Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jess Likes Michels

Jessica McBride advises that the R Senatorial Committee is wooing Tim Michels to run against Nobody's Senator, Herb Kohl.


Michels' last campaign was vigorous, but there are some warning signs: he did not secure as many votes as did Bush (at the top of the ticket,) and his "I'm Military--What Else Counts?" campaign was, ah, one-note.

While Kohl simply is not as vicious and self-important as Feingold, (nor as hypocritical about "campaign finance,") Michels never really developed a platform which engaged Wisconsin voters.

There's a great deal to be said about being a "maverick" in Wisconsin. Michels' campaign was joined at the hip to Bush's campaign last time around--and it most likely cost him the election.

This time around, should Michels succumb to the Pubbie overtures, he can at least be independent of the Bush wagon--and in a lot of areas, he SHOULD be.


Marcus Aurelius said...

Michels lost in Outagamie County by quite a bit and we hit our numbers for President Bush and beat Kerry handily.

I recall at the Octoberfest prior the election seeing quite a few people with Fiendgold [sic] and Bush stickers.

Anonymous said...

Michels is a yawner. Can't win unless Kohl screws up big time...and Kohl doesn't take enough chances to ever screw up big time. If Michels is the best that Republicans have to offer, it's as much as admitting that you can't beat Kohl.

Dad29 said...

Michels REFUSED to question the Bush Party Line about MFN/China and the subsequent death of Wisconsin manufacturing enterprises.

Had he done so, he may well have sneaked past BabyKillerFeinie.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Michels is somewhat of a yawner... He lacks political charisma (see televised debate against Feinie). Not that Kohl is much better, BUT, Kohl has been around long enough where that doesn't make much of a difference.

If Michels wants to win, he has to get more people involved in his campaign effort and more people aware of who he is.