Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mike Reagan on the "Party of Reagan"

As one might expect, Michael Reagan is a bit unhappy with those Republicans who claim the Ronald Reagan mantle and who then spend taxpayer dollars as though there were no tomorrow--or debt repayments--in sight.

Mike's right, and here's just a taste of the level of corruption in the Swamp:

When the transportation bill was being marked up, the bill’s supporters in the leadership promised every member of Congress that they would each be allotted $14 million in free earmarks if they would vote for the legislation.

Added to projects already in the bill, and even with some members not taking the deal, the bill came to a total of 6,300 earmarked projects costing the taxpayers $24 billion.

This is a clear case of bribery. The people being bribed were members of Congress. The people making the bribes were members of Congress. Congressmen bribing congressmen.

Yah, well. It's only (YOUR) money...

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