Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gimmee My Rockpile!!

So sayeth the DNR, anyway.

After 40 years of blood, sweat, and tears, Summerfest has made a portion of the lakefront:

1) attractive;
2) an economic bonanza for the City and many of its residents;
3) a fun place to be.

Anyone who wants to see what it was until 1965 can look at the pictures available at the nearby bus-station--located where it is precisely because of the attractiveness of Summerfest.

It was a dowdy, unkempt, useless Army Air Force base with some really ratty buildings.

The State's DNR, an agency second only to DOT for "my way or the highway" attitude, now demands that their little pile of rocks, which was not even THERE until Summerfest put it there, be held pristine and vacant for the anticipated ...what....hundreds? thousands? hundreds of thousands? millions???? of campers just dying to sleep on a rockpile.

Get serious, DNR. Find a rockpile of your own.

Twenty-five whole days when no dog can poop; no tent be pitched. Wow.

Summerfest should give up the rockpile when DNR can show 100% occupancy the OTHER 340 days of the year. Then we'll concede that DNR has a need.

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