Thursday, October 27, 2005

Frank Gimbel vs. Taxpayers

We all know about Frankie Gimbel's sterling record in pissing tax revenue down the drain over at the Wisconsin Center. For most of next year, the Wisconsin Center buildings will be heated empty space--and a LOT of it.

Well, Frankie latched onto another "spend it, what the Hell" program: the Milwaukee County Courts!

Supervisors heard Brennan and several prominent attorneys, including Franklyn Gimbel, plead for funding at this year's level to preserve access to justice. Brennan sympathized with the county's tight financial situation but said the judiciary should be given priority as an independent branch of government with a critical role in people's lives.

"If your family budget is reduced, what do you cut - dinner or the movies?" she said. If the third branch of government falls, she said, "the structure of the government falls."

Gimbel, a former State Bar of Wisconsin chief and current chairman of the Wisconsin Center District board, warned supervisors that Walker's "Draconian" cuts would spark a public backlash.

Frankie always used to wear silly little hats; maybe the headband was a little tight.

On the other hand, there could be some potential in keeping the Courts open: the hot air emanating from the Intellectualoids would certainly serve to reduce heating costs...

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