Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gimme More Stadium--UPDATE!!!

Belling reports that the Brewers want more freebies. A stadium is hardly enough...

The new owner seems to be a nice guy. So what? When this deal went down originally, we were told all kinds of LIES about how the team payroll would go up, and the Brewers would become a real winning team.

Yeah. THAT worked.

So Bud & Co., protesting all the way to the Bank about how pure their motives were, drained the payroll dollars to the minimum, found a buyer, and sold out.

Meanwhile, taxpayers (let us say that again: TAXPAYERS) have been paying for the roads, the parking lots, the pretty lights, and a roof that never quite worked right.

We expect to FINISH PAYING TAXES for this little sandbox. We do NOT expect to continue to add toys and games, and just pay taxes forever.

Belling (and the other guy) beat their audiences to death and, frankly, made fools of themselves when Selig double-crossed them. The other guy admitted that he was hoodwinked.

But THIS taxpayer saw it for what it was: welfare for millionaires.

That's enough. I expect that Dan Vrakas, when installed as the Waukesha County Exec, will instruct his delegate to the Stadium Board to tell the Brewers, politely, to stuff it.


JSOnline reports the following:

In addition, the team plans to:
• Create a Bullpen Sports Bar behind the right-field wall

• Open a retail store near the home-plate entrance to the ballpark

• Add ribbon video boards along the fascia of the club level area from the .300 Club to the right-field foul pole.

All of those projects are being paid for by the Brewers.

Hmmmm. The "ribbon boards" were the topic of Belling's discussion.

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Fidei Defensor said...

Restoring the Seattle Piliots is sounding good right about now.