Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Efficiency in Gummint? Get Serious!

There are two large areas of the economy where industrial efficiency-management programs have never been tried: government and health-care.

Perhaps it's not too surprising that (at least here in Wisconsin) these two areas have really significant cost burdens--which they happily pass on to others, of course.

While I'm not convinced that Government and health-care can ever be "cost-efficient," due to the nature of the enterprise(s), I AM convinced that there are easily visible easily implemented savings which can be obtained.

CRG's Kleisment happens to like 6-Sigma. It's OK; others like "Lean" principles. Some industrials use a combination--"Lean" for the first-pass, and 6-Sigma for the more intractable problem areas.

The only Government which is playing with the concept is Milwaukee County--on a very limited basis.

As to the Court system--one wonders if Judge Brennan has any foggy concept of a time/motion study, and whether it actually contributes to her management of the Courts...hello!! Kitty!!! It's worth a good look, even though the AFSCME will scream like stuck pigs.

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