Wednesday, October 19, 2005

One Brookfield, Higher Taxes?

Alderman Steve Ponto hangs out with the wrong sort of people:

Ald. Steve Ponto said that some town residents have told him that they would be open to paying more for additional services.

"The idea that it would be dismissed because of a $241.38 tax increase (to town residents), I guess I have a problem with that," Ponto said.

"Residents of the town may like those services," he said. "They may think it's worth (the extra money)."

Frankly, Alderman, your friends are entitled to move to the City of Brookfield and pay as much as they like in property taxes. They can even make voluntary contributions to the City's treasury. In fact, they can make those contributions right now--without even moving to the City.

Town residents would gain more services through consolidation, including more parks, [actually, nobody needs them] a municipal pool, a senior center, [another not-useful item] full-time firefighters, [pad a payroll, anyone??] and planning and economic development staff [easily the most useless zits in the entire panoply of bureaucrat/cancers].

But town officials have said they don't need those services, and that the town provides equally high-quality essential services, such as police and fire protection. It also has much lower utility rates.

Town officials are right.

Ponto's pals are a distinct minority. But he hangs out with lawyers and "Republican" Party types--you know.

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