Friday, October 28, 2005

Frankly, Charlie, I Don't Give a Damn!

Sykes is disappointed in the local MSM outlet's utter failure to discover the candidacy of Diane Sykes for the SCOTUS vacancy. He's kind of beat that drum with at least three blog entries on the topic.

and so forth...
My response is the title to this entry.
The local MSM does an excellent job with death notices, but hasn't been 'first on my to-read' list' for YEARS. You want national news? Go to Drudge. You want local news? Check the blogs or listen to Sykes and Belling.


Jib said...

At least they can admit when they are sccoped-at least some of them. TMJ4 did a little spot on the Sykes possibility last night, and at the end of the segment admitted that this was big buzz amongst conservative bloggers.

Dad29 said...

For whatever reason, TMJ4's "old gray lady" news format is beginning to change.

I actually think that having Sykes around that building has opened some eyeballs. Took long enough.

Another example is the hard-hit reporting done on McCan't's non-prosecution of criminal sex offenders...certainly NOT an 'old boy-network' example of journalism. Two or three years ago, slamming McCan't would have been unthinkable...