Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reunification with SSPX?

Dom Bet:

Leaders of the Society of St. Pius X are meeting in Flavigny, France, tomorrow, and a followup meeting is scheduled for February 7-8. More than 20 groups are invited.

They are supposedly very close to a deal with Rome but Bishop Williamson is “resisting” the deal because he say it doesn’t go far enough. Apparently, the deal would “annul the excommunications,” state the legitimacy of the Pian rite, allow Tridentine Masses in privatu for the whole Church (in other words, the universal Indult), and legitimizing Lefebvrist chapels. There would be either one or four geographic apostolic administrations.

There is at least one SSPX chapel in the Milwaukee Archdiocese. From the very sketchy report, it does not seem that Abp. Dolan will have any particular authority over the Chapel should this re-unification come about. He will have, of course, some influence and perhaps more than just that.

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