Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Should Our "Leaders" Have SUV's?

As long as Channel Four raised the question, it seems pertinent.

Sheriff Dave, of Milwaukee County, justifies his department-provided-SUV by telling Channel Four that 'he needs to carry a lot of stuff.'

Stuff? Tell me he carries as much "stuff" as one of his deputies on I-94. What--a shotgun, an AR-15, flares, traffic-cones, computer, radio? Gas mask? Level-3 body armor? Bazooka? Keys for the entire Jail complex?

WHAT "stuff," Sheriff? And by the way, if it fits into a Deputy Dawg sedan, how come is it that it won't fit into a sedan for you?

The Brookfield Fire Chief has a nice SUV, too. I suppose the engine companies don't carry enough "stuff" so he needs to carry more "stuff" in an SUV. Rrrrright.

The Governor, of course, doesn't carry "stuff." He simply carries lobbyists, personal armed guards (also State-provided) and empty bags for campaign donations. Somehow, that seems like sedan material to me, too--unless the bags get filled up, of course.

This whole "I'm a Big Guy, therefore I have an SUV" line was bothersome long before the price of oil went over $50./bbl--but it's even more obnoxious today, and will be for the foreseeable future.

At least Keg Loutenschlepper doesn't have an SUV---she could be really dangerous with one of those.

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M.Z. said...

How could you forget the used syringes (sp?) Diamond Jim picks up when he's visiting Door County? Don't want to put those in the wrong spot.