Sunday, January 29, 2006

Journal-Sentinel Is Doyle Campaign Consultant

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel apparently is doing BagManJim's bidding in apparently attempting to smear the #1 aide to the apparent Republican candidate for the Governor's race, which the Journal-Sentinel apparently thinks will include BagManJim Doyle.

Doyle is apparently the Governor of Wisconsin, despite his apparent best efforts to be a compliant and well-placed buttboy of certain special interests, which apparently include Indian tribes, WEAC, public utilities, a travel agent, and PI lawyers.

At this time, it is not apparent that Doyle will remain the Governor long enough to campaign for a second term, however.

The Journal-Sentinel apparently hired "Xoff" a well-known and apparently leftist spinner for its political writing-assignment. This conclusion can be drawn by comparing the apparent shock and horror of the writer of the Green/Graul story to the apparent indifference of the Journal-Sentinel to the Governor's un-Constitutional and completely illegal re-writing of the apparent State budget, where the apparent Governor handed control of $400+million in State tax funds to the apparent Director of Administration.

HT: (Concept): Jessica McBride

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