Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The USCCB At Play: AIDS on the Calendar

Although most of you gentle readers are not aware of it, a key watchdog left the Bishops' Conference in the recent past.

Thus, with the burden of positive cash-flow just DYING to go somewhere, the mice on USCCB staff have the opportunity and means which which to play.

For Advent, you get the above postcard, and an Activity Calendar!!!

Whether you knew it or not, "We Are ALL At Risk!!!!"

Of course, this ridiculous propaganda blast is not true, for those who are not practitioners of anal sex, or who are not users of needle-administered illegal drugs, or who maintain either celibacy or fidelity within marriage.

Still think that the USCCB collection is worthwhile?



Anonymous said...

I have a feeling, when kids learn about Sexually Transmitted Disease a point is made of hammering into their heads that "you won't get AIDS from hugging or kissing somone who has it, you won't get it from using the same public restrooms, you aren't at risk if they prepare your food." Basicaly an attempt to bend over backwards so that it doesn't seem as if the state is using fear of AIDS to scare people away from having sexual relations in place of abstinance only education. At the same time they tell people how they are all at risk. Interesting. parallel.

Dad29 said...

Yeah, well....I'm not so sure about that "food prep" line, either. Cuts are a real danger in a kitchen, and that blood is full of nasty critters.

But you're right: the point is NOT to keep the little darlings from having sex--rather, to have "safe" sex.

As if one's emotional state is irrelevant.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

The chances of contracting AIDS outside of sharing needles and doing the "dirty dive" is quite small. My girlfriend a nurse, doubles up the gloves in AIDS patient's rooms but knows even if she is pricked by the same syringe, the likelihood of her contracting AIDS is actually minimal.

That goes for blood in the kitchen, basketball court, wherever. Furthermore, this epidemic is dwindling down (not considering Africa) and not because of government programs. Anon makes a great point, that really the government doesn't promote abstinence through the fear of AIDS.

This might come off wrong but in reality, AIDS is wiping out all of the addicts and queers, with some collateral damage in between, but we might see the end of AIDS within the next 100 years. It will kill all whom have it but if you can keep it in your pants and stick to prescription dope, you should be okay.

Some coined AIDS as the Black Plague of the 21st century and its definitely arguable.