Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Is FEMA Nuts?

Various sources for this summary.

John Lott tells us that FEMA will not allow search-and-rescue teams to carry arms.

WND links to a story which tells us that FEMA managers are disorganized, feckless, self-absorbed twits.

A professional acquaintance tells me that FEMA's mileage-reimbursement (competing for 'the highest in the world') will seriously disrupt truck-transportation. Truckers aren't stupid: they'll drop their ordinary commercial traffic in a snap to take the FEMA reimbursement. FEMA's attitude seems to be "what the Hell, spend this damn money!!!"--while the logistical disruption has serious negative effects on commerce, not to mention cost-of-goods.

Sensenbrenner's request for accountability (denied by the Herd in Congress and the increasingly feckless GWB) may have only scratched the surface.

All of this, of course, only reinforces the Conservative viewpoint that States and municipals should be first-responders and that no Federal Program can be trusted to embody Common Sense.

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