Sunday, October 09, 2005

...and at MY Funeral Mass...

A true story, from the musician who received the 'music requests' for a woman's funeral:

The parish secretary gave me the lady's requests. There were the usual "Be Not Afraid," the Semipelagian "Amazing Grace," and "The Ave Maria" (Herr Schubert having written, of course, the one and only setting thereof).

And then:

"Evil's Wings".

Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'solecism.'

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John McAdams said...

This reminds me of a story that went around back in the late 80s when computer word processing was coming to be widely used.

A parish had a funeral for named Lydia. The program was word processed and printed, and everything was fine.

Then a woman named Mary passed away, and the secratary took the old program and did a "search and replace" to change "Lydia" to "Mary."

A few months thereafter, a woman named Edna passed, and the secretary did the usual "search and replace."

Everything was fine until the service reached the point where the congregation was supposed to recite the Apostles Creed, and they read in their programs that Jesus was "born of the Virgin Edna."