Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why Catholic, Indeed, Guinness vs. Trautman

From a bio of Alec Guinness, also a Tiber-swimmer:

The most evident change following Vatican II was to the liturgy, and one of the greatest trials for those like Alec and Merula who had joined a church with a Latin Mass was suddenly to find it said in an English of great triteness and banality. The officiating priest, who had mysteriously re-enacted the sacrifice of Christ upon the Cross with his back to the congregation, now facedhis parishioners from the other side of a table like a jovial scout-master serving orangeade and cupcakes in a village hall. The age-old plain-chant, or the melodious hymns of the pre-Conciliar church, were replaced by commonplace ditties or African dirges.

(Piers Paul Reed, author) HT: Blosser

Note that the "English of great triteness and banality" is that which Bp. Trautman wishes to KEEP--because after all, we pew-sitters can't be disturbed by another change...

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