Thursday, January 26, 2006

Only in Wisconsin

Done your taxes yet?

Notice how Wisconsin's tax schedule does NOT 'conform' to Federal? Like if you have an HRA--Wisconsin taxes the company's contribution, but allows deduction of money spent from the HRA, whereas the Feds don't count the contribution as taxable but they don't allow deduction of the expenditures?

How about that Federal-only 6,000+ lb. (GVW) "bonus depreciation" that Wisconsin doesn't recognize?

While our erstwhile Leggies were finding more money to pour into highways, and the Governor was stealing THAT money to spend on the schools, you've had to hire $300.00/hour tax attorneys to do your math, because NONE of those rummies in Madistan will bring Wisconsin tax law into line with Federal tax law.

And when you realize that you pay all those additional taxes on the Wisconsin schedule and have the spectre of the Feds' Alternative Minimum Tax looming in the foreground (which simply doesn't care a whit about the high-spending/high-taxing Wisconsin Gummint)--you know that some other State--ANY other State--becomes an attractive possibility.

Well, Chuckles, that's when you realize that even more forceful language is required the next time you see your State Leggie bopping around town.

If Doyle returns from Iraq, maybe you should talk to him, forcefully, too.

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