Friday, January 20, 2006

X42! Hildebeeste!! Jamie!!! What Happened to the Cole?

Good ol' Bill and Jamie Gorelick.

The Able Danger team had uncovered evidence of five “hot spots” of Al Qaeda activity: Mauritania; Malaysia; Hamburg, Germany; Brooklyn, New York; and Aden, Yemen. Captain Phillpott even briefed then-SOCOM head General Peter Schoomaker (now Chief of Staff, U.S. Army) on the findings just two days prior to the attack on the Cole. Phillpott reportedly warned Schoomaker that Able Danger had uncovered information of increased al-Qaeda “activity” in Aden harbor — a warning that was gleaned through a search of bin Laden’s business ties.

Able Danger analysts also passed along the information to the brass at CENTCOM, who had authority over the Fifth Fleet to which the Cole was assigned, but inexplicably took no action to head off the attack on the Cole. Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pennsylvania), who has been leading the push inside Congress to get to the bottom of the Able Danger affair, later told Fox News: “[T]wo weeks before the attack on the Cole, in fact, two days before the attack on the Cole, [Able Danger] saw an increase of activity that led them to say to the senior leadership in the Pentagon at that time, in the Clinton administration, there’s something going to happen in Yemen and we better be on high alert, but it was discounted.”

In any event, since the Able Danger alert was classified SCI (special compartmented information) no one onboard the Cole, including Commander Lippold, was even cleared to receive it.

As more bits and pieces of the Bill and Hildebeeste Co-Presidency are revealed, the Junior Senator from New York's presidential aspirations will continue to melt--evaporate--disappear.

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WI Catholic said...

It bothers me that so many people do not understand that the attack on the USS Cole was an act of war, (not to mention the Embassy attacks, etc). Nor do I understand why Able Danger is not raising concerns of more people.