Friday, January 13, 2006

More Slime Emerges

Following on the post below, the Spectator's blog reports:

The facts from the investigation by both the Washington Post and Hotline point to Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed and Grover Noquist as the major figures behind the scenes manipulating a shadow 527 named the Faith and Family Alliance of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Faith and Family Values used up to $100,000 to distribute pamphlets and make robo-calls to constituents to say that Eric Cantor did not represent "Virginia values" and that his opponent was the "only Christian in the contest.


Cantor also told me that he believes the DOJ is now deeply involved in investigating Faith and Family Alliance for its money manipulations. This means that the Abramoff scandal, with Abramoff obliged to cooperate with DOJ in exchange for a ten year sentence, is looking not just at ten to twenty members of Congress, but is also pointed at Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist.

Good. Get them all. Perp-walk the SOB's.

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