Friday, January 06, 2006

Kitty-Cat Brennan Wails and Screeches

More ululations arise from the large dark building on 9th and State--as usual, you have to read WAAAAAYYYYYYY down into the story to get the facts and circumstances:

County Supervisor Richard Nyklewicz said the courts' lag in technological improvements was not surprising given the county's budget constraints.

Rather than focusing on adding new fax machines or document scanners, courts officials and county supervisors have fought to maintain staffing levels, said Nyklewicz, chairman of the County Board Finance and Audit Committee.

And then there's another "Fact Alert" here:

Funding for the computer system is the responsibility of the state, said Rod McWilliams, a Walker spokesman. He also noted that court officials did not seek to add new computers, scanners or other equipment in their 2006 budget requests.

As most of us know, the Era of the Computer began long before Scott Walker was County Executive. As a matter of fact, the infrastructure improvements necessary to "wire" the Courthouse and underpin simple computer operations was put in place during the Reign of Tom Ament (D-Retirement King.)

That should give you a good hint as to where the money went.

Let's put it this way: As far as Ament and his Clerk of Courts/Chief Judge pals went, they weren't about to actually put money into the old house--they intended to (figuratively and/or literally) move out and retire.

Let the new owners, so to speak, make up the difference.

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