Sunday, October 09, 2005

Smash-Mouth Football on Miers

The level of unhappiness actually continues to RISE, despite Hugh Hewitt and The Anchoress:

If Ms. Miers really does harbor the tiresome, skittish, establishmentarian, protect-the-guild wariness toward the society described in the accounts mentioned above — rather than respect for its work, admiration for the vision of David McIntosh, Steve Calabresi, Spence Abraham, and others who founded the Society more than 20 years ago, and gratitude for the dedication of hundreds of law students today who often take real hits in order to stand up for and strengthen the Society and its intellectual mission — then I am inclined to think that she has not earned (no matter what church she attends, no matter how good a person and impressive a lawyer she is, no matter how much she abhors abortion, no matter how loyal she is to this President, and no matter how Rehnquist-like her record turns out to be) conservatives' support.

Perhaps it's true that Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut (inter alia) have provided the barnacles which are slowing the ship--the infamous RINO gang--but couldn't GWB have found someone who actually knows better about the Federalist Society?

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