Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sykes is a Generous Guy

You have to agree that Charlie Sykes is a very nice fellow. Here's his description of the Pimentel/JS editorial which (surprise, surprise) says that the Libby indictment means that "Bush Lied/People Died" on Iraq:

For the spin/rationalization, check out Ricardo Pimentel's editorial page

As I said, Charlie is very kind.

IMHO, the JS company line is not "spin" and not "rationalization." It's evidence of deracination.


Dad29 said...

OK, you got it...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it's strange that Libby broke his foot "running up the stairs" and President George W Bush got a black eye choking on a pretzel?

I think Mr Fitzgerald should look into charges of abuse against Cheney.

Or wait... that's not his jurisdiction.

Dad29 said...

Only Anonymous types keep track of such inane trivia.