Thursday, October 06, 2005

Military Flu Patrol? Nice Evasion, GWB

Most conservatives are graciously ignoring GWB's remarks about using the US military to enforce quarantines in case of some 'pandemic' Asian flu in this country. Most likely, they either didn't believe what they heard, or figure that "that's just Dubya," and hope it goes away.

But one illustrious and quite bright local pundid DID take it up, and decided that the way to handle it was to defend Dubya. Yup. It's a case of "preparedness," or "what-if?" games, and ya just gotta think about all the possibilities.

You sure do.

So when ABC News runs a long story telling us that it was the GWB Administration which fell asleep at the switch and "forgot" to order Tamiflu (as mentioned here), is Dubya trying to gloss over the problem?

Had Tommy Thompson been someplace other than the spa, losing weight, or lining up big new jobs, perhaps the President wouldn't have to talk about destroying Posse Comitatus.

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Rob said...

Not to mention that active duty personel have no business conducting military operations in the US. I am 100 percent pro-troop, but this is a federalism issue.