current priority.

Now for more bad news. 

Under ObozoCare rules, hospitals who re-admit patients less than 30 days from their discharge are fined (punished) by ObozoCare bureaucrats.  So--naturally--hospitals attempt to avoid re-admits.

Researchers found that the 30-day readmission rate (adjusted for patient risk) declined to 18.4% from 20% after the penalties were introduced. Yet the 30-day mortality rate increased to 8.6% from 7.2%—about 5,400 additional deaths per year. Over a one-year period the readmission rate fell by 0.9 percentage points while the mortality rate rose by five.  --quoted at MoonBattery

Once you're dead, you no longer cost healthcare-money.

It's not really a stretch to conclude that Mitch McConnell prefers that you DIE rather than freeing the country of ObozoCare.

Friday, November 24, 2017

One Helluvalot of Shooting. Really?

According to the Vegas sheriff, the nutbag loosed 1100 rounds from the hotel room.

That estimate defies reason and logic, but there you are.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

New Office Poster

Unfortunately, my employers cannot allow this to be placed behind my desk (although they undoubtedly approve it wholeheartedly.)  So I'll put it here!!

HT:  Zippers

Congressional Pay for "Assistants"

You've heard the Conyers story.

Almost un-noticed is the payoff calculation.  US taxpayers kicked $27,000.00 to the woman in a settlement of her complaint against Cong. Cop-a-Feel Conyers.

That $27K was 90 days' salary.

In other words, the woman was being paid $108K annual salary.  As an "assistant."

Not bad if you can get it, eh?

Here Are The Suspects, With Pictures!!

The Soros-ultra-Left (read:  Communists and useful idiots) met out in California (!!) and have assembled their agenda.

Fortunately, a reporter managed to get their hands on the program. 

Enjoy!!   And if you have a database, enter the names.  That way, when they come to your area to inspire riots and spread money to the local Commies, you'll know who they are.

The Roy Moore Thing, Creds, and "Conservatives"

Alabama voters will decide whether Roy Moore should be their U. S. Senator.

That is not the same as whether Moore will be their State Saint--which he probably is not.  In fact, if there IS a State Saint in Alabama, she might be found in Irondale.

Anyhooo....the Big Question after the election is this:  are all accusations to be believed from the get-go with firm faith?  All?

There is a group of women who state that Moore dated them when they were 16, or slightly older, and he was in his early 30's working as a deputy D.A.  NONE of those women accuse him of any impropriety, and--at least according to Moore--ALL of them dated him with the permission of their parent(s).

Eh.  I have daughters, and I would NOT have allowed one of them to date a 30-year-old man  when they were 16 or 17.  I certainly would actively discourage socializing with a man that age were my daughter to be 18, 20, or 22.  If the girl were older than that, it's an open question. 

But then, parents differ about lots of things.  My parents would not allow any guns in their house--but we have a couple of weapons in the home and all my children know how to handle and fire handguns and rifles, and knew that in their mid-teens.  Some moms in Alabama don't mind their daughters dating an older guy who happens to be a district attorney.  Some parents don't mind if their children do not go to church.  Others will drag them there by the hair if necessary. You get the idea.

Then there is one woman who claims that when she was 14, Moore became very aggressive (the right word is "assaulted") her, asking her to touch him through his underwear, (etc.)  This woman came from a broken home and has suffered three divorces. 

Think about that carefully. 

Begin with this:  the story she tells is inconsistent with the stories told by the other women.  And that inconsistency is about a major element:  assault.  She is the only one who makes that claim.  She is also the only one who states that she was legally under-age when this activity allegedly occurred.  (And let me hint that the woman's early background might be of great interest to a Roy Moore defense attorney.)

Some, both left and right, are saying that any accusation must be believed with firm faith from the get-go.  To that I say BULLSHIT.  We've seen plenty of events where the accuser was--in fact--a liar.  The Duke lacrosse thing comes to mind, as do a dozen or so recent cases of "racist" scrawlings perpetrated--as it turns out--by minorities who were looking to cause a riot or two.

Accusations are easy to make; 40-year-old memories are easily confused

Is Moore a predator?  Not by any believable accounts I have read so far.

Now for another question:  how does a "rightist" pundit stray so far from principles of judgment (little stuff like actual crime, intent, proof....) that they can demand Moore quit his run?

Or how can "rightist" Senators do the same?

Do these people--Senators and pundits alike--actually expect US to believe that the Senate is a Saints-Only zone?  Clutch your pearls elsewhere, you fakes.  Join the never-Trump bunch in masturbatory isolation.  Take a boat trip with a bunch of has-beens like Kristol.

Just go away.    

ATT "Reduce Prices"? Really??

A lot of people read Investors' Business Daily editorials because they are economic 'conservatives,' which is usually a good thing.

...Most economists agree, the deal is unlikely to harm consumers. In fact, it might actually benefit them by offering them more services at a lower price....

Wanna bet?

I've been an ATT (U-Verse) customer for several years and have yet to see a "price reduction" other than the usual defensive reaction to another company's promotional offer (that would be Spectrum--which is the 'net provider formerly known as "Warner Cable" combined with the 'net provider formerly known as "Charter."  Both had horrible customer-service reputations, by the way.)

So.  If Justice wins, will ATT continue its price-escalation march?  On the other hand, if ATT wins, will it suddenly reduce its prices?

I'm not betting on price reductions from ATT no matter who wins.  But ATT should begin hedging against cord-cutting.  Maybe the Justice action will prove to be moot, eh?

First Thing Today: Thank GOD

Well, yes, your mom and dad might get some gratitude, but the firstest amd mostest thanks should be given to God.  You're living in a country which has enjoyed a LOT of His blessings, ain'a? 

OK.  So next thing:  pray that those blessings continue.  Remember that Babylon happened and it can happen again.

That is all.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

NFL Is a Tit-sucker, Too

In addition to the extreeeeeeme political correctness such as threatening to keep the Super Bowl out of states which prevent (tranny) boys from using the girls' room, the NFL has a well-earned reputation for greed.

And that isn't ending any time soon.

...The NFL has come out against House Republicans’ tax cut bill, putting the league out on a political limb even as it deals with the fallout from national anthem protests.

Other big pro sports leagues are staying out of the fight, but a spokesman for the National Football League said teams don’t want to lose a special tax break that allows them to use tax-free bonds to build stadiums
.--quoted at AOSHQ

Remember that the NFL is a "legal" monopoly in the USA, and that it has so much money that its commissioner can demand an annual salary of $50 MILLION plus a private jet plus lifetime health-insurance coverage for his family......because $50 MILLION can't take care of those premiums.

(Since the Missus is from Green Bay, the religion demands that we watch 1 game/week.  But we're not likely to watch the WHOLE game until (maybe) next year.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Little Moore on the Allred Client

Allred is known to be a gross manipulator of the Leftist persuasion--another of the 99% of lawyers which make the 1% look bad.  Her client told a very damning story about Roy Moore.

Except her client's story doesn't comport with a lot of niggling realities.

...Everything from Nelson’s age when she began working at the Olde Hickory House, to the restaurant’s hours, to the physical layout of the location Nelson says Moore assaulted her have been called into question – aided by the testimony of former Old Hickory House employee Rhonda Ledbetter, a waitress at Olde Hickory House for almost three years from 1977-1979, along with another former employee.

In addition, two former waitresses and two former customers say they never say Moore come into the restaurant, despite Nelson’s claim that he was there “almost every night.”

No matter what McYertle thinks, this is a decision for Alabama residents.  But we certainly hope that McYertle will not get in the way after the election, IYKWIMAITYD.

Buttercups Beware.

Schlichter is a lot of fun to read, no?

...Liberals have chosen to coarsen our culture. Their validation and encouragement of raw hate, their flouting of laws (Hi leakers! Hi Hillary!) and their utter refusal to accept democratic outcomes they disapprove of have consequences. What is itself so surprising is how liberals and their media rentboyz are so surprised to find that we normals are beginning to feel about them the way they feel about us – and that we’re starting to act on it. If you hate us, guess what?

We’re going to start hating you right back....

And for FatBoy Rove, Paul Ryan (who is quoted below), the Bushes--including Ass-Grabber Grandpa--and McMuffin:

...Cue the boring moralizing and sanctimonious whimpering of the femmy, bow-tied, submissive branch of conservatism whose obsolete members were shocked to find themselves left behind by the masses to whom these geeks’ sinecures were not the most important objective of the movement. This is where they sniff, “We’re better than that,” and one has to ask ,“Who’s we?” Because, by nature, people are not better than that. They are not designed to sit back and take it while they are abused, condescended to, and told by a classless ruling class that there are now two sets of rules and – guess what? –the old rules are only going to be enforced against them...

Who likes this crap?

...We don’t like the new rules – I’d sure prefer a society where no one was getting attacked, having walked through the ruins of a country that took that path – but we normals didn’t choose the new rules. The left did....

By the way, those "new rules" include the economic "new rules" cited below by VDHanson.  Yah--those rules--the ones that forced bankruptcies and unemployment on what used to be the middle class in manufacturing, agriculture, and service industries. 

But there is some justice:  the "rules-makers" got Trump.  Heh.  And it appears that Trump is not near finished yet.