Friday, October 21, 2005

You Damn PARENTS!!

In the Brave New World, you parents can be brainwahsed:

Conclusions. This study identifies that almost one third of the parents who presented to these adolescent medicine clinics had negative opinions about some privacy practices. The 2 main issues were teens' seeing a provider alone and providers' keeping information confidential. Education was effective in teaching parents about privacy issues and produced a significant improvement in parental opinion about confidentiality. Simultaneously, an overwhelming majority of parents support the idea that teens should speak with a provider alone if the teen so desires, suggesting that parents acknowledge a need for independence. Providing confidential services is an essential part of adolescent health care that works best with the alliance of parents. This study supports the continued need to assess parental attitudes about privacy issues and to provide parents with education.

Now you may ask: who the Hell came up with this study on how to keep parents out of the medical records of their own children?

Jeffrey W. Hutchinson, MD and Elisabeth M. Stafford, MD
Department of Adolescent Medicine, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft Sam, Houston, Texas

Personally, I kinda wish the Army would stick to breaking things and killing the enemy...

HT: Mark Shea

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