Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kudos to Channel 4

Last night/10PM, TWO stories of interest:

Charles showed us Jimbo Doyle's Casino-Royale SUV. Diamond Jimbo needs this extra-large gas hog to accomodate the trial lawyers, casino operators, and WEAC bozos who ride along with him to every event. Seems like Adelman Travel could arrange for a bus, but...

Doyle, stepping out of the extra-large gas-hog, advised Charles that this particular gas-hog uses Corn-A-Hol (!!!!!)--thus, Jimbo was pumping money into Wisconsin farmers' pockets.

Charles, a bright fellow, reminded us that Corn-A-Hol actually is LESS FUEL-EFFICIENT than gasoline, meaning that Diamond Jimbo, Butt-Boy-To-WEAC, is REALLY burning the taxpayers' fuel dollars.

Merkur, who has been aggressive lately, decided to follow up Kevin Fischer's WISN/1130 Radio Challenge and actually get a camera inside the Thompson Center to interview NOLA refugees--no press has been allowed in the facility since it opened a month ago.

Merkur got in there and noticed that the Red Cross, which operates the facility, had prevented gifts (towels, slippers, undies, bathrobes, clothing) from being used by the refugees.

Red Cross would not answer his questions about this utterly idiotic and wasteful move, either--

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