Thursday, January 19, 2006

Standin' in the Schoolhouse Door

While we're on the topic of blocking schoolhouse doors, it's also worth remembering that "gun control" laws were first enacted in the South--by white folks who didn't want blacks to have guns for WHATEVER reason.

You'll note that the white folks in the Legislature (of the Democrat stripe--just a co-incidence, of course) STILL don't want black folks to have guns, for WHATEVER reason.

And by the way, Jimbo/BagManJim/DiamondJim (D-WEAC)--there's a Kleagle position open since your Democrat colleage, Robert Byrd, vacated it to become a U S Senator.


steveegg said...

Actually, the current crop of 'Rats don't want black folks, as well as the rest of us, to have guns for WHATEVER LAWFUL reason. They have very little problem with guns in the hands of criminals of any skin color, however.

xoff said...

Don't you think that accusing him of racism is a little off base, considering that the Doyles have two black sons?

Dad29 said...

My read on Doyle's speech is my read.

Others may see it differently.

I'll be happy to give Doyle credit for his adoptions, and even for his motives regarding them.

But Doyle has proven himself to be a craven (and dirty, below-the-belt) politician of the first water.