Monday, January 22, 2018

Too Cynical??

Ace saw this and it's juuuuuusssst believable enough to re-post.

Discussing the FBI's "loss" of text messages between horn-dog and his bitch, which covered a most interesting period of time from 2016-2017, Steve Green answers the following question:

Does anyone really believe that the FBI “lost” texts from a senior FBI counterintelligence agent that were sent over an FBI device?  


The thing is, you're not supposed to believe it. No one is -- not in any meaningful sense.
Maybe I'm just getting paranoid, but today's limp excuse is so lame that it almost seems as though there must be something more sinister going on here than simply failing to comply with a congressional investigation.

What the FBI is doing is demonstrating its political power -- baring its fangs, if you will -- by showing in the most obviously unbelievable way that it will do what it please. The FBI wants the people who count to understand that the Bureau cannot and will not be held accountable.

IOW, it's the Feebs' version of "fuck you" money.

Based on what Fran Schmitz, John Chisholm, and their rat-pack ADA/GAB sub-capos pulled off without any punishment, I'd say the FBI has very good odds of getting an increase in their budget next year, too.

This Essay Is Not Entirely About Churchmen

Fr. Rutler is a treasure.  Here he asks 'Where are the churchmen with chests?'--and of course, he means that specifically.  But buried in the middle of the essay is this:

...When Churchill published a biography of his father six years later, Teddy’s assessment written to Senator Henry Cabot lodge, might have been a sketch of himself: “Still, I feel that, while the biographer and his subject possess some real farsightedness … both possess or possessed such levity, lack of sobriety, lack of permanent principle, and an inordinate thirst for that cheap form of admiration which is given to notoriety, as to make them poor public servants.” Similar words are spoken sniffingly today by the media, superior clerics, and preening intellectuals about a president they think is “heinously unsuitable” and a “connoisseur of low culture” and generally not up to snuff....

When one reads Fr. Rutler, one must have very sensitive antennae.  Let those with ears, hear.  In that passage, context matters, therefore, note VERY well that Teddy Roosevelt was disparaging Winston Churchill.


On Releasing the Memo and Peace in the Kingdom

A couple of pundits have argued that "The Memo" will not be released because it is simply too explosive.  Here's the gist:

...The narrative that explains all of this is that high ranking people in the FBI, maybe even Director Comey, were working with the Justice Department to help Hillary Clinton in the election. That has seemed clear for a while now. What’s becoming clear now is Fusion GPS, the political dirty tricks operation, functioned as a cutout for the FBI and the Clinton campaign. The FBI shared secret intel with Fusion, who then sold it to the Clinton campaign or distributed to the media at the direction of the campaign.

There’s a word for all of this and it is called treason. It’s one thing for a career intelligence officer to go bad and start selling intelligence to a foreign government. That just a part of the life of a nation state. It is an entirely different thing when senior members of the political class are working to undermine the fundamentals of the political system. It is the sort of thing that results in hangings or civil wars. It’s why the infamous memo has not been released, despite the fact it could be leaked or declassified by the White House....

It may have been Limbaugh or Levin who argued similarly, using the analogy of an imminent SMOD landing on CONUS.  What's the point? they ask.

OK, here's the point:  the catharsis is a necessary, albeit horrible, evil.  And it will lead to re-formation (yup, "reform"), which is clearly necessary.  Effectively licensing this behavior will beg for more of the same.

Is that what you want?  More of the same??

One does not have to imprison Obama, the ringleader.  Lynch, Comey, Brennan, and that fat old jackwad-perjurer Clapper will be sufficient, along with a dozen minor cast members such as Strzok and his bitch.

There may be some minor downstream activism against Obama-ites, but it can be contained and the perps can be put away, too.

Then comes the Period of Peace following the Chastisement--a good thing for all.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Stench of "St James" Shithole Comey

Comey, who is still living very well on a taxpayer-financed pension and benefits plan, now looks more like a shithole than Haiti.

...The text exchanges also indicate the FBI substituted, and then omitted, damaging language in FBI Director Comey’s July 5, 2016 statement that recommended Clinton not be charged. The original draft noted that Clinton had improperly used personal email to contact President Obama while abroad in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. According to the text exchange, an FBI official then removed President Obama’s name and stated that Clinton had simply emailed “another senior government official.” In the final statement as delivered by Comey on July 5, both references were omitted entirely....

That was Comey who omitted the language.  It was also Comey who, long before he even pretended to interview Hillary-the-Espionage-Act-Violator-in-Chief, had determined (with the even more corrupt Lynch) that HRC would go free.

Yes, that S.702 license given to the Feebs, CIA, and NSA looks better every day, doesn't it?

Thanks, RoJo!!

The Independent Duchy: NSA

Apparently the NSA has decided to become a law unto itself, not subject to POTUS nor Congress, nor SCOTUS and its subsidiaries.

...Nowhere is that "independence" of the 'state within a state' more evident than in the blatant and egregious news this week that The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn’t destroyed, according to recent court filings....

But the Agency apologized.  Doesn't that count for something?

Need we say once again.....

...Word of the NSA’s foul-up is emerging just as Congress has extended for six years the legal authority the agency uses for much of its surveillance work conducted through U.S. internet providers and tech firms....

...a practice fully enabled by Sen. Ron Johnson just last week.

Horrific Stats from CARA

CARA is "Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate,"  a Georgetown U. polling and research outfit.  It's considered to be the most reliable benchmarker of Catholics in the US.

So this is truly horrific.

...The survey found that while 98 percent of American Catholic women say they believe in God in some way, only about one-third (35%) attend mass even fairly regularly, and just under one-third (30%) say they attend confession once a year, which is a significant repudiation of the bedrock obligations of Catholicism by women who call themselves Catholic....

For women born since 1970 or so, that 35% number becomes only about 20%.


Since a lot of folks have said (rightly or not) that the US Church has become 'feminized' since Vatican II, one now wonders where are the femmes in that Church?

If these women claim, but do not practice, Catholicism, what of their children?  Well, maybe that cradle-rocking didn't overcome the Holy Spirit!!

....Women of the Baby Boom generation showed the most support for women deacons, with 65% registering approval, while Millennials showed the lowest levels of support, at 53%. And just over 50% of women who attend mass weekly support women deacons.

In another sign that Millennial Catholic women may be trending more conservative then their mothers and grandmothers—possibly because so many more progressive-leaning women have left the church—one-quarter (26%) report using natural family planning as a method of contraception, which is the second-highest rate following women born before the availability of modern contraceptives....

That aligns with observations of the attendees at Extraordinary Form Masses; there is a very large percentage of people under the age of 40 (with lots of chilluns!!!) at those Masses.

Overall, this survey does not surprise us.  We have met plenty of the Baby Boom demi-apostates; I recall a raucous parents' meeting at our parochial school where three very socially prominent dames were loudly chanting "We Want Sex!!" in the back of the room.  (They were advocating sex-ed, not asking for extramarital stress-relief.  At least, that's what I thought at the time.)  More recently, we ran across an old bat who was given responsibility for approving the wedding plans at the local parish.  She loudly complained about the 'conservatives' she had to deal with, meaning my daughter and wife.  We did exactly what we wanted to do regardless--but knew this was enemy territory.

The Gates of Hell shall not prevail.  But you can see them from here in America....  

Saturday, January 20, 2018

RoJo of Gov't Affairs: How About JUSTICE??

Senator Ron Johnson, who happens to approve of massive US Government spying on its own citizens, seems to have forgotten all about this.

...Clapper appeared before the Senate to discuss surveillance programs in the midst of a controversy over warrantless surveillance of the American public. He was asked directly, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans?” There was no ambiguity or confusion and Clapper responded, “No, sir. … Not wittingly.” That was a lie and Clapper knew it when he said it....

Lying under oath to the Senate--if you're a Deep State honcho--is just fine.  In 60 days, Clapper will have passed the Statute of Limitations stale-date for his crime.

RoJo, a member of the Senate Governmental Affairs committee, don't give a shit.  Maybe that's because Ron doesn't really care too much about the Fourth Amendment, either??

Who Cares?

This is funny.

A huge majority of Republicans less than 25 years old want the president to face a primary challenge.

It's well-known that under-25's don't vote in meaningful numbers.

So who cares?

Congress' Gym-Towel Shortage!! CRISIS!!!!

Yah, it's so damn hard to be in Congress.

While SchumerShitdown continues, the Armed Forces do not get paid.  At all.  No groceries for you!!

And widdle babykins Congress-slime cry that they don't have enough towels in their taxpayer-financed gym.

Life is a bitch, eh?

Still a Never-Trumper? (Christian, This Means You...)

We saw--and laughed at--Schneider's "Never Trump, Dammit!!" bleating in the local rag.  His outburst was occasioned by the electoral loss of a not-too-good (R) candidate to a (D) who picked up Trumpian themes and won with them.

Got that?  The (D) ran on anti-Madison (read:  anti-Establishment) and "good jobs" themes while the (R) voted against FoxConn and mumbled about regulatory obscurities. 

So it's Trump's fault that the (R) lost.  Uh-huh.

There's another way to look at this, of course.

...Establishment Republicans insist that our president is poisonous to discourse, yet they offer nothing more than spittle-flecked denunciations of the man personally while failing to recognize the invaluable work he is doing to thwart the steady degeneration of our form of government. 

Mind you, this work has been long avoided by those same Republicans who now strike at the president's knees as he takes up the cause of national restoration, harassing him for putting bold action behind the very principles these neglectful Republicans have themselves espoused in countless campaigns but apparently never actually believed.

Conservatives and other constitutionally respectful constituencies have spent the better part of a century following the advice of such Republicans and have achieved nothing beyond bare survival.  

Under their leadership, we now have a world where our children know precious little about the form of government intended for them by our framers and are consequently eager to trade their inherent liberty for trinkets of socialist Utopiana. 

Our Republican leaders talk of conservative principles yet govern from an agenda essentially homogenous to that of the Democrats – only slower, at lower cost.

Let me help you understand this, Chris.  Trump was right then, and although he won partially due to the utter reprehensibility of the opponent, he has done damn near everything right since election.

Pubbies who--like Schneider, Jeb, and Romney--still don't get it, will continue to lose.  Walker is right:  the wake-up call has been sounded.  Republicans with no cojones, and their camp-follower pundits, are going to lose.   That's why Flake and Hatch are quitting.  

Both Sides of Paul Ryan's Mouth

OK, so the Speaker of the House spoke at the March for Life.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told attendees Friday at the 45th Annual March for Life that House Republicans are striving to make their time in Congress a March for Life itself.

He listed a number of pro-life legislative achievements, including the passage of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act just minutes before the march began on Friday.   ..."We’re making a lot of progress. In the House, we passed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood,” Ryan said.

Well, yah, except for the CR you passed which DOES FUND Planned Parenthood, Paul.

The continuing resolution that the House of Representatives passed last night and sent to the Senate extends government funding—set to expire today—until February 16, while also extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years.

But it does nothing to follow-up on President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood so long as Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

“It makes no changes to that program,” a spokesperson for the House Appropriations Committee told when asked if the bill would defund Planned Parenthood in any way....

Such a nice-looking young man for being a bold-faced liar, eh?

Maybe Tammy Will Pay Your Tax Refund?

Little Tammy has decided that illegal immigrants are more important to her than are US soldiers and sailors--who will not get paid--and citizens who are owed tax refunds.

Since Little Tammy has lots of campaign dollars, she really should write checks to cover those refunds and pay US military who are protecting her sorry ass, no?

I didn't think so.

Fuel Tax and Net Neutrality

We are told that 22 states are suing to reverse the Federal 'net neutrality' ruling.

In effect, the ruling means that the more you use the 'net, the more you pay.

So those 22 states are also repealing their per-gallon fuel taxes??   After all, those taxes mean that the more you use, the more you pay, just like the internet now.


Friday, January 19, 2018

RoJo Renews Gov't Spying. Same Day Gov't Spying Goes Nuclear

Why, sure, the Gummint should have the right to spy on US citizens without warrants, except the warrants issued by FISA.

That's RoJo's stand, and he's not going to apologize.  (He has yet to apologize for his failure to repeal ObozoCare, too.)

On the same day RoJo voted for this abomination, a 3-page memo was circulated showing EXACTLY WHY Section 702 should have been buried.  See, 702 was used to spy on Trump and all of his friends and acquaintances--authorized by FISA after Comey, Obama, and Lynch lied like Hell.

RoJo must think that no more bad guys will ever get elected.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The New Look of the AR-15

Some journalist-ette in Ohio saw this AR inflicting fatal wounds on a watermelon.

She forgot to mention that the AR is prolly raciss.

Go ahead, watch.  It's only 7 seconds.  Just don't be sipping your coffee while you watch......

The Russkis Took Over the NRA!!!

Well, sure.

The story is actually funny, and a great example of the way Pure Bullshit is "news."

The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy.

OK, let's have the story!!

...The extent to which the FBI has evidence of money flowing from Torshin to the NRA, or of the NRA’s participation in the transfer of funds, could not be learned....

Oh.  So there is zero?  Some?  A lot?  Conclusive?  OK, prolly zero.  But let's keep playing!!

...NRA reported spending a record $55 million on the 2016 elections, including $30 million to support Trump – triple what the group devoted to backing Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race....

Well, THAT'S an indictment just waiting for a ham sandwich, or something.  NRA saw Trump as a better spend than Mitt, the Wishy-Washy LOSER.  This is not hard--except for McClatchy ditzes. 

This gets better!!

...Two people with close connections to the powerful gun lobby said its total election spending actually approached or exceeded $70 million. The reporting gap could be explained by the fact that independent groups are not required to reveal how much they spend on Internet ads or field operations, including get-out-the-vote efforts....

Sadly, those two people are not named "Vlad" and "Ivan."  So McClatchy doesn't have a smoking gun.  Yet. 

But we do know this:  the AFL-CIO also does not report GOTV, internet, or "walking-around money."  And that is usually around $100 million/election.  Then there's the Steelworkers, the IAMAW, the Electricals, the AFSCME, and the NEA.....but who's counting??  Not McClatchy.

Then there's the tall-tale telling part, where we assemble a 150-story skyscraper from only 100 Lego parts!!

...Investigators for three congressional committees probing Russia’s 2016 operations also have shown interest in Torshin, a lifetime NRA member who has attended several of its annual conventions. At the group’s meeting in Kentucky in May 2016, Torshin spoke to Donald Trump Jr. during a gala event at the group’s national gathering in Kentucky in May 2016, when his father won an earlier-than-usual NRA presidential endorsement.....

What ARE we WAITING FOR??  JAIL THIS TRAITOR TRUMP!!!  JAIL TORSHIN, who is OBVIOUSLY a Putin plant.  Ham-sandwich-ize all the NRA OFFICERS!!!!  Prepare their rooms at LEAVENWORTH!!  Torshin SPOKE to Don, Jr!!  WE HAVE NO FURTHER NEED OF PROOF!!!!

My rifle has been speaking to me in a low, gutteral, voice.  Polyooska Polyii!!  Eta Russki Armii, Polyii!!  The rifle had an NRA sticker on the box it came in.   ARREST THE RIFLE!!

Ah, yes.  The free Press.  Nobody said anything about Truth, did they? 

Maybe Jarchow Was a Lousy Candidate, Eh?

Something that strikes me as common sense about the 10 Senate/Wisconsin:

Her campaign focused not on attacking Trump but fighting the opioid crisis, improving access to health care[,] and bringing good-paying jobs to the region. --WaPo

"Schachtner also ran on resentment toward Madison and MKE, " he tweeted.  "From her campaign announcement: 'Whether it's roads, schools or jobs, Madison politicians take money away from us and give it to Milwaukee.'"--Mike Gousha

Both quoted at Thinker.

So the Republican was talking about property rights and deregulation in the campaign, while the Democrat was talking about solving the opiate crisis, alleviating the nightmare of Obamacare and getting good-paying jobs to the district?

Instead of asking whom you think voters would choose with that contrasting pair of platforms, the more useful question is, which platform would President Trump have taken had he been the candidate in that election?...

Yah.  Jarchow is kinda tone-deaf.  Maybe the "Wake-Up Call" is this:  Pubbies should actually give a fig about their constituency's concerns.  

Worked for the orange-haired guy, ya'know.


Deficit Reduction, Trump-Style

I suppose that the (R) Congress could take credit for this.  In fact, they probably WILL take credit for it.

..."Apple, already the largest US taxpayer, anticipates repatriation tax payments of approximately $38 billion as required by recent changes to the tax law....--quoted at VoxPop

It would be nice if the Pubbies could write and pass a budget which reduces stupid-ass Fed spending by 10X that amount.  But that won't happen, will it?

DACA Defined

Apparently Paul Ryan doesn't pay much attention to the signs of the times like this one:

...You remember DACA? It’s an acronym that stands for “That Thing Democrats Want To Use To Fill The Voter Rolls With Foreigners And GOP Donors Want To Use To Get More Serfs To Work For Peanuts While Actual Americans Get Shafted And Called ‘Racist’ If They Dare Complain.” The Democrats desperately want DACA because you Normal people have let them down and voted for your own interests rather than in the way Nancy Pelosi instructed you. Bad, bad electorate! You definitely need to be replaced.....The GOP wants it because its big money donors want it because you actual Americans demand to be treated with respect by your employers and, well, paying Americans what they’re worth is bad for business. And the Senate GOP Sissy Caucus of sanctimonious twits wants it because it gives them a chance to pose and preen and pretend to have the moral high ground over those wicked evil bad bad bad Republicans who want to do what actual Republican voters want done instead of being guided by the eccentric moral compass that Jeff Flake keeps inside himself right next to his head....

Paul's a fortunate boy, indeed.  He has a crazy wacko trying to primary him, and a turncoat "Labor" guy--who would drain the blood from his union brothers to get more Illegals to be Legal--running on the (D) ticket.

Luck can run out, Paul.

The Bump on a Log Moves!!

Baldwin actually DID something.

Must be an election coming up or something.....

Bannon "Credibility Issue" From GOWDY??

Yah, good old "pull-my-punch" Gowdy thinks Bannon has a 'cred issue.'

Maybe so, maybe not.

But this is certain:  Bannon is not going to play patsy for your televised ego-trip, Mr. Gowdy. 

Maybe you could concentrate on real criminals (hint:  they worked for Wasserman-Schultz and are Paki types.)  Or would that be too much to ask?

Clinton/Obama Flunky Decries "Liar" and "Moral Rot"

This jackwad--Begala--facilitated Bill and Hillary Clinton's extraordinary lying, not to mention their extraordinary greed (and lust.)

THEN he moved on to helping the Communist Obama to destroy the USA.

And he yaps about "liar" and "moral rot."

Paul, we can smell the moral rot from here--and YOU are up-wind.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Can USCC Defend This?

Various USCC bureaucrats, Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals have been emitting yappa-flappa about 'opening the borders' to immigrants as a matter of moral imperative.

The fact that it is NOT a 'moral imperative' doesn't cross their minds, of course.  But that's another story.  Here's the real story:

...12,513 Afghans became permanent residents in ’16.  ...Around 1,000 of the Afghans we took in have jobs. 8,190 don’t have jobs.  3,158 are marked as unknown. That’s an 8% employment rate....

...In ’16, we took in 23,449 Salvadorans. Around 3,000 have jobs. The other 20,000 don’t seem to....

...23,584 Haitians became permanent residents in ’16. Haiti is a permanent disaster. So are its immigrants. Only 2,691 or 11% are employed....--quoted at ColdFury

Put it this way:  there's no doubt that practicing charity IS a moral imperative.  We can do that by sending a check to benefit Afghans, Salvadorans, and Haitians in their own home countries.  There is apparently no good reason to bring them here.

The USCC won't talk about that, of course.

The Russians Bought 10th Senate Election!!

Some describe the 10th Senate (D) victory as a "stunning loss" for Republicans.

Mark Thomsen knows better.  He predicted that the Russians would be influencing elections--and clearly, they have.

So with apologies to our friend Wiggy, it is NOT a "Republican loss."

It is a Russian VICTORY!!  Break out the VODKA!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On the Immigration Question

I think Z has this pretty well.  The essay begins on a not-really-related topic, but he gets around to the Immigration Question and says a mouthful.

....No one would oppose a small, limited amnesty for some illegal invaders, who have been here for a long time. As long as it comes with tough measures to limit further invasions and protections against future backsliding on the issue. Trump’s wall creates a permanent lobby in Washington in favor of border protection. Programs like e-Verify alter the hiring culture to prevent labor abuse.

The package of proposals from the White House is reasonable and sensible. It is a practical response to a public policy problem. If the the compromise includes legalizing a few hundred thousand invaders, a civilized people can accept it. But the people in charge are incapable of moderation, which is why they blew up the talks and are demanding a blanket amnesty with no conditions. Again, the hive minded can only understand the world in binary terms. It is those inside the walls versus those outside the walls.

There is no reasoning with fanatics. As much as many on our side want to believe that practical issues are what’s behind the multicultural madness, the fact is the people pushing it are not reasonable people. They are all or nothing people. That’s why this cannot end well. The people in charge either succeed in pulling the roof down on the rest of us, or the rest of us are forced to do what is necessary to dislodge the lunatics that have seized the high ground of the culture. Moderation is not the answer to fanaticism.

This will not end well.

No matter the whining from Lindsey-Oats or from Ryan's Corporatists, or--for that matter--the somewhat silly Bishops who attempt to make new moral rules where--frankly--they have no business whatsoever, if sensible immigration is not enacted, there will be problems.  Big ones.

Tit for Tat

Jake Tapper, FakeNews CNN Division, threw Stephen Miller off the set last Sunday when Miller would not roll over and play dead to Tapper's bullshit.

OK, then.  Today, Acosta--Chief of Fake, CNN Division, got obstreperous--as usual--and Trump tossed his fat ass out of the Oval Office.

Gotta love The Donald!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Even More Shrill Fauxcahontas

This woman has a mania about collecting personal data.

...Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who conceived the idea of the consumer agency, which critics say has too much and often undefined power, strongly objected to the agency’s temporary halt in data collection just last week.

“CFPB cannot fulfill its core functions without collecting personally identifiable information,” Warren wrote in a Jan. 4 letter to top CFPB officials....

That is true.  However, CFPB's databanks are not secure.

[Acting Director] Mulvaney announced plans to halt personal data collection after an inspector general’s report warned of cybersecurity problems with the agency.

“I think we should find ways to have as rigorous a data security program as possible here before we start expecting that from people who we oversee out in the industry,” Mulvaney told reporters at the time....

Not only does CFPB have data security problems.  It also has a helluvalot of data--and it seems to be collecting such data without good reason.

...a Government Accountability Office report from September 2014 noted serious concerns about the privacy and security of the consumers whose data are being collected by the CFPB.

The GAO found the CFPB was collecting more information than was necessary for its regulatory mission, from 87 percent of the credit card market. It further said the agency’s 12 mass data collections had information on 173 million loans....

The Shrill Senator-ette likes YOUR data to be in HER data bank.  Comfortable with that?

Why Wisconsin Electric Is Sending Workers NOW

There is no such thing as co-incidence.  You have noticed that around 60 skilled linemen from Wisconsin Electric are on their way to Puerto Rico, one of the 5 most corrupt nations in the Caribbean area.

There's a reason for that "now."

...On Saturday, a day after becoming aware of a massive store of rebuilding materials being held by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, the U.S. federal government — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, along with their security detail — entered a Palo Seco warehouse owned by the public utility to claim and distribute the equipment, according to a spokesperson for the Corps....

...Among the materials recovered so far are “2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors” along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines. PREPA did not respond to The Intercept’s request for comment, though in a statement to the Associated Press, it rejected allegations that it had failed to distribute the warehouse’s contents. The AP only reported that “officials over the weekend also discovered some needed materials in a previously overlooked warehouse owned by Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority.” How they discovered them and how they were obtained is a story that has not been fully told....

FEMA and the Corps knew they would be re-possessing vast amounts of electrical-power materiel, likely "lost" by the Corrupt-o-crats of Puerto Rico.  By the way, lots of other mainland repair crews have been sitting in hotels waiting for this stuff to materialize.

FYI, Puerto Rico is not a "shithole."  Yet.

Russki Money Funds GreenWackies!!

The Russians are throwing large dollars into the "environmental" protesters.  It makes sense; Russia would like to keep the oil & gas markets tight, and keep the US dependent on outside resources.

Wonder if that (D) wack-job lawyer Thomsen in Madistan is a GreenWonzo, too, eh??  He seems to know a LOT about the Russians, after all.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Durbin/Fake News: They Lied Again

Apparently Trump did not use the word "shithole."  That was Durbin describing his own mouth.

...Republican Sen. David Perdue (Ga.) on Sunday said President Trump did not use the word “shithole” to refer to African nations, Haiti and El Salvador during a White House meeting with lawmakers.


I’m telling you he did not use that word, George. And I’m telling you it’s a gross misrepresentation. How many times do you want me to say that?” Perdue said after host George Stephanopoulos pressed him for an answer
....ABCNews quoted at PowerLine

Durbin--a liar from the get-go--spread the story about "shithole," and of course, it was trumpeted endlessly by the Fake News media (which means all the 'news' outlets.')


So.  Durbin says Trump used the word.  Trump (and others) say he did not.  One is a Chicago politician, the other is a real estate developer.  Go ahead.  Bet large on this!

Mr. Manning to Run for Senate

The HotAir headline has this:  "So a Convicted Traitor Would Like to Run for Senate..."

Why not?  Mr. Manning could join with several NOT-convicted traitors therein.

Ticker agrees with this, but he doesn't call other Senators 'traitors.'  He has far more colorful descriptors!

RAISE Act: Screwing American STEM People. Again.

Professor Matloff on the RAISE Act proposal:

...America’s tech workers, already victimized by immigration policy, would be harmed even more by RAISE, as it would redistribute green card allocation from the largely low-skilled to the high-skilled, thus providing even more competition at the latter level. While it might seem desirable to bring in more techies, we have a surplus as it is. And even worse, extra points would be given to younger workers who wish to immigrate, exacerbating the rampant age discrimination in the industry....

Not real surprising.

...the Issa and Durbin-Grassley bills to reform H-1B would have the effect of encouraging Congress to enact some kind of Staple a Green Card to Their Diplomas legislation, under which foreign STEM students at U.S. universities would be granted a fast track green card. This would be truly disastrous, dwarfing any current problem with H-1B etc....

Issa is into this because he represents California, of course.  Grassley because he's not very bright, and Durbin because he's not very bright AND understands how to get more (D) voters.  What a lovely combination.

By the way, these are the bills supported by the anti-third-world-immigration bunch, too.

Utility Music for Mass

My desk at the office is directly under one of the speakers used to broadcast music throughout the entire retail store.  Usually this stuff is '70's and '80's crap, except for the rock-n-roll "Christmas" music which expires on December 26th.

Yes, it's true.  I suffer from abuse by employer.  *snif*

Then I get to suffer from abuse at church!!

...A Church which only makes use of utility music has fallen for what is, in fact, useless. . . . For her mission is a far higher one. As the Old Testament speaks of the Temple, the Church is to be the place of glory, and as such, too, the place where mankind’s cry of distress is brought to the ear of God. The Church must not settle down with what is merely comfortable and serviceable at the parish level; she must arouse the voice of the cosmos and, by glorifying the Creator, elicit the glory of the cosmos, itself, making it also glorious, beautiful, habitable, and beloved...Jos. Ratzinger

Yup.  Different speakers, same stuff, no matter the kinda-holy text of hymns or the actually holy texts of the Mass.  When it's "utility music" it's no different from retail-store space-filler.

Clearly, Purgatory is not the only punishment.....

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why the "Porn Star Bribe" Story NOW?

Easy.  The Democrats are pointing to a Shiny Object while it becomes crystal clear that Obozo, Comey, and Rosenstein KNEW about Russian bribery BEFORE the Uranium-One deal that Hillary Clinton signed off for.

This is not hard, folks.  Hillary and Bill were taking bribes--in the form of "speaker's fees" and "donations to the Chelsea Marriage Fund"--and the Russians got their nuclear deal.

There's evidence, people.

So the Democrats will be yelling about "shitholes" as loudly as possible, and the MSM, a bought-and-paid-for subsidiary of the Democrat Left, will not mention this news item.

Waterfront Property in Haiti

Gorgeous waterfront property in Haiti.  Some cleanup required.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Is the Pope Catholic?

Only a few years ago, that was a humorous punchline.  Today......well.....

On January 12, reports began surfacing on Twitter that Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, was honored by Pope Francis with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great.  The Lepanto Institute was able to confirm from a December 22, 2017 Dutch radio broadcast that Ploumen indeed received the honor. ...

I happen to know three US KCSG's (all deceased now).   The Pope has just peed on their graves.

...To say that Lilianne Ploumen is “pro-abortion” is an extreme understatement and doesn’t even come close to the scandalous reality of her activism....a few days ago, Ploumen was awarded the Machiavelli Prize “for her campaign for the safe abortion fund SheDecides.”...from 2004-2007, Ploumen was the Director of Programs and on the Board of Directors for CORDAID, the Dutch Catholic aid relief agency that was caught funding Planned Parenthood and dispensing contraception....In February of 2010, Ploumen called on LGBT activists to descend upon and disrupt Mass at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, wearing pink triangles with the words “Jesus excludes no one.” The reason?  She and other pro-LGBT activists were protesting the Church’s moral teaching regarding homosexuality....

It is not news that this Pope has a very tenuous grasp on certain elements of the Faith.  So in answer to the question in my headline, we can say this:  "Well, the Pope is a Jesuit!"

Pray harder.

Take It From the Man Who's Been There....

RenMan has been in Africa--he emigrated from there to the USA--and has a very interesting military and civilian history. 

About S*&^holes:

....allow me to say, I've been in far too many of them for comfort.  They are precisely as described:  s***holes.  They smell of s***.  All too often, the food tastes of s***, and/or is prepared in circumstances so unhygienic I have no doubt whatsoever that it is actually full of s***.  (Ever been in a tribal village where they kill a hog or cow to celebrate your arrival?  I've personally watched as a pig's intestines were taken out of its stomach, stripped of their vile contents by hand into a bucket, without benefit of soap or running water or anything else, and then dumped straight into a cauldron of boiling water to cook.  The instant they were regarded as cooked - not even halfway, I can assure you! - a chunk was hacked off and offered to me.  I had no choice but to eat it, otherwise I would have given enormous offense to those who'd prepared it for me.  Hello, huge prophylactic doses of Ciprofloxacin twice a day for the duration of the trip!)...

The problem is that people from those worlds do NOT integrate well into the US.  

The Church's Civil War, Part XXV

A prominent Prog from Austria:

...[Fr.] Zulehner predicts that there will be approved, in 2019, the ordination of married priests. He also indicates the possibility of female priests....

Yah, well, that's not the take-away, startling as it may be.  HERE'S the take-away:

...Speaking about this method of operation which is based on a more decentralized way of governing the Church, Zulehner adds “It is one of the most important decisions of this pontificate that the pope overcomes centralism.”...

Which means the following re-formulation:  "Not-so-One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic."  The priest is correct:  this is a revolution.

Yes, Virginia, There ARE Shitholes

Our Holier-Than-Thou Betters have lost their minds over the fact that people are fleeing, desperate for better living conditions.  They flee so that their children can live without abject fear of violence, murder, or theft--and that the children may obtain a marginally-better education.

They leave Chicago, New York City, Detroit, and Los Angeles every day, by the hundreds.  Someone called these places "shitholes," and heads exploded.

Too bad.  People leave because the places ARE shitholes.

Goodlatte's Good Law

It's just a proposal at this point.  But the right people like it for the right reasons.

That means it's going to take a beating from all the Enlightened and Better People, of course.

Sensenbrenner Right! Ryan, Grothman WRONG!

On the question of Spying On Americans Because of Feeeeelings, or whatever, not to bother with the silly and antiquated Fourth Amendment........

Jim Sensenbrenner voted correctly.

Paul Ryan, from his gated and walled-off compound, voted to allow it.  So did the ladder-climbing butt-kissing Glenn Grothman, who pretends to be a Conservative whenever he's not voting in the House.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

UPDATE: Ryan Spyin' Again

It seems that the Fourth Amendment is a hindrance to Big Brother.

...the House on Thursday approved legislation to renew government surveillance powers while voting down new limits on how authorities can use the information that is collected....

...Just a few hours before the vote, President Trump roiled the waters by sending out a tweet that appeared to contradict his own administration’s opposition to the changes, which were offered by Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

That amendment failed by a vote of 183-233....

Amash's amendment would have required the FBI to get a warrant when spying on US citizens.  That's all.  Just a warrant.

(Note to self:  check Sensenbrenner's vote on both these items..... )

Trump flat-out lied or mis-led on the topic, claiming that he 'fixed the procedure.'  He did not, because the law governs, not the reg. 

Deep State wins this round.

Australian "Man" v. Snake

Here are the bare bones basics:

Ted Ogier was traveling on the New South Wales south coast Wednesday when he spotted a black, red-bellied snake slithering alongside his car.

Ogier said the reptile had slithered from the hood of his car and wrapped itself around his side mirror, looking and apparently hissing at him....

So what happens next?

...Olgier said he eventually pulled over and called his coworker, Kai Pearse, who later arrived and removed the snake with a broom.....

Ayyyyy, the bloke can't get out of his own car and whack the snake?

A Moment of Snark

HT: Thinker

Ryan Steps into S.702, Comes Out Smelling Bad

Well, then.  Yesterday morning the House leadership (i.e., Ryan and McCarthy) was all set to renew Section 702, which allows NSA/FEEBS (and anyone else who's interested) to spy on your phones, emails, and text messages for no reason or any reason at all.

This is Your Government, remember? 

Then the President decided that maybe 702 ain't such a great idea. 

Then the President decided that, actually, 702 is a great idea.

Then "Saint Jim" Comey proclaimed that 702 is REALLY GOOD!!! 

(Uhhhhmmmnnnnn...that's like the home-invader proclaiming that a law forbidding door-locks is REALLY GOOD!!  (By the way, F*&^ you, Comey.))

Some Pubbies with more than half a brain have now decided that 702 needs further examination.  Even Palsi thinks so and managed to emit a coherent sentence or two about it.

Let's hope that Paul Ryan gets the message, even within his walled-compound home.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"Ethics" Commissar to "Investigate" Fitzgerald

This may be fun.  The Kommissar of Ethics--a demented Democrat who is certain that the Russkis will be electing Scott Walker and Paul Ryan--has launched an "ethics" probe according to this report.

Frankly, I don't believe that this probe is really the work of the Kommissar.  There have been no armed, flash-bang aided, forcible home invasions and no children have been scarred for life.

But you never know.  Francis Schmitz is looking for work, and has anyone seen Shane Falk?  Is he still wearing camo and playing with a Mattel looking like an M-16A2?

New Front in Church's Civil War

This is about as surprising as the sun rising in the East.

Responsible parenthood can obligate a married couple to use artificial birth control, a recently appointed member of the Pontifical Academy for Life has argued, basing his theory on Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation on the family, Amoris Laetitia.

Italian moral theologian Father Maurizio Chiodi said at a December 14 public lecture at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome that there are “circumstances — I refer to Amoris Laetitia, Chapter 8 — that precisely for the sake of responsibility, require contraception.”...

Want that boiled down?  OK.  "THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS."

That's what he said, and that's what he means; and he takes his cue and justification from Pp. Francis' increasingly-embattled Amoris Laetitia.

Somehow, and soon, AL will be used to justify queer "marriage."  

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

So Last Year: (D) Elections-Commissar Rants

Oh, boy.  A commissioner (commissar) calls names.

The head of the Wisconsin Elections Commission called the leader of the state Senate a coward..

Oh huh.  I have some issues with Fitzgerald, too.  But not on this matter.  Fitzgerald wants to dis-employ a couple of the slimebuckets who worked on the old Gov't Accountability Board.  You remember that outfit:  it ran a political persecution racket including predawn armed raids, etc.  Just like old Joe Stalin's boyzzzz.

Not by coincidence, the Democrat Commissar rants:

 "Today, (Haas) has the unanimous support of the commission that he should be driving this bus for the 2018 election at a time when we know the Russian government is going to be there to try to interfere with our elections," Thomsen said....

You "KNOW" that, Thomsen?  How?  Did Vlad tell you that?  Was it in code?  Have you told Herr Mueller about your knowledge?  Did you get this information from a drunken aide to the President while he was at the Top of the Park?  Or just some drunk (D) Leggie?

Get rid of all these ticks.

McConnell, the Continuing Failure

PowerLine has a very dispiriting essay which points out that McConnell remains a failure--and a spectacular one--in his 'leadership' of the Senate Republicans.

EPA, CFPB Employees Go All Teenaged Brat

It seems that Government employees are misusing Government-provided cellphones.

Over a dozen Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees have downloaded encrypted messaging applications on government-issued phones and are potentially violating federal law,...

Same crap happened at EPA earlier.

This is right out of the Junior High School Girls' Club, which one expects at these two agencies (and which has emerged at FBI and IRS.)

So tell me: why does the taxpayer fund these cell-phones?  Don't the land-lines work in the ultra-plush offices?  And by the way, isn't it about time for another 50% reduction in the CFPB and EPA "work"forces?

Pp. Francis Goes Silly Jesuit

While the current Pope has written or spoken a number of things which are controversial--even borderline heretical--he also has a silly side.  And he proved it yesterday.

Pope Francis took a strong stand on anthropogenic climate change Monday, telling a gathering of diplomats in the Vatican that global warming is a result of human action.

We must not “downplay the importance of our own responsibility in interaction with nature,” Francis told the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See. “Climate changes, with the global rise in temperatures and their devastating effects, are also a consequence of human activity.”...

Not a 'global fall'--which was in progress until the 1970's or so?  Are the effects 'devastating'?  How do you know with Biblical certitude the post hoc/propter hoc assertion you just made?

Silly Jesuit. 

Monday, January 08, 2018

Not Too Saggy, No Wrinkles, Either!

She's really past the "harass me" age.  And she's stupid enough to show it.

These are the Morality Lecturers, eh?

WAR!! Dr. K. v. Z-Priest

Get the popcorn. seems to me that people come at liturgical law and rubrics from one of two positions:

1. The Kantian: “Say the Black, Do the Red.” No more and no less.

2. The Aristotelian: “Say the Black, Do the Red, in accord with the requirements of liturgy and the pattern of tradition.”

Prof. K. likes the Aristotelian.  Z-priest has several hundred "Say....Do..." mugs which will be worthless in the event that Prof. K. wins the throw-down.


"Popular Catholicism" and Its Proponents; The Church's Civil War Grows

There's something out there called "popular Catholicism" (or 'popular theology').

...Pope Francis recently affirmed the importance of what he called a “free and responsible” form of Catholic theology—a “creative fidelity”—in the life of the Church. Speaking before a Vatican gathering of 100 members of the Italian Theological Association last month, Pope Francis advised the theologians to remain “anchored” to the teachings of Vatican II, by “proclaiming the Gospel in a new way” to a rapidly changing world....

OK, so?

...From the first days of his pontificate, Pope Francis has privileged a form of “Popular Catholicism” that prioritizes the insights, the beliefs, and the practices that emerge from the people themselves. The word “popular” does not refer to “prevalent,” rather, it refers to the religious practices and beliefs that emerge from the people themselves—not the priests. Emphasizing the contextual nature of all theological reflection, “Popular Catholicism” maintains that theology must always be cultural and historical....

 Oh.  Sorta like Calvinism being Swiss and Anglican being English.  Because theology cannot be just "Catholic", oh no oh no.

[Beginning in South America] ...Popular Catholicism was originally a symbol of freedom—a rejection of the colonial dominance of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain. A leader of this movement has been theologian Orlando Espin, a professor of religious studies at the University of San Diego...

Well, a full Professor at a Catholic College!!   What could go wrong??

...Highly respected by left-leaning national and international theologians, Espin was awarded the highest honor last year from the Catholic Theological Society of America—the world’s largest professional society of Catholic theologians. Receiving the John Courtney Murray Award for his “lifetime of distinguished theological achievement,” Espin, a priest of the Orlando diocese who no longer appears to function as a priest, and is currently married to his same-sex partner, thanked his “husband,” Ricardo Gallego, during his acceptance speech....

Oh, yah.  THAT could go wrong.

Well, certainly, with Pp. Francis and the CTSA award-winner being proponents, there can be no opponents of any merit, right?

....Both Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict had spoken harshly about the dangers of a Church that was “born of the people.” Pope St. John Paul II gave a stern rebuke to the Latino theologians in 1983—publishing a letter to the Nicaraguan bishops denouncing the “people’s church” in especially harsh terms. In a speech that was reported on the pages of The New York Times on March 5, 1983, the pontiff predicted that “The Church born of the people is a new invention that is both absurd and of perilous character … only with difficulty, could it avoid being infiltrated by strangely ideological connotations.” In 1984, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger offered An Instruction On Certain Aspects of the Theology of Liberation in which he warned about the dangers of the “diverse theological positions,” and the “badly defined doctrinal frontiers” of this movement.....

Ummmnnhhhnnn.  Oh.   OK, so, how could this possibly happen?

...The confusion in the Latin Church today results, at least in part, from the importation of the antinomian culture of the 1960s into the very sanctuary, in the form of an open-ended liturgy with options, inculturations, adaptations, and a vastly impoverished code of rubrics. Whatever may be its social merits or demerits, antinomianism is an unsustainable liturgical philosophy.....

Or, looking at the same problem (the liturgy) with slightly different lenses, you have Cdl. Burke:  

...Burke remarked on December 15 that the liturgy was damaged after Second Vatican Council by anthropocentrism, a concept of the liturgy not as a gift of God to us but as a creation or invention of our own.....

These “harmful experiments” have entered into the liturgy, along with a very worldly vision of the liturgical action “that is antithetical to the liturgy and extremely harmful.”

Antinomianism doesn't work well in theology, either, people.

Pray.  Oremus.  Pray. Semper Oremus.

With "Protection" Like This.....

Fauxcahontas is the principal adorer of this outfit.

No wonder.  It's a fraud, just like her.

Renovation costs for the brand new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau headquarters have skyrocketed, posting 25 percent in cost overruns — significantly above the original budget set by the General Services Administration, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

Original cost estimates for the CFPB’s renovation were estimated at $55 million, but the bureau ran up the proposed cost to $216 million....

These assholes better be careful or they will replace EPA and Dept of Ed as the most-hated Federal agency.  

Not that they care what the Deplorables think......

Sunday, January 07, 2018

You Know It's a Long Line...

You know it's a long line at the car-wash when you can hear Strauss' Til Eulenspiegel AND two of the Four Last Songs while you wait.

And by the way--the difference between the Madison Symphony and the Milwaukee Symphony is pronounced.  No wonder old Phone-It-In commuted from Madison to take the Milwaukee job.

Here's a Warning Flare

You can bet that every dairy farmer in the US has this pasted to their refrigerators--and most of them are importuning their Congress-slime about "Amnesty" or "Guest Workers".

A Michigan dairy farmer is to spend a couple of years in federal prison and owes a six-figure fine for hiring undocumented immigrants.

U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington on Thursday, Jan. 4, sentenced Denis Burke to two years in prison, followed by two years of supervised release. Ludington did not order Burke taken into custody on Thursday, but gave him time to self-report to the U.S. Marshals Services.

The judge also ordered Burke to pay a fine of $187,500 and an assessment fee of $100....--quoted at Ticker

Don't feel sorry for the guy, except that as Ticker remarks, there's always Smithfield and Purdue if DoJ is actually looking for targets.

Fauxcahontas Fail: Gun Sale Myth

Not only is Fauxcahontas a money-grubbing racist opportunist, she's also a complete failure when attempting to prove a lie.  (Most Democrats simply assert lies, but are not stupid enough to attempt to prove them.)

In yet another embarrassment for the gun control lobby, a government investigation of online gun sales designed to determine “whether private sellers would knowingly sell a firearm to an individual prohibited from possessing one” determined that … no, actually, they would not. In 72 attempts undertaken over 2 ½ years, undercover agents trying to buy guns through readily-accessible Internet sites failed exactly 100% of the time to complete a sale when the seller had reason to believe the buyer was prohibited or lived in another state....

[The study] was commissioned by three staunchly anti-gun members of Congress. Leading the charge was Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who was joined by Sens. Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

---NRA/ILA via HotAir.

Oh, well.  She still has the Consumer "Protection" racketeering thing going at the Fed Reserve--for the time being.

Earmarks! Mother's Milk for Swamp Creatures

Sure enough, they're thinking of bringing back earmarks.

Ryan, to his eternal credit, nixed that gambit in 2016.  But the Urge to Spend Money is nearly as strong as the Urge to Procreate (or whatever) in Congressional offices....

....But here’s the conundrum in the upcoming earmark debate: what some constituents and lawmakers view as crucial is seen by others as a boondoggle.

The Constitution clearly asserts it’s up to Congress to direct federal spending. That lack of focus means unnamed federal bureaucrats at agencies decide how to spend taxpayer dollars instead of elected representatives.

Ask voters if they want invisible bureaucrats calling the shots -- or their members of Congress....

How about this idea:  STOP THE SPENDING!   Buy guns and ammo for the Pentagon, fund the USPO, and go home.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Economy in Uptick?

While the editorialist here is concerned with inflation (rightly so), there's another story:  economic growth.  Note Copper, which is the "old farts' indicator" is on a tear.

How long it lasts is another thing, of course...and this is worldwide, not just US. 

Also noteworthy is the editorialist's concern over interest rates.  If they start moving up faster, US bonds and notes (and bills) will be paying more in interest.  That's OK until the US has to re-write its budget to pay the interest.  Then things could get ugly.


"St." Comey, a Profile in Cowardice

Andrew McCarthy hits it right on the button here. April 2016, when the Clinton-emails investigation was in full swing but before it was anywhere close to completion, President Obama gave a nationally televised interview in which he made clear that he did not want criminal charges brought against his former secretary of state — and the already certain Democratic candidate to succeed him. Obama made two duplicitous points: Mrs. Clinton (1) had exhibited “carelessness,” but nothing worse, by using a private, non-secure email system to conduct State Department business, and (2) had not intended to endanger American national security when she stored and transmitted classified information on this system.

The FBI has taken the heat because it ultimately applied these disingenuous guidelines publicly and without apology. But it was the political leadership of the executive branch that called the tune — which seems like news only because the media’s revulsion over presidential attempts to influence criminal investigations would await Donald Trump’s inauguration....

Well, yes--Obama, the Alinskyite/Marxist 'called the tune.'  But his FBI Director licked his boot and did the wrong thing, becoming a Profile in Cowardice. 

That's not how one obtains sainthood.

Only When Congress Meets??

Grabbed from the headlines:

...Wednesday the Washington Post reported that the number of complaints about rats is up sharply in Washington, DC...--from HotAir

Look for concentrations near K Street and large law offices.  Check for synchronicity of Congressional sessions.

Yup. She's a Cat Lady

"Sr." Jeanine Gramick, notorious queer advocate, is a cat lady.

This is an insult to cat ladies, by the way, who are generally harmless if a bit odd.

Just Shout "FLUSH!!"

Mr. Crapper never imagined this.  (Go ahead, look up 'water closet' and 'Crapper'.)

Kohler has introduced a new line of products called Kohler Konnect that enables consumers to automate everyday tasks in the kitchen and bathroom. 

According to a press release, the new platform offers a personalized experience with the products via app presets, motion control and voice-command. ...

Of course, we know that Bluetooth and Alexa have large security holes.  You could come home to find all sorts of interesting activities going on in your kitchen and bath.  Or find that the NSA is monitoring your water usage.

To be clear:


Dope-Smoker Warns Trump. Oh, My.

Some guy who draws funny pictures likes the weed--and therefore, doesn't like Trump.

Now there's a national crisis, eh?

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Once Again With Feeling: TEXT MATTERS!!

When one is closely involved in church music--as we have been for decades--the priority of the TEXT is unquestionable.  Then-Cardinal Ratzinger made the point eloquently and forcefully in his 1988 lecture in Vienna, likening the music to the 'enfleshment' of the text-bones.  Most telling is his deliberate play on "Word"/'word'.  Think about that.

Another way to understand it is this:  the music (merely) illuminates the text.

This is what sets Chant and much of polyphony apart from hymns.  Hymns have great melody, and for the first verse, the melody often "illuminates" the text.  But in the second, third, fourth verses?  Not so much.

Anyhow, back in the early 1900's another guy--an Anglican--said the same thing.  This should not come as a surprise, unless you don't understand church music at all.

...12. DON’T be satisfied with merely a correct rendering of the pointed psalter, but aim at an intelligent rendering of the psalms…put the words first, and let the chant—whether plainsong or anglican—be your humble and obedient servant, not your master…

13. DON’T be too fond of the double chant; singles are usually preferable. What more destroys the rhythm of a psalm or canticle than the repetition of the second part?...we must bear in mind that in all church music WORDS matter most. The Church does not exist for choirs, but choirs for the church…

52. DON’T forget that rhythm is the soul of music...The three fundamental principles of rhythm are: (1) Accent, (2) Time, (3) Grouping. And now to acquire rhythmical singing—first of all sing less music that has been built in brick-wall fashion, and sing more “free” music of the Palestrina school, sing also Missa de Angelis and Merbecke, above all sing Plainsong.

And to sing modern music rhythmically—(1) think less of strong, weak, medium, weak, in quadruple time, and let the words bear their right accent: (2) try not to see the bar-lines, forget their existence as much as possible: (3) observe and mark the balance of the sentences, catch the antiphonal spirit
But I can show-and-tell at least two area parishes whose music programs are run by multi-degreed people that have never learned this.  Or at least, they don't act like it. 

Sad, ain'a??

Wrong, Ron Johnson, Damnit!!

RoJo--who actually sits on a National Security committee of the U S Senate--declared to Vicki McKenna that Trump 'did the right thing' by nixing any prosecution of Hillary after the election.  RoJo said that 'prosecuting your enemies' is 'something you do in a banana republic.'

Really, Ron, you TWIT??

That stone bitch compromised NATIONAL SECURITY--the same stuff you are sworn to protect and safeguard, remember?

It would be one thing if Trump found some twinky campaign-finance violation and set the Justice Department on her.  That would be petty banana-republic stuff.


RoJo, it's clear that you are far more Establishment than you sounded like when you ran.

How's that Repeal/Replace of ObozoCare going, Ron??

Democrats to Normals: "Freeze To Death, Scum!"

Making a long story short, New England has found that its "renewable" fuel sources simply do not make the grade in major cold-weather outbreaks (like the one we're in now.)

Wind turbines?  Nope.  Only about ONE percent of usage, with 'burning random stuff' at about 12%.

Nukes, coal, oil, and natgas are the other 88%.  That's why Perry, Sec/Energy, has been pushing hard for an "all of the above" energy policy, instead of the Obozo/Greenie "So you're freezing?  So what?" policy.

So what do the Democrats think of this??  Glad you asked!

...Most lawmakers asking questions at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing seemed skeptical of Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s plan, expressing concern that it would undermine an “all of the above” energy landscape by favoring certain power sources over others.

“This is quite a misguided effort they need to put back to the shop,” said Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla. “Clearly [the Trump administration] are favoring fuel sources that are less competitive today. This will cost consumers dearly.”.

Won't cost anything if they're frozen stiff and dead, sweetie-pie.

HT:  HotAir

Zombie EPA Regs. And Stupid Greenie Tricks, Too!!

Obozo's EPA--if left alone--will succeed in achieving Obozo's goal of demolishing America.  And it'll start right here in SE Wisconsin!

...the EPA’s recent proposal to classify more Wisconsin counties as falling short on ozone pollution standards will harm businesses, while environmental groups are focusing more on human health impacts.

Affected are: Racine, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha and Washington counties, and parts of Kenosha, Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Door counties.

These parts of the state would receive “nonattainment” designation with the EPA’s 2015 National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone. These standards, put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama administration, shifted the definition for clean air from 75 parts-per-billion of ozone down to 70 ppb
. ...

Yup.  Your car must STILL pass "emissions check" before you may drive it.  Nice, eh??  Because you have plenty of time to drive around and then wait around to get your car checked.  And plenty of money to spend on leaky gasoline-caps, right?  Or new cars!!  What a great program this really is!!!

By the way, the arguments FOR this crap are ludicrous on their face.

...Jon Drewsen, communications manager for Clean Wisconsin, says these designations are put in place to protect people from the health and economic costs of air pollution.

“Air quality in these counties is poor, and ozone is contributing to that bad air quality. And when air quality is poor, that’s bad for public health,” Drewsen said. “It’s clear that ozone pollution contributes to respiratory issues like asthma and emphysema.

Oh, really, Jon?  So back in the 1950's and '60's, when asthma and emphysema were NOT as prevalent, there was no air pollution?  You have a serious logic deficiency, Jon.  Seek treatment.

Here's another example of The Stupids:

....Bill Davis, director of Wisconsin’s John Muir chapter of the national Sierra Club, says the pressures on businesses and local governments that would come with this designation aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

“One thing we’ve seen since the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act passed in the early 70s, is they have driven innovation,” Davis said. “They were intended to do so, and that’s the way it worked out -- innovation, different thinking has come out of these sorts of challenges."

Davis points to examples like Sheboygan and Chicago as areas that have received nonattainment designation and still thrived economically.,,,

They "thrived" because of what, Bill??  More important, perhaps they could have "thrived" MORE without Zombie Obozo EPA tightening the noose.    

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ratzinger the Liturgical Populist?

Interesting tidbit buried in a letter from B-16 to Cdl. Muller.

...In the confused times in which we are living, the whole scientific theological competence and wisdom of he who must make the final decisions seem to me of vital importance. For example, I think that things might have gone differently in the Liturgical Reform if the words of the experts had not been the last ones, but if, apart from them, a wisdom capable of recognizing the limits of a “simple” scholar’s approach had passed judgment....

Can this be reduced to "they were educated beyond their intelligence and we shoulda checked with a few experienced parish priests"?

Yes, it can.  Another drubbing for the 'elite' (or 'effete').

D-Day For the Feebs

We are reminded by PowerLine that today is the day on which the FBI is supposed to deliver all its documents vis-a-vis the "dossier" to Congress.

So far, the FEEBS have done exactly what you'd expect:  lie, obfuscate, delay, lie some more.

That's "law enforcement", eh?  Thank God we live in a free country, with laws 'n stuff.

*Shock*! Comey's A Stinking Pile of Lying

"St. Jim" Comey should be preparing for a stay at the Graybar Hotel.  It would be patently inhumane to make Hillary his cell-mate, of course.

Or would it?

The Deep State in Wisconsin

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that Ed Wall is a leading member of the Deep State, State of Wisconsin chapter.  He may not be the First Chairman of that party--that would be Kevin Kennedy, a complete disgrace to humanity.  And he's not the dirtball enforcer, who would be Shane Falk.  But he's a member.

All you have to know is that Wall was the Big Kahuna at Department of Corrections and doesn't like having certain records laying around for people to find.

Sounds kinda familiar, eh?

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

You'll Be Disappointed, Again

Following Wisconsin politics is ..... ahhhh...... dispiriting.

For proof, we have here the prognostications of several Wisconsin political characters.  The prominent School Choice attorney managed to score zero-for-two in his prediction of the college football championship game.  A prominent mid-road Democrat mis-spells the names of two well-known Wisconsin cities.

And--when forecasting the Legislature's response to the $10K SALT cap in the new Fed tax bill--the forecasters who actually mentioned it figured that Vos, Walker, and Fitzgerald will NOT reduce spending, but rather, re-arrange the over-taxation of Wisconsin citizens instead.


Oh, and there was the usual Bannon-bashing due to the unhinged biker in Delevan, or wherever.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Funny/Not Funny, Dave Barry

Barry is easily the best humorist in print in the country.  But here's the question:  is this "funny" or "not funny"?

...On the legislative front, the big story is Obamacare, which the Republicans have been running against for seven straight years. Their message has been: “Vote for us, and we WILL get rid of Obamacare!” So now that they control the White House and both houses of Congress, there can be no stopping them. It’s time to deliver! GET READY FOR A REPUBLICAN-LEADERSHIP-STYLE BUTT-WHUPPIN’, OBAMACARE! When the smoke clears, Obamacare is sitting at the bar, unscathed, sipping a whiskey and flirting with the barmaid. Republican congressional leaders are strewn all over the barroom floor, noses bleeding, underpants pulled over their foreheads. But this setback does not deter them for long. They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, tuck themselves back in and start making plans for their next bold legislative masterstroke....

Yah....that next 'masterstroke' is what we worry about. And sure enough....

Republican congressional leaders determined to avenge their humiliating defeat at the hands of Obamacare emerge after months of closed-door meetings with a new, smarter repeal strategy. The GOP, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch “Mojo” McConnell, is cagey about the details, but sources say the plan involves a “high cliff” and a “really heavy safe,” which the Republicans plan to purchase from the Acme Corp.

Far more at the link, and well worth every second.

HT:  Vox

Ted Thompson "Quits." Surprised?

Thompson had a good run with the Packers, up until about 5 years ago.

Packers fans--and Board members--don't like losing seasons.

Detroit: "Safety? What Safety???"

The new headlights are stylish--which Detroit loves.  They're not safe, particularly for onconoming traffic, but they are stylish.

The auto industry's headlights shine better, brighter, farther and more ornately than ever.
But that doesn't necessarily mean they're good, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety....

...The criticism comes at an interesting time for the auto industry. Recent car shows reveal that automakers and suppliers are enjoying a golden era of vehicle lighting. Headlamps have become works of art. Thanks to a switch from halogen to brighter LEDs, as well as new capabilities in manufacturing, designers have the freedom to infuse greater detail into their fixtures, incorporating outlines that flow into quarter panels and hood lines....

Ooooohhhh!!  STYLISH!!!!

....But the insurance institute isn't happy. It says headlights often come off the factory line poorly aimed, which can cause glare and renders the move to brighter LEDs null....Almost half of the nation's fatal traffic accidents occur at night, he said, even though less than half of all driving occurs at night.....

So you're dead.  That's not a concern.  The lights are STYLISH!!!

There's an exception;  KIA.  All the rest--well, whatever could trump stylish??